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Why are labradors and golden retrievers always so happy? They always look like they're really enjoying life. What is their secret??? <3

Genetics! Retrievers have been purposely bred to be biddable and friendly. While genetics do not guarantee a breed trait, they definitely guarantee physical features and can have a heavy impact on personality.

This is why puppies cannot be considered “blank slates” and why it is not “all how they are raised.” Environment does play a big role in a dog’s outcome, but some dogs are raised in all the right conditions and can still end up being rude to other dogs, or weird with strangers. And from a different perspective, dogs can be raised in terrible circumstances and still end up completely level headed.

Genetics are a great reason why you cannot just adopt any dog you think looks cute. Breed 👏🏻 traits 👏🏻 matter 👏🏻! Yes, there are dogs who defy their breed traits, but it has more to do with their personality than their upbringing. You cannot adopt whichever dog you want with the intention of training away their predispositions.

You can try, and you may succeed, but you must be prepared for the undesired outcome. Don’t all of a sudden not be able to care for the Beagle who just won’t listen off leash, or the Afghan Hound who doesn’t seem to be an obedience champion, or the Border Collie who won’t just relax for like 5 minutes, or the Labrador who has an unhealthy obsession with fetch.

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If you were alone and afraid in the middle of the wilderness, which species of bird would you want to adopt and raise you as their own?

Is this even a question

Secretary bird OF COURSE