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A little preview of my Patreon illustration for July because I’m dang proud of it and very excited for you to see it! I’ll post the full version somewhere next week. ;) (Or if you’re really super duper curious you can become a Patron to see it right away. Just sayin’)


*whispers burner-swapssssss* (I still have 0 ideas what I think Red looks like so I took some of my fav. headcanons that I’ve seen around and made something up. TuT) (Jacob stays on their side to balance numbers and because I wanted his dynamic with Abraham!)

Where Deluxe is a peaceful and orderly (but not too orderly) city in the sunshine and Motorcity is all but owned by a Ms. Kane whose belief in complete personal freedom extends to crushing any attempts at establishing a police force or any form of enforced order.  If anybody signs on with Kane Co., protecting them becomes her personal interest and any slight or injury toward them will be severely punished—in extreme cases, by Kane Co.’s continuously-smiling right hand man or the highly experimental bots turned out by her one-man R&D department.

Actually I have so many thoughts and a lot more drawings so I’m gonna do a readmore, hold up.

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Did some destressing today in the form of delightfully quick and dirty doodles of this one drawing idea I had attempted before, after seeing the Mad Max movie, but couldn’t finish back then because of that one dang big art block being in the way.

Don’t know if I’ll ever get around to actually draw this, (so, so many details!), but it was fun to do some furious (eh, eh?) concept scribbling.

Swapped my usual hornfaces into this weird mixture of rubeosaurus and spinops, because einiosaurus just didn’t have enough horns. And because that wasn’t enough either, I put some more horns ON its horn. Because fuck yeah.


So I finally decided to try and sketch the skelebros. Safe to say, I know how to friggin draw them now, even tho I’m late to the fandom PFFFF. Nothing new with me being late :v

Expect more of them. I might try and sketch the others too, but I might focus on these buggers first cuz I love them so much, hahaaa

Everyone better be careful of my scribblings in the undertale tag now cuz dang I still think my pap might get weird looks