dang i am going down for this one

The Voice auditions

okay so we had to drive 8 hours from Ohio to Philadelphia and we got to the building to audition and waited for HOURS. we finally got in the audition room and I literally was so nervous I almost vomited lol. anyways, like 3 people sang before me & then my sister sang, AND THEN ME. so I was like “hey!!! I’m going to sing Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson!” so I did & he was like “you’re really good! you remind me of a past winner of the voice!” AND HE ONLY COMPLIMENTED ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT CONSIDERING I REMIND HIM OF A WINNER & I sat back down. everyone else in our group of 10 people sang and then he was like “okay so I am going to give *named two people* a maybe for now, I will call you with a definite answer” and I was like dang lol and tHEN HE SAID “BUT, I am for sure going to take Ray (a girl in my group) & McKenna” I WAS LIKE FUDUDIDIJ. and then we sang one more song and he gave us our callback pass and I literally was acting all chill and when I ran outside with it I jumped on my oldest sister waiting and a crowd of like 200 people standing outside cheered and I was bawling so hard. SO HARD. I couldn’t even say thank you because of how hard I was crying. then I ate some great food. sorry this is so long, so much happened.

Miraculous Ladybug Origins part 1 thoughts.

I’m gonna put this under a read more tag because I ended up taking like 30 some screenshots from the first part alone. Click on the read more if you wish to see my thoughts and highlights from the episode.

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