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I'm really nervous about the new Bendy chapter because so many people have their own cannons and expectations now that poor meatly will never be able to uphold and inevitably call down frothing fan rage for not adhering to their sacred headcanons and ships I just feel so sorry for the poor guy

Oh yeah dang.

Uh PSA to y'all from one fan to another, I don’t take any of my headcanons seriously about BATIM and neither should you. Speculations are cool but if the game gets criticized based on an AU or a fan theory from months ago then I am personally going to probably ignore it.

The development team worked hard (through illnesses and a hurricane I might add) to finish this chapter and I vote we support them with positivity and open mindedness… and of course, unbridled, heart-stopping fear.

Undercast: The Beast (part 1)

It has been a month since Captain Anrez took V onto his ship. Originally the pirates were just going to drop her off into the nearest town, but the captain had a feeling she could be a good addition to the crew. V spends her days doing whatever task the captain gives her moving from one to the next without taking a break, not wanting even a second to let her mind wander. With plenty to do on the ship, she works from dawn till dusk with the other members, slowly getting to know them at the same time. 

She gets along well with Angel and Cherry, both of them the sweet mother figures of the crew. Always trying to strike up a conversation with V, attempting to get her to open up to them but with no success due to the walls V has put around herself. 

Mel and Senkiller are on the wilder side, always getting into trouble and trying to drive the captain crazy. V doesn’t mind them as much, she tries not to pay attention to them but they occasionally try to pull her into their mischief. 

CTK is the nice funny one, always trying to make puns to get a good laugh. He’s kind and caring towards the kids, always looking out for them and keeping an eye socket on them at all times even if they don’t know it. 

Then there’s the captain, Captain Anrez. V doesn’t understand all the choices and decisions he makes, but things always seem to turn out well in the end. He’s strong and intimidating at first but has a caring side when he wants to show it. 

As far as V could tell, this was a very strong crew and definitely not a group of pirates you want to mess with. V was just starting to warm up to them, starting to feel like she might have found a place where she could belong, people she could actually call family. But just like every other story, there is a point where you have to wake up from your fairy tale.


V opened her eyes and sat up quickly in bed, she couldn’t believe she had actually fallen asleep. She looks down to find Apple and Papyrus snuggled against her sleeping soundly underneath the covers. V smiles a bit, she remembered she had tried to put the kids to bed with Cherry who had told them a story to help them sleep. She chuckled a bit, she new the only reason she was still with them was because Cherry was too nice to wake her up. 

V quietly lifted Apple and Papyrus’s heads off her lap and scooted her way off the bed. She tried her best to tiptoe out of the room but the occasional creaking sound from the floorboards echoed through the room. V exited the room quietly shutting the door behind her and began to walk down towards the stairs leading to the rest of the ship. 

As she made her way towards them, she began to feel a burning pain begin to rise from inside her chest. She grunted as the pain began to increase, slowly getting stronger and stronger with every second. 

“Augh” V lets out a muffled grunt as she tries to stabilize herself against the wall of the ship. She grips her chest tightly with the other hand trying to steady her breathing, hoping the pain would pass. The longer she waited the more unbearable the pain became, her soul feeling like it was going to rip out of her chest. V pauses, her eyes widening in fear. She knew what this feeling was and what becomes of the pain. If she could just calm down enough, she knew she could restrain it back into control, she just had to get outside.   

V struggles up the stairs, using the rope railing to steady herself. She slowly walks over to the railing of the ship, placing her hands on top of it to keep her balance. 

I knew this would happen… she thought to herself. What was I thinking, did I honestly think I could fit in somewhere? Be normal…

“Augh- ah” V says, crying out in pain. She could feel the burning in her chest begin to spread through her bones. She grips the edge of the wood gritting her teeth to keep herself from shouting out. 

“Just relax, calm down you idiot, your only making things worse” V says to herself as she closes her eyes, taking deep breaths as she tries to calm down and focus on pushing back the magic. She could feel the pain start to shrink back as she continued breathing deeply. Almost there… If I can just-  Her thoughts were interrupted by a voice from above her.

“Hey, you okay there buddy?” 

V looks up to see CTK sliding down a rope. He reaches the ground and brings the rope over and ties it to a pole next to the mast. 

“Y-yeah I’m fine. Just had a hard time sleeping” V lies to him, turning around to try and not let him see her face. 

“Yeah? Was it a nightmare or something?” he asks as he leans against the railing of the boat. 

“N-no, nothing like that” she says gritting her teeth. Dang it CTK, nows not a good time. Please just leave! 

“I didn’t mean to startle you if I did by the way, I do my best thinking up in the crows nest. Especially when I can’t sleep” he places his hands on the back of his head and shifts his gaze to the stars. 

“No you didn’t, I was too lost in thought to notice. I’m okay, really you can go back to your perch or whatever.” V could feel the pain begin to spread again, this time reaching her fingertips. She couldn’t concentrate on holding back her magic with CTK there. 

“V, your trembling. Are you sure your okay?” CTK asks with concern in his voice. 

“Y-Yes I’m fine! Just- just a bit of cramping in the bones…” Please CTK, not now! V could feel the pressure in her teeth and fingers slowly pushing their way out to sharp points.

“That must be why you couldn’t sleep huh? Maybe I can help” he states as he places a hand on her shoulder with a smile.

“NO!” She yells, brushing his hand off and walking over to the mast. “I’m just fine. I can handle it really. Please just go.” V grits her teeth, the pain becoming almost unbearable now. She knew she was too late. She’d have to get off the ship. For everyone’s safety. 

“V, I’m not stupid…” V was startled by the sternness in his voice. “I know when somethings up. Now what’s really going on?”

“Its nothing. Please, please! Just leave me alone” V slips behind the mast out of CTKs gaze. Her face scrunches in pain, every bone in her body felt like it was on fire now.

“C’mon V. I’ve seen a lot of things on this ship and each of us has our own thing we try to hide about ourselves but its okay. You’d be surprised at what kinds of things are on this ship.” V was silent, not saying a word. She began to feel pressure build up in her spine, her clothes tightening as her bones began to shift. She had to leave, it was too late to explain. She had to teleport. Somewhere. Anywhere. He mind frantically searched for a place that she could go, away from everyone. 

“V, you can trust me. I promise.”

“AUUUUUUGGGHHH!” V yells as a loud rip and crack echo through the night air. 

“V!” CTK runs over to the mast, sliding slightly as he stops but to his surprise, no one was there.


“Dang it!” Captain Anrez yells as he kicks a barrel. “This is ridiculous!”

“Captain, calm down. Your going to hurt yourself” Angel says as she reaches out to comfort him. 

“Calm down?! Calm down?! How the heck am I supposed to calm down when a member of my crew just up and leaves in the middle of the night without saying a single word!”

“I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation captain…” says Cherry as she braids Apples hair. 

“Yeah, I’m sure she has a perfect reason for taking off FOR THREE DAYS!” Anrez yells kicking the barrel again. 

“You said you were the last one to talk to her CTK, your sure she didn’t say anything about where she was going?” Angel asks. 

“No, not a word.” CTK replies turning his head away from the crew. He hadn’t dared say anything about that night other than he talked to her. He didn’t know what happened or where she went, but the sound of breaking bones haunted his mind for the past few days. 

“If you ask me I’m glad she’s gone. She was a weak little wimp” says Mel, turning his nose up in disgust.

“Yeah, nothing but a goody two shoes” retorts Senkiller. 

“Nobody asked you, so why don’t you two go stuff yourselves full of gunpowder or something” Cherry snaps.

“Oh yeah? Well why don’t you go play with your little checklist in the storage room Miss Kill Joy” Mel retorts as Senkiller snickers next to him. 

“V had been through a lot and you two just kept treating her like another one of your toys to play with. You don’t get to say a word about her!” Cherry shouts back. 

“Enough!” Anrez yells back at them. “All of you knock it off. In not in the mood for your bickering.”

“C-captain?” Everyone turns to the source of the small voice. They face the group of kids sitting next to Cherry. Papyrus makes his way over to the captain, shuffling as he moves his feet nervously. 

“Is V going to be okay? Do you think she’s hurt?” he asks sweetly, staring up at Anrez with big eyes. Anrez sighs and bends down to pat Papyrus on the shoulders.

“Don’t worry kiddo, we’ll find her.” 

“She probably just went to find something and got lost. She’ll be back.” Angel says comforting Papyrus. 

“Yeah but when she does I swear I’m gonna-“ Anrez was cut off but the sound of someone teleporting onto the ship. They all turn around and find V standing there gripping her sides. 

“V!” The children yell as they race over to hug her, smiling as they hug her legs. “We missed you!” They exclaim as she smiles back at them. Angel, Cherry and CTK make their way over to V next with worried looks on their faces. 

“Alright kids, I’m sure she’s had enough hugs.” Angel says. The kids all let go and step back to let the adults in. 

“Oh my gosh, V?! What happened?!” Cherry gasps as she gets closer to V, her clothes all ripped and torn apart. 

“Are you okay dear?” Angel asks full of concern. 

“Its- it’s a long story…” V says struggling to get the words out. 

“You better have one heck of good explanation for this V” says Anrez as he stomps over to her. “I don’t know what kind of ship you were on last but here, you don’t just leave without telling your captain where you’re going. Or anyone else for that matter.”

“Captain please, I can-“

“No! This is where you zip it!” Yells Anrez as his hand makes a zipping motion in the air silencing V. “Do you have any idea how long you were gone? How long we looked for you?! We checked all the closest towns and islands searching for you. This kind of behavior is not tolerated on this ship!”

“Anrez…” Angel tries to interrupt but is downed out by Anrez’s anger.

“I am in charge of you, you are a part of my crew! If something happens to you that is on my conscience! I’m the one who has to live with that, do you understand?!”


“The next time you have other plans or places to be you tell me. This isn’t just some happy little ship where you can spend the night then take off doing whatever you want. There are rules. I am the captain and you WILL respect my orders is that clear?!”

“Anrez!” Angel yells.

“What?!” Anrez stares at Angel who is now holding V steady with Cherry. He had been so angry he hadn’t noticed V almost collapse. Angel places her hand on V’s head then looks back at Anrez. 

“She has a fever, she’s really weak. We need to help her.” Angel says continuing to hold V steady. Anrez Stares at V, contemplating his decisions before he sighs and makes his way over to V. He picks her up and begins carrying her to the crews quarters. 

“Angel, watch the kids. Cherry, I’m going to need your help.”  
“Yes Captain”


Hope you guys enjoyed it! 

Part 2: https://vzearia.tumblr.com/post/167510466977/undercast-the-beast-part-2

(BTW, this is before Blu was a member of the crew) 

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Femme Glissante Chapter 4

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: violence and mild language.

Words: A lot. I’m a wordy and descriptive writer. Sorry, not sorry.

Description: You are an “freelance acquisitions specialist,” basically a thief for hire and a master of misdirection and disguise. But what happens when a metal armed man crosses your path during a job? Can you escape? Will you ever see him again?

WAIT!! You have to start at the beginning!!
Chapter 1

If this chapter reaches 100 notes, I’ll post the next chapter EARLY!!! ♥

The very next day, you began packing up your apartment. Natasha and Wanda were helping you pack while Greta sat in a nearby chair talking with the three of you. It was weird having so many people in your apartment, but Nat and Wanda were on your team, so you forced yourself to be more open with them. You had no choice but to come clean with Greta when she stared wide-eyed as Natasha pulled out case after case of throwing daggers from your closet and put them into boxes. She took the news surprisingly well. She only asked a question here and there throughout your story and smiled when you had finished. You had already told her about your family, but decided to keep them out of your explanation to Greta, as you were in the presence of people you were still getting to know. Seeing as Tony was getting your fully furnished quarters ready, per your “requests” you had discussed with Fury, you really didn’t need much from your apartment. Obviously, your weapons, and all the items needed for your disguises. They pretty much took up your entire closet and made all three gals gasp in aww when they saw it. You had Wanda start in the kitchen gathering all of Ralf’s belongings, as you and Nat started tackling the closet.
“You know, honey, I’m really going to miss you,” Greta said after a long silence following your story.

“I’ll be around more than you think, Greta.” You giggled.

“What do you mean?”

“I was wondering if you could still watch Ralf for me when I leave on my missions.” You looked at her in wondering. Greta practically beamed in excitement. She had grown to love Ralf, almost as much as you did, and she loved having that extra protection when you were away.

“Oh, honey! I would love to!”

“There’s also one more thing,” you added. “With me moving, I wanted to make sure you had a safe space to go if you had any emergencies. So one of my contingencies upon living with the Avengers was that this apartment stayed open to you.” Greta’s eyes began welling up. “I care about you like family and I want to make sure you are always safe. I will also be leaving a couple guns around this apartment for emergencies. I know I don’t have to worry about you and firearms,” you said winking at her making both of you burst into a fit of laughter. Both Nat and Wanda poked their heads out with confused expressions on their face.

“The first time we met, she held me and Ralf at gunpoint in her kitchen.” You laughed.

Impressed smiles crossed their faces as they began laughing uncontrollably looking back from you to Greta.

The rest of the packing went fairly smoothly. Although, there was a small hiccup when Nat found a small series of pouches with what appeared to be different color pebbles in them lined up in a tray.
“What are these?” She said while holding up one of the bags.

“My false teeth!” You laughed as she instantly became grossed out and chuckled them up in the air. Ralf, then, thought it was a game and caught them mid-air and ran off into the apartment. It took you guys ten minutes to catch him and get him to loosen his hold on the teeth, all while the four of you couldn’t contain your laughter. Steve opened the door to your apartment holding a box of pizza and his mouth fell open to the sight. There stood Nat and Wanda each holding onto an end of Ralf while you desperately tried to pry the false teeth from his vice jaw grip, and Greta sitting on a chair in the corner with all of you laughing hysterically.

“What the heck is going on in here? He gapes.

You, Nat, and Wanda all look up at the super soldier, and proceed to laugh even harder. Ralf notices the new person and drops the teeth and sprints full forced towards Steve. He jumps and knocks the poor super soldier to the ground. You sprint over thinking the worst. “OMG! What if he doesn’t like dogs? I hope Ralf didn’t hurt him. I can’t believe my dog just jumped my boss!” You reach Steve’s side, and what started as a low rumble is now full on laughter from the super soldier, and you breathe a sigh of relief as you pull your goof ball of a dog off of him.

“Well that’s one way to be greeted.” He laughs as he picks himself up off the floor and makes his way to the pizza that landed face down inside the box.

“I’m so sorry, Captain Rogers. Ralf tends… well… he gets over excited.” You stammer.

“Please, Y/N. Call me Steve. After all we are going to be working together,” he winks. “So where should I put our deformed pizza?”

“Over on the counter. Don’t mind all the packing supplies. Normally this places looks way cleaner than this.” You giggled.

“Oh, I don’t mind. And who might you be?” Walking over to Greta and taking her hand in his and kissing her knuckles. You held your breath. Greta once had some very choice words she’d said she’d say if she ever met the infamous Captain America, but right now, she looked almost enchanted by him and it made you snicker.

“What do you want me to do?” a dark and raspy voice said from behind you making you jump.

Bucky had slipped inside soon after Ralf’s fiasco, but you were so preoccupied that you didn’t pay any mind. With his crystal blue eyes staring at you, it took you back to your job where you first met him and it made your ribs ache.

“Geez! Sergeant Barnes, you scared the living hell out of me.” Placing a hand over your speeding heart.

“Call me Bucky, and I thought someone like you wouldn’t scare easily?”

“That’s just when I’m on a job and I have to focus incredibly hard to maintain a steady heartbeat. In my normal day to day, I’m actually quite the dork.” Suddenly changing your train if thought, “Um, if you guys could take these really heavy boxes down to the car, I think the rest of us can get the remaining boxes,” you look over at him and he’s staring questioningly like he doesn’t believe your “dork” statement. You return the questioning look and it’s enough to snap him from his thoughts and a small smile appears on his face as he turns and grabs one of the heavy boxes and heads down the stairs as you stare after him.

“You ruffle his feathers you know?”

“Dang it Steve! Am I going to have to get you guys a bell?” You said whipping around to see his grinning face behind you, “what are you talking about?”

“You’re the only girl who has bested him on a mission. It’s gotten under his skin a little. Don’t worry, he’ll warm up to you.” He grabs the other heavy box and follows Bucky out the door.

“Oh, honey, you are in so much trouble,” Greta chimes as she walks up to you and hands you a tape gun.

“What do you mean?”

Greta just gives you a knowing smile and makes her way to the door. You walk her over to her apartment and say your goodbyes. You turn back to see Nat and Wanda holding two smaller boxes and smiling at you.

“I’ll be right down,” you assure them.

You go back into what used to be your apartment. Everything feels so empty now, so bare. You left a photo of you and Greta in a frame next to your couch, picked up the last box, called for Ralf and locked the door behind you when you left.

After a very cramped car ride down, you finally made it to the floor of your room and Tony is waiting there for you.

“It’s time,” he beamed.

“Tony, what are you talking about?”

“Oh, he does this for everyone,” said Natasha following you up with another box.

“It’s time for you to christen your room.”

“And how do you suggest I do that?” You asked, rolling your eyes.

“Well, there are two ways. The first is the biometric hand scanner.” He motions for you to come closer. You place your hand on the pad and watch it scan your hand and finger prints and with a click, it unlocks, and a smile crosses your face.

“Now what is the second way?” You looked at him with a side smile.

“Sex.” He proclaims proudly.

You instantly blush and roll your eyes, everyone is snickering behind you.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon,” you laugh.

“Not according to Greta,” Wanda chimes in and makes you blush even brighter.

To avoid any more embarrassing conversation, you push past Tony and head into your room while the others follow and put down the boxes. You look around and are completely awe-struck. It was an incredible full suite! Tony completely outdid himself. You instantly ran to the bathroom, leaving everyone looking at each other with confused expressions. You had only three other demands upon living in the Avengers tower. One, you needed enough closet space to hold all of your equipment and disguises for your mission which Tony delivered and then some. Two, you were not giving up Ralf. He was and is a part of your family and he is to live in your quarters with you. The third was simple; you wanted a claw foot tub to soak in and boy did he supply. It was the biggest and most beautiful spread you had ever seen. Candles and drapery elegantly wrapped the tub. You couldn’t wait for your next mission so you could unwind in here. Natasha soon followed you in,

“Holy crap, Tony! Why don’t I have one of these? I’m so borrowing this from time to time, Y/N.” she said, turning to you.

“Anytime, Natasha. Just wait till I get all the oils and salts in here.”

“Is that the disappearing woman I hear?” Sam had heard the commotion and walked in. He saw you, smiled, and came in for a hug. Considering this was the first time you met him, it was a little bit awkward for you. Luckily, he was so tall that his arm covered your face enough that no one saw you wince from the pain of your ribs in the embrace. You were still in a lot of pain from your last job, and had been putting on a strong face all day. The only person that knew of your injury was Greta and you intended to keep it that way. When she saw your t-shirt rise and expose your midriff slightly to show your worsening bruises, she immediately pulled you aside and demanded to know what happened.

“Alright, guys. Let’s leave Y/N to get settled. You have a 0700 training session with me in the training room in the morning. So get some rest.” Steve kindly hurried everyone out to leave you and Ralf to get settled. You didn’t even bother unpacking, you just went right to your box of clothes, pulled out your white hoodie, stripped off your pants and crawled into bed with Ralf not far behind. You were going to need your rest if you were going to train with the Captain America. You gasped as you bent to pull down the covers. How on Earth are you going to hide your pain during training tomorrow?

Morning came faster than expected and you groaned when your alarm went off. Going back to your box of clothing, you grabbed a loose fitting t shirt, and a pair of running shorts. You were about to step out the door when you thought about your ribs, you went over to another box and grabbed your extra padding and put on a waist trainer over top of it to hold it in place. “There! Some stability and padding if I get hit,” you thought. Little did you know who you would be sparring with. You grabbed your runners and a hair tie, and went out the door for a gentle run before your session.

You only did 3 miles as you were trying to not exhaust yourself and you were still in pain. You wanted desperately to make a good impression. You were back at the tower within 15 minutes and made your way to the training room. Steve and Bucky had already laid out the mats and were talking when you walked in.

“Good morning, boys,” you said with a smile.

“Morning, doll.” Steve called and Bucky was staring at you with a smug grin on his face.

“What’s going on?” you looked suspiciously at the both of them.

“You’ll be sparring with Bucky today” Steve said, and looked over at Bucky who looked like a man on a mission. He obviously was the one behind this change of sparring partners.

“Oh crap! I barely made it out last time we had it out. How the heck am I supposed to do it now that I have a bum rib cage? Looks like I’m going to be faking it and on the defensive today. I can’t let him know that I’m hurt. What would that say for my first day?” you thought to yourself.

Without a word, you walked over to the stereo and put on your training mix to help you get in the right mind set and stepped on the mat to get started. Steve stood off to the side to observe and Bucky followed you onto the mat. As “Come Baby Come” by K7 started playing, you rolled your neck from side to side to get ready and Bucky popped his fingers and got into a slightly crouched stance. He lunged at you, you dodged last second, and he stumbled. He whipped around to see you fake yawning into your hand. Steve had to cover a laugh with a cough as he watched the antics in front of him. A squinted smirk crept onto Bucky’s face as you walked seductively back up to him, hips swaying from side to side. Confused, he walked towards you and dropped his guard slightly and that’s when you looked down and smiled. You walked close enough that he brushed your hand with his.

“You think you’re so cute, don’t you, doll face?” Bucky whispered only to you.

You grabbed his metal armed shoulder, gave him a peck on the cheek to throw him off, and swung yourself up and around his neck with your legs and with a back flip pulled him to the ground with a loud thud. You stood up, stammered and winced, and that caught Steve’s attention.

“Maybe a little,” you winked at him trying to cover your pain.

With Bucky’s frustration level rising, he got up and murder strutted towards you. He was incredibly sexy when he gets all worked up, but you had to shake the thoughts from your head. He grabbed both of your arms and squeezed them together which pushed on your ribs making you cringe again. Bucky didn’t notice, but that had made Steve focus directly on you, watching to see if you were really hurt. You hadn’t said anything so that made him curious. Moving your arm up, you punched his left arm, then his right to loosen his grip, and with the speed of a viper thrust the palm of your hand to his forehead and stunned him. You then threw a couple elbows and then a final kick to his chest, knocking him on his back. Getting up, he threw a punch at your face and you dodged again, moving behind him faster than he could adjust and tapped on his shoulder which had you grinning from ear to ear at this point and Bucky’s face flashed a grin. He seemed to actually be having fun. He turned and you had ducked behind him again and pranced a couple of feet backwards. Steve’s hand on your back kept you from leaving the mat, but it distracted you for a split second which was enough time for Bucky to get over to you and throw a punch. In the nick of time, you grabbed his wrist, pulled it to your left side and kicked a couple stunning blows to his abdomen. Steve’s eyebrows lifted with impression. Bucky swung his metal fist up to you but you blocked with your left forearm, wincing again, and kicked out his foot to make him stumble and you thrust your hands to his head and brought it swiftly to your knee with a loud crack. Luckily, he was a super soldier and it didn’t damage anything, but the thought of what you did didn’t cross your mind until it was too late. Steve’s face turned into a frown because with every block, your face grimaced a little, but he couldn’t tell why. Bucky was getting more and more into the fight at this point and swung a punch and it landed to your shoulder thus slowing you down. After that, he rapid fire punched at you. Left, right, right, left kick, spun around right kick. You managed to effectively block all until he threw an uppercut… directly to your ribs. The song ended as you fell to the floor on your knees clutching your ribs, gasping for air while, with one hand, signaling to stop. This hurt far more than you were anticipating so you knew something was wrong. Bucky was the first to your side.

“Y/n, doll, what’s wrong? I didn’t think I got you that hard.” The pain in his voice made you feel awful.

“Didn’t… Last… job… hurt… ribs… pain…” Trying to breathe between words and an uncontrollable tear fell from your eye. You were so embarrassed.

Steve stood next to you and slowly laid you flat on the floor.

“FRIDAY tell Bruce we need him in the training room immediately,” he woofed at the AI.

Bucky knelt by your side and raised your shirt to look at your ribs you had been holding and was confused to find your waist band with padding. In a flash, he ripped open your bundled waist and knelt there gaping. To be honest, his brute force was the hottest thing you had ever seen, but you were in so much pain that you couldn’t relish in it. Your ribs had completely turned a dark purple with a green outline. Bruce had been called to the training room enough times to know to bring a portable x-ray machine and extra equipment on a gernie. When he walked in, you were laying on the floor holding your stomach, Bucky was in the process of ripping open some waist band contraption, and Steve was trying to keep you immobile.

“What happened in here?” Bruce said, kneeling next to you.

“Apparently Y/n had a previous injury from her last job and conveniently forgot to mention it before sparing with Buck, here.” Steve explained looking at you with a typical Captain America scold.

“Do you know the extent of her injuries?”

All three boys looked at each other and then to you. You hadn’t gone and gotten yourself checked out because, at the time, it wasn’t that bad. Now, however was a different story. You shook your head no and Bruce brought over the x-ray machine. You couldn’t believe that this was how you managed to make your first day on the Avengers’ team.

Chapter 5


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Joshua: Best Friends AU

Genre: Fluff/Angst (but mostly angst)

A scenario where you discover the big secret that your best friend had been keeping from you for the duration of your friendship.

  • Before Joshua, you never really had anyone to call your best friend
  • you never felt like you belonged with anyone
  • he was the first person to accept you
  • your craziness
  • your random questions at 2am
  • your unpredictable mental breakdowns
  • your over excited reactions
  • he would always talk to you about random things
  • and you would talk to him about random things
  • you were constantly sending each other memes
  • yelling at each other because you stole each other’s thoughts 
  • your sync level was high
  • probably a 90%
  • you agreed on many different things
  • and even when conflicts arose, you were able to work though it with no problem
  • you had always been the person to listen to others when they needed help
  • but no one had ever done the same for you
  • before Joshua
  • so who would blame you for beginning to develop feelings for him?

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(1) "Stuff that's been said in the chatroom" Sentence Starters meme

((WOOPTY DOO THERE’S MORE || @roaringheart ))


“Chill your angsty hair.”

“I want those kitty thigh highs ok.”

“Hello kiddo. Or not kiddo.”

“I have reasons for this I swear.”

“Are you saying he’s/she’s/they’re sexy.”

“I wanted Ominous, not Hot Sexy Baby !”

“He/She/They think(s) psycho is sexy, I’m gonna cry.”


“I shoved [muse name] off the couch while saying, ‘Heroes never die.’”



“Who needs sleep ?”

“Who let me become an adult ?”



“What quirky thing should I say ?”

“That is why [muse name] is the Stoner Uncle™.”


“I know what I must do now.”


“Oh Lord what have I done.”

“I could just knee you in the stomach and you’d go down.”

“I want [muse name] to punch me in the face… So I’d have an excuse to punch him/her/them back.”


"I need to step up my edge.”

“Why am I enduring this hell.”

“I only listen to Nightwish, Linkin Park, and Evanescence because they’re the only ones who GET ME.”

“You and your memes, [muse name].”

“[muse name], your mouth is a meme field.”

“I’m being a poop.”

“My mouth is the source of a Fountain of Wisdom from which nothing but profanities and memes flow out.”

“What if the sun is just a nightlight.”

“I hereby relinquish my edgelord title to you.”


“Apparently I forgot how to dry myself.”

“I’ve had my hair in a braid for 4 days.”

“I had an answer to that but I will not say it so nevermind.”


“The wild [muse name] is a timid creature.”

“It’s okay [muse name], only cool kids are invited anyway.”

“Are you making fun of my gender?”

“Google is just a cheap tactic to make weak search engines stronger.”

“[muse name] is shaped like a mom friend.”

“He’s like the soulless pacifist player.”

“Welcome to the Nerd Squad, [muse name].”

“HEY [muse name] THAT’S MY JOB!!”


“Can…we all be dank memes?”

“I’m down to dank.”

“Uptown Dank You Up.”


“My mom thinks I’m an alien because I don’t eat broccoli.”

“[Muse name] hated someone’s creation and set it on fire.”

“Destruction is never the answer.”

“Answer me, you midget !”


“I’m gonna go get a snack, don’t destroy the house while I’m gone.”

“I come back and everyone’s screaming.”

“Shrug emoji.”


“You wanted a father for your kid so I was like "hey.”“


“Why do I still have my Shrek icons.”

“Are you ready to suffer ?”

“I’m always ready to suffer.”

“The 80s was a different time.”

“Time to raid the fridge.”


 askjdalf  look at how lazy i am  and  decided  to  combine  thank  you  bia  into  one  post  just  because  you  guys  already  know  my  ocs   (  @wantfreedom  and  @sweetricked   )  .   i  recently  reached  a  hecka  amount  of  you  guys  on  both  of  them  and  honestly  don’t  expect  to  have  many  just  because  i  don’t  really  care  about  the  ‘number’  but  more  so  on  who  wants  to  write  with  me.  i  also  can’t  believe  that  some  of  you  i’ve  actually  met  from  my  other  blogs  yet  disney  brought  us  together.   i  appreciate  you  guys  so  much?   despite how  slow  i  am,  you  guys  still  stick  by  me.  i’d  love  to  develop  these  babies  for  as  long  as  i’m  here  despite  the  fandom  going  down,  just  bc  i  immediately  fell  inlove  with  both  of  them  when  i  made  them.   so  much  words,   but  there’s  too  much  to  say  and  i  love  you  guys  a  whole  dang  lot.  if  you’re  not  on  here,  fear  not  i  have  one  for  my  multi  coming  soon  :’)  ilyallsm.

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anonymous asked:

hello! hate to bother you, but do you have a possible list of things that tddk could potentially get closer over in a universe where they don't have quirks and thusly don't really know each other except by name? im trying to write a fic but im sort of really stuck! if im too vague with my question, im sorry, haha!

hmmMmmmm, well~

  • assuming they are teenagers and are only each other’s classmates, you can go for the good ‘ole “group assignment” trope where the only ppl doing the actual work are shouto and izuku
  • perhaps they sit beside each other in class and inevitably get closer ((things like sharing calculators, pencils, erasers, comparing hw and test answers, switching chairs b/c todoroki’s chair is too tall and his thighs are literally pressing up against the bottom of the desk, etc.))
  • they can be a part of a school play haha~ tddk are only extras but dang do they manage to bond while shits going down with the lead actors
  • they will probably exchange phone numbers at one point, with whichever idea u intend to go for–you can imagine all the texting shenanigans tddk will get into
  • “izuku ur phone bill came today and i am not happy–”
  • needless to say, tddk indulge in texting apps
  • assuming they are adult, i like to think they would be regular subway goers
  • they’re used to seeing each other in the subway–shouto stands by the exit while izuku chills in whichever seat is available
  • they don’t talk to each other until one of the passengers faint–it’s the summer and humid, the subway is naturally a fucking sauna so seeing someone faint is expected
  • the thing is it’s a kid who faints, and their parent/guardian is nowhere in sight
  • it’s izuku who catches the poor kid before they could hit their head and lays them on the ground while shouto hits the emergency alarm
  • they both take care of the kid and the panicking crowd of passengers before help comes
  • the kid wakes up after a few minutes, disoriented–izuku and shouto take turns asking them questions, trying to keep the kiddo awake
  • the ER arrives soon after–they deduce the kid has fainted due to dehydration ((hydration is important kids))
  • izuku and shouto volunteer to go with the kiddo and answer as many questions as possible for the paramedics ((also b/c the kiddo insists they don’t want to go alone))
  • izuku and shouto stay with the kid at his newly designated hospital room
  • they not only bond with the kiddo, but each other
  • turns out the kiddo’s parents abandoned them–the kid was just trying to go find them at their work, but was so hungry and thirsty that they couldn’t make it all the way
  • needless to say, the kiddo’s parents are charged for neglect and izuku takes in the kiddo
  • shouto visits them often
  • tddk become platonic parents of sorts, but over time they start catching feels for each other
  • they become a happy family
  • ((perhaps this is a quirkless verse the tddkiddo with the reality-altering quirk created???))

yeah, i kinda went overboard, but i hope this helps!!

So I am just sitting here, minding my own business, enjoying a TV channel dedicated entirely to B movies. A new one comes on, so I pat full attention. I even put my phone down.

The moment I saw the starring actor, I felt a chill go through my body. A curse was placed onto my very soul. Snakes manifested physically all throughout my house.

There, in all his glory, stood Jeffery Combs and his tiny ass nose, in a dramatic profile shot.

The very first thought I had?

“For the love of god, is this Reanimator?”

As the movie went on, I became more and more convinced it was Reanimator. Combs was in the role of a mad scientist.

Finally the title card appeared. It said, in fancy cursive font, “Starring…. Jeffery Combs…. In HP Lovecrafts…..”

Here it comes. I am about to be indoctrined into the fucking Reanimator Cult all because I decided to put the B movie channel on instead of Murder Mystery channel.

“From Beyond.”

Oh. Okay. It is…. Not Reanimator. That’s fine. The snakes apologize and leave my house. They get rid of the mouse that lives in my ceiling as compensation. The curse of my soul transfers to the dead tree outsides. I feel warmth again.

And who do I blame this entire situation on? The one person who is at fault?

@thylekshran ffs

From Beyond is probably just as cursed as Reanimator, but at least I don’t have to remember 48229 posts about it.

if one of my friends drafts summon the pack I am going to give them the choice of another Unstable booster, or this booster which I guarantee you has 15 creatures in it, so you get the whole dang thing, but with the 2% chance that one of those creatures causes you to lose the game instantly and you can’t do anything about it

I like those odds, personally

The Voice auditions

okay so we had to drive 8 hours from Ohio to Philadelphia and we got to the building to audition and waited for HOURS. we finally got in the audition room and I literally was so nervous I almost vomited lol. anyways, like 3 people sang before me & then my sister sang, AND THEN ME. so I was like “hey!!! I’m going to sing Because Of You by Kelly Clarkson!” so I did & he was like “you’re really good! you remind me of a past winner of the voice!” AND HE ONLY COMPLIMENTED ME IN FRONT OF EVERYONE AND THATS A HUGE COMPLIMENT CONSIDERING I REMIND HIM OF A WINNER & I sat back down. everyone else in our group of 10 people sang and then he was like “okay so I am going to give *named two people* a maybe for now, I will call you with a definite answer” and I was like dang lol and tHEN HE SAID “BUT, I am for sure going to take Ray (a girl in my group) & McKenna” I WAS LIKE FUDUDIDIJ. and then we sang one more song and he gave us our callback pass and I literally was acting all chill and when I ran outside with it I jumped on my oldest sister waiting and a crowd of like 200 people standing outside cheered and I was bawling so hard. SO HARD. I couldn’t even say thank you because of how hard I was crying. then I ate some great food. sorry this is so long, so much happened.

Miraculous Ladybug Origins part 1 thoughts.

I’m gonna put this under a read more tag because I ended up taking like 30 some screenshots from the first part alone. Click on the read more if you wish to see my thoughts and highlights from the episode.

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