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fiki week, day two - inspired by art:  pirate au

Dwalin had once asked him, bare-headed and rough-skinned, if he’d rather have stayed safe and dry at home, after all. Fili’s gaze had naturally sought Kili, and found his familiar frame pinned against a hazy dawn, his hair still damp from a stormy night on deck. He’d been smiling his secret smile, the young rogue, all pink lips and starlit eyes, his shoulders curled in Fili’s jacket against the morning chill. “No,” Fili had simply said. He couldn’t have longed for home if he wanted to. Home had set sail with him a long time ago, and it was standing right in front of him, mischievous and beautiful and more his than his very soul had ever been. ~by rillils

has anyone made an AU yet where fern was successful?

> fern disguised as finn coming come w flowers in hand, with “fern” nowhere to be found
> jake is worried, asking where fern is, “finn” starts to act weird too
> after days of deliberation, jake thinks “finn” is normal and okay cos he does normal finn stuff. smth still doesnt feel right
> bmo doesnt notice much til “finn” hangs a lot w neptr HAHa
> why isnt finn eating?
> “finn” heroing around but making more drastic choices. killing, etc etc. Ooo notices this
> pb decides to check on “finn,” fern of course tries to shy away from her checkups as to not get caught

Jeremy Jordan hurt your feelings, I know. He knows, and he feels bad about it and has apologized to you for not considering your feelings.
But imagine making a small joke that was never intended to hurt anyone to find dozens upon dozens of hateful and horrible comments directed to you.
He didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, but you all made it a point to hurt his. He feels bad for accidentally upsetting you. I hope you’re satisfied with the way you made him feel.
You’re exhausting and I’m going to bed.

anonymous asked:

Honestly I'm kinda disappointed - it's late July and the amount of times I've seen some sweaty hetnips and/or hetbellybuttons so far is pathetic. Ridiculous. Low af. Once. Well, twice if you count the pre-gig bath. But still. it makes me p sad

Let us pray to the sun god for some super hot and humid days so that he can run around with his chest and belly lathered in sweat for the world to see ☀