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Can we get some chrobin action? I see a lot of Chrom and Lucina interaction and f!mu and Morgan, so what about some Chrom and Morgan love? Like the nightmare prompt? I love all your work, btw!

[Despite how much people love Chrom, I never seem to write for him enough…perhaps my Fred obsession just forces me to spoil him and make poor Chrombo suffer. :’(]

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His eyes cracked open blearily when he heard Morgan’s fearful squeaks down below. He felt the blankets being tugged to the side, having exposed his arm to the chilly night air and woken him.

He glanced over, finding you fast asleep and completely oblivious to the tiny child trying desperately to get your attention. With a soft sigh, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, gave a tired yawn, and peered over the edge of your side of the bed.

“Morgan, isn’t it a little late for you to be up?” He said as quietly as he could. Morgan’s head snapped up, revealing big, hot tears in Morgan’s eyes that perfectly mirrored his mother’s. Chrom felt a twinge of concern, waking up quickly. “Why are you crying?”

“I had-” He hiccuped, shaking like a leaf, “I-I had a…a bad dream, Papa.”

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In midnight Wife runs out crying while they were fighting about how he has too much female friends that from a female pov looks like the girls are trying to steal him away and always clinging on them for minhyuk, wonho, kihyun, hyungwon long please?

Wife cries and runs out during a fight (Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun & Hyungwon)

 Minhyuk; Being so oblivious to how you felt, seeing you suddenly walk out the door made him so confused.

 “Yah! Y/N what are you doing? We’re watching a movie!” 

 After hearing you explain how you felt, he would look at you with so much sorrow in his eyes. He would feel so bad because he didn’t know how you felt. Bringing you into an embrace he would say how much he loves you promising that he would do anything for you…even if it means stop talking to those other girls. 

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Wonho; Dang. This boy be getting all the girls lol. It was midnight and you two were just hanging out at the bar until you got tired and wanted to go home. You kept nagging at Wonho (around the other girls) to go home but he wouldn’t budge. He would keep saying 

I’m coming” 

or something of the sort. Once he heard you scream to him that you were leaving without him, his ears perked up like a dog and immediately ran to your side… which was when he realized how you felt. He wouldn’t exactly know what to say about it but the words “I’m sorry.” Like Minhyuk however, he would stop seeing those girls and spend a lot more time with you. He would definitely keep asking if you wanted something or not. “Y/N…I’m really sorry I made you feel like this…I didn’t know…” 

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 Kihyun; I feel like Kihyun would be on the more considerate side, always looking over his shoulder to see if you were ok (doing whatever it is you were doing without him). Although he knew you were a few feet away from him, he would still hang out among his group…which consisted of mostly girls and a few guys. Going home, he would ask if everything was okay because you weren’t talking, or gave him short responses. He would be the one to bring up talk of one of the girls but when you flipped, he knew what was up. After getting home and getting right to bed, Kihyun would waste no time at all trying to talk to you about your relationship and those other girls. He definitely doesn’t want to see you like this, but he wants you to know that he loves you no matter what.

 “Honey…please don’t be mad at me. I will make things right for us because I love you. Don’t forget it.” 

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Hyungwon; Speechless. He wouldn’t know what to say about this situation. There would be so much silence between you two that eventually it would bother him enough to speak saying that he was really sorry that he didn’t know this was how you felt and the fact that he didn’t realize anything. Honestly, he would kind-of yell a little because you didn’t mention anything in the past and he’s mad because he didn’t know. All he wants to do is make you happy and spend even more time with you.

 “Why didn’t you tell me before? I feel like a bad person now…

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Do you find you have to push past the creeping dread in order to do something that’s too right to avoid? Like when an email goes out to a bunch of people saying somebody has a spare mattress and you have recently been told of a boy who has been sleeping on a folding beach bed for a few years and you have to push yourself to email the veritable stranger about the mattress even though you’re hearing all the reasons this will end in humiliation playing in your head, but dang it, if this struggling college boy can get a nice queen sized mattress for free you have no right to give in to the dread this time…

You know this isn’t a great and brave act in the global, universal, or eternal perspective, but from your own little snail shell it’s tough as hell.

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right okay I'm basically coming to you as like an agony aunt because I need help and mar you are my savour lol but so I've got with this guy twice now and both times its been at a party and both times hes only every wanted to do stuff to me if you get me, but like other guys I've been with always try and do the whole like slowly bring your hand to their crotch thing but he's never tried to do that and honestly this boy is fucking with my head so much pls help

dang that first guy sounds hot, i like a boy who gets straight to the point you know 🍆🍆 lmao but also, i feel like you haven’t really told me what you want? like do you want an emotional connection, do you want to go slow and steady? what u lookin for