dang boy get it


God!”     / with formal ending in Korean/
Jesus!” / with formal ending in Korean/ 
(Jooheon breaks into laughter)
*finally can guess it correctly after Papa Shownu comes to the rescue*
feat. Shownu back-hugs Kihyun

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Pizza Boy!Vernon

a/n: for sunflower anon! hope you don’t mind that i made it bulleted!! also this is like my second time writing a bulleted scenario so pls have mercy on me i’m trying to expand my capabilities  

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• okay but like does anyone remember that jonas brothers song
• i fell in love with the pizza girl ,,, now i eat pizza every day,,,
• BC that’s what i think it would be like if vernon was your pizza delivery boy
• okay from the beginning
•you’re a university student and exams have been destroying your happiness lately
• you want to die basically
• like you work so hard at your job and at studying that you NEVER get a break and it’s so,,, stifling,,, you just want to graduate and LEAVE
•so when you finally get a day without exams where you can just chill, you order pizza
• because why not??
• and since you’re ordering it online it has that lil box at the bottom that asks for special instructions
• at first you were gonna write the classic “send ur cutest delivery boy”
• but you didn’t really feel like fixing you hair and outfit to impress some pizza boy that probably wasn’t even cute in the first place tBH
• so you go with your second option: “pls tell me a quality pizza pun when u arrive. thx.”
• most of the time those pizza places don’t even pay attention to the requests unless it’s like an allergy mention or smth so u don’t really expect anything
• when someone knocks on your apartment door you get up and head over w ur money
• you probably forgot that you even requested a pun lol
• you open your door to see a really cute delivery boy with a smile on his face

• “Why was the pizza shop not doing well?”

• u pause bc first of all what the heck
• then you remember your request and you excitedly ask him why
• so the boy just sort of gives you this dorky, satisfied grin and answers
• “They just weren’t rolling in the dough.”
• cue crickets
• bc like it was a good joke but it wasn’t /that/ good
• suddenly he’s embarrassed and red and he’s like “rlly let me try again i have better puns i prOmiSe!!!”
• since you’re feeling nice you let him try again
• “okay okay what did the angry customer give the pizzeria owner?”
• “wut”
• “a pizza his mind.”
• “that one was worst than the first one tbh”
• “NO WAY my puns are good”
• “mediocre at best”
• and the pizza delivery dude is not expecting a tip at this point bc you’re so freaking brutal abt his jokes that he searched the internet for on such short notice
• “pls im a college student w debt just have mercy on me”
• and now you’re actually giggling a bit bc did he think you weren’t gonna pay him??? like some kind of hooligan???
• please,,, you have class
• so you like hand over the money w his tip like “what’s ur name pizza boy”
• “it’s vernon”
• “makes sense. u look like a vernon”
• “is that an insult?”
• so he leaves and you’re happy bc of your pizza but also you’re kinda sad bc,,, dang,,, the pizza boy was cute and you didn’t even get his number,,,
• gUeSs yOuLL hAVe tO bUY mOrE pizZAs!!!1!11!1
• so that’s what you do and you don’t rlly know what to put under the special request to make sure you get vernon so
• you just kinda
• “send the boy with horrible puns pls”
• and everyone once again knows this is vernon bc no one tells horrible puns like he can
• so he’s back and you take more time to study his face bc he’s handsome obv 
• like just imagine his black hair tucked under a red pizza cap,, and his eyes are really dark in contrast to his boyish smile like wow. a visual.
• “who did your eyebrows?”
• “uh,,, myself? wait what does that mean??? what do they do to your eyebrows?”
• so you explain eyebrow beauty to him
where is this going destinee pick it up 
• and during this time he’s actually pretty fascinated but then gAsP he forgot to open with his pun!!!!!
• “What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?”
• “…”
• “my pizza jokes can’t be topped!”
•“pretty sure they can be topped”
• “next time i’m going to conveniently forget your garlic sauce”
• “who said i was going to call you again, delivery boy??”
• hE cAnT wIN
• lowkey thinks you’re cute so he puts up with ur incessant teasing
• “what’s ur name anyway?”
• “y/n”
• “well, y/n, since we’re friends now do you wanna listen to my mixtape”
• he’s already pullin out a blank cd with some horrible handwriting on it
• nd you accept it but like,,,, what are you supposed to do???
• thank him??,??,,?
• anyway vernon leaves bc he is on the job and has to deliver other pizzas before they get cold ya know
• so,, since you’re bored,,, you listen to the mixtape while you eat ur pizza
• and like some of the songs are lowkey cringe but some of them are highkey good
• now what do you do
• tell the pizza guy you like his rap??
• is that too far?? like he said you guys were friends but,,,,,
• the next time he comes you tell him that you rlly liked his mixtape and behold!!!
• lil vernon is blushing!!! bc you’re one of the first people to compliment him on his songs and it makes him super happy and mushy inside like what a dweeb
• you and vernon keep this delivery boy/customer friendship or whatever up bc it’s fun and you guys kinda sort of think each other are cute
•like ObViOuSlY bc vernon is a d o r a b l e
•and you’re practically an ANGEL
• *20 starts playing*
• anyway yeah one day you’re craving pizza again so you make your order
• and when it asks for any special instructions
• you type in
• “send the cute pun boy”
• as a joke but gET THIS
• so like while you wait for vernon to arrive u r freaking out and sWeAtiNG bc vErNoN cAnT kNoW yoU liKe hiM !!!1!1
• that’s weird !!!!!
• your doorbell rings and you’re shaking as you open the door bc you’re sure you’ve just ruined ur friendship w him
• but like when you open the vernon is just,,, leaning against the doorframe,,, w a smirk on his lips and red ears to match his cap,,,,
• “you…called…me…cute…”
• nd suddenly he’s getting closer to you and his smile is widening like where did he get this confidence from???
• skkahdhs and just when you think he’s going to kiss you he whispers
• “d’you wanna hear another pun?”
• but you gotta keep ur composure right so you reluctantly nod like yeah vernon!!! listening to your stupid puns is how i want to spend my time!!! definitely not kissing you!!! that’s for sure!!
• but this meme:
• “How do you know if you’re in love?”
• nd you stutter out a lil “what” bc is this just a joke or is he on to smth
• and he kinda smiles shyly and opens his pizza box
• “if they steal a pizza your heart!”
• you look down and the freakin pizza is shaped like a heart and has “will u go out w me?” written in pepperonis
• and it’s so cheesy
hehe get it?
• that you can’t help but laugh like “ofc i’ll go out w you dork”
• and you invite him in to share the pizza
• luckily you’re his last stop for the night so the two of you can stay up all night talking and laughing and sharing puns over pizza
• goals tbh

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you still taking prompts? what about shindeku with some "i was randomly assigned a college roommate and he's actually super cute" AU 👀?

Also posted on my Ao3, so be sure to show me some love there there too! Enjoy reading and I hope you like this! <3

“Hitoshi-kun,” His mother’s voice raised to a higher tone from the phone squished against his ear with his raised shoulder. The damn key isn’t working for him, he’s struggling with trying to open it, and around both his shoulders and back are heavy bags. “Be sure to be wary of your surroundings at all times in the subway.”

That is an important tip.

“Yes mom,” The door opened and Shinsou held his phone again with his hand, rolling his eyes at the door and throwing his key on a bright orange chair next to a desk. Shinsou dropped his two hand carry bags, threw off his dark red backpack and wheeled his two huge suitcases into his empty room. His roommate didn’t arrive yet and that made him secretly happy since he could choose which bed and side of the room he wants first. “I will be wary at all times. I’ll even buy some mace.”

Even though his quirk will do just fine, but extra precautions are always great.

“And Hitoshi-kun, please don’t stay out too late or sleep too late or drink too much or something. Make sure to have a good nights sleep everyday.” The worry in his mother grew and he had to calm her down.

“Yes mom, please don’t worry too much. I’ll try to sleep well, not be out too late, and you know I don’t drink anyway…plus there is a strict age limit here and zero tolerance.” Also that the Asian blush is the bane of his existence since one drink for Shinsou Hitoshi and he’s a goddamn tomato three sips in.

“And eat well!” His mother scolded him and he could imagine her finger waving at him all the way back in Japan. “You’re tall and fit, but you still need to eat properly and not just one meal all the time like Katsudon! Oh! Find a good Japanese eatery there for a taste of home!”

“I love you, Mom and I will, but first I have to figure out how to use the subway! I’ll take this step-by-step. Talk to you later okay?” Shinsou tried to sound as cheerful as possible for his mother worrying for him on his phone, but his stomach was feeling funny. He’s nervous…or hungry and tired. It’s all three since he just arrived by taxi from the airport a few minutes ago.

“I love you too. Call me when you can! I miss you already! Be safe! Use a condo-”


“You know I love you! Take it easy and be smart!”

“I will mom! I love you and I’ll visit during the end of this semester!” Shinsou hung up when his mother said her farewells again, dropped his phone on his desk and sighed the loudest sigh he has ever sighed. He was happy that his mother called him as soon as he managed to get a taxi, but he can feel it, he can feel his anxiousness rising.

He just arrived in a new country and he’s already having second thoughts on…everything. His mind is a building whirlwind of shit.

This was a spur of the moment for Shinsou Hitoshi: To go to college out of his home country. He didn’t expect to even get into the college since they didn’t seem too helpful with assisting him with transferring credits, despite being an international friendly University, and he almost missed the cut off point for applications, but in the end it worked out somehow. Dumb luck on his side. Now here he is…in a new country, a new city and in a new college working towards a degree in Psychology; The new country being America, the new city being New York City and the New College being the UA University, top University in Psych, The Arts and The Sciences.

How did he get here again? Shinsou Hitoshi is definitely having a mini-existential crisis right now as he’s laying down staring at the ceiling.

Shinsou is resting on his unmade plastic bed, the bottom of his legs dangling off the tall bed with drawers underneath. He’s staring up at the florescent dorm lights annoyingly flickering in his eyesight, blinding him and he wonders if this was a good choice to decide to study abroad like this. His high school had descent English classes so his English is fine, he’s not worried about that, but he is worried about…people.

And sure people are everywhere on this planet, but he cannot help his worries.

People have always been an issue with him due to his mind controlling quirk, so he has varied reactions from people. Their reactions consist of their nonchalant, insult disguised comments about his quirk being suited to be for a villain, fear for being in his vicinity or frustration with having someone like him exist. Other people do not click with him, but it’s not like he doesn’t want that. He tried before and no one has…as soon as they meet him they ask and…

He’s frowning harder now at the lights on his dorm cieling. So, he closed his eyes and lets out another big sigh to escape from his mouth, alongside all the feelings he has boiling inside him. Calm. He must calm down. He covered bother of his eyes and took another breath and counted to 10. He’ll be fine. He’ll be okay.

He transferred here to get away from people who see him as a villain to be and only that back home, but that is only one reason. He transferred here to meet new people, diverse people, people who…don’t know him from high school days and to excel in the selected field he has chosen.

And he will succeed in his field, he is determined with that. Howver, he also wants…a new beginning for himself. He didn’t like his origin story back home, so he has taken a chance, taken a risky step to create a new one.

It is then the door handle to his dorm room began to wriggle. It started off calmly wriggling and then more violently wriggling. Shinsou sat up on the bed he claimed on the far right corner of the room at the back, next to the window, and held his breath.

Oh no. He completely forgot about the random assigned roommate thing that every freshman is unable to opt out of no matter what. He just shrugged his shoulders at that before, but now he’ll be living with a freaking stranger. Only now did his brain register this, for even though he has people issues and people have issues with him, this was the least of his worries when applying.

The door handle rattled more, but he heard the muffled voice of a boy mutter, “Dang it, really? Of course, I get the room on the highest floor and a broken door.”

Shinsou’s mouth twitched with an aborted smile that disappeared immediately as he stood up quick and crossed the room to open the door for his new roommate. When he reached out to open the door, the door swung open and all he felt was pain.

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That’s the actual 100% Good Boy of the house

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In midnight Wife runs out crying while they were fighting about how he has too much female friends that from a female pov looks like the girls are trying to steal him away and always clinging on them for minhyuk, wonho, kihyun, hyungwon long please?

Wife cries and runs out during a fight (Minhyuk, Wonho, Kihyun & Hyungwon)

 Minhyuk; Being so oblivious to how you felt, seeing you suddenly walk out the door made him so confused.

 “Yah! Y/N what are you doing? We’re watching a movie!” 

 After hearing you explain how you felt, he would look at you with so much sorrow in his eyes. He would feel so bad because he didn’t know how you felt. Bringing you into an embrace he would say how much he loves you promising that he would do anything for you…even if it means stop talking to those other girls. 

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Wonho; Dang. This boy be getting all the girls lol. It was midnight and you two were just hanging out at the bar until you got tired and wanted to go home. You kept nagging at Wonho (around the other girls) to go home but he wouldn’t budge. He would keep saying 

I’m coming” 

or something of the sort. Once he heard you scream to him that you were leaving without him, his ears perked up like a dog and immediately ran to your side… which was when he realized how you felt. He wouldn’t exactly know what to say about it but the words “I’m sorry.” Like Minhyuk however, he would stop seeing those girls and spend a lot more time with you. He would definitely keep asking if you wanted something or not. “Y/N…I’m really sorry I made you feel like this…I didn’t know…” 

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 Kihyun; I feel like Kihyun would be on the more considerate side, always looking over his shoulder to see if you were ok (doing whatever it is you were doing without him). Although he knew you were a few feet away from him, he would still hang out among his group…which consisted of mostly girls and a few guys. Going home, he would ask if everything was okay because you weren’t talking, or gave him short responses. He would be the one to bring up talk of one of the girls but when you flipped, he knew what was up. After getting home and getting right to bed, Kihyun would waste no time at all trying to talk to you about your relationship and those other girls. He definitely doesn’t want to see you like this, but he wants you to know that he loves you no matter what.

 “Honey…please don’t be mad at me. I will make things right for us because I love you. Don’t forget it.” 

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Hyungwon; Speechless. He wouldn’t know what to say about this situation. There would be so much silence between you two that eventually it would bother him enough to speak saying that he was really sorry that he didn’t know this was how you felt and the fact that he didn’t realize anything. Honestly, he would kind-of yell a little because you didn’t mention anything in the past and he’s mad because he didn’t know. All he wants to do is make you happy and spend even more time with you.

 “Why didn’t you tell me before? I feel like a bad person now…

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YES I AGREE WITH YOUR UNPOPULAR OPINION moonbin really is so beautiful like dang boy please stop before I get hurt