Every time I touch you is new.
Stomach bouncing. Skin
a thin muslin stained in desire.
Hairs raised towards you, begging. Asking to be felt. Asking to be
known. Mouth a question
holding your name. Back curled
into yours. Knowing you.
And yet, learning you.
Relearning you. Always.
—  What I’m Thinking About While You’re Rubbing My Back As I Draw, Lora Mathis

Title: fireworks

Rating: T

Summary: When she’d been a little girl, she’d heard from countless sources that kisses were supposed to leave her stomach in knots, set her heart racing and her blood on fire. //Set just after the Natsu and Asuka omake.//

Word count: 3,055

Warnings: fluff, natsu dorkneel, otp feels, snogging, fluff

Happy birthday to the beautiful snogfairy!! Please accept this ridiculously sweet ficlet in honor of this special occasion; my meager writing skills are all I have to offer. I hope your day is super special!! Have a drink for me, girl °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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