danerys targaryan

Look on the bright side (UK election edition):

- Larry The Cat retains much-contested Chief Mouser position

- Nick Clegg is now free to stand against Tory policy and fade into complete obscurity as fate has ordained

- Food banks are a great place to meet fellow struggling singles in your area

- Scotland to establish independent socialist utopia by 2017

- Nigel Farage banished back to the shadow void from which he was first summoned in 2005. 

- Cameron couldn’t possibly privatise everything in the UK in just 5 years, right?!?

- We’ll all be dead in 100 years anyway

- If George Osborne become Foreign Sec. then he can keep himself busy fucking up someone else’s country

- George Galloway is now just a creepy anti-semitic rich guy and no longer a creepy anti-semitic rich guy with a seat in parliament

- Danerys Targaryan maintains her rightful claim to the throne

- Still not America