found this asshole in the comment section of the unrated music video of “blurred lines” by robin thicke
I’m not even gonna blur this greedy sexist’s username because I’m pretty sure he needs a talking to from a few tumblr ladies

So I found this super old journal thingy and I’m ultra bored so I guess I’ll do one of those things where if you reblog or like this I’ll go ahead and write your url down in here. Though no promises I’ll be writing 80,000 urls in this though.

so I’m at a restaurant and I’m just eating dinner and stuff, but suddenly this dude walks in and steps up to my table
he just kinda stares at me for a while, takes a banana off of my plate, and walks away
no one has said a fucking word in the entire restaurant since he walked out

one of the reasons I don't like being on tumblr anymore

this is probably gonna be a long rant so you have been warned. also I might get hate for this as well…

I used to think Tumblr was a pretty cool place to be on, cause so many people understand you and no one is teased or anything. that’s what I thought though. with the recent “Brony Documentary” having come out, I have seen so many hate posts about it being a pathetic and stupid thing. well I can tell you that 1. you probably haven’t watched the show at all and 2. I’ve been fucking lied to. “tumblr is a place for everyone!” “all the users on tumblr are so nice and understanding!” “there’s never any hate on tumblr because everything is perfect there!” well that’s fucking bullshit. this is the homestuck hate all over again. just because someone is a brony, despite gender, doesn’t mean they are pathetic, dumb and/or assholes. fuck, I know everyone says this but MLP really has made a bit if an impact in my life. it would should no different if I was a fan of Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who or anything else. we’re all a fucking fandom of a show/movie/comic so why is MLP considered different than all the other fandoms? cause we watch a show originally aimed at little girls? fuck, you guys should be proud of us actually. we showed society that just because something is not aimed at you, doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t watch it. I seriously thought better of you, tumblr. but turns out most of you are just hypocrites.

So it's Mother's Day

Sooo unlike most of you, I’ll be spending most of the day at the cemetery.
Yeah, it’s pretty sad and all. But it’s alright. It happened years ago, and I’ve gotten over it.
But I just wanna say
If you’ve got a mother, tell her that she’s awesome. Cause she really is. I mean really; could you carry around a kid in your stomach for 9 months? Yeah that’s what I thought.
My mom was really great, but I didn’t see that until she was gone. I don’t want you guys making the same mistake I made.
So please, spend as much time as possible with your mom today. Make her feel like the luckiest woman on Earth. She really is.
Because you never know when that might all end.

R.I.P. Carter my snake

Well, turns out my damn snake had an infection and I didn’t even know it. You can’t tell when snakes are sick very easily, and it wasn’t even my fault he got sick. The pet store I got him from had like 30 or 40 baby snakes, and Carter was one of them. He might have caught it from another snake.
Well, I only had him for 2 months, but that’s what happens when you buy baby snakes from a pet store in the south side of town…

Getting a new peeeettttt

I’m going to a reptile shop on Monday to get a snake (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
And (only because Sydney fuckin begged me to) I’m gonna name it Carter if its a guy, and probably Cleo is its a girl.
Sorry but no hedgehog. The breeder I was gonna go to wasn’t very responsible and the hedgehogs he were raising weren’t healthy. I couldn’t find any other breeder around, so I guess I’m getting a snake.
What kind should I get? Ball python? King snake? Corn snake?

So I've got 640+ followers

in celebration, should I:
a: film a video of me twerking (fabulously)
b: show you guys a video i tried to make but it turned out like shit
c: apply as prom queen for my school’s prom
or d: give u the d