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Don’t you understand that Luke is so into you? Okay, stop. He has had to watch you go from one guy to another, and then the engagement, and then the engagement was off, and patiently he’s waited. And now in walks this kid and he says, ‘My God, will she date anyone else in the world before she’ll date me?’

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Headcanon: Luke still has the boat that he bought in season 7 and the couple still occasionally hops on it and spends their time there−even until now. It's almost Summer, and it's the perfect season to hop on it. Will you guys give this a little nudge?


That voice Luke had heard before. It had come up occasionally over the years of living with Lorelai. By that voice, he instantly knew something was up, something, which would sound ridiculous to him, but was very important to Lorelai. It was her I-have-a-silly-request-you-will-probably-hate-that-is-why-I-am-extra-lovely-to-you-right-now-voice, which she used around him every now and then. He didn’t need to answer her to make her elaborate on her crazy idea. All he had to do was shoot her a look over his shoulder. His better-talk-fast-and-spill-the-beans-before-I-change-my-mind-look made the job just fine. They certainly had come up with a system, Luke thought to himself, as he listened to Lorelai’s rambling.

“As you know, we both have a day off from work tomorrow and I thought we could use our time differently than originally planned. Instead of sorting through the stuff in the garage, we could go to Bridgeport and take a day off on the boat of yours. I mean, you pay all this money for the harbor due and we shouldn’t waste it like that. We haven’t been on it in ages, and it’s supposed to be nice weather tomorrow. No rain, not cold, just fine for a trip on a boat. Besides, I have enough of this crazy town or this crazy house in general. I need some time away, some sort of holiday. A day on the seaside will act just fine for a little get-away. Hitting the ocean sounds way more fun than sorting through the old crap, which we will fight about. And where’s the good in that? I mean, yeah, making up is always great, but wouldn’t it be way better if we would spend a lovely day together, without fighting, just a little banter, which could also act as some verbal foreplay?”

Luke sighed deeply. Not because of Lorelai’s not so subtle comment, but about the fact that he forgot about the boat. Life got busy way too fast, and they hardly had a full day off together. Often these free days were spent with Rory and/or April, or some other town thing. And if they actually had a day off without any family or town obligations, one of them got a call, which made them run to save their business. With Lorelai working on the annex, that happened even more often now. Hence, why they had even less time for one another, and Luke didn’t like it one bit.

He could still recall the summertime Lorelai and he went to the boat every single free moment they could get their hands on. It was fun and exciting, and their little hideaway place from all the nosey townpeople. He could still remember the boat trip he made with April that same summer of 2007, and he was so grateful Lorelai had advised him to book a room every once in a while because, even though the new boat was larger than his father’s boat, it was, in the end, still a rather small boat without much room. Even though April had enjoyed the trip they never got the chance to redo it. Life was just always in the way, and the prospect of being on the same boat for a week or two or even longer seemed less pleasant to April as she got older. He still took her on the boat for a day or two, and she still very much enjoyed letting her thoughts drift off as she looked at the wide ocean.

All in all, he should use the boat more. Every time the receipt for that harbor due made it to the house, he was made painfully aware of how expensive it was to have a boat. And every time he paid that ridiculous amount of money, he thought about selling it too. It would save him a lot of money and a lot of hassle.

Sometimes, he thought about his father’s boat, which he sold to Kirk. He never asked him about it. Selling it to a crazy person like Kirk left still a sour taste behind, and he didn’t want to know what Kirk had done to it. Sometimes, however, he regretted selling it to him, especially when his dark day in November was around the corner. 

However, then he remembered how much time both his father and he had spent working on it without ever really finishing it. The new boat was a fresh start, part of a newer him, who did not hold onto things. Although he held onto everything, which concerned Lorelai. The engagement ring sitting right next to her wedding ring was proof to that. The horoscope in his wallet another one. Why he had changed his mind on a big item like the boat was still out of his mind.

It was a practical reason, he told himself. It was indeed, the old boat was small, nothing you could spend a day on without being at each other’s throat within minutes. It was more like a transportation boat than an I-can-spend-my-whole day-on-it-kind-of-boat. And Luke liked spending time on the boat. He enjoyed watching April letting her gaze drift across the ocean or read. The same applied to Lorelai sunbathing or reading while she had dipped her feet into the water from the boat’s edge. She would flash him a smile, which would melt his heart, totally content and even though she would be wearing sunglasses he would be able to see the sparkles in her eyes.

These little moments of joy were enough justification to still have a boat. It was reason enough to spend a day there instead of getting stuff done at the house. That boat was still one of his favorite get-away places, and a visit was long overdue.

“Let’s do it.”


When I like somebody, I make sure they know it.
        Life’s too short to live any other way.

Last I checked I was a fucking wreck. I called for help and no one showed up.

b-i-t-e // m-y // t-o- n-g-u-e :: dark!parksborn playlist

i. reprobate romance : blacklisted me ||| ii. lost it all : black veil brides ||| iii. no light, no light : florence + the machine ||| iv. the lighting strike :: snow patrol ||| v. burning desire :: lana del rey ||| this is gospel :: panic! at the disco ||| vi. i hate everything about you :: three days grace ||| vii. falling inside the black :: skillet ||| viii. make me wanna die :: the pretty reckless ||| ix. playing god :: paramore || x. bite my tongue :: you me at six |||

Gleðilegan þjóðhátíðardag.

Today is Þjóðhátíðardagurinn, the National Day, which celebrates Iceland’s independence from Denmark in 1944. At the time, Denmark was occupied by Nazi Germany and Iceland was occupied by American forces. Although a referendum had already been planned since 1918, many Danes felt Iceland took advantage of the fact that Denmark’s hands were tied at the time. Regardless, some 48,100 people (98% of the population) voted in the referendum, with an overwhelming 99.5% voting in favour of severing ties with Denmark. King Christian X (my 23rd cousin, btw) accepted the outcome and sent a letter of congratulations to the Icelandic people.

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Could you write some punk/nerd dennor

Ohhh yes. It’s my favourite AU so… yes. Yes. Just yes.


Mathias was used to the looks by now.

He almost found them amusing, the disappointed and borderline disgusted looks from the elderly, the frightened looks of the children, the confused looks of everyone else… It was nothing new.

“I think you made that kid cry,” Mathias whispered to Lukas, gesturing at a small baby in a push chair.

“Shut up,” Lukas said, breathing out a puff of smoke. “It was probably your face that did it.”

Mathias frowned and pushed up his glasses, fiddling with one of the pockets of his khaki trousers. “That’s insulting.”


The Dane took a long sideways glance at his boyfriend. Lukas was a punk in every way, from his half shaved hair and the multiple piercings, to the tattoos on his arms and the black clothing on his body and even the cigarette hanging at his lips. The two must have looked like the oddest couple, Mathias was what a stereotypical nerd looked like anyway, and adding to the fact that they were both male really didn’t help. Some people will still homophobic after all, and since punk’s were people to be feared, everyone seemed to walk on the opposite side of the street.

“C’mon Lukie, cheer up!” Mathias grinned, not hesitating in grabbing his boyfriend’s hand and swinging it like a child as they walked along.

Lukas shuddered at the nickname but didn’t pull away. “Don’t call me that.”

“Why?” Mathias asked playfully. “Does it make you less cool? Lukie? Lukie, listen to me! Lukie, Lukie-”

Lukas let out a growl and shoved him against a wall, jabbing him in the chest with a finger. “Stop, or I swear…”

“You swear what?” Mathias asked, the grin returning. Lukas cursed at him in Norwegian before attempting to stalk off, but Mathias was faster and instead grabbed his chin and pressed a kiss to his lips. “You love me really,” he said after he pulled away.

A blush had crept up Lukas’s usually pale skin and he frowned, stomping on Mathias’s foot before he walked off. Mathias winced and then let out a loud laugh as he ran after him.

“You’re so cute, Lukas.”

“I’m breaking up with you,” Lukas threatened.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Would too.”

“Would not!”

“That’s it, I’m single again.”

Mathias grinned. “Hey, Lukas.”

“What now, nerd?”

“Wanna go out with me since your single and cute?”

Lukas rolled his eyes. “You’re hopeless.”

“Hopelessly in love with you.”

A small smile came to Lukas’s lips, the blush growing redder. “Idiot.”



Saint of the Day – 19 April – St Alphege (c953-1012) also known as St Alphege of Winchester/Canterbury/Bath – MARTYR and Bishop, Monk, Hermit, Abbot, educator, apostle of charity – his body is incorrupt.    Patron of  Greenwich, England,  kidnap victims,  Solihull, England.   Attributes –  bishop holding an axe,  bishop with an axe in his head,  carrying stones in his chasuble.

Alphege was born in 953 and became a monk at the Deerhurst Monastery of Gloucester, England. After a few years, he asked to become a hermit, received permission and retired to a small hut near Somerset, England. In 984, Alphege moved to Bath and became abbot at abbey founded by St. Dunstan. Many of Alpege’s companions from Somerset joined him at Bath. In that same year, Alphege was appointed bishop of Winchester and served there for two decades.

He was famed for his care of the poor and for his own austere life. King Aethelred the Unready used his abilities in 994, sending him to mediate with invading Danes.  The Danish chieftain Anlaf converted to Christianity as a result of his meetings with Alphege, although he and the other chief, Swein, demanded tribute from the Anglo-Saxons of the region. Anlaf vowed never to lead his troops against Britain again.   In 1005 Alphege became the successor to Aleric as the archbishop of Canterbury, receiving the pallium in Rome from Pope John XVIII.   He returned to England in time to be captured by the Danes pillaging the southern regions. The Danes besieged Canterbury and took Alphege captive.   The ransom for his release was about three thousand pounds and went unpaid. Alphege refused to give the Danes that much, an act which infuriated them.   He was hit with an ax and then beaten to death.  

Revered as a martyr, Alphege’s remains were placed in St. Paul’s Church in London.   The body, moved to Canterbury in 1023, was discovered to be incorrupt in 1105. Relics of St. Alphege are also in Bath, Glastonbury, Ramsey, Reading, Durham, Yorkminster and in Westminster Abbey.   He was canonised by St Pope Gregory VII in 1078.

St Thomas a Becket himself endorsed a parallel between himself and the Anglo-Saxon martyr, when he spoke about Alphege in the sermon he preached on Christmas Day 1170, four days before his own martyrdom:  “You already have a martyr here,” he said, “Alphege, beloved of God, a true saint. The Divine Mercy will provide another for you; it will not delay.”

Great Dane ~ Platonic Schuyler Sisters x Reader

At the end of school everyday you always met up with the Schuyler sister before you all went to the food court for a snack. But today was different. Today you couldn’t find Eliza. Which was weird because she was usually the first one to get to your meeting spot, her last class being much closer than the rest of yours.

Peggy was worried about Eliza and so was Angelica, even if she didn’t show it as much as Peggy. The three of you waited a while before Angelica got sick of just sitting there.

You and Peggy followed her as she stalked off, yelling for Eliza. You spotted her suddenly crouched underneath a tree, looking like she was sobbing.

You ran quickly over to her, grabbing her to make her look at you. Angelica started firing off questions a million miles an hour while Peggy started to wipe the tears off of her face.

She spilled her story, one of the football players had started screaming at her after she accidentally crashed into him in the hallway. She had been having a crappy day already, so this just pushed her over the edge.

You all helped her up and took her home. Peggy tucked her into bed while you and Angelica started to plot some revenge.

So far you hadn’t had much luck coming up with any ideas.

“I know something that might work,” Peggy told you as she walked into the room. You looked at her suspiciously.

“And what is this idea that you have come up with” Angelica asked her as Peggy sat down on the couch.

“I happen to know a very interesting fact that this football player is extremely afraid of large dogs. I say that we take Y/N’s great dane and tell him to chase after this football player. What do ya think?”

You looked at her mischievously.

“I love it.”
The plan was set. You had figured out that he was going on a date with the new girl this Friday night. A date at the park.

The plan went something like this.

Angelica and Peggy would drag Eliza out of the house and take her to the park, setting her in the perfect spot to watch everything unfold.

Meanwhile, you would take your dane and casually make your way over to the couple.

Everything was going perfectly. Eliza was a little suspicious of what was going on, but she went along with it.

You walked right towards him, gauging his reaction. You could see him tense trying not to look at your dog.

“Okay my sweet girl. It’s time for you to help me get revenge for what that boy dos to Eliza. Go over and steal his sandwich,” you told your Dane.

He immediately took off, running for his sandwich. The football player took off in a dead sprint, screaming like a little girl.

You looked over at Eliza, seeing her crying of laughter.

Your dog came back and you went over to where the sisters were waiting for you.

Eliza came up to you and wrapped you in a big hug.

“Thank you. I am truly blessed to have you as a friend
I really enjoyed writing this.

Please tell me this is a sick joke

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“Right, and I’m supposed to believe that,” the normally green haired female questioned with a sight eye roll. Lorna couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Nothing made sense, and quite frankly the words escaping Erik’s mouth made her feel sick. It was yet again that she felt like her world was being turned right upside down. It almost felt like the universe was against her, because she was finally getting a handle of the whole concept of being a mutant; and now she was starting to learn the true connection between herself and the infamous Magento. For once she was grateful that her mutation didn’t relate to the weather because if it did the beautiful sunny day would be pouring rain.

She didn’t want to believe it to be true, after all he seemed to stand for everything she wanted to be against. However, deep down she always knew it wasn’t a coincidence that they had the same mutation.  Something always told her that there was more that meets the eye with him, and yet she always buried it. She never expected him to tell her that he was her father, nor did she expect to feel all the emotions that she was feeling.

“Yeah, okay, let’s say hypothetically lets say I believe you that you’re my father. But, why now? Why do you suddenly want to tell me? Because, you never cared about me before. You knew what I was since the plane crash, you knew I was like you and you made me be alone. You don’t like humans because you think they’ll see it like us versus them, and you left me in their care. So why do you care now,” the girl ranted while crossing her arms over her chest as the wind blew through her hair and the trees surrounding them.