‘Cause There’s Something Between Us Anyway - A DandyKri Playlist

Something About Us – Daft Punk |x| Fragrance of Dark Coffee – Turnabout Jazz Soul |x| Yeneh Ababa (Rose) – Kenna |x| What Are You Doing The Rest of Your Life - Dusty Springfield |x| A Little Irony – Tom Milsom |x| Sexy Sultry – JG Thirwell |x| Vexed and Glorious – Kenna |x| Want to Know - Izumi Makura x Mabanua |x| Sleepwalking - Modest Mouse |x| Follow Me – Kimiko Itoh |x| Something About Vacuum Cleaners and Coffee Makers – Space Dandy x Daft Punk |x|

Art by hasanashomestucklair, used with permission