Why I Decided to Become a Stylist..

   I decided to become a stylist because I love styling people, PERIOD. Especially Males. When I was young, I use to dress my brothers, my cousin, and people in my neighborhood. I’m constantly giving people clothes. For some reason, I can’t stand to look at bummy guys. I just love looking at well dressed individuals. It gives them confidence and it gives me confidence looking at them.

     On the weekends or during the summer, I would lay outfits out for my two brothers to wear before they woke up every morning. They wore uniforms during the school year so that was my only chance to style them. They were like my little Guinea pigs growing up. Whenever they had a crush on a girl, I would style them so they could look fly whenever they hung out with the girl. Before school started, or for the holidays, I would go with them to get their shoes and clothes. If I didn’t go with them, they would come home and show me their things for approval lol. I will never forget the time I told them they had to stop wearing tighty whities. I said, “Look, yall getting older now, it’s time to start wearing boxers.” But my father refused to buy them boxers, so I suggested they wear shorts until he had a change of heart. We usually got all the new shoes growing up, but we wanted every cool pair of shoes that got released. It was four of us, so we couldn’t get every pair of shoes that came out. I always wanted to see my brothers in the new shoes that got released, so we would come up with ideas to get money. We shoveled snow, cut grass, and tried to sell things, but we never succeeded. We usually brought pizza or subs with the money. I remember one time my father brought them some generic sneakers. I was furious!! I cracked on them until they stopped wearing them completely. That was their first and last time wearing fake shoes. My father was strict when it came to certain things. They couldn't get cornrows, gold teeth, or anything of that nature. He was always the "traditional" type of dad. But we always went behind his back, and got the things anyway.

 I styled my brother his whole 9th grade year. He was the quietest one in the school but everyone gave him respect because of the way he dressed. I would pick him up from school and he would tell me stories of how people love the way he dress. At that time, we were wearing the same size shoes and clothes, so I would buy things, wear it a few times, and straight give to him. On top of that, he had a job at the age of 14, so he spent his whole check on clothes. He was the freshest one up the school.

  I even styled people in the neighborhood. It was this one dude who lived around the corner from us. His style was horrific. He hung around me and my brothers on the regular, so one day, we said “Look, we’re taking you to the mall!” We helped him pick out jeans, underclothes, shoes, everything. Even suggested he get his hair cut. Another example was this African girl who moved around the way from Nigeria. She looked like she came straight from the tribe. I took her to the mall, helped her pick out clothes and convinced her to get the blk and red air jordan 12 retros. From that day on, she got love from everybody. People in the neighborhood and people from her school. I use to design custom made glitter hoodies for people. It was to the point where everybody from my brother’s school and other people school started requesting custom made hoodies. It got in such high demand, that I had to stop making hoodies.  

These are some of the reasons why I think it was meant for me to be a stylist. I really didn’t decide to become one until this guy from New York gave me the idea months ago. I have a lot of fashion contacts on fb. I usually post items I brought from various vintage and thrift shops. He came across this one vintage sweater I posted. He loved it so much, I just gave it him. He said, “You know what, you should be a stylist. You have the eye for it.” And ever since then, my mind has been made up.

 It’s crazy because, I still dress my brothers and cousins to this day. I do more shopping for my brothers, cousins, nephew and godsons more than myself. And they still come to me for approval sometimes.

  I use to wear all men’s clothes, now I dress more unisex. I’ve changed a lot when it comes to my appearance, but I still looove men’s clothes. I buy things for my brothers or cousins because I’m dying to see it on someone. I also feel that way when it comes to some women’s clothes. I don’t look or feel comfortable in heels or a dress, but I would looove to see a woman in some Louboutin heels or a Carven dress. I’m just living out my fashion fantasies through someone else. I may not look good or feel comfortable in a certain piece, but I want to see someone else in it who fit the piece.