If you’re having an identity crisis, just watch this.

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18 & 20 from the salt list

MEME | Accepting 

  • Have you ever felt like something off about someone?

Definitely. I’m not always the best judge of character but I have decent enough instincts sometimes - I like to give people chances as long as they aren’t messing up in Big Bad Areas (racism, homophobia, transphobia etc) but sometimes I just have a feeling about people… something just plain untrustworthy in the way they interact and it’s easy to pull it apart in RP fandoms, because there are so many Bad Folks around that I have decent pattern recognition skills. 

Makes me glad that block button is so handy dandy.

  • Wild card: The mun discusses any situation/problem they want.

something that really grinds my gears is when people play canon characters but they throw aside all their personality and basically make them an OC. It’s like, at that point why don’t you just??? go make an OC??? 

I mean, power to people, play what they want to play, but it’s really frustrating to see people either flanderize or underplay a character’s personality and history just because they wanted to write out their fap fantasies.

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Yeah. I just imagine NM getting bored and summons a monster and asks Matt and Andy to come over annnd....YA KNOOOW. - Unknown


Everything is all fine and dandy just like a normal saturday night until he actually gets his bois alone or as alone as they can be with the monstrosity perched upon the covers of NM’s bed.

(hellhound maybe? or something like a stereotypical half bat looking demon creature?)

I sure am glad that I seem to have no control over when or how I sleep.

It sure is great that I don’t have shit to do that’s impeded by sleep depravation

Everything is dandy like that