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Ik I’ve only written 7 imagines, but it’s better to start now than later lol, I’ll update it every time I post a new Imagine! :) Titles are in the brackets  :)


1. Kit Walker Imagine (Meeting Kit)

2. James Patrick March Imagine (Mr. and Mrs. March)

3. James Patrick March Imagine (Devils night)

4. James Patrick March Imagine (Hotel Cortez)

5. Tate Langdon (Go away, Tate)

6. John Lowe Imagine (Elevators)

7. Kyle Spencer Imagine (Kyle Spencer)

8. Jimmy Darling Imagine (Jimmy Darling) 

9. James Patrick March (Hotel Cortez Pt. 2) 

10. Tate Langdon Imagine (Best Friend) 

11. Kit Walker Imagine (Christmas) 

12. Tate Langdon/James March Imagine (Valentine’s Day)

13. James Patrick March Imagine (Torture) 

14. Tate Langdon Imagine (I’m Sorry)


American Horror Story season recap

Murder House: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Boy Taissa and Evan are so cute together.

Asylum: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. That Lana Banana is tough but she sure ain’t no cookie.

Coven: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Sarah Paulson and lily Rabe, preferably naked and together.

Freakshow: Fuck yeah Jessica Lange. Finn Wittrock is hott, evil but hott. Is there life on Mars?

Hotel: da fuck just happened?

Attention ahs fans !!

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American horror story is one of my many guilty pleasures


Does anyone else think that the next season will be about the witch hunt in Salem? I know that they did Coven but stick the AHS cast back in 1600s, throw in some gory witch trails, Evan Peters topless, Finn Wittrock as a creepy witch hunter and you’ve got yourself a great season of AHS.

My Benj

Just grabbing a quick dinner before I go back to see Benjy and see the lactation consultant, but I thought I’d tell you a bit about him while I have a second.

-He came out initiating his own breaths but needed immediate breathing support to keep his oxygen levels up. He’s had to move on to the oscillator since though because the vent wasn’t enough for him and causes damage long term. He doesn’t need to breathe himself on this, but he sometimes has a little go anyway,
-They turned down the amount of oxygen last night though, from in the 90s to somewhere between 30 and 40, so a lot of his oxygen saturation is his own work.
-His lungs and breathing are his main hurdle considering he’s so early and he wasn’t supposed to be able to breath anyway, so as well as the oscillating vent he is also getting help from nitrous oxide and he has also had 3 doses of surfactant.
-Exomphalos wise, when he came out the sac was so filled with fluid that it was too large and fragile to leave, so they did a quick surgery to pierce the membrane and stitched it back up tightly around the organs. There has been a certain amount of leakage and they’re currently working on differentiating his urine output from leaky fluid
-He was over 2kg when he was born, but once the defect had been drained he was 1.5kg, and now his fluids have settled he’s 1.8kg (that’s near enough 4lbs!)
-To let the oscillator do it’s work and make sure he’s not in pain, he’s on 20mls of morphine. This doesn’t completely sedate him, but it stops him from fighting the machine. He’s still able to open his eyes and look at us, grab our fingers, wave his arms and legs, suckle on the air and react to our voices. He was on a sedative last night for a short while that completely paralysed him, but he doesn’t need it at the moment.
-At first he had a small blood pressure problem that they could manage with extra fluids, but now he’s on 0.1mls of adrenaline to keep it up where it should be.
-He gets his nutrition via TPN at the moment, which is a blend of fats and other things he needs given intraveniously. Once they are happy that the fluids being drained from his stomach have gone clear enough then he’ll be able to start having my breast milk through a tube. Just now I give him some on his lips and tongue on the end of a cotton bud for comfort and familiarity for him. 
-It’s impossible to tell just yet how much his brain defect will affect him, it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems with his stability but it’s a wait and see game.
-His heart is working perfectly on it’s own, and his healthy pink colour is all him, no help there 

Chiari and Dandy-Walker syndromes represent 2 distinct spectrums of developmental hindbrain anomalies. MRI images of Chiari (left, fetal MRI) and Dandy-Walker syndromes (right) are shown; in Chiari spectrum (grades I-IV) the posterior fossa is small and its contents are displaced inferiorly (orange arrow). By contrast, in Dandy-Walker spectrum(Dandy-Walker malformation, Dandy-Walker variant, and mega cisterna magna), the posterior fossa may be enlarged (blue arrow).

Hydrocephalus: Not what it used to be.

Wow. It is so cool seeing so may blogs with people that have what I have. Growing up, I would go to meet and greets at the hospital but it was mostly for the parents. A majority of the kids there were either in wheel chairs or they unfortunately, had passed away. It is crazy to think that now people with hydrocephalus are living normal,happy lives. I still have not met a hydro head that is my age and maybe that will never happen. I have to remember the shunt I have was made in 85’ and I was born in 89’ and even then, all of it was very experimental. I just have so much to be thankful for. I may not have the best balance and I do have a couple of learning struggles but my dad always reminds me that doctors said I would never walk. I graduated college, I am continuing to learn, I have an amazingly perfect husband and great friends.This September will be 9 years since a revision and that is just awesome to me. Anyway, it is nice to meet you hydro blogs and I hope we can all be here to support each other :D.