I hope Game if Thrones ends like that episode of Space Dandy and the white walkers transform everyone into them, but then people realize being a white walker ain’t so bad and peace is established among the undead inhabitants of Westeros

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I am the new owner of a mime / Harlequin mix, and I had a few questions. Does this breed have a certain name, and what are the pros and cons of this breed? Thank you ♡ !

theres several names depending on the type of mime and harlequin that bred, such as Dancing Dandy, New Orleans Walker, and Patriotic Glazed. the general name is Mumbling Tumblers though!

Pros- theyre really quiet, theyve lost the anxiety of the mime breeds, and they arent Quite as predatory as purebred harequins

Cons- they whisper. like, constantly. theyll do it in your ear while you sleep, theyll do it hanging from the ceiling, they just dont stop. they also are still pretty predatory.

theyre a really good breed! theyre really friendly, and after youve gained their trust, theyll defend you to the death. a lot of people find their whispering charming!

|Jimmy Darling imagine|

“We had an opportunity to leave this hell hole and you didn’t take it?! What the hell is going on with you! You promised me we can leave this shit hole together and start a life somewhere else Y/N!” Jimmy shouted at me, “I tried Jimmy! If we left then we would have been caught and I wasn’t gonna take that risk! You should be thanking me for everything I’ve done for your ass!” I shouted back. “Shu-” He began.

“No you know what Jimmy? I’m out of here! You treat me like such shit!” I shouted as I began leaving, Jimmy then grabbed my wrist tightly dragging me back. “You ain’t leavin’ here, cos you ain’t got nowhere to go doll face.” Jimmy snarled. “Oh I’m sure Dandy wouldn’t mind if I went to his house. Now let go of my goddamn wrist!” I shouted kicking Jimmy in the stomach, I saw him tumble over in pain and this was my chance to leave now. 


I began crying on the way to walking to Dandy’s house. 

Jimmy and I had never gotten into such a bad fight before, this time it was about the freak show. Jimmy always expects me to get him out of this place but I can’t do it. I’m not his hero.

After about a 30 minute walk I eventually arrived at Dandy’s mansion and walked up slowly to the door and rang the bell. The door opened revealing a shocked but happy Dandy. “Y/N? What brings you here?” Dandy asked concerned inviting me inside, “Jimmy and I had an argument and I didn’t know where else to go, I’m sorry if I interrupted you.” I said looking down. 

“You never interrupt me Y/N, lets go up to my bedroom shall we?” Dandy said smiling and leading me into his bedroom. We entered his massive bedroom and as soon as I sat down on his bed I started crying again, my head falling into my hands. I felt the side of the bed sink down and a pair of arms wrap around me. “It’ll be okay, Jimmy isn’t worth your tears beautiful” Dandy whispered in my ear. I looked up and with Dandy’s thumb; he wiped my eyes, he began to lean in.

“Dandy I can-” I began but got cut off by his lips crashing down onto mine. 

Dandy and I started kissing. I kept thinking about Jimmy and how mad I was at him, but I didn’t hate him this much to kiss somebody else. I was about to pull away when I heard the bedroom door smash open. “Get your filthy hands off my girl Dandy” Jimmy said his voice raging with pure anger. I felt Dandy being pulled away from my lips and Jimmy got on top of Dandy punching him multiple times in the face. “Never touch my girl again!” Jimmy shouted, I’d never seen him this angry before.

“Jimmy get off him!” I shouted trying to pull him off Dandy, Dandy’s face smothered with blood. Eventually Jimmy stopped and Dandy stood up, his face was shaking with anger. “I will kill you!” Dandy shouted at Jimmy.

 ”You will kill me? Good luck with that Dandy boy” Jimmy chuckled provoking him. Dandy charged towards Jimmy, Jimmy took a full on punch to Dandy’s face and Dandy was knocked out cold.

“Jimmy, that kiss it wasn’t anything I swear he came onto m-” I began but was cut off by Jimmy kissing me. “I’m sorry about that argument Y/N I know how much you do for me and I always take that for granted doll face. I love you and you are mine not his” Jimmy said kissing my forehead and hugging me. “I love you too my love” I said hugging him back.


Dandy–Walker syndrome (DWS), is a congenital brain malformation involving the cerebellum and the fluid filled spaces around it. A key feature of this syndrome is the partial or even complete absence of the part of the brain located between the two cerebellar hemispheres (cerebellar vermis). The Dandy–Walker complex is a genetically sporadic disorder that occurs one in every 30,000 live births. Prenatal diagnosis and prognosis of outcomes associated with Dandy-Walker can be difficult.

The term Dandy–Walker represents not a single entity, but several abnormalities of brain development which coexist. There are, at present, three identified types of Dandy–Walker complexes. These represent closely associated forms of the disorder: DWS malformation, DWS mega cisterna magna and DWS variant.

Image: Variant DWS with dysplasia of the pons and cerebellum in a 8-year old. T2 weighted sagittal MRI.

American Horror Story Battle of the Booty

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Sweet Dandy Mott Buns

Bootylicious Kit Walkaaaahhh

Everyone’s favorite Dilf, Ben Harmon

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My Benj

Just grabbing a quick dinner before I go back to see Benjy and see the lactation consultant, but I thought I’d tell you a bit about him while I have a second.

-He came out initiating his own breaths but needed immediate breathing support to keep his oxygen levels up. He’s had to move on to the oscillator since though because the vent wasn’t enough for him and causes damage long term. He doesn’t need to breathe himself on this, but he sometimes has a little go anyway,
-They turned down the amount of oxygen last night though, from in the 90s to somewhere between 30 and 40, so a lot of his oxygen saturation is his own work.
-His lungs and breathing are his main hurdle considering he’s so early and he wasn’t supposed to be able to breath anyway, so as well as the oscillating vent he is also getting help from nitrous oxide and he has also had 3 doses of surfactant.
-Exomphalos wise, when he came out the sac was so filled with fluid that it was too large and fragile to leave, so they did a quick surgery to pierce the membrane and stitched it back up tightly around the organs. There has been a certain amount of leakage and they’re currently working on differentiating his urine output from leaky fluid
-He was over 2kg when he was born, but once the defect had been drained he was 1.5kg, and now his fluids have settled he’s 1.8kg (that’s near enough 4lbs!)
-To let the oscillator do it’s work and make sure he’s not in pain, he’s on 20mls of morphine. This doesn’t completely sedate him, but it stops him from fighting the machine. He’s still able to open his eyes and look at us, grab our fingers, wave his arms and legs, suckle on the air and react to our voices. He was on a sedative last night for a short while that completely paralysed him, but he doesn’t need it at the moment.
-At first he had a small blood pressure problem that they could manage with extra fluids, but now he’s on 0.1mls of adrenaline to keep it up where it should be.
-He gets his nutrition via TPN at the moment, which is a blend of fats and other things he needs given intraveniously. Once they are happy that the fluids being drained from his stomach have gone clear enough then he’ll be able to start having my breast milk through a tube. Just now I give him some on his lips and tongue on the end of a cotton bud for comfort and familiarity for him. 
-It’s impossible to tell just yet how much his brain defect will affect him, it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems with his stability but it’s a wait and see game.
-His heart is working perfectly on it’s own, and his healthy pink colour is all him, no help there 

Chiari and Dandy-Walker syndromes represent 2 distinct spectrums of developmental hindbrain anomalies. MRI images of Chiari (left, fetal MRI) and Dandy-Walker syndromes (right) are shown; in Chiari spectrum (grades I-IV) the posterior fossa is small and its contents are displaced inferiorly (orange arrow). By contrast, in Dandy-Walker spectrum(Dandy-Walker malformation, Dandy-Walker variant, and mega cisterna magna), the posterior fossa may be enlarged (blue arrow).

Hydrocephalus: Not what it used to be.

Wow. It is so cool seeing so may blogs with people that have what I have. Growing up, I would go to meet and greets at the hospital but it was mostly for the parents. A majority of the kids there were either in wheel chairs or they unfortunately, had passed away. It is crazy to think that now people with hydrocephalus are living normal,happy lives. I still have not met a hydro head that is my age and maybe that will never happen. I have to remember the shunt I have was made in 85’ and I was born in 89’ and even then, all of it was very experimental. I just have so much to be thankful for. I may not have the best balance and I do have a couple of learning struggles but my dad always reminds me that doctors said I would never walk. I graduated college, I am continuing to learn, I have an amazingly perfect husband and great friends.This September will be 9 years since a revision and that is just awesome to me. Anyway, it is nice to meet you hydro blogs and I hope we can all be here to support each other :D.

Signs as 1 character each from AHS season 1-4

Aries: Tate Langdon | Johnny Morgan | Kyle Spencer | Ethel Darling 

Taurus: Larry Harvey | Bloody Face | Queenie | Dell Toledo 

Gemini: Constance Langdon | Sister Mary Eunince | Maree Laveau | Bette and Dot Tattler

Cancer: Nora Montgomery | Shelley | Zoe Benson | Maggie Esmeralda 

Leo: Vivien Harmon | Shacath | Myrtle Snow | Elsa Mars

Virgo:  Beauregard Langdon | Arden Arthur | Cordelia Foxxe | Gloria Mott

Libra: Violet Harmon | Grace Bertrand | Stevie Nicks | Jimmy darling 

Scorpio: Charles Montgomery | Oliver Thredson | Papa Legba | Desiree Dupre

Sagittarius: Moira O’hare | Lana winters | Madison Montgomery | Twisty

Capricorn: Ben Harmon | Timothy Howard | Misty Day | Stanley

Aquarius: Hayden McClane | Kit Walker | Fiona Goode | Chesty Creb

Pisces: Adelaide Langdon | Alma walker | Nan | Dandy Mott