dandy project

Remember how Mindy Lahiri and Danny Castellano, for all intents and purposes, chose one another? Were willing to blow up the delicate balance of their lives to be with one another? Broke their own moral codes to be with another? And even so, despite all this reckless behavior, were able to stand in front of one another and realize that nothing had changed? That neither of them wanted to nor needed to change? And that if they actually got back together all they would do is hurt themselves and one another? Remember how they looked one another in the eye and said “I love you” and let each other go? Mindy and Danny made an incredibly brave, profoundly painful, and extremely mature decision and I’m so proud of them. The Mindy and Danny that we met in pilot all those years ago could never have made the decision their current selves made. I’m so heartbroken for them, but the fact that they both made the decision to actively pursue their own happiness is so important and it is the only thing that can eventually bring them back to themselves (and one another).