dandy colour

                        ◤ With the stars on show.. it is finally showtime !!

With all my free time I was finally able to to complete a drawing which I am very proud of !! I regretted it afterwards that I didn’t record it as I thought it would’ve made a good speedpaint, but otherwise it was nice to draw two of my favourite villains



Suit ensemble

This fawn-coloured coat and matching waistcoat (c. 1765-1775) are made of broad cloth, a woollen fabric woven on a wide loom. Broad cloth was not always of exactly the same width. The Universal Magazine recorded in 1764: ‘Burstall is a little town, noted for the manufacture of a Broad-cloth, so called to distinguish it from kerseys, druggets, & though the cloths of this country are all called narrow at London, when compared with the broad-cloths made in the West of England’.