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Favorite singer, favorite aria, favorite production.

27 Unspoken Suit Rules Everyone Should Know

A great Buzzfeed list on the unspoken suit rules everyone should know:

You can’t expect to look dapper without knowing Suiting 101.

SHUT UP i mean yes but i meant my fav professional mezzo. if u search her name on here u get like three posts it’s a tragedy. her name is marianne crebassa and she has an album of arias from trouser roles and it’s called “oh boy!” and i love her

what a cutie

uhhh help

she’s been rococo cherubino

she’s been weird bald gremlin cherubino

she’s been uhhhhh tender 19th century dandy butch lesbian cherubino

three days ago i’d never heard of her but it’s been an intense few days n i’d die for her pls listen to her album

Laurie + Ansel // “Ansel (4 months) and his Mommy Laurie, who identifies more as a dandy than a butch, but appreciates how they both can describe female masculinity.”