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27 Unspoken Suit Rules Everyone Should Know

A great Buzzfeed list on the unspoken suit rules everyone should know:

You can’t expect to look dapper without knowing Suiting 101.


Favorite singer, favorite aria, favorite production.

  • Androxus: Chaotic Goth
  • Ash: Lawful Punk
  • Barik: Rustic Dad
  • Bomb King: Chaotic Glam
  • Buck: Radical Punk
  • Cassie: Lawful Prep
  • Drogoz: Bad Dragon
  • Evie: Chaotic Snazzy
  • Fernando: Lawful Sexy
  • Grohk: Shocking Neutral
  • Grover: Stoned Good
  • Inara: Neutral Protective
  • Jenos: Lawful Dandy
  • Kinessa: Chaotic Butch
  • Lex: Lawful Loud
  • Lian: Lawful Classy
  • Maeve: Chaotic French
  • Makoa: Ancient Good
  • Mal'Damba: Lawful Grouchy
  • Pip: Chaotic Furry
  • Ruckus: Chaotic Tiny
  • Seris: Neutral Creepy
  • Sha Lin: Wild Neutral
  • Skye: Scanty Confident
  • Strix: Neutral Sniper
  • Talus: Lawful Pure
  • Terminus: Neutral Tired
  • Torvald: Neutral Grandpa
  • Tyra: Chaotic Fire
  • Viktor: Fatherly Good
  • Willo: Chaotic Scene
  • Ying: Neutral Sweet
  • Zhin: Chaotic Crass

Laurie + Ansel // “Ansel (4 months) and his Mommy Laurie, who identifies more as a dandy than a butch, but appreciates how they both can describe female masculinity.”