dandy boy apples

Reference: No Name / Quincy 
The Radiant Lady of the Wasteland, Fallout 4 OC

Bonus facts:
- Dandy Boy Fancy Apples are her favorite snack
- Befriends glowing beasts while Adventuring
- Hasn’t tried to make nice with a Deathclaw.  Yet.
- Brings presents from hard-to-get-to places to her friends in settlements. 
- Has a strange, two-toned voice, not the gravely voice typical to a ghoul.  This has enhanced her singing.  Weirder, but better.
- Very knowledgeable about plants, poisons, and panaceas. 

Deacon Headcanons

-Always carries at least four pairs of sunglasses

-His eyes dart around when he lies, so he wears them to be more believable.

-Rests his chin on Sole’s shoulder, or head a lot. Partly because it’s comforting, partly because his bony chin irritates them.


-Really bad at drawing. Even his stick men are horrific. 

-Has a soft spot for pre-war food. His favourites are Dandy Boy Apples. 

-Afraid of mole rats. He thinks they’re absolutely vile, but will vehemently deny this.

-Drums his fingers or bounces his leg when he’s anxious. 

-Doesn’t sleep well. Usually takes first watch and lets Sole sleep through their watch, as he knows he won’t sleep anyway.

-Can’t remember his real name. He was John D(oe) at first, but before that… who knows?


-Has a chip missing on one of his back teeth, and he picks at it when he’s thinking.

-A very gentle, teasing kisser. 

How do the companions hide their sweets

Request from @fallout-4-fever​ this is so adorable c:

Cait: She has a thing for sweet rolls, occasionally treating herself to one, she tried hiding them in an old dog treat box in sanctuary kitchen, only to find out Hancock had a thing for dog biscuits, she rushed back to her treats to find the ghoul happily leaning back on a chair tucking into her cakes “gotta try harder than than sunshine” she kicked the chair completely backwards

Curie: Has a massive love of dandy boy apples, she hides hers in her lab in sanctuary inside her specimen fridge, when she began frequently saying she needed to check her samples everybody got suspicious, going to look for themselves, they found her on the floor surrounded by boxes of treats “thiz…thiz is my samples in disguise”

Codsworth: he couldn’t eat but he liked to hide other people snacks when he was bored

Dogmeat: he’d bury his bones in the planting fields hiding them for himself, not caring about the crops he’d destroyed in the process, he’d casually walk away like he had nothing to do with it

Danse: He loved fancy lad snack cakes, but he hated sharing, every time he “calibrated” his armor he would return with white powder all over his face, looking smug as hell, he didn’t ever realize everybody knew what he’d just been doing, a few weeks later deacon “accidentally” bumped into the soldier, he flew forward boxes and boxes of cakes falling from the front of his armor, he claimed they’d be planted there 

Deacon: Deacon kept stashes off ever treat possible, he hid them ridiculously well, he’d hollowed part of one of sanctuaries trees, putting a lock on it to protect his snacks even further, he’d walk around smugly chomping on a delicious treat while envious eyes glared at him 

Hancock: Hancock had a concerning obsession with nuka cola quantum, he’ pretty much worship any bottles he could find, he though it would be clever to hide them on Carlas brahmins pack not knowing she left ever few days, the others noticed a suspicious clinking noise driving them insane, it got even worse when the saw the ghoul screaming and chasing after the creature when carla took him off on her weekly trade, he cried..like alot…

Nick: Nick also loved a dandy boy apple or two, they’d miraculously appear in the old synths hand now and then, stumping everybody to where they were hidden, when nobody was in the room he’d pull of his hat and pull a secret box from it smirking to himself 

Maccready: mac loved gum drops but he sucked at hiding things, everywhere he put them the other companions would find them and eat them, his worst attempts included the time he put them in the lamp shade, projecting a large box shape on the kitchen ceiling and the time he hid them in his butt pocket sitting down and screaming when they dug into his butt cheek 

piper: Piper loved to chow down on a box of sugar bomb now and then, she liked to hide them behind all the fruit and veg like she did when she was home with nat, forgetting she now lived with a bunch of adults who ate healthily, she screamed and went on a rampage when he treats were nowhere to be found, she later found her companions all sharing the box laughing like naughty school kids

Preston: He was a big fan of snack cakes, but he sucked at hiding them, he made a pact with the general where he was allowed to hide his treats in their study desk as long as they were allowed one now and then, they two idiots even had a secret phrase for when food was being hidden and eaten, “General I’m going to put that “shipment” in your office”

Strong: why would strong need to hide his food, who the hell wants to nick a rotten animal carcass 

X6:88 honestly he loved nuka cola but he’d never admit it, he’d simply but the bottles in the fridge with a note saying “these beverages are for the purpose of curing my fatigue, take one and you’ll likely be terminated” Sole found him on the floor one day 9 empty bottles by him on the floor “Sir/mum I believe I have what is called a sugar crash” He made them swear to never bring it up

synthwanderer  asked:

3 random facts about Maddy

1- she is pretty picky with her wasteland sweets. Despite the fact she has a big sweet tooth, she has a standard. For instance she hates Dandy Boy Apples and Fancy Lad Snack Cakes. She’s more of a fan of the cotton candy bites and the gumdrops.

2- She hates power armor. It’s because they’re usually built for small people, and she’s talk. So she feels cramped and uncomfortable in then. Unless she found a custom for to accommodate her height then she’d use it more.

3- Very rarely you can catch her praying. She is not religious what so ever but in situations she’s in dire need of help, at her wits end, or something…she’ll pray in a chapel (maybe along with sobbing)