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Imagine Bucky meeting Charlie Weasley in Romania.

“Hullo,” Charlie says, “are you the new guy?”

The man with the metal arm looks absolutely blinkered, and looks at the small hatchling Charlie is dandling on his knee.

“Is that a dragon?” he asks. “Not the new guy.”

“I reckon he’s a muggle who somehow wandered in,” says Rick with a pinched frown. “Best to obliviate him before he loses a limb.”

“Too late for that, mate,” Charlie says. “Anyway, he doesn’t seem too upset.”

“Not upset,” Bucky nods, as though he understands at all what’s being said or going on. “That one has feathers. I didn’t know dragons had feathers.”

“Ah, yes,” Charlie says, and picks up the small creature.

“It’s Andrezj’s first molt, so they’re everywhere. Do you want to hold him? he hasn’t learned to spit venom yet. They’re sweet at that age.”

“Charlie, why wouldn’t the muggle proofing work,” Rick asks, looking somehow more concerned as Bucky accepts the dragon baby from Charlie.

“Magic, right?” Bucky says, and grins. “I have a couple very large metal plates in my head which work hard to block illusion. I don’t dream either. A nuisance at the airport, but I always know what I’m looking at.”

“How about that,” Charlie says. “You’re wizard-proofed.”

“My name is Charlie, and this bloke with the wand up his ass is Rick.”

“I’m Bucky,” Bucky says. “I’ve been camping in the woods for weeks. I have wild game, mushrooms and berries. Can I share your fire?”

“Of course,” Charlie says. “As long as you keep the egg upright in it.”

The dragon whelp has taken a shining to the newcomer after all.

I refuse to get too hype about the new star trek before it airs because one of the reasons I like TOS so well is the fact that it DOESN’T have that gritty “envelope-pushing” edgedarkness where there’s graphic stuff that’s just ~Deep~ because of being hard to watch or think about, essentially. 

That stuff winds up slanting really unfortunately trespass-against-bodies-to-the-extent-of-sexual-threat like 83% of the time, at best. Like, when Jadzia Dax got pregnant and then impaled through the middle by a huge spear made of flame and then dandled in front of the audience while screaming and dying on it for WAYYYYYYYY TOO LONG? That shit. I’ve sat through enough of it already in the Treks that don’t want me watching them, and just. Get that out of my face.

…I should probably watch Hannibal and decide to enjoy it so that I’ll feel a little more affectionate towards the ~~edgy-for-edgy’s-sake, instead of automatically dissuaded due to past associations with Uninterested-In-Me-Watching-It Trek.


As he walked on the cracked concrete of the valley, his cloak gently dandling around his form, Sasuke’s face was devoid of emotion. He had a set goal in mind returning to this place and for once he intended on actually managing to go through with the entirety of it. For if he wouldn’t do it, no one would. 

His mind was free of manipulation, his thoughts sorted and actions rightous. And while he firmly believed this, he was afraid. There was no telling what changes this encounter would cause, what horrors would unfold because of it. After all these years, Sasuke had finally managed to find happiness. He didn’t want to lose it because of what he intended to do. 

Coming to a halt now, he looked down at what remained. The blood merging between Naruto and his past self, Sasuke remembered the pain and how he’d adjusted to the loss of his dominant arm. But he did not want to dwell on what lay in the past. He wanted to change it. 

For he could not risk the other bleeding to death, he wrapped a piece of cloth around the stump before picking his younger self up. Just maybe, Sasuke thought, he’d be able to open up to himself at least, and thus finally learn what it means to let go. 

Pha, what a stupid dream of his.