Negan Imagine ~ Little Runaway

After you and Negan take care of a toddler, not only you think about what it would be like to have a child of your own…

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Faint light streamed through one of the rare windows in the hallways of the Sanctuary as you looked out of it, down onto the endless seeming woods.
You were deepened in your thoughts as you jolted up, suddenly feeling arms wrapping from behind around your waist, some warm lips pressing themselves on your neck.
“Did I catch you fucking off guard, Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan chuckle against your skin before you turned around to look at him.
“Maybe”, you said chuckling while you looked into his eyes.
You were the one woman by Negan’s side for a long time now.
The one he left his wives for, the one he wanted to be with and after all, you couldn’t be more happy about that.
“Thought you’d still work”, you added placing your hands onto his chest.
“Got some fucking spare time and guess what, I’d like to spend that fucking time with my favorite person”, he said letting a big smile create on your lips before he continued.
“Which is why I’m going over to Simon now”, he added, before laughing at your shocked face expression before you began to laugh and slapped his chest.
“Asshole”, you said laughing while Negan chuckled and pulled you closer.
“Nah but seriously, I wanna use the damn time I have with you, so what do you want to do”, he asked looking at you.
You wanted to answer his question as you suddenly heard sounds coming from around a corner.
You looked irritated at Negan before he let go of you and went around the corner, followed by you as you saw a little boy crawling on the floor.
“Holy hell”, Negan said before he leaned down to the toddler and picked him gently up.
“Hello little man”, he said to the cooing boy who giggled at Negan.
“What the hell are you doing here, huh? Where’s your mommy and daddy?”, he asked in a soft voice while he gently dandled the toddler in his arms.
The boy cooed as an answer before he giggled again and stretched his tiny chubby toddler hands out trying to grab Negan’s beard.
“Jealous huh? Well, you gotta get a bit older for that”, Negan chuckled while he looked smiling at the toddler and you felt some strange warmth spreading out in your body as you saw him this way.
You knew that he had a soft spot for kids.
And you also knew about his job as coach before this whole thing started.
Yes, of course, he had been the special kind of way he is but you exactly knew that he secretly wanted them to like and to look up to him.
You suddenly heard the loud bang of a shutting door sound through the hallways before you heard a quiet whimper coming from the toddler.
The lower lip of the boy began to tremble, his eyes became glassy before a few sobs left his mouth.
“Shit, oh come on buddy”, Negan said sighing before he softly put the boys head against his chest and dandled him until he got calm again but stayed huddled up to him.
Negan would be a great father, shot through your head.
You had never talked to him about that topic, you didn’t know if he wanted kids himself and especially in a world that was as cruel as the one you live in.
And you, well of course, you had imagined what it would be like having a child with him and you had felt your body being filled up with an extremely comfortable warmth just thinking about having a little boy or girl with Negan, but you had your doubts.
Not because of Negan, or your relationship or anything else, you had no single doubt regarding that, if it would be only about you and him you would love to start a family with him right now, but about this world and having a kid growing up in it.
Negan looked from the toddler up to you, his glance soft before he raised his voice.
”Where the heck could he come from? The nursery?”, Negan asked, seeming to ponder.
“No, the nursery is on the other side of the building, that's’ too far, he can’t come from there”, you muttered pondering yourself, while Negan sighed quietly before he began to grin.
And hell, you knew that grin way too well.
“Maybe we could just keep him”, Negan suddenly said chuckling before you heard the little boy giggle.
“Oh yeah, you like that fucking idea, don’t you buddy?”, Negan laughed as he looked at the cooing boy.
“We can’t keep him”, you said laughing while shaking your head at Negan.
“Oh shit, did you hear that?”, Negan asked the boy in an excessively dramatic tone.
“We really gotta find his parents”, you said again as you laid your hand on his arm to get his attention before both, Negan and the boy, looked at you.
The boy giggled at you, stretching one of his hands out to you while he cooed once again.
“Oh see, he fucking likes you too!”, Negan called out triumphantly.
”Yeah, I like him as well”, you chuckling said, letting the boy wrap his hands around your fingers.
From the corner of your eyes you could see Negan’s glance intensifying as he saw you looking smiling at the boy in his arms, the tiny hand wrapped around your fingers.
”And that’s why I want to find out where he belongs”, you said, looking up to Negan who stayed for a moment simply looking at you, still with that smile on his lips, as if he was caught in some trance before he broke out of it and looked back to the boy .
”Alright, so then we’re gonna go on a little journey, huh”, he said dandling the toddler while another soft smile flashed over his lips.

While you walked you saw how Negan’s glance changed into a pondering one, his eyebrows slightly pulled together before he raised his voice.
“What kind of craphead lets his kid crawl around in the fucking hallways”, Negan growled while you kept walking,
“Don’t know, but I’m sure we’re gonna find out”, you said looking at him, before you heard a voice calling through the hallways.
“Caleb?! Shit…Caleb, come on where are you? ”, you heard a desperate male voice sound through the hallways.
“Guess we got our craphead”, growled Negan before you saw how a man came around a corner, his eyes watery and filled with desperation before he saw Negan and kneeled immediately.
Negan stopped walking, his glance frozen while you saw him clenching his jaw before raising his voice.
“Stand up”, he commanded and the man followed his order, stood up before his eyes widened by the sight of the boy in Negan’s arms.
“Caleb…”, he exhaled before he got cut off by Negan.
“Is this your fucking son?”, he asked, his voice still serious.
“Yes, Sir”, the man said hastily nodding while his glance stayed stuck on Negan and his son.
You saw Negan nodding slowly, his jaw clenching again before he slowly walked towards the man who began to tremble.
“You know what’s fucking crappy? Huh? You know that?…Guess not, so fucking listen to what I’m gonna tell you prick. A fucking toddler crawling around in the damn hallways”, Negan said calm but with that dangerous undertone in his voice before he continued.
“You do not let your toddler son out of your fucking sight. You do certainly not let him crawl around the fucking hallway. Got that?”, Negan asked staring down to the man in front of him
“Yes, Sir”, the man said with a quiet and trembling voice before Negan leaned towards him.
“What was that? I didn’t understand, you’re gonna have to speak up”, he said before he leaned back.
“Yes, Sir”, the man forced in a louder tone out of his mouth.
“Good. What the fucking heck were you doing anyway while he was playing runaway?”, Negan asked still with that undertone in his voice.
“M-my older son, he is sick and I just…”, the man said before his voice cracked and his eyes filled with more tears while you had to swallow by his sight and actually had to pity him.
Negan sighed, his glance got less frozen before he began to talk again.
“Now you calm the fuck down and fucking listen to me again”, Negan said before he continued.
“Step one, you get your son here to the damn nursery. Step two, you fucking go back to your older son and get him back on track. Step three, you be the fucking father you’re supposed to be. Understand?”, Negan said looking at the man while the boy was still huddled up to him.
“Yes, Sir”, the man said nodding while he swallowed hard.
“Alright. Don’t ever wanna see him crawling around here again…and what do we say to me, for having to spend an assload of my precious time trying to find you prick?”, Negan asked as he slowly and gently got the toddler out of his position.
“I am deeply sorry and thank you, Sir”, the man said before Negan nodded and gave Caleb over to his father who pulled him close to his body.
The man nodded again before he rushed with his son around the corner he came from.
”Mission fucking accomplished”, said Negan now with a small grin back on his lips before he pulled you into a deep kiss that filled you up with warmth.
He let slowly go of your lips, his forehead resting against yours, his hands still cupping your face for a while before he backed a little away.
”Gotta finish the fucking work, shit I’m fucking sorry, couldn’t even really do something together”, Negan said slightly scoffing.
”It’s okay, I mean, we had a special variety today”, you said softly chuckling.
”Oh shit yeah”, Negan said chuckling before he continued.
”By the fucking way, we got the whole fucking night to make the time up”, he said winking at you.
”Of course”, you said chuckling back before Negan grinned wider, pecked your lips and eventually let go of you.
”Till later, Sweetheart”, he said winking once again before he vanished around a corner.

It was already late as you returned from finishing your last task to your room, you didn’t have to work or anything else but anyway, you wanted to have something you could contribute.
And even though you have had something you had to do the last couple of hours, you had the some thoughts stuck in your head and they all circled around Negan and you and the thought of having a child with him.
That picture of him and that toddler, how he gently he handled him and the joy he had in his eyes, was still crystal clear in your mind and just gave you the same warm feeling every time you saw it in your mind.
Tired from the whole day, you snuggled into the dark sheets hoping that Negan would come back soon and while you were thinking about it, your eyelids got heavier and heavier and finally pulled you into a deep sleep.

Slowly, your eyes fluttered open, the moonlight shined through the windows telling you that it was still night while you felt that you were laying in Negan’s arms.
You heard a quiet yawn that made you slowly look up to Negan, seeing him staring out of the window while he seemed to ponder about something.
“Everything alright?”, you muttered with a sleep drowned voice while you raised your head from his chest.
Negan’s eyes directly shot to yours, his glance softening.
”Hmm”, he hummed nodding.
”Really?”, you asked, as you clearly saw that something was bothering him.
He sighed quietly, swallowed still pondering before he looked into your eyes.
“Did you ever think about having kids with me?”, he asked in a serious tone while he swallowed hard once again as if he feared what you could answer.
You felt that warmth spreading out in you again while a smile formed on your lips.
“Yeah”, you said softly while you saw his eyes lighten up in the faint light.
“Fuck really?”, he asked his lips now forming a slight smile.
“Yes”, you said sitting up while nodding and still looking at him, as he leaned against the backboard, the smile becoming wider.
”The boy made you think about it, huh?”, you asked, your glance not leaving his face.
“Think about it again”, he said chuckling before he raised his voice again.
“Just fucking imagine a version of you and me, just in fucking tiny, running around,…and I mean, even the fucking making process is a hell lot of fun”, Negan said smirking while you slightly slapped his chest, laughing softly.
“Of course, we can fucking screw either way, but getting a damn extra gift for it is fucking great”, he chuckled amusedly before he went quieter again and sat a bit more up while he locked eyes with you before he pulled you closer.
“I’m a damn happy fucker with you either way, just want you to know, but would you consider it? Like really fucking consider it?”, he asked in a serious, but still somehow soft tone.
“Yeah, I would, really Negan but…can we do that? Get someone on purpose into this fucked up world?”, you muttered while you looked at him.
“Don’t fucking know Sweetheart. I really don’t, but I know for fucking sure that I’d keep the both of you safe no fucking matter what”, he said while you felt his hand placing around yours and squeezing it softly.
You buried your hand deeper into his big warm one while you smiled thinking about it.
“And hell, you’d protect them too. You can, I fucking know that you’re a fucking fighter”, Negan added while his glance stayed on you.
“Holy crap, our kid would be some badass, probably with a damn fucking potty mouth”, you heard Negan laugh slightly while you looked pondering down to your hand that was still buried in Negan’s
“Sweetheart?”, you heard Negan’s voice say after a few moments of silence before you looked up from your hands.
“We don’t have to decide any fucking shit right now”, he said before he lifted an arm to let you huddle up to his side.
You nodded and let yourself fall into his embrace, felt how he pulled you closer and placed a kiss on your head.
Snuggling your face into his chest your thoughts kept circling around the same thing.
This feeling you had about it wasn’t just caused by a mood or something.
If it was just some kind of mood you wouldn’t think about it that much and serious, knowing that something like that shouldn’t be decided by having some kind of mood.
But it wasn’t, it definitely wasn’t.
You wanted a child with him, you wanted to start something big together with him and you were grateful to even have the chance to in these times,
These times.
They were the only reason you struggled, but maybe, maybe it wasn’t even that necessary.
You had the Sanctuary, the safest place you had seen since this thing had started and even if something would happen, you both would manage it somehow, you had managed already so much together, so you could do that too.
And next to that, the picture in your mind, seeing Negan with your own child on his arm, dandling them like he did with the little boy this afternoon, grew more and more.
You couldn’t change what the world was like, but you could make the best of it, with and for the ones you love.
And with that thought, your decision had been made.
“Negan?”, you asked quietly, trying to find out if he was still awake.
“Yeah?”, he answered before you lifted your head and looked at him.
“We should do it”, you said before you saw how a smile flashed over his lips.
“You really want to? Like, are you fucking sure? I just don’t want to fucking push you”, Negan asked not being able to get that smile from his lips.
“I’m sure, I really am. I want that with you, every little bit of it”, you said while Negan kept looking smiling at you.
“Fuck, I’m a damn lucky man”, he said, his smile mixing with a smirk right before he got you closer to pull you into a deep kiss.
“Guess it’s the damn right time to fulfill what I promised earlier”, Negan muttered smirking against your lips.
“Guess so too”, you said chuckling slightly against his lips, feeling how Negan moved on top of you, while you knew that every single decision you had just made with telling him that you wanted to start a family with him, had been nothing but the best you had ever done.

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prompt: "how could you love me?"

“I love ya.”

The three words linger in the space between them, heavy and suffocating. There’s so much honesty in his eyes - glistening with tears - that it only makes the words hurt more. Like daggers they slice through Carol’s heart, over and over with every weak beat it makes.

“Don’t,” she croaks, her voice failing her. Arms wrap around herself to shield her from the storm that’s raging silently in the dimly lit room, the dandle light casting obscure shadows on the walls. “Don’t say that.”

She’d expected him to be hurt, for his already meager confidence to be shattered. Instead, he doesn’t even look surprised. “Why?” he asks, his voice breaking, giving away just for a second how much it cost him to say the words at all. Of course she knew all along. For a long time. But she’d always hoped he wouldn’t figure it out, that he’d refuse to fall victim to what he feels.

“Cause it’s not-” They’re at a crossroad and she doesn’t know which path to take. None of them are easy, and he’ll get hurt no matter what. That, however, is the one thing she needs to prevent. “Because you shouldn’t,” she finally says, trying to sound determined, her voice coming out cold. Harsh. Daryl’s face is so soft, though, raw and vulnerable that it breaks her brittle resolve instantly. She sighs, looking down at the worn wooden floor. “After everything I’ve done, how could you love me?”

He’d taken her confession in silence. Without judgment. Deep down, she’d known that he wouldn’t push her away for any of it - that every choice she made had to be made. Still, a part of her - ugly and malicious - had hoped he’d despise her for it the way she does herself. Instead, she’d only seen understanding in his eyes. Felt reassuring and comfort in the embrace he so willingly offered. Her body fought it, the relief. It fought and fought but in the end she was too tired, only a shell of who she used to be and so she let go. Let him hold her and almost believed him when he told her that she did nothing wrong. That she made the only choices she could have.

“I just do,” Daryl replies, taking two quick steps to breach the distance between them and with the table behind her she has nowhere to go. He towers over her but she’s not afraid of him, never has been. His hand - calloused and warm - reaches for hers, lifts it to his chest. Beneath her palm, his heart beats frantically. “Y'aint what you think y'are. Not to me,” he breathes hoarsely, his thumb drawing circles against the back of her hand. It might feel soothing, if she allowed it. But she can’t.

“What I am to you?” Her voice is full of defeat, and she feels almost as if Daryl’s hand alone is holding her upright in this moment. Every fiber of her body is slack, unwilling to keep standing. He can feel it, of course he can. There’s never been a single moment he misread her. He sighs, deeply and broken, and wraps his arms around her until she has nowhere to go but to curl herself around him, too.

His lips press to the crown of her head, a kiss so tender that it makes her heart stutter.


Adorkable (a phanfic)

Summary: Just a little something with no real plot about Dan and Phil being their usual dorky selves.

Genre/Tags: Fluff n stuff, domesticity, comfort, dorks being dorks

Warnings: Profanity/swearing (this is Dan and Phil we’re talking about, so it’s to be expected); one very, very brief reference to kinks/sex (you have to squint to see it)

Disclaimer: This is a fanfiction. I am not making assumptions or statements about any of the characters shown in this story, it’s all for the sake of story-telling and should not be taken seriously. 

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N: Inspired by a moment from the PINOF 8 Bloopers where Dan talks about his ‘Dandle’ and Phil gives a cute eyeroll (even though i didn’t mention it in the story), I though it was too good of a prompt to pass up! (Lbr though, there were so many cute moments in PINOF 8 as a whole, they’re too precious to exist.)

Also, the events that take place in this are in no particular chronological order so yeah

(This was so much longer than I expected it to be, but as it’s my first I’m pleased with the final result!)

Reviews/advice are appreciated ^_^

Thank you to @kathax397 for being my beta! :3


Dan often found himself contemplating why his and Phil’s fans called them dorks.

He wasn’t disagreeing, it was just funny to see how the phandom responded to the way they presented themselves, especially as its opinion could change from day to day. One day they might be called ‘soft and squishy’, the next ‘dads’ and ‘sexy noodles’.

Other opinions stayed consistent - they were normally the truest ones. Nerds? Hell, yeah. Lanky? You know it. In love? Of fucking course. Well, the last one wasn’t information they’d released to the world just yet but their fans could see it anyway.

‘Dorks’ seemed to be more on the consistent side.

Dan pondered the accuracy of this statement. Just how dorky were they?


The two of them were sat in their office filming a Gamingmas video. Today it was a second attempt at Akinator, but they were making the genie guess Christmas-themed characters instead. Both boys felt content and weren’t taking anything seriously.

Well, anything except for Christmas on Phil’s part.

Phil had always been a holiday enthusiast, but it amused Dan to see just how seriously Phil was taking it.

Sure enough, when they chose to talk about Mrs Claus, and inevitably the first question to pop up was “Does your character really exist?”, Phil set about convincing Dan to answer ‘Probably’ instead of ‘No’.

Neither believed in Mr and Mrs Santa Claus of course, but Phil was insistent that they kept up the Christmas spirit. (One excuse he’d used in the past was that he didn’t want to ruin it for younger viewers, but Dan doubted many of their viewers were of that age group.)

Phil pointed to the screen and said, “No! Nhh- probably! PROBABLY.”

Dan just leaned towards Phil and gave him a look while he rambled on about not ruining the Christmas spirit. Truth be told, he found Phil’s insistence quite endearing, but he wasn’t one to admit it.

He only looked at Phil for a second or two, but it was an affectionate one that said, God you’re a dork. Phil was none the wiser to Dan’s gesture, and so Dan withdrew and returned his focus to the computer screen.

Again, he secretly loved his boyfriend’s enthusiasm and it brought him joy to see him so passionate about something, but that didn’t change the fact that his boyfriend could be a total dork.

So how dorky were they? Quite dorky.


Everyone has bad days.

Whether it be because of illness, or drama, or just feeling crap, everyone has bad days.

Dan knew this all too well, as someone who was prone to an existential crisis every other week. He had learned to accept it over time.

The one thing he couldn’t bear to see was Phil having a bad day.

Phil was, as many of their subscribers had succeeded in pointing out, a ray of sunshine. He was too humble to agree, but that didn’t make the statement any less accurate. He was always smiling, always optimistic and brought brightness with him wherever he went. He always knew exactly what to say, what to do, what to offer when someone was feeling down. Ever since they’d known each other he’d been like a beacon or a light at the end of a tunnel for Dan. He’d always supported and loved him unconditionally. He was literally his guardian angel.

So to see his guardian angel feeling down in the dumps felt worse for Dan than when he himself felt like that.

It didn’t matter what was happening: Phil took priority, especially when it was a bad day. End of discussion.

He had woken up one morning exhausted and with a nasty fever, and probably wouldn’t have said anything for fear of being an inconvenience if Dan hadn’t noticed the heat radiating from his shivering form. They had been supposed to go to a meeting that day; Dan told Phil that he’d chain him to his bedpost if he had to to prevent him from going (not in a sexy or kinky way, to which Phil feigned disappointment) and that he certainly wasn’t abandoning his sick boyfriend for just a bloody meeting, which could be rescheduled anyway.

Dan made himself Phil’s personal slave for the day which made Phil, being a ‘selfless little shit’ to quote what Dan told him, feel quite guilty, but he hadn’t even the strength to get out of bed on his own and Dan, being an ‘even more selfless little shit’ to quote what Phil replied with, insisted. He supplied extra pillows and blankets, kept him sufficiently watered and fed, gave him all the required medicine, made sure the thermostat was always at a warm temperature and helped him to the bathroom for the toilet and even a warm bath.

However, most of the time Phil just wanted Dan there with him in bed holding him. Whether they were watching an anime, scrolling through Tumblr and laughing at all the memes and gifs, taking a nap, or just lying there, Phil wanted Dan by his side. Dan was more than happy to oblige, clambering over to him, settling down under the duvets, wrapping his arms around Phil protectively and pulling him as close as he physically could.

Having Dan with him was the one thing that really made him feel any better. Of course, Dan’s body heat warming him up helped, but really he was just glad to have such a caring and compassionate person close to him in his life. He was grateful that he could have someone so perfect as his boyfriend, as someone who loved him back and reminded him of that with the words “I love you” every few minutes (although Phil wasn’t sure why he didn’t think he was anything special), as someone who risked getting ill himself by holding Phil and kissing him on his temple, his cheeks, his lips, anywhere on his face, but didn’t give a fuck.

With Dan he felt safe and protected. With Dan he felt like he was worth something.

Dan didn’t normally show his sappy side, so Phil always enjoyed the show while he could, snuggling up to him and intending to stay awake but barely being able to keep his eyes open while Dan encouraged him in gentle tones to get some rest. It continued like this for most of the afternoon, drifting in and out of consciousness until he finally fell into a deep sleep and awoke in the early hours of the morning, still feeling disgusting but not quite as much as he had twenty-four hours ago. He reached for his glasses and realised that he was still wrapped up in Dan’s warm embrace. Phil tried to shift his position a bit without waking up his slumbering partner so they’d both be more comfortable, but despite his best efforts Dan woke up anyway, smiling as he opened his eyes and took in the sight of Phil still in his arms. He pulled him in for a soft kiss before asking quietly,

“How are you feeling?”

“Still feel like crap, but it’s been worse.”

Dan seemed content with that answer, so he snuggled up and made Phil promise to wake him up if anything happened before closing his eyes and starting to drift off again. Before he could however, Phil whispered,

“Thank you.”

“Mhhhhmm? For what?”

“For being here. For looking after me, when you could have gone to that meeting or got some video work done. Instead you’ve been caring for me all day, loving me, trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate that.”

“I’d do anything for you,” replied Dan, before pulling him in for a longer, deeper kiss.

When they pulled away, Phil shuddered mockingly.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a sap.” Not that he didn’t like it. Quite the opposite.

“I’m your sap.”

“Dork,” retorted Phil.

As they both settled down and Phil was once again embraced by sleep, he heard one final murmur,

“Your dork.”

So how dorky were they? Very dorky.


The 19th of October.

For most people it was just another day in the run-up to various holidays.

For Dan and Phil, it was the day their lives changed forever.

It was the day they first met each other, at Piccadilly Station in Manchester. It had been one of the best days of their lives.

One of, because over the years many more happy memories were to come.

On the morning of their anniversary, neither could be bothered to get out of bed. Normally this was because they rarely woke up before noon, but today they were content to spend the morning basking in each other’s presence.

As they lay tangled up in each other’s arms, one couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began. The only sounds to be heard were content sighs and whispered declarations of love between passionate kisses. They worked together to create a dance of romance, of amour, of devotion for the other.

Today was all about them, about the ups and downs they had gone through, the unbreakable bond they’d created.

Some time after noon, they were still in their cocoon of love and affection but were instead lying against each other, enjoying each other’s company. Eventually, they gathered enough willpower to get out of bed and binge-watch some Netflix in the living room, but space between them remained non-existent. They had their arms around each other’s waists, and Dan practically laying on top of Phil with his head in the crook of Phil’s neck. They didn’t really watch anything, instead they focused on feeding each other pancakes and looking into each other’s eyes, which could captivate them for hours on end.

However, they didn’t have hours on end. Phil had booked a reservation at a restaurant (nothing too fancy, as their combined social awkwardness, clumsiness and other traits didn’t bode well with ‘fancy’) as a surprise. They’d been to it the first time they had travelled to London all those years ago when the prospect of their own radio show had arisen. He figured Dan would appreciate the gesture and the sentiment.

The problem was, Dan was also planning a secret date night out.

Not only that, it was at the exact same restaurant.

They thought alike in that way.

As they lay there on the sofa, just enjoying the moment, both of them were contemplating when they should speak up that they’d organised a surprise. Of course, neither knew that the other had made plans and weren’t even sure if the other would want to, so for fear of being turned down they remained quiet.

Until finally, Phil spoke up,

“Hey Dan?”


“So I was thinking, I kinda have a surprise for you later…”

“What? Are we going out?”

“Yeah! I just really wanted to get out and, y’know, have an official celebration! So what do you think?”


Phil froze. He wasn’t sure how Dan would react to the prospect of going outside, even if it was their anniversary, but he wasn’t expecting this.

“So… no?”

“No, nononono- fuck, that’s not what I meant, fuck fuck fuck… I’d never turn down any opportunity to be with you, you know that.”

“So what’s wrong?”

“The thing is… I kinda made plans for us as well…”

Phil stared at Dan, who was burying his face into his shoulder in embarrassment, before bursting into fits of giggles.

“You… made secret plans wh-while I, too, made secret plans… M-may I ask what th-they were?”

“To got to the first restaurant we visited here in London, when we came to visit about the radio show,” murmured Dan quietly.

Phil’s giggles turned into full-scale laughter.

“Don’t laugh, you’re embarrassing me!” Dan complained.

Phil calmed down enough to say, “Ummmm, this kinda ruins the surprise, but I may or may not have booked a reservation at the same place…”

Dan looked up for the first time and said disbelievingly, “Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Phil started laughing again at Dan’s expression, shaking his head in response.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake,” replied Dan before burying his head in Phil’s shoulder again but this time shaking with laughter.

Eventually they both calmed down and just smiled at each other, still amused at the hilarity of the scenario.

“You’re such a dork.”

“That makes both of us.”

“I guess we really are perfect for each other, then.”

So how dorky were they? One hundred percent dorky.

But they were dorky together.


And there it is… My first phanfic! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Being in a relationship with Rick would include:


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• Being a badass team and couple 

• Him always asking you for advices and your opinion when he has big decisions to make

• Whenever you’re sitting next to each other in the car him placing a hand on your thigh or knee while driving

• Being able to fight not just walkers together but also the human enemies while knowing that you’re always gonna have each other’s back

• Him loving to be the big spoon through feeling your body that close and being able to place kisses on your neck and shoulder 

• Him not shrinking back of killing in case you’re endangered

• You and him giving each other strength whenever one of you is having a hard time

• Him being really protective of you

• Him loving to walk into Judith’s room and finding you holding her while you’re sitting in the armchair and you’re both peacefully sleeping

• Him loving to see into your eyes before hungrily kissing you

• Both of you trusting each other deeply and him being able to show you his vulnerable side just as you can show him yours

• Him loving to shower together with you

• You both enjoying to sit together in the rockers on Rick’s porch until deep in the night and talking

• Him always making sure that you know how important you are to him and how much he loves you

• Carl and you getting along really good and him being more than glad about seeing his dad that happy

• You both being able to make each other laugh and loving every single second of seeing the other one laughing

• passionate but also loving make out sessions

• Him placing kisses literally everywhere on your body

• Him trying everything to cheer you up when you’re not feeling well and only being able to be truly happy again when he sees you smile

• Him loving when you storm towards him to hug him tightly

• Runs being a great opportunity to not just collect supplies but also have some time only for the both of you

• Him loving to look deeply into your eyes and seeing your loving glance

• You and Carl automatically looking at each other when Rick’s overly using “stuff” and “thangs” once again

• You not being able to stop smiling when you see Rick holding and dandling Judith gently 

• You both knowing that you want to spend the rest of your lives with each other and would know that nothing could ever separate you


Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hector’s place in the Iliad, and one of my favorite pieces out of Greek literature, is his interactions with his family. Very few domestic scenes from ancient Greek literature show as much honest compassion and love as do the scenes between Hector and his wife, Andromache. And of course his baby is pretty cute too:

“He stretched his arms towards his child, but the boy cried and nestled in his nurse’s bosom, scared at the sight of his father’s armor, and at the horse-hair plume that nodded fiercely from his helmet. His father and mother laughed to see him, but Hector took the helmet from his head and laid it all gleaming upon the ground. Then he took his darling child, kissed him, and dandled him in his arms, praying over him…”

-Iliad Book 6 (Trans. Samuel Butler), from The Internet Classics Archive

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Top ten songs/music artists you're loving rn? :~)

Shellfish Bamboo by Frank Chickens 

Don’t Worry About The Government by Talking Heads 

Guarda come dandle by Edoardo Vienello

Sweet by Little Dragon 

Story 2 by clipping 

Delicious Demon by The Sugarcubes 

Lionsing by Bjork

I’m Freaky by O’Bryan 

Stay Gold by Run The Jewels 

Looks by Steve Lacy 

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Imagine Bucky meeting Charlie Weasley in Romania.

“Hullo,” Charlie says, “are you the new guy?”

The man with the metal arm looks absolutely blinkered, and looks at the small hatchling Charlie is dandling on his knee.

“Is that a dragon?” he asks. “Not the new guy.”

“I reckon he’s a muggle who somehow wandered in,” says Rick with a pinched frown. “Best to obliviate him before he loses a limb.”

“Too late for that, mate,” Charlie says. “Anyway, he doesn’t seem too upset.”

“Not upset,” Bucky nods, as though he understands at all what’s being said or going on. “That one has feathers. I didn’t know dragons had feathers.”

“Ah, yes,” Charlie says, and picks up the small creature.

“It’s Andrezj’s first molt, so they’re everywhere. Do you want to hold him? he hasn’t learned to spit venom yet. They’re sweet at that age.”

“Charlie, why wouldn’t the muggle proofing work,” Rick asks, looking somehow more concerned as Bucky accepts the dragon baby from Charlie.

“Magic, right?” Bucky says, and grins. “I have a couple very large metal plates in my head which work hard to block illusion. I don’t dream either. A nuisance at the airport, but I always know what I’m looking at.”

“How about that,” Charlie says. “You’re wizard-proofed.”

“My name is Charlie, and this bloke with the wand up his ass is Rick.”

“I’m Bucky,” Bucky says. “I’ve been camping in the woods for weeks. I have wild game, mushrooms and berries. Can I share your fire?”

“Of course,” Charlie says. “As long as you keep the egg upright in it.”

The dragon whelp has taken a shining to the newcomer after all.

Limping in (injured raph x leo) MATURE

I WAS WRITING THIS LIKE OVER THREE HOURS AND IT’S STILL SO SHORT?! well, what ever, this will continue anyways, at least I need to do a second part, so this is for a friend, Cabbuca, who requested tcest Raph x Leo

“You have to rest it at least a week, Raphael.” Donatello said. It was hard to see his taunting face in the dim light, but I knew it was still there. Before I got up from the medical table, Donatello lifted his finger up, like he was scolding me, just to remind me once again: “No training, Raph! Remember!”

He then leaned closer to help me up, but I pushed his helping, guiding arms away. I didn’t need his help! I was fine!

Donnie covered quickly and then he gasped from forgetting something.

“Oh yeah! You also need these…” He said and turned his shell on me. I tried to look over his shoulder what he meant. He had already given me so many lotions and pills and all medical stuff so I could take care of my ankle on my own. When he turned to face me, he had two crutches in his hands. I felt my eyes getting wide, my mouth dropping, I was not going to need those!

“Don’t look so surprised, Raph. If you don’t want me or Leo to escort you everywhere by holding your hand, you will use these.”

I raised a brow while still staring at the crutches. Eyeing them like I was trying to understand what they were, like I’ve never seen anything like that before. Trying to kill them with my stare. 

“Don’t tell me you didn’t saw this coming.” Donnie said tauntingly, again. Then he put the crutches aside, to lean against the medical table, as far away from me as possible. To his eyes I looked like a cowering cat from anger when he moved those damn things.

“Well, they’ll be here if you change your mind.” Donnie said, shrugging and then he just walked away. Guess he had other stuff to do than patronize me, thank god.

I glared at those devilish sticks one last time before growling out loud.

“I will not be changing my mind!" 

I started to limp away. It was much harder than I had expected, since my ankle was so damaged that I couldn’t even put any weight on it. So I needed to jump back to the center of the lair, back on the couch, so I could rest and then limp to my room.

I didn’t want to stay in the living room since it was the center of our home. Everybody had to walk through there to get anywhere. So if Mikey had to go to kitchen, he would come to me and mock me. And if Leo needed to go to dojo, he would came over me to tell me to rest and what so ever, and Donatello… He would keep reminding me about cleaning the wounds and using the gel he gave me against the pain.

When I got to the couch, I groaned loudly. 

"Everything okay?” Oh great! It was the fearless himself.

“Stay away from me…” I growled and glared at him while he walked closer.

“Do you need anything?” Leo asked. Oh how thoughtful! I always wanted to beg from him some help!

“You think?” I spat. Leo just shook his head and turned away. 

Good! Now I could just rest a sec and then limp to my room. Perfect! At least there was no crowd to see me slowly jumping to my room like a one legged kangaroo.

When I finally had pulled myself together, believing that no one would come, I got up from the couch and tried once again walk with the hurt leg.

“Oh fuck!” I snapped when I tried to take a step forward, falling back on the couch from pain, shocked that I would’ve fallen if I had stayed on my feet for any longer.

“Raph? You okay?!” Leo rushed to the living area from the kitchen. He ran towards me and kneeled in front of me like a was a child.

“I’m fine Leo!” I yelled. 

“What happened?” He asked and looked at my foot, which was now red and swelling.

“Just tried to walk to my room, simple as that.” I shrugged.

“WALK?!” Leo gasped, jumping up from the floor like he didn’t believe his ears. His judging, questioning eyes glaring at me like he’d be my dad. “Did you really try to walk, as if, with your both feet?” He said, crossing his arms over his plastron.

“Yeah, like I have always walked! You know, with two feet!” I snapped at him, looking up at him, glaring like he glared at me.

“Didn’t Donnie forbid you to walk with that foot!” He yelled only to see my smug smirk. He knew right away that it was useless to even ask. Of course I wouldn’t obey! I was born to disobey every command, just to shrug at warnings and danger and pain.

“You literally are the worst.” He sighed. He covered his face with his arm, face palming himself just like Donnie always did. “What are we supposed to do with you?" 

"I don’t know, but you mind getting back to your what ever you were doing and leave me be! I don’t want you here to stare at me while I pitifully limp to my room.”

“And you poor pitiful Raphael didn’t even give it a thought to use the crutches Donnie made for you?” Leo sounded so obvious.

“Why do you even ask when you know the answer!” I snapped again, getting tired of his attitude.

“You do know it’s the leg you hurt, not your pride?” Leo reasoned. 

Come on! Was this really necessary? To go through all this trouble only to get me pissed off and waste time?

“I have stuff to do! So get out of my way and let me through!” I growled and pushed him aside, getting up and once again trying to walk to my room. Right at the moment my hurt leg hit the floor, ready to carry me a step forward, I felt a penetrating pain go through the area I had hurt. I groaned in pain, falling behind but to my surprise I was stopped.

Leo had caught me from mid air, his arms holding me and pushing back on my feet from my shell.

“You’re quite heavy!” He hissed from behind his gritted teeth. 

When I finally got on my feet he took a hold of me, lifting my arm so he could get it over his shoulders.

“I don’t need your help, Leo!” I growled at him, glaring at him with my green piercing eyes.

“You wanna fall on the floor again?” Leo snapped but just started to lead me to my room. I didn’t answer to him and when we kept slowly heading to my room, me limping and jumping next to him, which was embarrassing enough, he started talking to my annoyance.

“So you think this is less embarrassing than using the sticks?” He snickered. I gritted my teeth and groaned as a reply. He just chuckled back. “It’s okay, baby bro, big bro’s got you.” He baby talked to me, making me groan again, I wanted to punch him now so bad!

“Just open the god damn door!” I didn’t want to even look at him right now. 

When we finally got to my room’s door, Leo opened it and guided me in. He laid me on my bed and when I was comfortably there, he just stood beside me watching down on me.

“What?” I looked up at him. He put his hands over his hips like admiring the view.

“Your foot is swelling pretty bad.” He noted. I gazed at my ankle. Yeah, well it was nothing i’ve ever seen before, so nothing shocking.

“So?” I raise a brow at him.

“Let me help you to change the bandage.” Before I could even deny his request, he already had placed himself sitting next to my legs to the end of my bed. He started to unwrap the dandle and what he saw made him gasp.

“Oh jeez!” He yelped. “Haven’t you kept your leg up at all?” He looked at me with wide, surprised eyes.

I shrugged. “Didn’t have time for that.”

Leo sighed. He rubbed his eyes and then he got his hands on my foot.

“What are you doing?!” I snapped and was just about to pull my leg away from him when he took a hold of it.

“I have to massage it until the blood starts to circulate again. Your foot is almost blue!" 

I looked away letting him lay his hands on me. When he started to massage my foot, which was not pleasant for me, he started to almost look like he enjoyed it. Well, maybe it was only because of the occasion of finally being able to humiliate me without getting a hit on his head or a kick on his face.

We were quiet for about two minutes or longer until I looked back at him. This time I was 100% sure he was enjoying it. His smug smile told me everything.

"Stop grinning!” I snapped, crossing my arms over my plastron.

“I can’t.” He said like it was obvious. “You’re finally at my mercy." 

My eyes getting wide and a blush spreading over my cheeks I just stared at him.

"Leo-” I tried. He leaned close to me and put his finger over my lips stopping me from talking.

“Raph.” He said threateningly. “I’m in charge now. You didn’t let Donnie nurse you so you need to face the consequences.”

He leaned even closer.

“Now, raise your hands over your head.” He said seductively. 

“Leo, I’m warning you, if you-” I glared at him, knowing what he was up to.

“Ah ah ah!” He said tauntingly. It made my blood boil. “Hands. Now." 

I raised my hands over my head, so he could work his magic. He tied my arms over my head to my bed’s headboard and when I thought he would flip my bandana side ways over my eyes, I was wrong.


"You really think I don’t want to see your eyes? I won’t let you miss anything from this.” He smirked. That evil little bitch! “I’m going to let you know that I am able to see all those desperate looks in your eyes and that you know every time when you blush that I can see you." 

I felt my head getting hot from blushing. My cock starting to get erect from all his dirty talk. Shit. I was so desperate to come right now and quickly! But I knew Leo’s idea of torture me was going to take long, he would tease me until I couldn’t do anything else than just beg.

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“Can I come in yet?” Luke asked, his fingers curling to knock at the door to yours and his shared bedroom which he was currently locked out of.

“No!” shouted a small voice, muffled by the door. Then the soft sound of feet pattering against the floor before the door opened just a peek so he saw barely half of his little princess face. “Be patience daddy,” she ordered before quickly shutting the door. So Luke was left to ‘be patient’ for 5 more minutes before he finally heard your voices. “We’re ready, go downstairs and wait.”

“Why?” he whined.

“Just go.”

And he knew why of course, the trio that was his wife and twin son and daughter wanted to make a big entrance with their Halloween costumes that they had kept from him even after he had so willingly told what his choice was.

Nevertheless, his wait was now over and he stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting. The first to show was Liam, his little son, he didn’t stop to let Luke admire his costume but rather quickly make his way down the stairs, it was only when he was right in front of him did Luke realize what he was wearing.

He couldn’t help but grin. “Ayy little man, that’s a awesome costume, where’d you get the idea for it from.”

“You daddy.” And of course that was true. His little white t-shirt and black leather jacket and black shades to his hairstyle and lollipop matched Luke’s costume. 

“Look’s great bubba,” and he went to ruffle his hair but Liam was quick and pulled away with a whine of protest. Then he turned and called for his sister Sophie to come down.

She, unlike her brother, took her time making her way down the stairs and by the time she reached Luke he had fully assessed her outfit.

“I can still be cool even if I’m wearing pink right daddy?” she asked, her eyes opening wide in her innocent little way. Luke couldn’t help but laugh as he wrapped his hand around her pink leather jacket and lifted her up, earning a little giggle. “Of course, princess,” he bopped her nose which was not unlike his own.

“ Do you like my lipstick?” she smacked her red lips together playfully looking at her daddy for approval.

“Like it? Princess I love it. How about we watch your mother come down yeah?” and he called for you to make your entrance.

And, similar, to everyone else, you wore a black jacket over a white crop top paired with black high waist jeans and gloves, a red lollipop dandling between your lips. Your daughter clapped as you made your way towards them.

Luke couldn’t help pulling you towards him and planting a kiss on your lips which had both your little children going ‘eww’ and caused Sophie to wiggle own from her daddy’s arms.

“Well I think the Hemming’s family is ready to win best best costume yeah?”

Person A holds a baby (or a baby pet) and is very delighted, dandling it. Suddenly, the baby (or baby pet) burps/pees on them and A’s clothes are ruined. B can’t help laughing. Bonus: A is a character who is normally more the serious/quiet type.