Honestly, ES needs an epilogue book 4 like TFM had that summer 4th book. Like, a book to show how they’re coping with everything on the island. There is NO WAY MC is all fine and dandy with having to go through all those time loops and seeing all his friends die in the idol visions even though they’re from different timelines.

I need a book where they’re just… trying to live with it and move on but ultimately just supporting each other as friends. 

Hell, as much as I love and completely attached to the TFM crew, I’d KILL for a Hartfeld spinoff featuring the ES crew.

anonymous asked:

Everything I've drawn for the past three days had looked like absolute garbage, reference or no. Any tips on how to fix this?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy answers to this problem, but I will do my best to try and help you out.

 First, I’ll point you towards this handy dandy graph I always refer to look back to when I feel like my art is shit

As for ways I usually go about dragging myself out of an art low, the first thing I’ll try doing is switch from drawing on my tablet to my sketchbook, or vice versa. I find that when I storyboard, it’s much easier for me to brainstorm on paper for whatever reason, but when I draw on my tablet it’s way easier for me to fix any mistakes in anatomy or structure.

Next up: drawing something completely different than usual. It’s easy to get stuck if you continuously draw the same thing with no variety. If you draw human faces all the time, try a full body. Try some animals. Try different styles, different characters, different whatever.

You can also try tracing over reference images from life. Not just the outlines, but the actual shapes that make up the object. I cannot emphasize enough that just drawing the outlines of something is not going to help you at all. Utilizing basic shapes is key for learning how to draw the structure of something, and it can really help refresh your brain, even if you’re already familiar with the subject. I do this with bodies and faces all the time. You can also do this with the styles of artists you like (I tend to do this quite a bit with comics). Again, not just the outlines. Learn the structures, learn their shorthand, add what they know to your muscle memory. As long as you’re not blatantly just tracing over someone else’s work and posting it as your own, I take absolutely no issue with this method.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your lines loose. If you try and keep your lines too controlled, you end up with a really stiff looking drawing. Do a loose, fluid sketch first, and then establish structure in your linework. 

Those are kind of the main things that I’ve turned to in the past. I hope they help you too!

okay story time y’all

like 7 years ago on my first heartgold file i had a togekiss that i taught metronome. now, being a kid with little to no knowledge on proper battling and also fond of depending on chance, i used the hell out of metronome, it was this togekiss’s main move more or less. 

which did about as well as you expect from depending on metronome, except in one battle

i was fighting some grass type. i use metronome, metronome becomes fly

all fine and dandy

the opponent uses encore

so togekiss needs to finish fly, right, it’s a two-turn move? except it can only use metronome due to encore. so it does. and gets some totally normal one-turn move that is definitely not fly

togekiss proceeds to make its attacks without ending its fly mid-turn invulnerability, for eternity. i can’t even open a menu to switch out or use an item. it keeps using metronome endlessly

it eventually ends when the opponent faints & i had the option of switching out, but 12-year-old me was severely freaked out that my togekiss became invisible, invincible, and self-commanding

EDIT: ur right it had to be encore then fly, cause it cant hit through the invincibility (this happened when i was 12 i forgot little details like move order oops,,)