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Few things here… Yeah my krakens are HUGE. And to top it off, Whinter is a tall boy, his kraken form is bigger than average. I did say I headcanon that squid and kraken forms are bigger or smaller depending how tall the character is. ;D

And yeah, Whinter has a snowflake pattern on his kraken form. I’ve seen a few of my friends giving their krakens unique patterns and I simply love this idea.

i just feel like sharing my characters today?

This is DOG.  she is the main antagonist in my graphic novel.  she is a descendent of God, who in the early history of the world in which the story takes place, was killed by humans and subsequently wiped out religion and worship.  The last of God found a place to carry on through the body of this doe.  DOG begins an aggressive pilgrimage to claim the world back under her presence as God, indignant and enraged at how easily She was forgotten.  She can change the colour of her coat by will, and it often reflects her emotions.  She also uses it as a tool to hypnotize creatures of weak will to join her army.  DOG is extremely determined, even using the other half of herself (another character named Doolybird) as her greatest weapon.