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Hiii, i think your art is pretty and you make me smile c:

Thanks very much! ^w^
It’s super awesome to hear that you like my art :D
and that I make you smile >u<
That’s really what I’m going for :3


Needed an exercise before getting back to work.

Weed seemed like a logical choice. Something serine.

I really wish Yoshihiro would do call backs to the fact that Weed was named after weeds so that he’d always have friends at his side if he felt alone.

You might see another one of these in the future but under more dire circumstances. 8′)


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your art <3 so cute and good and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa would you want to/have the time or energy to make an art tips list? what you personally found out was helpful to you in the beginning and things you go by now?

Oh myy!! THANK YOU!! I’m so glad you like my art!!! :D

And oooh.. art tips! I don’t think I have anything too unique to say but I’ll do my best to focus on the things that really really helped me along the way. Apologies for the late reply! My life got busy and I wanted to answer this the best I can!

Also.. I’ll make this public since I hope others can appreciate it too?
I’m still learning a lot and I’ve got a long way to go but these are what I found most helpful starting off:

1. Draw everywhere from life whenever you can
Draw everywhere and everything! Learn how to do gestures and quick loose sketches. It’s so important to be able to draw inspiration from life because that’s how you get life/gesture into your drawings. And they don’t have to be good by any means. Think of it as a.. warm up? It can be messy. Just draw lots and draw anything! Understanding the subject you want to draw, how it moves, the anatomy, etc., is so so helpful if you want to make good art. I carried so many little sketchbooks around (and still do) to fit in a quick sketch here or there at a busy stop or whenever. It’s a great habit to get into and your work improves over time. It just takes practice :)

2. Don’t be afraid to draw and make mistakes. EXPERIMENT

It’s so important to try new things and see what works for you. I did a daily drawing challenge last year and it forced me to try something new everyday and it was amazing practice and skill-building! You don’t have to do exactly that, but it’s good to get out of your comfort zone. Not every drawing or experiment is going to be “AMAZING” but it’s all part of the learning process. Accept what you make and take it as another step in your growth. Over time, you’ll look back and see how far you’ve come if you never stop trying to improve and challenge yourself. 

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself PLEASE. Stop comparing.

It’s exhausting if you you self-pity as a method of motivating yourself. You have to learn to accept what stage you’re at and stop comparing yourself to all the others out there. We all know it’s so sososo easy to look at other art and feel discouraged. Truth is, almost every single artist started from down there and built there way up, so you’ll have to exactly that to get there. Let people’s art MOTIVATE you and not bring you down. Finding motivation and the will to improve and grow is so important for every artist. You’re not going to “be amazing” overnight and it takes time and effort. (keh if you really want you can look at my archive and dig deep and laugh - it’s embarrassingly bad but I keep it to remind myself of how far I have come)
TLDR; Please, love yourself :) and never give up!


Understanding basic anatomy and shape and volume was so useful for me when I first started. Get to know the basics REALLY WELL. You don’t need to know every muscle in your body (gosh) but know the forms of the body. Know what you want to draw. Once you know it, it’ll be much much easier to distort, experiment, draw, and pose things you draw so that they don’t look “wrong”. Even if you want to go for a cartoony, graphic look, it’s still really useful to know how things work!

As for now.. (this list is shorter):

Don’t underestimate the power of reference. I often forget to use it but when I do, I notice HUGE differences with my work. It’s quite astonishing really. Use a mirror. Act it out or pose yourself if you need to. Or use stock images. Don’t use a reference as a strict guide, but instead use it to somewhat help you and loosely follow it so that you have the overall “essence” of the reference. 
Honestly I’m guilty of not using it often BUT it’s super super helpful.
This goes for poses AND colour refs :)

2. DRAW WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO. GET INSPIRED. And learn how to deal with Art block
I find it so much easier to draw when I relax and draw what I want or feel inspired to. It’s so important to give yourself time to draw at least some personal art or something self-indulgent ehe. And if you feel uninspired, go relax and get inspiration from a book, a show, or.. whatever you like :) Go people watching and draw different outfits you like. Whatever works for you! Sometimes its nice to just do nothing (aka me right now) since art block is awful and trying to draw while in a rut just doesn’t feel as fun. 

3. Study other artists:
I still feel unsatisfied with my work every now and then and I love studying and gathering images of work I like to see what exactly appeals to me. Style, colour, line quality, shape, etc. Knowing what you like makes it so much easier to grow and see your art become what you want it to be! Don’t copy art, but learn to incorporate what you see into your work in a new and unique way. The internet is awesome and we’ve got so so many amazing artist tutorials, speedpaints, and art out there for us to look at. Look at them. Get inspired. Find new and interesting techniques. You can learn so so much about how you like to work just by looking at how others draw! I can’t underestimate this enough :D

I.. have no idea if that’s what you were hoping for but I hope you found this semi helpful at least!! … sorry for the ridiculously long post!
These are more like artist tips that art-based technical tips but if you want that I can find time to write more about those another time if you want :) 

Best of luck and THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!!