dandelion seed heads


Gone to Seed by arbyreed
Via Flickr:
Dandelion seeds coming to a lawn near you. Utah County, Utah.

  • Hufflepuff: The smell of lemons, white and yellow poppies, those big cotton candy looking clouds with flat bottoms, golden retriever puppies, chalk drawings, yellow and orange paint lines on an old canvas, lemon iced tea, playing tag, sleeping under the sun, getting lost in fields of wheat or sunflowers, summer camp, new summer clothes, making a garden
  • Slytherin: The way freshly cut grass smells and feels under your bare feet, ivy climbing up a red brick wall, catching bugs and frogs, reading fiction under a full tree, the feeling of the last day of school, mowing lawns for extra money to waste, hiding to avoid chores, picking flowers, running through the mountains, wading in cold streams, skipping stones
  • Ravenclaw: Flying kites, catching fireflies, watching clouds, high up places to hike, watching balloons in the sky, diving from a rock to the water, dark storms, dandelion seeds flying above your head, helping baby birds, listening to music outside at night, dancing together under the sky, stargazing, the smell of sunscreen
  • Gryffindor: Concerts in the park, the way burnt out embers smell, bonfires, all sorts of competitions, visiting the zoo, impossible dares, late night phone calls, sun tans, the heat of the pavement on your skin, watermelons and apples, laughing so hard you cry, playing with water guns, arguing over who gets to throw the match into the campfire

En esta composición utilicé footage de youtube:

1. El video de una explosión que no he vuelto a encontrar :/ 

2. Pájaros volando en cámara lenta: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pajaros+volando

3. Time lapse Dandelion flower to seed head - Neil Bromhall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ_QqtXoyQw

(El canal de Neil Bromhall está muy bonito, graba muchas flores.)