dandelion blowing in the wind tattoo

A Beautiful Lie - Part 4

“Wake up Jared.” Phoebe whispered in my ear. The fresh scent of her perfume and shampoo filling my nostrils.  “I brought you coffee, but I realized I don’t know how you take it.” she told me sweetly, curling up next to me and resting her head on my shoulder. “You realize that you never answered my question last night?”

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iKon as Aesthetics
  • Jinhwan: oversized hoodies, kittens, fields of white daisies, wrist tattoos, doves, red wine, green grass, cloud watching, silver rings, sliding down banisters, sunsets, bars in the city, mountains, still lakes, going down the highway in a convertible
  • Yunhyeong: pink lips, periwinkle, pastel dresses, wishing upon stars, sea glass, nervous laughter, winged eyeliner, forehead kisses, blowing dandelions, silver charm necklaces, light purple nail polish, a fresh stack of pancakes, sunny summer days
  • Bobby: skateboarding, guitar music around a campfire, worn down sneakers, a new basketball, hiking, moss underneath bare feet, old spice, singing offkey to the car radio, eye smiles, a beach breeze, lullabies, morning jogs, cinnamon buns, swimming in the sea
  • Hanbin: stargazing, new boxing gloves, rosebushes, red converse, holding hands, comfortable silence, long hugs, intense wind, pouring rain, puppies, snapbacks, uncontrollable laughter, collarbone tattoos, yoga, drives along the beach at sunset
  • Junhoe: midnight convenience store runs, karaoke nights, mystery novels, big dogs, naps, five star restaurants, perfect tuxes, shy smiles, off key laughter, drums, the bass drop, gold bracelets, afternoon walks, cheek kisses, pearls, aquariums
  • Donghyuk: late night study sessions, telephone booth calls, big glasses, grey sweaters, drizzling rain, skinny jeans, silver watches, reading poetry out loud, old libraries, lucky guesses, dangling earrings, strawberry filling, waking up refreshed
  • Chanwoo: secret handshakes, first concerts, lip bites, streetlamps at night, cake batter, tree houses, walking on your hands, delivering a perfect comeback, white curtains, long blue dresses, perfect hair days, trampolines, spaghetti kisses