dandelion blowing in the wind

aries rising: matchstick heart coloured in black and white. as young as the morning with creative vision ingresses into the future
taurus rising: slow to love and sprout as daisies over the winter. but from a pure venus heart. affection is enduring. five key senses
gemini rising: as bright and cheerful as the sun, as changeable as the moon, as mischievous as mercury, as curious as pluto, as logical as saturn, as hilarious as jupiter
cancer rising: a cardinal inferno snowflake blowing in the winter winds, a warming embrace, a channel into pure creative essence, they peel the tapestry of life to reveal true beauty
leo rising: eyes and heart are wide open, sensitive, and ready to be touched, cherished, and adored. mango swirls of naked sunshine, every corner is an alter, every star is a spotlight
virgo rising: sacred geometry joins every scar and freckle like constellations of maths and magic. the mercury lamp, swift and sweet, humble and modest
libra rising: wind blows through a dandelion, planting flowers in peoples hearts like strawberries and cream splendour, writing lyrics in every crevice 
scorpio rising: a gemstone carved in the underworld sparkling with esoteric wisdom and longings. a bound presence, like being tightly wrapped in infinity. she will blow the particles of your body away until the soul shrieks nakedly
sagittarius rising: an ocean bathe, a mountain wind, a universe kiss, thread lovingly with woven laughter, glow, jupiter philosophy, and fortune cards
capricorn rising: resplendent and quaint, a wavelength of ambition and inspiration, earth bound architect, a celestial CEO with the heart of an old soul
aquarius rising: an electric blue dance, losing yourself in the sway of held hands and psychedelic beats, time traveling light years away to reunite you with your existence on many dimensions
pisces rising: tear stoked and a heart coloured in idealism and spiritual worship, wind chimes of delicate soul paint and a vessel back to heaven


I want to be as calm as the warm summer wind that blows across the dandelion fields at dusk. I want to be as gentle as the first morning light that touches the earth, and be as pure as the morning dew. I want my heart to be as great as the vastness of the sky, to obtain the beauty of all that is good and true. But above all, I want my love to reach for the moon and stars and be bright like the light of thousands suns.
—  Eredion

there is a question building in my throat
where the sun refuses to grow –but i never said
anything about wanting light, only you,
even if you are the epitaph of darkness long before
the roads were paved white to guide your feet
to a hole of soot & rot where the wind blows
dandelion petals –haven’t you missed me at all
since you dug up your foundation & planted
yourself across the ocean?

there are no more answers to sprout in my lungs
no place for new beginnings or difficult endings
–vacant holes in the earth where we
used to stand proudly to face a western sun
now there’s only neverending tomorrows
demising our shamed eyes –glaringly soundless
& licked lips never kissed iced glass –there isn’t
time for me to miss your bittersweet whispers &
now the moon has risen to guilt trip my eyes to

stop looking.

A Beautiful Lie - Part 4

“Wake up Jared.” Phoebe whispered in my ear. The fresh scent of her perfume and shampoo filling my nostrils.  “I brought you coffee, but I realized I don’t know how you take it.” she told me sweetly, curling up next to me and resting her head on my shoulder. “You realize that you never answered my question last night?”

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Why do we say the world ‘works’ in a certain way?
The world isn’t a clock or a jigsaw puzzle where every piece has its place and fits neatly against the others, it’s so much bigger and more beautiful than that.
It’s so much more chaotic and complicated.
The world is a mess and it doesn’t make any sense.

Where does our love for the moon and the stars fit into this clockwork world?
What sense is there in loving burning balls of gas billions and billions of miles away?
What sense is there is watching the clouds race across the sky while feeling the grass scratch at your neck?
What sense is there in wishing upon the seeds of a dandelion and watching as they blow away on the wind?
There is no sense. Because we don’t live in a clockwork world.
—  thoughts from the early hours of the morning || E.J.D
The Happy Hungry Bunch Hug Headcanons

My take on how the characters would feel like when you decide to embrace them.

Inspired by itsomgitsgreenblogging‘s Akayona First Kiss Headcanons…and Yankee Candles.

Yona:  Yona would feel like a stalk of grass in a lawn—soft and delicate. Her silk-like clothes would meld against your body if she wrapped her arms around you and it would feel like you’re caressing a squishy memory foam pillow in the shape of a human figure. If you’re taller than her, her short locks will tickle your chin in a way that almost resembles the fluffy feathers of a parrot, but it’ll carry the scent of firewood and wild flowers growing by the roadsides.

Hak: Hak is a muscular man with a huge frame and dense bones. Thus, his arms would be a little heavy and a bit too tight around your form despite being as light as he could. He would feel like a suit of hard armor under leather—stale and tough. Fortunately, his hugs are not bone-crushing and his clothes provide just the right amount of insulation to make you feel his radiating warmth through the fabric. If hunched over, his frame would engulf you in a hot blanket of steel. His scent is both musky and sharp.

Yoon: Yoon has a more slender build and a more inviting frame. He may be stiff under your embrace but that doesn’t mask the invigorating warmth and sweet aroma of mountain herbs emanating from his clothes. He feels as if intertwining lily petals around your fingers without them breaking—firm yet yielding at the same time. His arms wrap deftly around your form in a way that’s reminiscent to a mother’s embrace.

Kija: Kija’s embraces are straight up contradictions due to his dragon hand—he is living embodiment of ice and fire. They resemble skimming the surface of water ever so slightly without causing any disturbance—barely touching and yet, still pulsing with warmth that emanates from pure beams of white light. His dragon hand, although larger in comparison to his human hand, is cool and smooth as marble.  When he melds against you, his white fringes brush against your forehead like freshly spun sugar candy.

Shin-Ah: Shin-Ah’s embraces resemble breathing in the cool nighttime air—there is an aura of mysteriousness enshrouding his figure like a coat that seems intimidating when it’s actually welcoming. His touches are brushes of wind carrying leaves across still ponds—scarce but secure. The fabrics of his clothes provide a carousel of textures ranging from hard jewels to soft wool of a sheep. His scent is crisp and syrupy.

Jae-Ha: Jae-Ha has a mixture of slender and muscular for his build. His embrace resembles a roaring sea and strong gusts of wind—wild yet controlling. His arms instantaneously wrap around your form in a satin ribbon as his tangy yet fragrant scent purges your senses the moment he presses against you. The velveteen fabrics of his oriental clothes add a spicy tango to the already seductive dance—it’s one that you’ll never want to let go of.

Zeno: Zeno’s embraces are earthy and incredibly rich. They resemble the long lost teddy bear rediscovered after years in an empty shoe box from the closet; the warm breeze of soft flowers and fresh green fields, and radiant sunshine all at once. His touches are extra firm and his embracing arms will give no space for you to break free—his warmth makes you feel like you’re already home. When his wild hair brushes against your face in his glee, you would be overcome with the urge to blow out dandelion seeds into the wind.

The Little Things in Life

Aries:Orange sunrises, warm rays of light, splashing water, looking for tadpoles in ponds, running and sprinting, bear hugs, high fives that sting, laughter that makes you sore, dancing and twirling in circles, the feel of the earth beneath your feet, sprinting until your legs wobble, late nights spent talking or laughing or simply listening to the sounds of the nighttime, flickering stars
Taurus: Hot chocolate on rainy days, the sound of rain hitting umbrellas, feeling sand between fingertips, watching the clouds move, walks in the forest, tousled hair, kissing in the rain, singing in the shower, cooking with someone, playful arguments, seeing the world begin a new day, the smell of coconut, the smell of everything; the perfume in her hair or his cologne
Gemini: Falling asleep to the sound of rain, biking in the city or through bumpy forest trails, sticking your feet in cold water, having water balloon fights, laughing so hard you can’t breathe, being so excited that your speech is incomprehensible, quick notes and quicker steps, the veins in the leaves that you love to crunch, blaring music, making people laugh, seeing her eyes sparkle, watching everyone in the world as individuals because you can
Cancer:Morning coffee, long walks, coming home to a warm house, sitting by a fire, watching TV while cuddling, goodbye and hello kisses, walks on the beach, road trips, sitting on the beach and listening to the ocean, reading late at night, manicures and pedicures, long hot showers, slow kisses, loud laughter, running fingers through silky hair
Leo: Cold, bright mornings, radiant sunshine, calloused hands, racing hearts, crystal clear streams, hot sand, running for no reason, late nights spent talking and laughing, excitement so tangible you can hardly sleep, watching the leaves change color each day in fall, running fingers through the mist in early morning, long trips to the beach, salt water drying on your lips
Virgo: Warm, glowing mornings, waking to birds chirping, orange-pink skies, harvest moons, vines entangling, planting flowers, humming absently, listening to the world spin around you, teaching and protecting, nights spent laughing and smiling, books filled with photographs, mornings with messy hair and tired eyes, whispered hellos, bare feet on grass
Libra: Puffy clouds, gentle breezes, floating leaves, power lines, pink skies, green tea, bare feet on cold mornings, watching flowers grow, deep conversations in the sunset, soft smiles, warm blankets, squeezed hands and shoulders, gentle eye contact, soft piano notes, quiet laughter, silent tears of joy
Scorpio:Lovesick poetry, quiet humming(even if it’s out of tune), random notes or drawings, letters that smell like perfume, rainy days, stargazing, deep conversations, aching chests, laying in the grass and staring up at the sky, coffee after a long day, gentle piano playing, soft kisses, animals curling up on your laps, hugs so long that time seems to stop
Sagittarius: Wispy clouds, summer wind, brightly colored flowers, dandelions blowing into streams, morning dew, streams of light through forest leaves, mulch beneath boots, wide smiles, unrestrained laughter, waking up to a new sight each day, whispering goodnight and good morning to the universe, dragonflies floating through the air, sticking your head out the car window, loud music
Capricorn:Mist tumbling from the sky, sleepy yawns in the morning, warm pajamas, hot tea, muttering about the heat and muttering about the cold, stopping to stare at the sky, hisses of “I can do that, watch me,” scraped knees from skateboards, freezing winter nights, daydreaming in Chemistry, shared grins, witty quips and giggles, watching the shadows and highlights on your skin, staring endlessly at intricate spiderwebs
Aquarius:Hidden alleyways, birds chirping, secret worlds between friends, vines twisting over fences, watching the sky at 1am, murmuring to the moon and stars, quick spring breezes, flashes of grins, sitting and watching the grass, closing your eyes and feeling the earth, saying hello to strangers, good morning and goodnight, cups of tea at obscenely early hours of the morning, quirky midnight conversations
Pisces: Spring skies, billowy clouds, dainty breezes, clear pools of water, splashing puddles in the middle of the street, sharing umbrellas, smelling flowers, lighting candles, peaceful walks at dusk, crickets chirping, wishing upon stars, daydreaming in moonlight, cold mornings with warm tea, soft laughter, losing yourself in music, running in high grass, laughing and singing freely, every moment of free bliss

Crossfire - Chapter Sixteen

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 14k
Warnings: tons of super cheesy Michael (is that a warning?), violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, death, changes in season 5’s plot

A/N: I wasn’t planning on writing a whole new chapter yet but this is what no sleep gets me. Anyways, thanks, guys, for being so supportive of me and reading my stuff, even the non-smutty stuff!! It means so much to me. The day’s not even halfway done yet. Can you guess what other surprises are in store for our reader? Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics).

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel,

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

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The Green Witch’s Ally ~ A Magical Herb Series

Sources (x) (x) (x) (x) (x)


Latin: Taraxacum officinale

Folk Names: Blowball, Cankerwort, Lion’s Tooth, Piss-a-bed, Priest’s Crown, Puffball, Swine Snout, White Endive, Wild Endive

Gender: Masculine

Planet: Jupiter

Element: Air

Powers: Divination, Wishes, Calling Spirits

Dandelion is said to be used to call upon air spirits. Blowing dandelion seeds into the wind is said to carry a message to a lover. The root is use for ritual involving Hecate. Gathering the yellow flowers of dandelion on St John’s Eve (June 23) was seen as a charm against hostile magic. It can also be used in spells for protection & vision work. Dandelion wine is a great additional to magical meals.

Ah. The humble little dandelion. Beloved by herbalists, hated by gardeners. Whatever your opinion is, everyone knows who dandelion is. The spirit of dandelion came to me, at the liminal hour of dawn (this is the time I often meet and commune with plant spirits), He appeared as a little lion, no biggest then a kitten. His body was made up of leaves and his face & mane the bright yellow flower, and he is that proudest little guy you ever did meet. Up front, feet apart, chest out and head high.He was very eager to share his lesson, if fact he kept me awake for hours, pestering me to go and write it! So Dante Leon (he proudly told me his name) I’m finally write this post in light of the events of today. The lesson of dandelion is. Be bold. Be proud. Be you. Dandelions say “Be who you are! Shine shine shine! That why you’re here. To be you!”. How you seen a dandelion, they grow and thrive where ever they pop up and they don’t give a shit what anyone else think about it! They open they’re little faces and say “Look at me! I am a little sun. See how I shine!” and dandelion encourages us to do they same. 

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 13: Prairies

“I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypotheticalthinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found inthe world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.” 

Like I mentioned in the last post on beaches and coasts, a lot of major biomes have already been covered, so the rest may be pretty similar to each other and a lot more concentrated. For example, although deserts were already covered I may need to make further posts dividing them into semiarid and coastal deserts, as each are distinct biomes.

This post will focus on prairies. Prairies are actually considered to be part of the temperate grassland, savanna, and shrubland biomes based on their similarity in climates, and composition of grasses. This is where the Pokémon in our Biomes posts gets fuzzy, because all of the mentioned biomes are individual biomes, and because they are so similar it makes it a challenge to distinguish possible Pokémon between them. Prairies are however, a type of grassland, much like there are different types of deserts. Prairies are generally considered to be the huge rolling grasslands of the central United States and Canada, and in South America, Eurasia, and Africa they are all technically called different things but all more or less utilize the same characteristics.

Prairies have one feature I found quite interesting, is that unlike the Asian steppes, and South American pampas, prairies have considerably tall grasses, some areas having grasses as high as 9 feet. This feature is usually specified by the amount of rainfall. As you move away from the mountains near the west coast, the climate generally becomes drier as there isn’t a huge body of water to provide rainfall, and even when there is rainfall, there isn’t enough to support tree life, hence why the main type of plant species will be a grass or flower species. Due to this, the animals that live in the prairies have to either burrow to hide from predators, or herd together.

Let’s get started!

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Long distance communication methods

Don’t have a quarter for the payphone? Try one of these weirder magical methods.

  1. Aurora borealis
    Really only useful at night.
  2. Mockingbirds, ravens, or parrots
    Availability varies by region.
  3. Linked twins
    What one knows, the other knows.
  4. Dream meeting
    Both parties must be dreaming at the same time.
  5. Ghost message
    Tell someone your message… then turn them into a ghost.
  6. Tea leaves
    Tea leaves must be from the same batch.
  7. Ratatoskr
    Only speaks insults.
  8. Smoke signals
    Recieving party must be smoking.
  9. Shell phone
    You can link conch shells, but splitting a bivalve in half is best.
  10. Singing telegram
    For maximum embarassment.
  11. Cloud manipulation
    Works best in partly cloudy skies.
  12. Flower phone
    Whisper a message to a dandelion, then blow the seeds into the wind!
EXO as Aesthetics (OT12)

@ the anon who requested this: I am 1) very sorry this is very late and very sucky, and 2) dead because this was probably the hardest thing i’ve ever done in my eNTIRE LIFE.

but enjoy! and tag yourself! (and maybe tag ur friends hehe)

Minseok (Xiumin): light hair; building things from IKEA; living in a busy city; strawberries; watching movies outdoors; the cool night breeze; giggling in-between kisses; the feeling of strong arms around your waist; husky morning voices; running around a large park; roller-skating; learning dead languages; tugging at your lip when you’re nervous; wearing shorts regardless of the season or weather; a new piano played animatedly; the wild west; only speaking up when inspired; throwing pizza parties; ruffled hair and bright smiles; “walking” in the hallways; whale-watching; having the wind blow your hat away; radiating happiness in a dim room.

Junmyeon (Suho): slow dancing; prismatic planter pots; picnics under the summer sun; snapbacks worn backwards; the smell of a busy kitchen; doing cartwheels without much thought; dog-piling on top of your friends; kissing in the rain; going apple-picking; bare feet on wooden floorboards; cuddling by a warm fireplace; smiling when you make eye contact with a stranger; putting cinnamon in everything sweet; driving around town aimlessly; walking on wet grass; closing your eyes after a busy day; cherry blossoms; colour-coded everything; baking brownies for your friends; reading poetry; enjoying the good times in life.

Yixing (Lay): hearing a perfect harmony; fluffy bath robes; grand pianos; kissing under streetlamps; scrunching your nose when you laugh; pastel colours; tucking flowers into other people’s hair; falling asleep to the sound of rain; breakfast in bed; skinny jeans; falling asleep on long car rides; gently running your hands through someone’s hair; stained glass windows; riding bicycles through the city; trying to balance yourself on the edge of a sidewalk; making the perfect s’more; giggling under a fort made of bedsheets; eskimo kisses; never missing a single 11:11; lounging on a pool float; daydreaming when you shouldn’t be.

Baekhyun: a pile of puppies; loving everyone whole-heartedly; a ray of sun; the smell of pancakes and waffles; looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul; mismatched socks; sweet kisses that go by too soon; a cosy fire; marble statues; being the little spoon; waiting by the phone all night for him/her to call; exposed brick walls; biting the end of your pencil; planting daffodils; a warm glass of milk with honey; eyes that twinkle; sleeping in on weekends; wiping away tears as quickly as they appear; learning wisdom through bitter experiences; watching raindrops on windows; blowing away dandelion seeds and making a wish.

Jongdae (Chen): unzipped jackets; wind-blown hair; cartier bracelets; sliding around on slippery floors; sitting on the hood of a car; laughing unapologetically; being the life of the party; jumping off a dock and cannonballing into the ocean; listening to smooth jazz ironically; silk button-ups; siamese cats; exploring old buildings in busy cities; billowing curtains; slowly sipping champagne; running barefoot on a smooth stone path; dancing in your pajamas; trap music; smiling so hard your cheeks hurt; chewing gum until the flavour leaves; playing arcade games; pillow fights; kissing until both of you are breathless.

Chanyeol: dazzling smiles; candy that’s hard on the outside and soft on the inside; mirrors; drinking milk from the carton; playing the guitar at a house party; playing hide-and-seek even when you’re grown; small-town living; rubber boots; charcoal drawings on white walls; attending music festivals; large LED lights that spell out words; oversized hoodies that feel just right on your body; playful nibbles on lips after kisses; squishing his/her cheeks; being pushed on a swingset; opening windows and feeling an immediate gust of wind; closing your eyes under the summer sun; having water fights in the front lawn.

Kyungsoo (D.O.): plump lips; a still lake; blowing that one lock of hair that falls out of place; wearing thousands of layers of clothing during the winter; grazing fingers with the one you love; a gradual smile; birds chirping outside at 6 am; rolling around on a soft carpet; hitting your friends affectionately; oil paintings; rolling down windows for car rides; spending an entire night staring at the starry sky; comfy pajamas that double as “lazy day” clothes; scratched-up vinyls that still manage to crank out music; standing up too quickly and seeing the entire universe for the briefest moment; feeling accomplished after doing something you thought you’d never do.

Jongin (Kai): intense gazes with romantic pursuits; dancing until your feet ache; skipping rocks at the beach; riding carousels at carnivals; fairy lights; letterman jackets; chelsea boots; tying cherry knots with your tongue to impress strangers; walking aimlessly when you can’t sleep; drinking soda pop in a backyard; jumping into a pile of leaves; humming while doing chores; fingers caressing golden, sun-kissed skin; holding a straw between your lips; leaving dents in walls when you’re angry; never-ending kisses; laughing at things that aren’t always funny; literally eating all you can eat at a buffet; running a hand through your hair out of habit.

Sehun: biting your lip when you’re excited; untied shoe-laces; almost-but-not-really closed doors; cat-ear headbands; belts with the leather coming off; tweed coats; furrowed eyebrows; dancing in the street when you’re all by yourself; staying up to watch fireworks; warm milk tea; unfinished letters; having a blanket placed upon you when you fall asleep; warm hugs that last infinitely; sunlight streaming through your windows; fluffy hair; blushing after a spontaneous kiss; licking the icing off a cupcake first; pointed toe boots; the smell of lilac; a guitar with broken strings; seeing your breath during the winter.

Luhan: a luscious green forest; deep blue water; loose white tops; constantly chapped lips; a violin played as quietly as possible; fog so thick you can’t see through it; comfy woollen sweaters; fuzzy socks; smiles that show every tooth in your mouth; crinkled corners of eyes; tapping a beat with a pencil on a desk; the click-clacking sound of typewriters; choosing soda over wine; gathering up the courage to kiss someone but hugging them instead; satin sheets; shy pecks on cheeks; smiling even when you shouldn’t be; picking wildflowers; having all the time in the world.

Kris: basketball courts; gold chains on top of gold chains; loosened ties; painting on every surface possible; leather jackets; continuing arguments even when you know you’re losing; wearing high-end fashion; veins popping out of the back of your hands; ice-cold glares; warm hands; jumping into puddles; breaking into the rooftops of skyscrapers; making a fool of yourself so that others can laugh; stolen kisses in public; rubbing lazy circles on hips; pulling someone into your embrace after they begin to walk away; writing poetry about beautiful people; being the first to try adventurous things.

Tao: wearing oversized sunglasses; walking along the beach; transparent rain jackets; wine glasses with permanent red stains; crumpling paper into balls; blaring alternative rock in the car; alcoholic drinks with slices of lime; attending parties on yachts; a flock of birds flying at sunset; an arm wrapped around your shoulder; kisses on knuckles; responding to whispered conversations with smirks; tripping over thin air; tigers; swimming in the ocean; purposely drinking coffee at night; unbuttoned button ups; believing in fairy tales with all your heart; unending spiraling staircases.