dandelion bat

1 can refried black beans (I found mine in the international aisle at the market), 2 slices crumbled up spelt bread (if you can’t find spelt, then just use regular bread crumbies), ½ c. flour, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, spices to yr liking (i used some cilantro and S&P),

umm then i guess you wanna make em into patty shapes, put em in a skillet of EVOO and keep em in there until you can comfortably flip em over. i think on about 6 or 7 heat i kept em on each side for about 10 minutes a piece.

these ARE able to be frozen and heated back up. just wrap em up in plastic wrap and put em in the freezer. mine have been in there for about 2 weeks. it takes less than 10 minutes to pop em in the skillet with some EVOO and go to town on em! i like to put mine on warmly steamed bagels B)

the potato coins are pretty self explanatory, as is the curry ketchup (ketchup + a buku ton of curry powder)