dandelion (artist)


★Hey! My plant girls i’ve been designing are all up on my redbubble! ★

i’ve got prints, notebooks, phone cases, stickers! ideal for buying all of them and shutting yourself off from the world, because you never want to do anything except look at them.

feel free to peep at them and possibly chuck your tender into my bank account! thank you!  ❤

ok,  I’m slowly losing confidence in wanting to print my Dandelions comic. 

I keep re-reading it and it just seems too fast paced and choppy when I read one chapter after another. It works as separate posts but all together it just shows how bad I actually am at comic making ;;;

at this point if I did print it I would want to start from scratch and redraw everything and touch up the story. BUT that is a LOT of work that I’m not willing to do. 

My question for you guys is would you still like for me to sell key chains and prints for dandelions once I finish the story? 

by doing that I could just focus on my voltron recipe book and print that out instead 

Uncertain Times

Dandelion don’t tell me lies,
Dandelion please make me wise,
Tell me, should I laugh or cry?
Blow away dandelion, blow away dandelion…

(With apologies to the Rolling Stones)

New Jersey, April 15, 2017.

Photo and poem by @mellowcat-artist​ All Rights Reserved

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