Met this man out side of Dalessandro’s this afternoon in Philly. I asked to take a picture of him smoking. He agreed and asked me for ID. I showed him my License and asked him his name. He said “I don’t know”. I asked him for his license and got the same answer. I asked him what he was listening to and again, same response. I said I’ll call you IDK.. He said “No, call me Human”. I agreed than shook his hand. I asked if he made music and he said “yes, I’m recording my album in NY in 2 weeks”. I said how can I hear your music. He said “it will come to you like you came to me”. I said I’ll be looking forward to hearing your album and he said “yeah if you can hear”. I thanked him for the photo and said be well as he walked into on coming traffic smiling back at me. What and interesting human. #danandkayesbigadventure #dandealyphoto #streetportrait #philly #human