Dandara, the wife of Zumbi, Brazil’s greatest black leader, was a revolutionary warrior in her own right

Note from BW of BrazilThe story of Afro-Brazil’s greatest leader, Zumbi of the quilombo known as Palmares, is a figure whose memory is etched into the names of countless groups and organizations who have some sort of connection to the modern day Afro-Brazilian struggle for racial equality. Zumbi’s name, legacy, history and mythology is so prominent in Brazil’s history that even those who know nothing about Afro-Brazilian History at least know his name. But as often happens in history, female figures who were nearly or actually equal to or more important than their male counterparts are often forgotten, erased or not recognized in the history books. Such a case applies to Dandara of Palmares, Zumbi’s heroic wife, who was a warrior in her right and actually preceded her husband in death during the battle for the liberty of Afro-Brazilians in the 17th century. As history has not devoted nearly as much historical research about Dandara, we may never be able to give a proper treatment to her historical importance, but with today’s piece, on the eve the 319th anniversary of her husband’s death, celebrated as the National Day of Black Consciousness throughout Brazil, BW of Brazil is proud to present the information we do have about her. The full report here: Dandara, the wife of Zumbi, Brazil’s greatest black leader, was a revolutionary warrior in her own right



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Super early concept art that I liked.

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