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1. You’re running away with some aliens. You don’t have to worry about food or money or other necessities, they will all be available, but you can only bring one thing with you. It cannot be a living thing (internet won’t work in space, but you do get electricity). What do you take?

A UNIBALL PEN. First thing that popped into my head. I won’t have any paper to draw on, apparently, but it works alright on skin.

2. Which of the classical elements do you associate most with?

The wind. c:

3. Tell me about a teacher you had in elementary school.

I had a pretty cool teacher in fifth grade. She had platinum blonde hair and was super good at word searches. We’d do word searches all the time in her class, with a prize for whoever finished first. Me and another kid really competed for that prize, but I never did beat the teacher to finishing first.

4. What celebrity has the best nose?

Okay, I don’t really know who he is, but Matt Bomer has a pretty good nose.

5. If you were a witch or wizard in the Harry Potter world, what would be your patronus?

It would be a chickadee, i think.

6. For good measure, what is your Hogwarts house?

Hufflepuff, of course.

7. If you were to invent a fictional world for yourself to live in, what genre would it be? (Feel free to go into more detail about this world if you want to.)

Twenty minutes into the future where everything floats and the cities look really cool. There wouldn’t be any pollution because our technology would be so advanced. It’d be like pokemon, basically, or puella magi madoka magica. Everything would look really clean. HOWEVER, everyone would dress like final fantasy characters and no one would bat an eye if you walked around in full plate mail. That would be cool.

8. Someone is attempting to woo you. What would be the perfect tactic for winning your affection?

Probably geeking out together about shared interests.

9. If you were a superhero, what would your powers and name be?

I would be able to fly and maybe control light? Maybe make hard light stuff, I dunno. My name would be… Lucent! Yeah, that sounds cool.

10. What is your favorite gemstone?

Garnet’s my birthday gemstone, so that, I suppose.

11. If you were a Pokemon gym leader, what type would you specialize in?

Ghost, definitely. Ghost types are the best.

The New Questions for you!

1. What is your favorite song right now?

2. When was the last time you dressed up?

3. The last murder mystery you watched/read/ingested, who did it?

4. What is your favorite color combination?

5. You are the captain of a ship. Who will make up the rest of your crew?

6. Give me the pitch for the story you’ve always wanted to tell. (like what you’d find on the back/inside flap of a book)

7. You are suddenly transported back to medieval times. Is there anything on your person that could get you called out as a witch? Anything you could use to get favor with a king?

8. Would you travel to the future or the past? How far?

9. You are the last person on Earth. What do you do? Is this a happy thing or a sad thing?

10. What is your favorite geometric shape?

11. If you could be any supernatural or mythological creature, which would you be?