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1. What’s the archetype of story that always gets you? (ex. time-travel stories, good girl/bad guy stories/ high school au fics)
There are two types of stories that I’m an absolute sucker for:
1) stories about groups of guys who bicker, fight and banter but at the end of the day they’re like brothers and would risk their lives for each other (for example, Sons of Anarchy, The Three Musketeers, etc.)
2) Good girl/bad guy stories (especially if the guy is a smartass and there’s lots of banter involved)

2. Hot or cold?
Hot, I can’t stand being cold.

3. What’s your hobby?
Watching films and TV shows. I go to the cinema at least twice a week XD

4. Fictional character/actor/actress you’d totally marry?
Will Herondale / Jeremy Jordan (if he wasn’t already married) / Jennifer Lawrence

5. Who’s the one person you’ll always count on?
My mum =D

6. Are you male or female? (seriously I feel like 90% of the internet are girls, most boys are probably lurking only in video games and other dubious sites)

7. Are you single? (irking question I know)
100% single

8. What’s your favorite color (if you have one)?

9. Do you believe in magic/true love/past lives/ other things out of the ordinary world?
I wouldn’t say I believe in magic and all that stuff but I’d like to think that it exists to a reasonable degree

10. What do you usually dream about? (ex. randomness, adventure dreams, romantic dreams)
Absolutely everything XD it usually involves the last thing I was doing or thinking of before I went to sleep

11. What’s your astrological sign?

My Questions:

1. DC or Marvel?

2. Favourite fictional character?

3. Favourite under appreciated actor/actress?

4. Last film/book/tv show you cried at?

5. What actor/actress would play you in a movie?

6. Do you have a favourite sport?

7. Describe your clothing style

8. If you could have been born in a different time period when would it be? (e.g. Victorian England, Roman Empire, etc.)

9. What would be your karaoke song?

10. If you could rewrite one book, what would it be?

11. Hogwarts house of choice?

People I’m tagging: (sorry it’s not 11 but anyone else who see’s this is more than welcome to answer the questions =D)