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Kai : Where To? [Scenario]

“Let’s go somewhere nice, angel.” He patted your thigh, causing you to lift your chin up from your story book. Currently, you two were just lazing at home where you were lying down, your back against the arm rest of the sofa while your legs were on top of his lap as he sat on the other end of the sofa. He was drawing shapes on your ankles but it seems like he has something in mind.

“You don’t think our home is nice?” You joked in a somewhat stern way and the moment you cocked your eyebrow up, he had already spitted out a string of ‘no’s just to ensure you that’s not what he meant. “You know I love our home, you know that.”

Snickering, you closed your book and set it side to sit up where you could hold onto his hands. “You know I’m kidding, Kai. Where do you want to go?”

He hummed for a moment, definitely not sure where he would want to go as he drew circles on the back of your hands with his thumbs. “How about we play a short game to find out?”

You stifled a laugh, “What game?”

“Wait here.” With that, he got up after putting your legs down on the sofa where he rushed on over to the drawers in the living room and you simply watched him as you slid down on the sofa to sit on the floor with your legs crossed, hands reaching for your book to continue reading and you swore you heard sounds of paper ripping that caused you to stop reading, putting the book aside again just to see that he was on the opposite side of the coffee table where he too, sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. Only difference is that he was holding onto a pen with a few strips of papers on the table.

“Baby,” You called him out softly, he only hummed in response. “What are you doing?”

“Come here.” He motioned you with his hand and you sat closer towards the table, opposite him as he slide across three strips of paper and handed you a pen. “Now, you write down three places you’d mostly want to go with me. I’ve already written down my three. We’ll mix them up and open it all. If we get two of the same ones, we’ll go there.”

Finding this an interesting way to decide where to go, you gripped onto the pen, “What if we don’t get a match?”

He pursued his lips, tapping on his chin but then he snapped his fingers when the light bulb in his mind had lit up. “We fold it all back and do a lucky draw.”

Nodding in approval you started thinking, “Sounds fair…”

As you were about to write down the first place you had in mind, Kai was attentively watching you with his hands on the table where he rested his chin on top of it. You snarled at him playfully, “You’re not supposed to look!”

“C’mon angel, just let this slide.”

You poked your tongue through your lips, taking your strips of paper before you turned around where you wrote the places down on your lap where he couldn’t see. He simply chuckled at your actions and you felt hands poking your sides - you knew he had crawled his hands in between the gaps of the coffee table. You jerked up and looked over your shoulder with a grin, “I’m done writing already, you poked too late.”

“At least I tried.” He sighed dramatically before the two of you broke into a small laugh. “Here.” You handed him your curled up strips and he mixed it with his as he closed two of his hands in a ball where he started shaking them up before he put them all down on the coffee table. “Go ahead and open one, angel.”

Nodding once, you simply grabbed onto the piece of paper where you opened it – it was Kai’s handwriting.

‘Angel’s heart’

Your lips parted as you lifted your chin to eye at your already smiling boyfriend. “Kai! This isn’t a logical answer!”

“But it is a sweet one.” He cooed, blowing you a raspberry and you put that side. “I’m opening another one. This one doesn’t count.” You announced as you took another piece of ball which was his as he stared at you with a smile.


“Kai!” You scolded playfully, causing him to laugh softly as your reactions - you were just so cute to his eyes. “What’s wrong with you and your answers? Do you even want to go anywhere?” You ended up whining a little when all his answers were ridiculous. He opened up two of yours and you stated the park or the water park nearby. Only then he decided to reply you, “I do want to go to heaven - it’s where you came from, isn’t it?” He replied you coolly and you gave him a look of disbelief. “You want to die?”

“Only if it’s with you.” He thought it was a clever comeback until you said, “So you want us to die?”

He let his lips part as he shook his head, “N-No! Never!”

“Then why-“

“Shh! There’s two more, angel!” You rolled your eyes at him with a laugh as he had already snatched one to open it. This time, you were unsure if it was yours or his because the handwriting looked similar to yours but similar to his as well.

‘The beach’

You read it out loud softly and he had called your name out, causing you to lift your chin where he was holding onto a strip with the exact same words as yours. “K-Kai…”

“I already know that you would want to go to the beach, angel. I just wanted to make this a little bit exciting rather than declaring we’d just go to the beach.”

You put the paper down as you got up, with him doing the same as you two walked around the table just to allow him to hug you tight, “You’re such a sweetheart…” You mumbled adorably to his ears, causing him to kiss the crown of your head, “I know I am.”

“And now you’re being cocky.”

“But it’s only for you.” He cooed into your ears smoothly.

“Shall we go to the beach?” He whispered quietly into your ears, earning a nod that you gave into his chest. “Let’s go then, angel.”