dancing. lol

Remember: there are exactly *3* dances permissible in the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? universe.

1. Small, Vaguely Left-Right Shimmying:

Best done at night, on nearly-identical… 

…and highly-spooky beaches.

2. Ever-So-Slightly Gesticulating:

You know you’re doing it right you if look like you’re aaaaalmost losing your balance… 

…standing on a floating log, like a lumberjack.

And – last of all – don’t forget the rare and legendary…

3. Pulling Each Other Backwards While Your Feet Slide Around Like You’re On Wet Ice

They can even be combined, such as Velma & Shaggy’s majestic crossover of dances 1 & 2. Take notes, class.


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