A police chief in Oregon thinks black people are animals.

That’s what two of former Clatskanie Police Chief Marvin Hoover’s own officers claim in a complaint filed in July. Hoover - who resigned last week after a month on administrative leave - is accused of acting like a monkey to imitate a black suspect and saying, “That’s what they deserve.”

“I relayed several of the arrestee’s remarks such as, ’When you look at me, my black skin and my nappy hair, all you see is an animal,’” Stone said in the incident report. “Chief Hoover interrupted me and said, ‘That’s what she is.’”

Hoover then allegedly “beat his chest like Tarzan” and made monkey sounds. Stone said he was uncomfortable but continued with his report.

Another officer in the room, Zack Gibson, corroborated Stone’s claims, saying Hoover “started making sounds like a monkey and beating his chest while dancing around the floor pretending to be a monkey.”

I have never been in a work environment where a manager, especially an executive officer, isopenly racist,” Stone said.

Okay. Do we need any more proof that cops don’t just not protect black people but also make fun of us, call names, abuse and in worse scenarios even kill lots of us?! For a second let’s forget the fact that he’s a police officer (or should I say he was a police officer?), we’re left with a middle aged man who makes a fucking fool of himself and insults black people. Mature much? Honestly, I’m sick of all these white guys who are dissatisfied with their own lives and take their anger out on innocent black people. If you’ve got some kind of insecurities and you think your stupid racist slurs and yourshotgun makes you a fucking god, you’re wrong, you’ve got a serious problem and you should see a therapist! To my fellow people of color - never forget that our lives matter!


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“Oh come on, it’ll be fun!” 

He grinned, standing upright again and a hand falling to his hip. To make up for the more subdued nature of his costume change, his mask was much more elaborate than usual, being an actual cat design that covered most of his face, and even whiskers to match!

The hero shrugged cheerfully. “Sides, I’ve wanted to check this party out for years! Never got an invite though.” At least, not one that he could accept anyhow. It was a huge pain but hey, dads, whatcha gonna do?

“You look lovely tonight, you know. You’ll be beating off dance requests with a baton!” Chat laughed, mimicking striking out with his staff.

“Do you remember the first time you danced with the person you love most in the world? The beat of your heart is faster than the music, the fever in your body is greater than any ailment and the only person you can see is your dancing partner…that my friend is true love.” - Garouge Faux
Art by Pomikon

List of Daft Punk fakes and facts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I think we need a few things cleared up for this tag. Feel free to correct me or add anything, k?

Things that are most definitely fake:
No End. I cannot stress this enough. Although there is a new album for sure from DP, we know that No End and it’s cover are completely fake. Although this fake leak sounds good, it’s actually from a group called Art-Institute. Here’s the track on their Soundcloud page.
● Renoma Street. (I’m still mad at u Tsugi)
Dancing to the Beat. Clearly this is a remix of the song from the SNL tv ad (aka ‘Commercial’) It’s a pretty sweet mix though.

Things that are true (And other little tidbits we know):
● (Obviously) ‘Commercial’.
● (Obviously) Those posters popping up all over the world. (NB. They’re only real if they have the Columbia logo in the corner.)
● Album should be released in the next two months, if not by the end of this month.
● There are 13 tracks on the new album, adding up to about 75min of new DP material.
● COLLABORATORS: Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, Panda Bear, Chilly Gonzalez. (Any others?)
There is a confirmed DP app for the Samsung Galaxy S4, ohmygod. EDIT: Okay this point was a little too summarised but you can read more specifics here.
● Basically I trust what thedafthouse says with all my heart.

Again PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong because it’s not like I am authority when it comes to DP. WE CAN FIGURE THIS OUT TOGETHER~

an au for you and your space children

here we go: musician/dancer! au (wow that exclamation point looks so out of place)

  • keith doesn’t really play gigs but he knew enough about latin rhythm and jazz to be here. “here” was the latin dance club that shiro played at with his band. 
  • so keith plays the bass and he loves playing the upright as well as electric, but upright makes him feel snazzy and cool (though he’ll never admit it)
  • shiro plays the sax (like all four diferent types); pidge is on trumpet and hunk is their percussionist; allura is on piano and coran is i dont know (i’m missing a trombone, but i doubt that he plays trombone)
  • moving on, so their normal bass player is out sick and keith doesn’t really do this but he will do it for his super respectable buddy, shiro
  • lance dances a lot at the club because his cuban roots has had him dancing since he was a baby and he loves the beats and just moving his body
  • lance is actually really pretty and we get that keith is pretty a lot but think about lance’s skincare routine and beauty sleep
  • keith is enamored by everyone’s dancing and he’s just awed at how lively everything is and the smell of sweat and cigarettes that seem to stick to the room. 
  • lance likes to hit on allura a lot but when he saw keith he kinda just forgot to do something that was almost habit (use stupid pick up lines on gorgeous girls)
  • keith is shocked by how much lance dances, he’s been there since 8 and now it’s 1 in the morning, and lance is still dancing. how does he do it??? keith’s fingers are dying from plucking strings and he thinks pidge’s breathing is getting ragged from playing so many high notes
  • keith is also shocked by the number of people that lance has danced with throughout the night. he danced with women and men alike, like it was no big deal
  • keith is staring at lance so much that he has to physically keep his head faced towards the fret board so he won’t miss his fucking solo like he fucking did three songs ago
  • time passes like songs
  • when the dancing and the music finally slows down, everyone is exhausted, but there’s still an ebbing energy flowing through the crowd of people that haven’t left
  • lance goes up to keith at the bar because wow, is that a new bass player for their band? and shit that ponytail and rolled up sleeves are hot (keith likes to keep his hair out of his face when he plays and rolls his sleeves up out of habit)
  • anyway so they chat for a bit and because they’re getting no where, keith just grabs lance’s arm right before the latter starts to leave and pulls out a post-it and a pen and scribbles his number down before smashing the note into lance’s hand.
  • “call me” he says and lance just nods; they turn around to walk away (keith’s bass is still on stage)
  • “as long as it’s not a booty call” keith says, almost as an afterthought, but he wonders whether it would be okay even if it was just a booty call. 
  • “got it, no booty calls” lance calls back with a wink and keith wonders if he’s lucky enough to have a lightning bolt strike down and hit him when he’s inside a club at 1:30 in the morning where there’s not a single cloud in sight. he’s dying from embarassment. 
  • lance actually likes keith a lot even though he kinda got pissed because keith was just glaring at him from the stage while he was playing 

wow can you tell i’m a music nerd? i’m leaving this au here and running away (message me or tag me if you want to talk about it or have more to add)

Daft Punk - Dancing To The Beat (pHaZe Project Bootleg).

So today is the ominous big day. For months, Daft Punk fans have been riddled with speculation surround this image. And more often than not, this is merely a quick Photoshop job. But in spirit of this pseudo-monumental day, here is an awesome bootleg of the Daft Punk SNL commercial by pHaZe Project. The core instrumental is used brilliantly as a funk inspired background layer to the overall disco-house theme of this track. The level of polish also serves to add credibility to the track. Overall, the French duo would be proud. Keep up with pHaZe Project here.