I’ve just finished watching @quietlyprim ’s latest tjlce episode on TSoT (one of my favourites so far, I was tearing up 4 minutes in) and I realised something:

When Sherlock dances with Janine, ‘The Blue Danube’ by Strauss is playing. It has some very similar sounds to Moriarty’s 'The Thieving Magpie’ by Rossini. In fact both songs often appear together on the same albums and orchestras.

Brother and sister 😏

(Just a fun observation since at first I thought it was the same song 😂!)

Just remember that Sherlock taught John to dance. Something that Sherlock loves to do, he got to do it with John. This means that John’s hand was on Sherlock’s waist, and there were probably awkward missteps where John tripped and Sherlock had to pull him close and steady him, and it probably made Sherlock a bit nervous, but the good kind of nervous, and there’s a 100% chance that he still dreams about it, constantly.