Dancing in the Street
  • David Bowie: SO we're gonna shoot this video where we dance and get in each other's faces and almost kiss and if ur cool with it we can actually kiss. HOWEVER this video may or may not start a rumour that will last till the end of time that we were sleeping together even though it's totally true but we will never admit to it and have a couple name called dick bagger. You in or out?
  • Mick Jagger: Where do I sign up??
Awkward David Bowie Dancing: A Tribute

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David Bowie was my first great music love, style inspiration, may have influenced the naming of my cats, and was a damn joyous glorious wonderful dancer.  RIP Spaceman.  Grateful for these noble dance moves, and everything else you’ve given us over the years. Scroll down, enjoy and remember.

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Through dance bombing Mick Jagger…..

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through pensive business-glam dance marches…

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to taking charge of the Bowie/Jagger dance off again, with a dreamy wiggle in the hip..

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goblins.  GOBLINS.

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to a golden wiggley god…

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to too cool to stay on my stool….

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more hips. rockabilly hips…

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OG elbow dancing.   (Taylor’s version here)

and until the very end.

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 always, always this……

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Thank you Bowie, creative genius, and dancing king.


I want to marry the person who made this video