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1: If you could have any small comfort/luxury item right now, what would it be?

More of a comfort one, but my earphones. They’re the only ones in the house that actually work, so they keep getting borrowed

2: What are your top three summer tunes this year?

Walk the Moon: Shut Up and Dance

Timberlake: Can’t Stop the Feeling

Zara Larsson: Lush Life

3: What was the last memorable/weird dream you had?

Oh lord, I never really remember any of my dreams.

4: Describe your dream room

First things first, space. Plenty of space, I have a shoebox for a room at the moment, and there’s barely room to move. So, this room has a built in wardrobe, and there’s another level to the room as well, where the bed is. Underneath is a reading nook, filled with, pillows, books, and notebooks.

5: Any favourite myth/legend??

Oh a few, actually. Namely, Robin Hood, El Dorado and Atlantis

6: What are three things you’re looking forward to in the next twelve months?

Holiday in Tenerife


The release of the Maze Runner prequel, The Fever Code

7: What does your name mean?

Emily, in Latin means industrious and striving. Apparently it also comes from the name Aemilia, the feminine version of the Roman family name Aemilius

8: Were there any unusual jobs that you wanted to work in when you were a kid? (eg astronaut, professional motorcyclist, etc)

An air stewardess

9: Best films to watch in a movie night?

Star Trek and Pacific Rim

10: Are there any books that you’d love to see as a film/TV series?

The Raven Cycle

11: What was the last thing you ate?

A chocolate biscuit.


1.       Where is one place in the world that you’d really like to be right now?

2.       Something you wished you had as a kid ?

3.       Quote a tv show or film completely out of context

4.       Favourite holiday you’ve been on?

5.       Draw, read or write?

6.       Any fears?

7.       Pets?

8.       Favourite musicals?

9.       The last book you read

10.   Country or City?

11.   The last text that you got.

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It’s High Noon - Overwatch fan art by Kan Liu(666K信譞)

[making of video]

“Inspiration (pose) came from Michel Jackson. “It’s High Noon, let’s dance on the moon!”

More selected McCree art on my tumblr [here]

More Overwatch related art on my tumblr [here]


There just aren’t enough phone cases out there for my favorite band, so I decided to make one!  The goal was to capture Walk the Moon’s retro vibes and incorporate their <+> symbol, which stands for positivity being greater than everything.

This case can be bought on my Redbubble page.


Happy 9th birthday, Phineas and Ferb! Now: let’s all dance until we’re sick!

Feyre's Mom

Wait, you guys, I was rereading some parts of ACOTAR and stumbled upon this passage: 

 "So is this what you do with your lives? Spare humans from the Treaty and have fine meals?“ I gave a pointed glance toward Tamlin’s baldric, the warrior’s clothes, Lucien’s sword. 

 Lucien smirked. "We also dance with the spirits under the full moon and snatch human babes from their cradles to replace them with changelings—" 

"Didn’t … ,” Tamlin interrupted, his deep voice surprisingly gentle, “didn’t your mother tell you anything about us?”

I prodded the table with my forefinger, digging my short nails into the wood. “My mother didn’t have the time to tell me stories.” I could reveal that part of my past, at least.

Lucien, for once, didn’t laugh. After a rather stilted pause, Tamlin asked, “How did she die?” When I lifted my brows, he added a bit more softly, “I didn’t see signs of an older woman in your house.” (Page 79-80.)

I don’t know if I’m reading too much into this, but why else would Tamlin ask if Feyre’s mom told her about them if he didn’t know anything about her? He seems really cautious when asking about how she died. What does Tamlin know that we don’t? Why would SJM write that? Am I reading too much into this???


Shinhwa at dance practice be like…*face palm* 

I was watching some rookie groups practice videos, and they are always so impressive and well co-ordinated. Then I flipped over to old shinhwa practice vids and all I see is mess and playing around. So unprofessional.

I couldn’t love them more.