Handed my camera over to my friend to capture me being a forest fairy, and he snapped this. My toes were entirely numb by the end of our little shoot but I got to dance around this amazing waterfall in the rain while the thunder roared through the forest and the lightning flashed in the sky. 

*Slides Dreamworks 5 dollars* ahem so

  • I need Allura and Coran dancing around and laughing in the rain on Earth because they’ve never seen it.
  • I need Keith meeting Lance’s family and getting flustered and shy because he’s always been alone. And I need Lance’s family nudging him and pointing to Keith and saying, “so where’s the ring?” and him swatting them away. 
  • I need Keith bouncing Lance’s sleepy siblings and cousins on his knees while Lance looks on with a dorky smile on his face. 
  • I need Pidge’s mom to pick them up and spin them around and hold them close because she missed them. I need Pidge’s mom to say, “oh, you cut your hair! I love it! You’ve grown up so much!”
  • I need a little kid pointing to Shiro’s arm when he’s walking on the sidewalk and going, “cool! Can I get a picture with it?”
  • I need Shiro getting a big fluffy service dog to help him with his PTSD. 
  • I need Hunk showing Shay a whole bunch of stuff on Earth because she’s never been free.
  • I need a welcome-back-to-Earth party with the whole gang. 
What happens when listening to Speak Now:
  • Mine:*imagines living a life like this while singing and dancing along*
  • Spark's Fly:*pretends it's raining and dances around the room singing along*
  • Back To December:*gets all emotional because this song relates to something that you have gone through at some point in your life*
  • Speak Now:*puts on wedding dress and heels and actually acts out the entire song*
  • Dear John:No John, no.
  • Mean:NO ONE CAN BE MEAN TO TAYLOR SWIFT! *starts playing a pretend banjo*
  • The Story Of Us:*makes their best attempt at copying Taylor's outfit from the video and acts out the video*
  • Never Grow Up:*goes to get tissues, tries to sing along, cries*
  • Enchanted:*imagines walking through a magical forest while wearing Wonderstruck perfume and a ball gown*
  • Better Than Revenge:*gets hairbrush and uses it as a mic* "Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did..."
  • Innocent:*starts crying again and thinks about how Taylor wrote this for Kanye, then starts singing along while hugging a stuffed animal and thinking about how wonderful of a person Taylor is*
  • Last Kiss:*sings along to every word and gets a bit teary again*
  • Long Live:*no tissues left.*

             i screamed my fury
                                & the earth shuddered beneath
                                                the sky fell down around me
                                                                   & i danced whilst laughing in the fiery rain

                                                   i am a ( CREATURE )
                                                   ··· come to d͍̖̣̪̺͈̙ͬͪ̎̂͘e̻͚͎̦͕͔͚ͭͭ͂̓ͅs̵͙̅͋̓̾ͣ͗̚͜͡ṱ̞̰͙̥͓̠̯̋̌̏̂̔͟r̴̵̘͇̞̟̒͑̂̓͋̓o̯̦ͫ̋̑̆̀ͮ͆̒̕y̵̦̝͎͂ͨ͒̕ ···

everyone who worked on the steal my girl video: hey so what about a video where you dance around in the rain?
niall in wardrobe: does this come in white?

23. A large number of ravenclaws flock to the windows every time it rains, and many will run outside in a thunderstorm- either to test how the lightning affects spells, to observe the storm, or simply to dance and goof around in the rain. They’re no longer allowed to hang out the windows or stand on the balconies in ravenclaw tower to stormwatch. Not after ‘The Incident’.

edit: ‘The Incident’ happened the last time Ravenclaw won the House Cup. It involved a handful of 6th and 7th years, a thunderstorm, several psychedelic substances, and a stolen 9-foot tall metal replica of Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

submitted by anon (thank you thunderstorm anon for returning to confirm the nature of The Incident. I will be forever grateful)

Let’s lay in each other’s arms out in an open field and
Immerse ourselves in every little thing of the world surrounding us;
We can listen to the orchestra of insects around us,
Watch the stars pass by and laugh at each other under the moon.
     Let’s dance in the rain;
Be like children and twirl around in the mud puddles and
Have our clothes soaked without a care.
     Let’s run when the storm strikes;
We can hide together during the lightning storm,
Finding safety in each other and enveloping any fears in comfort.
—  E.G. // Forgotten Words #10 // “Let’s”

Height:Almost as tall as Garnet
Personality:reckless, selfish, rude, crazy, curious,open-minded, clever.
Gem Type:Jet
Likes:causing mayhem, annoying others, fighting, dancing, the crystal gems, lion lickers.
Dislikes:being ordered around, rain, the word ‘gargle’
Fighting style: sorta like zumba(which is her dancing style)

Jet is a rogue gem from Homeworld who hates being controlled and ordered around. In Homeworld, her role was to be a soldier, but after years, she decided that she wanted more and went destroying a place of the HW. The other gems weren’t so happy and made her an outlaw. She escaped with a ship and went to Earth.


“If this were a love poem, I’d say that you were a gentle, spring rain and that I danced around joyously without my umbrella. But this isn’t love; you’re a hurricane and I’m afraid of lightning. You left dissatisfied; I left sick.”

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1. Get up early and stay up late. Make the most of the day and suffer for it later. See the sunrise, see the sunset. Time passes no matter what so dance, groove, laugh, smile… from morning to night and just be alive.

2. Music is good for the soul. From happy music that makes you want to boogie the night away to sad music that brings a tear to your eye, connecting with those around you and engaging with it together will make it a moment you’ll never forget. Plus don’t forget those boyband airgrabs and 80s dance moves.

3. Peoplewatch. Everyone in the world is unique and inspired and connected in one place.

4. Appreciate the little things. Your muddy wellieboots, your favourite pair of converse that are completely wrecked yet adored, sharing stories, recalling memories, spooning, falling asleep under the stars… the list is endless.

5. Go crazy. Dance in the rain, jump in puddles, spin round and around until you feel dizzy, scream lyrics at the top of your lungs, scream the wrong lyrics at the top of your lungs, just go for it, until your bones ache. Enjoy yourself and forget what people think. Life isn’t meant to be lived in a box, life is meant to be tested.

—  5 festival / open air concert thoughts ~