*Slides Dreamworks 5 dollars* ahem so

  • I need Allura and Coran dancing around and laughing in the rain on Earth because they’ve never seen it.
  • I need Keith meeting Lance’s family and getting flustered and shy because he’s always been alone. And I need Lance’s family nudging him and pointing to Keith and saying, “so where’s the ring?” and him swatting them away. 
  • I need Keith bouncing Lance’s sleepy siblings and cousins on his knees while Lance looks on with a dorky smile on his face. 
  • I need Pidge’s mom to pick them up and spin them around and hold them close because she missed them. I need Pidge’s mom to say, “oh, you cut your hair! I love it! You’ve grown up so much!”
  • I need a little kid pointing to Shiro’s arm when he’s walking on the sidewalk and going, “cool! Can I get a picture with it?”
  • I need Shiro getting a big fluffy service dog to help him with his PTSD. 
  • I need Hunk showing Shay a whole bunch of stuff on Earth because she’s never been free.
  • I need a welcome-back-to-Earth party with the whole gang. 

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hAs one of the boys ever tried to dance w their lover in the rain???

Shu- That troublesome woman made me…

Ayato- Tch, duh! Its fun!

Laito- But Cordelia always threw a hissy fit because we’d get dirty.

Kino- Uhh… Does running around and performing various gymnastics count as dancing in the rain? I love the rain… The maids don’t though.

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fitzsimmons + “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” :)

Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble/ficlet!

This image came unbidden… and I couldn’t leave it unwritten :)


Fitz was well familiar with grand romantic gestures. He was also fairly sure he’d never grow tired of experiencing even the most mundane moments with Jemma.

But even he had to admit that tonight had been pretty magical.

He leaned against the hood of their car, his suit jacket draped over his arm, and watched Jemma dancing in little circles around the parking lot. The pavement shone from the rain which had mercifully only fallen while they were in the restaurant and Jemma’s red heels sent little splashes up as she tapped around.

Fitz’s fingers twitched, remembering as much as imagining what it would feel like to trace the moon-highlighted curves of her cheeks and brow, her closed eyelids turned toward the dark sky. She smiled dreamily and his own lips quirked upward in response, so attuned was his body to hers, so automatically did his mood shift to match hers.

“If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed,” Jemma called.

Chuckling, he threw the jacket over one of the car seats and turned the key in the ignition, but only to the first position. He fiddled with the radio dial for a moment before he found what he’d been hoping for, then turned back to Jemma.

She was swaying more slowly now, in time with the music washing around them, but she only opened her eyes when he stepped up to her and slid his hands gently around her waist, linking his fingers against the back of her silk and tulle dress.  The empty overlook parking lot was their personal dance floor, the view of the city’s sparkling lights the only decoration their shared fantasy palace needed.

“Happy anniversary, Mrs. Fitzsimmons,” he whispered, his voice hoarse, still disbelieving that he could say things like that to her, still disbelieving that they were true.

Her kiss tasted like the chocolate-cherry cake he’d ordered and she’d promptly stolen, and her fingers fell lightly on the back of his neck. Everything about tonight was like that: sweet, light, forever.

I had such a delightful morning, I was up early, practiced yoga and meditated to the sound of rain, washed my hair and danced around singing while getting ready then met up with Tyler for an adventure ─ we walked around his neighbourhood, through the woods by his house and even caught a few Pokemon ✌🏼️ then we watched a bit of tv which means I got to see his dogs (!!) afterwards I went shopping by myself and bought some groceries too so I had a pretty great day and hope that you all did as well 🙊💕

Dear young people who are dreading becoming adults,

I am a grown adult who writes fanfiction for fun and has social anxiety and sleeps with a plushy because I get lonely at night and has never gone on a date and pretends to have not gotten a text because I feel awkward about not responding and obsessively watches TV because I care about the characters and I talk to myself and I refuse to buy an umbrella because I love the rain even though I live in a place where it rains year-round and I dance around in my room to music and need my dad’s help to do my taxes and sometimes I get shy and stutter and sometimes I will forget to leave my house for days at a time and I still have nightmares that make me wish I could crawl into bed with my mom

BUT I am also the mom-friend who will actually cook a whole meal just to make sure that everyone had enough to eat today and I will get up at three in the morning to drive for hours just to pick you up from wherever you got stranded at this ridiculous hour and I let friends stay in my house for months at a time because they got kicked out of their own homes and I make speeches to huge crowds on a regular basis even though I have speech anxiety and  I am responsible enough to keep animals and small children alive and I do theatre in my spare time with a bunch of complete nerds

SO growing up does not mean putting away childish things and becoming serious. It just means that you can make yourself into what you want to be.

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I have an idea in my head about a goblin holiday and the headcanons around it but I'm not sure how to like, get it all written down. How do you do it?

Step 1: dance around your idea like you desperately need rain for your dying crops

Step 2: make a bullet list of each individual associated headcanon. Clump those into groups by relevance to eachother

Step 3: write maybe one paragraph for it?

Step 4: wait two months

Step 5: be asked by a friend to assist in an event where you’ll implement your headcanon and frantically write out the rest of your ideas in a single week

Starfish like

It wasn’t even that hot outside, but you just couldn’t deal with heat very well.
You were sweating, your face was red and you had no intention on moving until this heat was gone.

Currently you were laying on your bed in the bunker, a big fan directed to blow directly on you. Your limbs were stretched away from your body, starfish like, and your body was only clad in your undergarments.

Even though you were listening to music loudly, you could hear the boys walk around. You really didn’t understand how they were unfaced by the high temperature.

You heard the small creaking noise, of your door opening. The face of the oldest Winchester came in view.

“Hey (Y/N) wo-, what are you doing?” “Dancing around the bonfire, performing a rain dance. Isnt that obvious?”, you answers him sarcastically.

“How the fuck do you guys deal with these temperatures?” “It isn’t even that hot” “If it wasn’t hot, when why would I lie here in my underwear, looking like a starfish?” “I don’t know your kinks”

“Ugh, just let me alone”, you signed and closed your eyes. Shortly after you heard your door close.

You had luck and were nearly asleep, when you suddenly were drenched in ice cold water. Gasping you sat up in bed, frantically looking around just to see Sam and Dean laughing.

You were furious. You jumped out of bed running after the two villains. “Oh just wait till I get you. No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with”, you yelled after them.

today after work as i was waiting for my ride around 7 pm the most incredible storm rolled in, you could feel the air full of electricity and the clouds were absolutely black and undulating rapidly and it moved in so fast the sky went from fully bright to so dark that all the cars needed their headlights on in a matter of minutes. it poured violently and my boss ran out into the parking lot and danced around in the rain and kept saying “i love it when she gets angry, i love it when she gets pissed off!”

My Thoughts 💕

A storm is coming..
I really want someone to come on a adventure with me right now! Then when it starts raining we will run around, dance, laugh and be silly with each other then at one point when we stop laughing and we will kiss. I’d run to their house giggling and the perfect moment would continue from there..
I want this to happen. 💕 so much..