23. A large number of ravenclaws flock to the windows every time it rains, and many will run outside in a thunderstorm- either to test how the lightning affects spells, to observe the storm, or simply to dance and goof around in the rain. They’re no longer allowed to hang out the windows or stand on the balconies in ravenclaw tower to stormwatch. Not after ‘The Incident’.

edit: ‘The Incident’ happened the last time Ravenclaw won the House Cup. It involved a handful of 6th and 7th years, a thunderstorm, several psychedelic substances, and a stolen 9-foot tall metal replica of Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem.

submitted by anon (thank you thunderstorm anon for returning to confirm the nature of The Incident. I will be forever grateful)


music shades life with waves
movement on a graph
enters our ears
lighting up neurons
in various parts of our cortexes
they used to theorize that
left brain individuals enjoyed
music more than right brained
individuals, but now
it’s believed that we
enjoy music because
it stimulates our lizard brain,
the instinctual part
imagine the thirsty people
sitting around a fire and making
a dance for rain,
a tradition shared
by many cultures,
how the music must
have soothed them
sating a different
thirst as they waited
for water they wanted
while we likewise wait
and pray for permissive
rains to allow us to drink,
we listen to the outpour
of musical notes from
the speakers of our
automobiles and
computers and
smart phones

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You may not answer this because of possible spoilery reasons, but could you explain what kinda powers Charlotte would have a witch? Or how they work?

Her unique ability is the power to allegedly hypnotise shoggoths with her eyeballs, but as a member of the Chesuncook witch coven, she’s afforded a number of little black magic rituals. Things like summoning demons, bestowing and draining life and luck upon folks, and turning cats inside out.

Witches in this world are of a very traditional variety. Witch rituals mostly involve gathering ingredients and dancing around a transmutation circle in the rain. It can be a frightening sight to the local idiot, but most Chesuncookers are pretty relaxed around the coven these days.

But, with the university’s “scientific” approach to the occult, her experiences as a witch are comparatively novice, and she’s pretty much only been employed to do odd jobs.

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I hope everytime it rains you thinks of when I danced circles around you and your voice said you're crazy but your eyes said you're beautiful.I hope everytime you see the color blue you think of how my eyes use to swallow you whole and you get claustrophobic.I hope when football season comes your voice gets hitched in your throat everytime you go to yell at the Cowboys because we used to watch them together.I hope you lay awake at night and wonder how I'm doing. and I hope it eats you alive.

Danced/played around in the rain with the MVP. Hashtag relationship goals. Hashtag friendship goals. Hashtag bucket-list goals.

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When you get this ask, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people who reblogged something from you.


Eep! Okay! c: I got two of these so… should I just post ten instead of publishing two separate posts? I think I will.

  1.  ANIMATING. Gosh, I’m always the happiest when I’m doing that. Unless I rigged the character myself and it breaks, then it’s the woRST BECAUSE I GOTTA START OVER
  2. Running / Dancing in a spring / summer rain.
  3. Sitting around a campfire.
  4. Horseback riding or just being around and caring for horses in general. ♥
  5. Drawing!
  6. Going to see animated films with my classmates and professors. Seriously, it’s the best thing ever. There’s so much more life in a theater when you’re surrounded by people who have such an interest in and love for the same thing you do.
  7. Late exam week nights in the computer labs, drinking coffee like water, and problem solving with my classmates. Which by 2AM usually deteriorates for 30 minutes of being dead or piling as many people as possible into a single car and driving to Taco Bell.
  8. Roleplaying and talking to all the fantastic friends I met here.
  9. Getting emotional about the angstiest or fluffiest headcanons and scenarios with RP buddies.
  10. The rush you get when you dive-roll into the first big snow of the year.

Things I did this weekend:

  • Had my first Moscow Mule at Punch NYC - really good. Tastes like a fall cocktail in a cup, but also crazy refreshing. Midge got a jalapeno margarita and we watched a gaggle of gay boys dance around not wanting to get wet in the rain.
  • Went to The Diner down in meatpacking district and got to watch the rain and ate macaroni and cheese so good that it was gone before any pictures were taken. Afterwards we went for Crepes in Chelsea market and also ate the crap out of those. Just imagine a nutella strawberry crepe and be jealous.
  • I bought a boatload of design books and a psych book because it was 9 dollars. I’m having a little bit of a designer-life crisis, so I’m trying to surround myself with my favorite kind of design in order to lift the rain cloud. I think it’s working!
  • Played the crap out of Splatoon and screamed at my TV when I got painted on too hard. 

Who is your favorite artist and why? Tell me about them and send me links so I can love on them too.

I went to Free Spirit Gathering on Saturday and it was a ton of fun, despite heat, sleep deprivation, and asthma making me feel physically awful. I was so out of it, it’s a miracle anyone I met wants to be my friend. I only went to one pagan class (and was late) but it was great. Also, SJ Tucker had a concert, and I got to do the stereotypical pagan thing of dancing around a bonfire in the rain.

I want to go again next year, hopefully for more than one day, and hopefully with my allergies and asthma under better control. I think I’d like camping if it didn’t make me ill. I’ve got a huge crush on someone I met there. She taught me to spin poi and I’m hoping I didn’t make a complete fool of myself. She invited me to Amorous Revolt, but I’m not sure I can go this year, for money, health, pto, and if-girlfriend-can’t-go-I-don’t-wanna reasons.

Happy summer solstice to all of you. ^-^

Look it’s the official “dance around the penis shaped pole in the rain pretending to be celebrating summer even tho it’s cold as hell but everyone is drunk so it’s ok”-day