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Are you even native American

Hello nosey nonnie.

Yes I am Native American, but I don’t look it. And no it’s not one of those my great grandmother was Cherokee. I am 2nd generation off the rez Tuscarora, Iroquois Turtle Clan.

This is me and my mother. Yes she is my birth mother, I just got very fucked over in the genes department. I swear I’m adopted but we have many photos of the birth and have several paternity and maternity tests to prove that I fell out of this woman’s vagina.

Here are some more pictures cause I’m pale and I honestly don’t think you believe me:

(My mom actually made every piece of jewelry I am wearing and hand beaded that vest as well).

And here’s pictures of the woman that I blame for my bad genes: My grandmother.

I get told I look like her all the time AND I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE IT, but because I get told I look like her all the time I BLAME HER.

On the left you see my grandpa (full blood native) in his headdress, on the right you see my cousin (also full blood), the great medicine man Mad Bear, here’s a book about him since you seem to be so nosey.

And in case you doubted me, here are a few pictures of me when my ma and I were on the powwow circuit.

This is me with my ma’s regalia (if you call it a costume I will shank you) because a) she had a bad leg day and couldn’t dance and b) mine was not ready and made and I JUST REALLY WANTED TO DANCE. (This is also the day I got burnt ON MY FUCKING HAIRLINE WHERE MY HAIR WAS PARTED. THAT FUCKING HURTS!)

Here’s me in my fancy dance shawl. There aren’t that many pictures of me because a) I fucking hated them b) it’s normally seen as disrespectful to take pictures of dancers out of the circle without their permission and my ma and I were always dancing at the same times AND I NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE MY PICTURE AT THIS TIME IN MY LIFE.

So yes, my family is a very rainbow family, I just happen to be the one WHITE passing one. No really…

Here’s me (in the middle if you can’t guess), Bebe and Audree. I like to call this the ABC Rainbow of the Printup family (because my first name is Cheyenne…..I swear our parents DID NOT PLAN THIS). 

And this is another pic of me and Audree YEARS later

Am I Native? Yes

Do I look traditionally Native? No

Does that mean I am not going to label myself as native? HELL TO THE FUCK NO.

Please reblog and share so that people can understand that there are white passing people of color. Yes even some that pass as white as me. We do exist and no that does not give you the right to basically white wash us. I am proud of my native roots and I will share everything and anything you want to know. The more educational resources we can get out there the better. DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHOOT ME AN ASK. I LOVE IT, but please do not be a dick like this one and phrase it so accusingly. Much appreciated, thank you!

Why is raw fucking such a big thing now? Especially when we all know the shit men will overlook in the name of going without a condom??

Like one time I was giving a guy a lap dance and he like, BEGGED me to let him stick his dick in. “Only for a few seconds! Please!” An kept whining when I said no and finally, he asked me, “Why not?”

I told him I didn’t want to. But, I thrive on showing people how ridiculous they are so I pointedly asked him, “Do you have a condom?”

He said, “No, but I’m clean! Are you?”

“Yes,” I said. Then, I said, “How do you know I’m telling the truth?”

“I trust you!”

He’d just met me A MINUTE AND A HALF AGO LIKE sisnajahsjanajiaiajjs MEN ARE SO STUPID y'all!!!!

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Flower Power


A Reggie x Reader where the reader starts giving Reggie a flower each day and he’ll wear it in his hair and lots of fluff please?


A/N: This one was so cute to write, so I hope you guys enjoy. Also sorry for being a bit slow on uploading requests my cat likes to bother me while I write. Tomorrow I’m going to be busy, so don’t expect much tomorrow sorry. Also the reader will be a Lodge in this imagine and is moving in to Riverdale with her family after what her dad did.

Words: 1207

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and she hears all these rumors about Reggie Mantle from her sisters (Veronica) friend Betty, but she believes in goodness in everyone even Reggie.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Reggie and Reader cuteness overload.

Moving was hard, moving away from all your friends and everything you’ve even known and starting from scratch was harder. Your mother Hermione always talked fondly about her time at Riverdale. She and your father grew up there and since your mother had some property there, you were now moving from the radiant awake city that was New York.

What made it easier was your sister Veronica, she was the more stylish one, and you were only a few months apart. She was your partner in crime, you don’t think you could survive without her.

You moved into Riverdale in the middle of the downpour. The chaos of a murderer on the loose and the beloved quarterback Jason Blossom life came to sad end.

Veronica made friends with a sweet girl named Betty in the summer and Betty introduced you to her friends. Kevin had no filter which you loved, Archie was complicated (but he was good at music and hoped to join the football team when school started a bit of a cliché). Jughead Jones the Third he claimed, was a bit of a mystery, but a great writer.

One day you were all hanging out in the park, when you saw him alone with his dog.

“Who’s that?” you interrupted the conversation and pointed at the tall figure with luscious black hair.

“That’s Reggie Mantle” Kevin answered.

“Reggie” you cheered and Veronica gave you a smirk.

“He’s kind of a player (Y/N)” Betty chimed in.

“So is Veronica, that doesn’t mean I can hate and judge my sister” you chuckled as she gave you a nudge in the shoulder as the group laughed.

“He’s also a bully” Jughead spoke while typing away on his laptop.

“Sorry that he bullies you, but bullies do have a reason for bullying even if it’s not the best argument, they have a reason” you reasoned.

“Why’d you think he bullies me?” Jughead retorted as he lifted his eyebrow.

“Oh, just a hunch” you replied with a smile on your face “I’ll be back” you shared with them as you stood up from the bench and walked towards Reggie, not wanting to be empty handed you picked up a daisy from the grass.

“Cute dog, does it have a name?” you gestured at Reggie.

“Vader” he answered as you reached your hand out to give him the daisy as he gave you a puzzled look.

“I come in peace” you reassured as you placed the small flower on his right ear.

“My name is (Y/N)” you pointed out as Vader was running after his tail.

“Reggie, you new around here?” he questioned as he fixed the daisy in his ear.

“That obvious, or is it the fact that in small towns everybody knows everybody” you chuckled.

“Well that, and you’re talking to me” he implied with a small smile.

“Well, I don’t know you and if I listened to what everyone had to say I could miss out on some great things” you claimed with a smile on your face and he chuckled.

You and Reggie actually became great friends. He confided in you on things he’d never say to anyone, you would even go jogging together every morning and you made sure to always have a flower for him, and he always sweetly placed it in his ear. He also promised to leave Jughead alone.

Tomorrow was going to be your first day at Riverdale High. Your mother, Veronica and you occupied the dinner table as Smithers brought you your food.

“So mija” your mother spoke “I heard you have been hanging out with Reggie Mantle a lot” your mother directed at you.

“Yeah, I have, he’s a really great guy” you claimed.

“Rumor has it-” your mother was cut off by you.

“Rumor has it what?! Mom, I cannot stand it when people label people before getting to know them. We are who are, not what people say we are. I am not a corrupt money taker like people claim because of my father’s mistake. Reggie is who he is, he shows a different side to the world and it is a privilege to know the real Reggie. Besides he just lost a friend to a murderer on the loose in your beloved Riverdale mom. I don’t want to hear any more of this.” You ranted and dropped your fork, now at a loss in your appetite because of your mother.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), I- I was out of line, and you are so correct” your mother concluded and Ronnie took your hand in hers.

The school day was about to start and Betty was assigned to show you and Veronica around. Betty pointed you to your first class as you scanned the hallways for Reggie to give him his flower of the day.

“Do you really think he’ll take your flower in front of the whole school and his neanderthals?” Ronnie questioned you as Betty gave you a small smile.

“If he doesn’t, then you were all right. I wasted my time getting to know a great guy who was too scared to show his true self to the world, and I’ll never speak to him again.” You proclaimed.

You left Betty and Veronica and made your way to Reggie who was at his locker with his posse.

“Hey Reg” you spoke up a bit nervous because you were really hoping he wouldn’t turn you down because you enjoyed hanging out with him.

“Hey (Y/N)” Reggie turned away from his posse.

“Hmm, you’re wearing a cap” you gave him a sad smile.

“That’s okay” he answered with a chuckle as he placed the flower on the hole of his snapback.

You couldn’t help but place a huge smile on your face as he showed of his flower of the day for all the school to see.

Later you were home alone your mom was working at Pops and Veronica was trying out for the River Vixens with Betty, since Smithers had just stepped and you jumped when you heard the doorbell ring.

A bit scared since you were binge watching Criminal Minds and there was a murderer on the lose you grabbed a bat and opened the door.

“Whoa! (Y/N) you can but the bat down it’s just me” Reggie removed the bat from your hands and dropped it as you let him in.

“What you got there?” you cheered at the bouquet of flowers Reggie had in his hands.

“Um” Reggie scratched his head as he still had his flower of the day on his forehead clinging from the snapback “I- I was hoping you would accompany me to the homecoming dance this Friday” he confessed as you took the bouquet.

“Oh my god” you gasped at the bouquet.

“Yeah um it has every single flower you have given me” he concluded as you pulled him into a hug.

As soon as he let go you planted a kiss on his soft lips and mentally thanked the universe for letting him into your life no matter what anyone said.

“So that’s a yes” Reggie cheered as you both let go.

“For you, a thousand times over (This is a quote from The Kite Runner)” you smiled.

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meaning of Havana MV

Okay, so…

I. Scene 1: Camila with Juan1 and Juan2

Camila wore YELLOW (THE SUN: LMJ) Notice that Camila’s used the Yellow background in the song cover, as well as on her Fallon performance. Yellow. Like the Sun. Who loves the Sun? LMJ.

As to the characters, Juan 1 and Juan 2, the twins…- At the outset, there are two sides to a person, the side everyone sees and the side that none or only a few select get to see.

Juan 1 could be public Lauren and Juan 2, private Lauren. Now we all know that Lauren values her privacy.

Camila’s rxn to Juan1 on the bed with another woman— g!p usual reaction to Lauren’s PR relationships, thus:

Juan1: Laucy and everyone LMJ’s been paired with. PR. Didn’t we all think that Camila’s heart broke everytime an LMJ PR boy/girlfriend surfaced?

Juan2: the real LMJ. “So now you’re out of the closet?” “Yes, I did it all for you.”

Every now and then we’d come across the theory that indeed Lauren had to come out so Camila’s sexuality wouldn’t suffer further scrutiny. She’s not yet ready. Let her live.

*insert Juan2 proposal: WE ALL KNOW ABOUT THE CAMREN RINGS* — also, this is Lauren. She came out last year (2016) remember.


II. Scene 2: Lele, Grandma.. words of advice. Live your life. Camila going solo, pursuing her dreams, insisting that Havana be released.. she did all that.

III. Scene 3: Havana starts playing. — in the beginning we see Camila dancing with 2 men. I think they’re the beards she’s been paired with, whom she ‘rejected’ see how she pushed them away?

Camila dancing and then singing on stage.— Public figure/Singer/Performer/Celebrity Camila.

IV. Scene 4: ENTER TALL MALE (Noah).— at first we only see his silhouette against THE SUNLIGHT. AGAIN. Sun reference: LMJ. Their attraction became a distraction. Backstage they loved, fought, made up—aka CAMREN off-cam. Note: “NO WAY”. They wanna be together, everyone else doesn’t. The pressure became too much. You know how the story goes…

Scene 5: CAMILA CHOOSES HERSELF OVER LOVER. “I do love you, but I love me more.” Lover drives away, Camila cries.

—- back to reality —

Scene 5: Camila doesn’t like the ending: “So that’s it?? You end up alone??” To which the movie character Camila replies: “if you don’t like my story, GO WRITE YOUR OWN.” And so real life Camila heads out of the theater.

Scene 6: Camila meets TALL MALE IRL (LMJ). Instantly they’re pulled close together, and they dance.— Clearly, they’re MEANT TO BE. They can’t escape their fate. The reason their LIFE PATHS CROSSED IS CUZ CAMREN IS ENDGAME.

(Like what Lauren said about why her favorite song off of 7/27 is “No Way”) ❤️🌹❤️

Thank you for sharing the Havana mv (and your story) with us, Camila Cabello.

Camren is real. Camren is endgame.🦋

“Tame You” - Jay Park X Reader (Smut)

Description: You and your friend have been dating Jay Park and Simon Dominic of AOMG for quite a while before they both decided that their careers were getting in the way of your relationship as their schedules were getting busier by the day. An encounter in a club located in Seoul happens a month after both relationships ended.

  • Word Count: 3827 words

Your hips swayed once more on the beat of a menacingly slow song before you left the dance floor, making your way towards the bar. Your friend lifted her hand in the air to attract the bartender’s attention and she ordered what was probably your favorite drink, seeing as she knew all too well what this little escapade was about. To be fair enough, you both needed it more than you actually thought. It felt good to let go for once. After all, it’s been over a month since it happened and you never got a call or anything close to that. 

Your hand gripped the shot of Jager and you gulped it down, allowing the burning sensation to set in your throat for the third time tonight. 

“Do you think they know we’re in Seoul?” (H/N) asked, eyeing you from behind her cocktail glass as you traced your finger around the mouth of the now empty shot. 

“If they do, they did a poor job of actually finding us,” you rolled your eyes, turning your gaze towards the bartender. Your hand shot up in the air as soon as he looked at you and you motioned for him to bring you another glass of the fiery drink.

 "They come out here frequently, I don’t think they want to find us though, so,“ you shrugged, emptying another shot of Jager, “let’s at least have fun." 

Your heels hit the floor as you got up on your feet and dragged your friend back on the dance floor, swaying your hips once again, catching every note of the song in mesmerizing moves of your body. Your eyelids felt heavy as you closed them and got all caught up in the mood, not even feeling your own breathing but the sound of your heartbeat succumbing to the body-vibrating bass. You forgot all about Jay, about the breakup and the lame excuse he gave you, his whispered "I love you” as you ended the call, tears pouring down your cheeks.

 The animalistic side of you drew you further into the mass of people dancing out of sync as you felt a single presence behind you, imitating your moves.

 "All alone tonight?“ you barely heard the voice over the blasting music. You bobbed your head up and down into a nod, pointing at your friend that was currently too lost in the music to notice, "only with her.”

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day6 ー at the club

jae :
• he’s too pure for this he swears
• apparently his grandma baptizing him repeatedly in their bath when he was 6 wasn’t enough
• he shot gunned 2 beers
• j a e n o
• why is he doing this to himself
• when he’s drunk he either gets really crazy and won’t stop screaming
• or
• he gets really emotional and performs extremely emo poems while sipping on vodka
• is he ok
• keeps calling younghyun ‘bRiOn’ to piss him off

Young K :
• jae keeps touching him
• ‘get ur filthy hands off of me you piece of filth. a plebeian like you does not deserve to touch royalty like me’
• hes fucking talented okay he plays professional musical triangle
• he’s just in the back,, playing his damn triangle
• younghyun
• ur literally a bassist
• shows off his biceps too much
• t o o m u c h
• jae : chOke mE // brian : i will if u continue calling me ‘bRiOn’

sungjin :
• u c a n t s t o p h i m
• why would u want to tho
• wonpil, to brian : you want me to shut that down // brian : nah, i like it, let the little man dance
• jae just keeps encouraging him
• someone save him

wonpil :
• this flufffy ball of pureness doesn’t belong here
• omg he keeps winking at random ppl
• his ultimate goal for the night is to go up and kiss as many strangers on the cheek as possible
• got vEry shy bc someone actually attended to kiss his lips while he was cheek kissing
• ran to jae
• is lying face down on a table
• nobody’s noticed yet
• hes jsut waiting to get kicked out of the club

dowoon :
• mAKNae
• the rest of the members are trying their hardest to protect him
• jae keeps back hugging him
• he’s so u n c o m f o r t a b l e
• lowkey enjoys it tho
• wOt dOes oN thE rOcKs mEan
• is showing off his abs
• younghyun this is ur fault
• sungjin is desperately trying to get him to stop lifting his shirt
• he won’t stop
• w h y
• he’s so shitfaced at the end of the night
• nobody expected it tbh
• cute giggly drunk

Mr and Mrs Skarsgard - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Mr and Mrs Skarsgard

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: Slight angst

Summary: Imagine your best friend, and love of your life, Bill is getting married to another woman and asks for your help in the preparations of the wedding, which ends up with you being the bridesmaid too. You have plans for once the wedding day is over, but what Bill confesses to you changes everything. (Happy Ending)

When imagining planning and going to your best friend’s wedding you always thought you’d be smiling as bright as you could while watching them about to start their life with their significant other. Hearing them exchange vows would make you tear up because of pure happiness and when it came to you making a small speech for them or simply proposing and congratulating them you’d be able to share their own bliss. You’d feel a small pang at having to say a small goodbye but you knew it wouldn’t be the end so it would all be more sweet than bitter. But then again you had never imagined that said best friend would be the love of your life, had you?

And so this day, which you had imagined sometimes, was completely different for you.

You had seen it coming, you had practically seen him fall in love with her and you had tried to keep the smile on your face mostly for him. You had endured it plenty of times before, with both the serious and non-serious relationships of his. You were the best friend, the wing-woman, it was bound to happen, much like you falling in love with Bill, but you had never thought it would turn out to be so hard for you. Just like your feelings for him. He always said you were the most important woman of all to him, the one he would never abandon and you were partially glad about it because he not once had made you feel replaced. But the thing was that your heart no longer ached to be just a friend to him, and watching him feel things for other women that he didn’t for you was a nightmare coming true.

To say it felt like a ton of bricks had been dumped on you would be a huge understatement when Bill, said best friend and love of your life, had not only said he proposed to his girlfriend but she had also said yes. Of course she had, you would have as well in her place, but for a completely different reason. You knew Bill in ways she didn’t and you loved him for more reasons that weren’t this obvious and were more true, but she once more obviously had no idea about. You loved him for him, all of him. And that was the only reason why you made yourself endure this as well, it wasn’t as if you could change it. He was happy, you couldn’t take that away from him when that’s what you always wished for him.

“Everything looks so great, (Y/n), my brother is so lucky to have you in his life.” Alexander breathed out as he took a look around him “He’s be so lost without you.”

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The losers getting high

Richie would totally be the one who came up with the idea and it would definitely not be the first time he got high. He would be even more clingy than normally and would constantly play with Eddie’s hair. He would not talk as much though, because he would be so calm and sweet. He would lie on the ground somewhere just giggling to himself trying to get Eddie to lie down with him.

Eddie would only go with this idea because of his boyfriend’s puppyeyes. He would have the most fun though, getting all hyper and full of energy. He would want to make out with Richie, a lot. He would also do some stupid shit. Like him and Stan would try to steal a signpost or some shit. 

You wouldn’t feel it on Stan as much, because he wouldn’t really change. He would just have zero ability to sense right from wrong. So him and Eddie would try to steal shit. He would get super hungry though and him and Bill would go to mcdonalds and buy way too much food. 

Bill would be a giggling mess. He would be sitting somewhere with Richie laughing so hard at a rock or something. Stan would adore it. Seeing Bill all happy and giddy? Yes please. He would be more touchy feely and Stan would let him because had no sense of reality. 

Man Bev would be all over the place. She would talk to everyone who passed them and she would end up making a deal with some elderly couple to go eat at their house the following day. Of course she would follow up on it and have a nice time. She definitely dances a lot too when she’s high. She just lets loose, a wide grin on her face. 

Ben would be the most hesitant. But when he finally gave in he would be so into it. Ben would turn in to a straight up poet. I mean, the words he would spit out and write down. He would end up trying to hide all the poems the next day but we all know Beverly finds them and she loves them. Ben would be really calm and such a sweetheart. 

Mike would have gotten high before too. You wouldn’t really feel it on him exept he would be so overprotective of all of them. “No Richie, get out of that grass, think about the ants”, “Eddie, Stan get down from that lamppost you could get hurt, jesus christ”, “Bev you don’t know these people please be careful I love you”, “Bill. How much did you smoke buddy?”, “Ben. Think before you speak pls”, like he would be such a mom. 

Imagine being Loki’s wife, a warrior or a goddess and running away from Asgard to have fun on Earth because you are bored.

“Loki? I think you wife ran away again.”

“Yes. She is a charmer, isn’t she?”

And then imagine Loki finding you in a bar, drinking and dancing with some random girls and coming to get you back.

“You seem enjoying yourself.”

“Oh shit… And here I thought I had more time.”

“Let’s go home, Love.”

“Care to join me?”


“Uh, you are no fun.”

“Come with me and I’ll show you what real fun is.”

“Fine… Midgardian booze is crap anyway.”

10 Things I Hate About You AU

Zoe just wants to go on a date to the school dance with the cute girl in her class. That’s literally all she wants. But she’s not allowed to date anyone unless her brother dates someone. Which makes her entire endeavour a fruitless one, because Connor would much rather NOT interact with anyone, let alone date. 

Jared overhears Zoe’s woes and offers her a potential fix - for a price (”Two Grand” “Two thousand dollars?” “Five hundred.” “Look, I got a hundred on me.” “Holy shit.”) and thus begins Jared’s quest of getting Connor and Evan together. 

It starts with him just awkwardly putting them in situations together and then abandoning Evan. Then Evan starts catching feelings and it is a Big Problem. 

Connor and Evan go out and skip school. 
Evan gets to meet the Soft Connor that no one else gets to see. 
Evan helps Connor sneak out of detention and they go on a cute date. 
They definitely sneak into the orchard. 
Connor has no idea why he’s just letting this random guy in. 

Meanwhile, Zoe is off having a grand ol’ time being tutored by Alana and flirting endlessly. 

By the time Homecoming comes around, Evan is like head over heels and really nervously asks Connor to go to the dance with him. Connor rejects him which like.. kills Evan inside. But then Zoe is like “please c’mon I’ll never bug you every again if you just say yes” and Connor gives in and texts Evan to apologize and say yes, he will go. 

When Connor finds out that Jared set up the whole thing at the dance, he thinks Evan is in on it and explodes on everyone. Evan has a full blown panic attack and Jared’s like… oh shit, I fucked up. 

Connor actually does his homework assignment for once and it’s super emo and sad but instead of leaving after reading his poem he sits down and glares at Evan. Evan volunteers to read his next which shocks everyone because! Anxiety! 

He stands up and reads it and breaks down crying through it. And then has a panic attack and Connor realizes that Evan was a victim as much as he was and Evan’s feels are real. 

They kiss and make up and everything is good. 

Fuckboy! Kang Daniel

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“Here I thought I already had everything, but now I know what’s it like to wake up in the morning and experienced the best view.”

  • That fuckboy who works out A LOT and just goes clubbing very often 
  • Works out a lot mainly because that’s how he channels his stress from school & lots of ppl find him way too attractive when he gyms so bonus points for that
  • He won’t be the type to specifically approach a girl but will literally flirt/make out with any girl who approaches him first 
  • his logic is that they are interested in him and knows what’s going to happen so he’s not responsible if they get their hearts break over him
  • He’s the one everyone has their eyes on in the club, not just because he is drop dead gorgeous but he is one of the best dancers there 
  • Honestly, the only reason he goes clubbing is so he can win those dance battles and get extra $$$
  • & ofc get them ladies 
  • You weren’t exactly a party person but you knew how to get loose during the ideal time 
  • Seeing how you ended just finished your mid terms, you knew it was time to get loose and have fun
  • What better way than to go to the club your cousin owns?
  • You were dressed to kill and attracted everyone’s attention when you walked in with your friends 
  • You got yourself a drink to get yourself in the mood as you survey the environment
  • You could see a lot of new faces and wow that cutie at the dance floor was totally your type
  • But you knew from experience that boys like that were honestly the worst to be with as they did stomp on your feelings so you just dance with your friends, having the time of your life
  • While Daniel was busy with his dance battle, he did notice you considering you were one of the only few girls who wasn’t just grinding at some strangers but actually pulling off some sick moves
  • He would be absolutely lying to himself if he wasn’t physically attracted to you
  • Before he could make his way to you, the owner of the club who is good friends with him drag Daniel to a corner, saying how he wanted to introduce his baby cousin to him who was a dance major like him but in a different college and thought you guys would get along really well
  • He was like ‘…… okay’ although all he wanted was to walk to you
  • Little did he know, the owner’s ‘baby’ cousin was indeed you
  • When he made eye contact with you, his palms were getting clammy
  • It wasn’t that you were ‘different’, more like you look like you were having the worst time of your life talking to him
  • To be fair, you were just testing Daniel since well he wasn’t your usual boy-next-door
  • He was honestly freaking out cause it might sound crazy but he was really really attracted to your personality by the end of the night
  • You were a lot smiley later on as you two talked about his cats and you brought up how you were actually working part time at a cat cafe and you seemed to be very carefree when you spoke to him
  • You were just very open to him about your stuff and didn’t seem to actually try to flirt with him as you were more interested to know what was beneath him rather than making out with him 
  • You two exchanged numbers as you left and Sungwoo being the little shit he was, would tease Daniel for having a love struck expression 
  • Two days later, as you tied your apron to start your part time job, you notice how Daniel was waiting at the counter, getting ready to order a drink
  • You did be surprised cause who did expect a boy like to actually remember where you work & what time was your shift
  • He did spend the time playing with the cats in the cafe
  • It did evoke such a fuzzy and warm feeling in your chest 
  • You will probably bring him a complimentary cake on the way and he will thank you while petting a kitten
  • You were just like wtf did the clubbing Daniel go????
  • - He will message you photos of the kitten even if you see them every day
  • But those texts will soon turn into asking how was your day? To you sending videos of your dance practice  
  •  Expect him to come by EVERY single time you were working 
  • At this point, you were just wondering how was he not broke from the constant coffee and cakes he did get from the cafe
  • You decided to let him in for free cause he was attracting a lot of customers anyway  
  • That was when he asked you instead of charging it for free, could you go on a date with him instead? 
  • Of course you said yes and it was a date of the zoo where he did make fun of how his friends resembles a certain animal and you did laugh at all his jokes
  • That was when you realize you were super comfortable with him as more dates came by and although there wasn’t an official title, Daniel just didn’t see any point of looking at other girls when all he could think was making you his
  • When you guys are officially together, every girl basically stood 10m apart from Daniel
  • nobody wanted to mess with you the cause no one wanted to be on the blacklist of the hottest club courtesy of your lovely cousin who was basically shipping you and Daniel 
  • Expect a lot of workout dates and dance battle between you two and lots of cuddles with Rooney and Peter somehow squished in between

Requests are always open & Feel free to inbox me anything at all  ♡

Escape - Chapter One

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and Dean are abducted after a night at the bar and thrown into a maze of horrors. Can Sam track down his brother and girlfriend in time? Can they even hold on that long?~

Sam x Reader, Dean

1,580 Words

Series Warnings: Angst. Show level violence. Graphic gore and blood. Extreme situations that may cause anxiety and fear. Character injury and trauma.

A/N: Strap in, folks. Please note: Any warnings I feel that are necessary for each individual chapter shall be in the hashtags at the bottom so as not to give away the story. Big shout out to @because-imma-lady-assface and @mom-and-popcosmic for their shoulders and ears which I both cried on and screamed into during this process. Much obliged, my darlings. ;) (Heh, look at that, my wifey and husband! ha!) OK… here we go…

~Feedback is the crack that keeps the Writing coming back~

ESCAPE Masterlist ~  My Masterlist  

Chapter One: A Quick Pit Stop In Hell-

Y/N was smiling, drunk and happy, seated between her two favorite people. She laughed at Dean’s ill-timed punchline and let her head fall to Sam’s shoulder. He pressed his lips to her forehead and she sighed, wrapping her hands tighter around his giant bicep. It was a good night.

Dean went on, rambling excitedly about the time he had singlehandedly taken out a nest of eighteen vampires down near Houston. A few too many beers in, he was loud and carefree, pantomiming the encounter and decapitations with wild, waving arms.

“Eighteen?” Sam laughed, shaking his head at his brother. “I seem to remember that it was six.”

Y/N sat up a bit to add her two cents. “Six? Whoa, the first time he told me, it was nine.”

The couple looked at Dean, who scrunched up his face in thought while counting vamps on his fingers. “Four…six…? OK, whatever. It was a lot and I was awesome. You gotta give me that, Sammy.”

Sam nodded and shrugged a bit, letting Dean keep his grand illusions. He was too tired to fight anyway. The trio had been on a hellish road trip for the last two weeks, picking up a new case as soon as the last had ended.

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Requested: BTS Reaction to Twerking Choreography For Your Group In Front of Members

Mommy’s Note: I had so much fun writing this. Also I decided to have more fun with this and add an alone time part *wink wink* :3


You were still rehearsing with your group on stage when Jungkook and the other members came to surprise you with food. Jin had to catch the food Jungkook almost dropped staring at you on stage. You were twerking away and ended it with a wink to your audience and a slap to your ass by another member. Jungkook was fixated on watching you through his hands. He couldn’t believe his sexy girlfriend was dancing like that. Once the song ended you smiled seeing Jungkook and ran over to you. You wrapped your arms around him smirking when you felt something poke you. 

“Kookie! You are here?” You smiled at him.

 Taehyung smirked at the two of you. “You okay Jungkook you look like blood is going someplace else that isn’t your brain.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, and Jungkook gave Taehyung a threatening look. 

“I like your choreography babe.” He stuttered out.

Later when you two are alone while the members are eating together. You were going to change out of your stage outfit when Jungkook came up behind you stopping you. “I loved your dance (Y/N). Can you show it to me again.” He whispered in your ear his voice laced with lust. You smiled and started to shake your ass slower than you did before letting Jungkook enjoy himself with his hands on your hips. You could feel him getting hard pressed against your ass. 

“Oh (Y/N) I need you wrapped around my cock.” He groaned holding you against him. 


When he saw you practicing your choreography with the other group at the rehearsal he instantly started dancing to the music. He loved the way your hips moved and your ass bounced to the music. He couldn’t help but want that ass bouncing on his dick. He didn’t care the other members were staring at you, and when you did you trade mark wink and kiss to the audience he cheered so loud for you.

“Yes! That’s my girl! That’s my (Y/N)!” He cheered. 

You laughed then walked over to him. “I’m guessing you liked it?” 

He smirked putting his hands on your hips; he reached down giving your ass a squeeze. “Oh hell yeah.” He whispered. 

Later when you were in the dressing room while your members had already left. Taehyung walked into the dressing room with a hungry look in his eyes. 

“Oh baby that dance was so hot.” He pulled your half naked body to his. 

You smiled then started to grind your ass against his crotch. “I knew you would like it Taehyung.” 

He licked his bottom lip watching your hips move and ran his hands along your slides to cup your breasts. “I can’t take it (Y/N). I really need you now. Do you think you can be quiet.” 

You moaned softly at  his kneading of your breasts then let out a gasp when he pulled your hair so your neck was exposed to his long pleasurable tongue. 


When he saw you shaking your ass up on stage he would be hiding his face. He hated that the members were there to see you in such a sexual situation. If it was just him he wouldn’t mind, but he hated that all the other members were trying to not stare or were staring at your ass. 

You walked over to him then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You okay?”

Jimin shook his head then grabbed your shoulders. “Why is your dance like that?” He shook you then sighed hiding behind Jin. All the other members were laughing at him and Namjoon sighed. 

“Let’s just eat.” Namjoon spoke through the silence. 

Later when you were in the dressing room Jimin walked in then locked the door.

 “Such a bad girl. Dancing like that. You probably got off on how all the guys were probably aroused by your dancing huh?” He reached behind you slipping his hand down your booty shorts to rub your pantie covered pussy.

You moaned leaning against him as he kept rubbing away at you slick lips. “That’s right moan for my babygirl. Moan like the slut you are for daddy.” 

You kept moaning then he pulled his hand away sitting in one of the dressing room chairs. 

“Show daddy that dance, but slower babygirl. I want to see every step, bounce, and shake.” He had his legs spread a bit on the chair leaning back. 

You started to dance for him slowly rolling your hips then shaking your ass facing away from him. He slapped your ass his cock getting hard in his jeans. “So slutty, but only for me right babygirl?”

You bit your bottom lip while dancing. “Yes daddy.”   


When he saw you twerking on stage for the rehearsal he cheered loudly.

“Yes! That’s my (Y/N)!” He loved your music and everything about you. 

He loved that you were a good dance too. He even started twerking to your music even with the members there. 

You laughed running over to Hoseok when the music was done and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. “I’m so glad you love it Hoseok.” 

He smiled looking at you. “I’m more than loved it baby. I could dance to it all day!” 

You were pulling off your stage clothes when Hoseok stepped in closing the door. You turned your head to look at them then covered your breasts with your arms. Hoseok smirked walking over to you and slowly lowered your arms so your breasts were exposed to his hungry gaze. He circled you slowly taking in your half naked body.

“You are so sexy (Y/N). I loved seeing how your hips moved.” 

Hoseok pulled you towards him by gripping your ass. “You have no idea how much I want to watch your ass bounce on my cock baby. Right here and now.” 


When Jin stepped inside seeing you twerking on stage he was annoyed and embarrassed. The other members stood there with mouths open. He yelled for his members to stop staring as your ass bounced up in down under perfect lighting. The sequin costume showing off your body. He waited patiently when the song was over to walk over to you.

“Is that really the choreography? Who choose that? Did the studio choose it? I talking to them.” He threatened. 

You took his arm shaking your head. “Don’t do anything Jin.” 

He let out a long sigh then took you two the other members, so you all could eat together even though he hated the dance he wasn’t going to hate you or your passion. 

Later when you were taking off the sequin top to show your bare breasts Jin walked in unhappily then closed the door.

“So you really are going through with that dance huh?” He asked filled with a bit of anger.

You sighed. “Yes, Jin. I like the dance. It’s fun. Plus it’s nice to feel sexy sometimes.”

Jin walked over to you putting his hands on your hips then ran them up your sides his fingertips brushing against your breasts. “I just don’t like seeing you sexy for anyone but me. I’m sorry babygirl.”

You smiled enjoying the feeling of Jin’s hands; his hard on was pressed against your ass. You decided to bounce your ass up and down slowly on his half hard cock. “I will always be your sexy girl Jin. No one else will ever touch me like this. I promise.” 

He groaned wanting to stop you for the sake that you were sort of in public, but he couldn’t stop himself from rubbing one of your breasts. “Just as long as its me. I’m fine with whatever you do (Y/N).” 


When Yoongi saw you twerking at the rehearsal on stage he didn’t bat an eye. He knew what this industry meant, and he also knew that you were a grown woman who was sexy. The other members stood their with mouths open. He let out a sigh giving them a look that could kill. They instantly looked at another member on the stage. He didn’t mind your dance. He just hated the way the other guys looked at you. The moment the song was done you ran to Yoongi giving him a big hug and a peck on the cheek.

He smiled at you. “I like your song (Y/N).”

You smiled holding onto him. “Thank you baby!” 

“Let’s eat.” He said walking away pulling you by your hand to the dinning area.

Later you walked into the dressing room seeing Yoongi sitting on one of the chairs in the dressing room. 

“Close the door.” His voice was laced with lust, but he didn’t look at you.

You obliged being a bit nervous then he motioned for you to come towards him; you slowly walked to him.

“Do you know how much the other members were looking at you kitten? I bet you loved the way all the guys got excited when they saw you.” His eyes were watching you, but he didn’t show any emotion.

You shifted not sure what to say. You did get a power high and felt sexy when the guys looked at you dancing.

“Why don’t you give me a little striptease kitten. I want to see how me watching you would make you feel.” 

Your cheeks got red, but you started to dance slowly stripping out of your outfit piece by piece. Yoongi watched quiet and intently. His breathing was starting to get heavy as he watched you.


The moment he saw your hips shake and your ass bounce on stage he had to suppress a groan. His eyes moved to the members who were watching just as intently with some shocked. Namjoon cleared his throat making the members eyes dart from you to another member in seconds. Namjoon waited until the song was over until he walked over to you pulling you close by your hip. 

“I didn’t know that was your dance babygirl. It was very sexy.” He gave your earlobe a nibble before he walked over to the other members with the food his arm wrapped around your hips.

You were in the dressing room getting undressed. Namjoon walked in closing the door and locking it behind him. 

“Come here babygirl.” His voice was thick with lust. 

You walked over to him quickly with your hands covering your breasts wearing only the sequin covered booty shorts. He let out a deep breath looking at you. 

“Look at that sexy body my girl has. That dance you did keeps playing in my mind, but instead of the audience it’s just for me. Do you think you can do that for my babygirl just like that.” He enjoyed the fact you weren’t wearing your top anymore it made it even hotter. 

He sat down at chair waiting patiently for you. Even though you were nervous you started to move your hips just like you did before. He watched biting his bottom lip. He could feel his cock getting hard watching your ass and breasts bounce with every pop and twist with your body. 

Beast (Pt.1/3)

Request:  Hey love! Can I get a Derek Hale smut where the reader and him are married and they have like kitchen smut which leads to table smut and bed smut and shower smut? THANKS

Character: Derek Hale x Reader

Warnings: Very smutty, Language, and SMUT!!!!

“How are you and Derek doing (Y/n)?” Cora asked, her voice muffling through the phone. I bit my lip and smiled while stirring the pasta sauce, a few scenarios popping into my head.

“Well you know, same old Derek.” I laughed cutting off the stove and moving to the fridge, her own laugh resonating through the Bluetooth speakers.

“No silly, I mean how is he like you know in bed?” I almost choked on air as she went silent her breathing the only sound i could hear.

“Cora, are you seriously asking that about your brother..?!” I yelled, while grabbing plates and silverware.

She paused, the line going quiet again as i waited for her answer. “No (Y/n) i meant it like, is he rough or gentle? His past girlfriends always talked to me about it and it kinda just stuck to me for asking his next one. Plus it’s a good bonus to tease him about it. “She casually talked, her tone sounding devious.

My cheeks burned at the mention of anyone else sleeping with him but it simmered after I heard her cough telling me to hurry up and spit it out. “I mean Cora he is a complete beast, like always pressing and pressing until I can no longer go anymore. And holy shit the things he does to me when he takes control is nothing I have ever felt before, he just makes it so easy to fall in love, every-time he whispers in my ear or every-time he leaves bruises from the night before. Now those are the best part.” I rambled my head racking all those steamy nights and all that glorious fucking.

“Whoa, (Y/n) a little too much in don’t you think?” She whistled, making me sputter with laughter as i set up the table, my mind still replaying all of our moments.

“I mean you did ask Cora.” Said another voice. I swiftly turned seeing Derek in the doorway his wolf blue eyes staring into mine, a smirk playing around on his lips. The room went dead as we had a staring contest.

“Um hey Der.” She stammered, not really sure of what to say. He didn’t waver as his eyes gripped onto mine, making me uneasy as i moved around the table finding something to fiddle with. Why was i feeling so weird? We were married for crying out loud! I shouldn’t feel so queasy, but somehow i do.

“Hello my dear sister. Would you mind leaving me and (Y/n) alone for a little while? How about just calling again tomorrow.” He voiced his body moving over towards the phone, eyes still watching me like a hawk. I gulped my chest tightening as anticipation washed over me.

“Yeah sure b-.” She didn’t get to finish because Derek hit the ‘End call’ button. He then leaned against the counter arms crossing while still studying my eyes. I cleared my throat finally breaking eye contact as I grabbed the pasta, plating the food. I could feel my body melting as he still stared, my nerves coming loose. Finally having enough of his torture I looked back at him, his body still rigid.

“Okay Derek give it up, how much trouble am I in?” I huffed my arms now crossing my chest mimicking my childish husband. He smiled his white teeth making my knees wobble. He finally walked over to me placing both hands on the table, trapping me. His eye color never changed as he opened his lips to speak.

“Is it true what you told Cora?” He muttered amused as his eyes glowed brighter. I sighed, my body slacking as the stress of worrying left my shoulders. Looking up at him I smiled, my mood already changing.

“What parts exactly?” I teased, my hands coming up his chest slowly.

He glanced down watching my hands, the air he took in coming out short. Dragging his eyes up to mine again he let a cool smile dance its way onto his face, lips jutting out like he was going to kiss me.

“The parts about me being a beast and how you love the bruises i leave you with.” He whispered head leaning in so he could kiss my ear. I closed my eyes the feeling of him replacing all rational thoughts with non-rational thoughts. He chuckled knowing that his presence does something to me. It always has.

“Yes Der fuck. Yes they’re all true. Even the part where I want you to take me now.” I moaned, gripping onto the back of his neck and smashing my lips with his. He growled his hands moving from the table to my body, his right holding my back and his left squeezing my hip. We moved together my body inching more onto the table, Derek leaning up just to knock everything off. He then seductively crawled up to me, his tongue licking my lips before he entered my mouth again.

By that time my tank was ripped off and my sweats along with it, Derek not holding back on me like he did all the times before. I felt my legs shake as he glided his hands down my thighs, his teeth biting into my nipple. My body was heated as he massaged my clit, his tongue dancing  around each breast, while my whimpers held in the air. It was a magical thing really that he could make me unravel with just the simplest of touches.

“Oh baby where do you want me now?” He groaned his eyes shut while his lips kissed my stomach. His left hand working on my clit while his right held my thigh open. Shit, where did i want him? I gripped onto his hair, tugging his face upwards as i motioned for his lips to meet mine. He obliged, my overly-hot skin meshing with his clothes creating a very nice friction.

He leaned up slowly, his kisses dragging along my abdomen and lower as he fully sat up taking off his too-tight shirt off.  I watched in awe as he climbed off the table, yanking off his jeans and boxers, staring a hole straight through me. I decided to be bold and trail my hand down to my heat, my fingers instantly rubbing the bundle sending me into a frenzy. Derek’s eyes were hooded as he grabbed his dick, pumping it while watching me work myself. “Fuck (Y/n).” He groaned his hand moving faster as I stuck in two fingers. This was the hottest thing we have ever done. I felt like i was on cloud nine as I spread myself further and dug in a little deeper.

I saw it on Derek’s face that he was close, so i egged him on hoping to spark something. “Cmon baby cum for me. Make it shoot all over me please, shit i need this Der cmon.” I pleaded my own orgasm reaching through me. He belted out my name as he climaxed, his liquids indeed spilling onto me. I came as well, my fingers squishing as i milked myself. Derek pulled my hand away and brought it to his mouth, popping in my fingers and sucking like no-other. It almost made me cum again.

“God-damn i love you.” He spoke, grabbing my hair and yanking it down, his teeth biting into my neck. I let out a mewl as i wrapped my legs around him, his dick hard again. I gripped onto it whist he was occupied and started to rub the tip. He jerked up his body trying to come closer as he gripped my throat, his eyes cast down into mine. “Let’s take this upstairs shall we?” He rasped his hands going under my thighs.

Language, Cupcake! (Dean Ambrose) One Shot

Originally posted by temomi

Characters: Dean Ambrose X Reader

Prompt Request: Request by @thenameskaelyn

168: “You’re in trouble now”
170: “Bend over”
179: “First one to make a noise loses”
181: “If you’re bored; Wanna have sex?”

Warnings: Smut. 200000000% ALL smut. #noshame

Word Count: 3.3k

Tag List!! ; @ambrosegirlforever | @valeonmars | @thebadchic | @nickysmum1909 | @vsturgeon5489 | @jade4062022 | @rebelfleur22 @seths-skinny-jeans | @lakama15 | @southernbelle24 | @wwefangirlllll | @spiderman2289 | @nickie-amore | @blondekel77 | @princess3733 | @toosweetme | @unabashedwwesmut | @iwannadiehere | @mandazord | @reigns420 | @sfreeborn | @shieldlovereve | @isawthesights | @cam0flug3 | @cfloyd776 | @ashleyvc88 | @xfirespritex | @taryndibiase | @alexahood21 | @itsnethbellins | @castielscamander | @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues | @sleepsiehollowreads | @etherealmoonlight | @florenceivy | @georgiadean37 | @siren-songx

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged! I’d be more than happy to add you! :)

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Bts reaction to you being pregnant.


*you tell him you’re pregnant*


*starts dancing*

“Daddy Jeon in the motherfucking house!”

*you give him a death stare because of the swear words*

“I mean daddy Jeon in the house y’all!”


“What we’re pregnant!”

*goes and carries you*

“Ahh Jagi I’m sorry I didn’t mean to carry you!”

“Sorry baby, daddy will be more careful with mommy!”


“What you’re pregnant!”

*you nod yes*

“But how is that possible,we had safe sex!”

*you get sad because you noticed he isn’t happy*

“Ahh Jagi you didn’t let me finish! I’m happy you’re pregnant, let’s go spread the news and I’ll try to be the greatest dad!”


*starts crying of excitement*

“Jagi, sweetie!?”

*you nod to him*

“I’m going to be a dad!!! I’m so happy!!lets go tell everyone!”


“Ahhh I’m going to be a daddy! That means I’ll have a replica of me!”

*you give him a confused look*

“I’ll be able to tell someone my funny dad jokes and I’ll be the most handsome dad ever!”


“We’re pregnant Jagi?!!”

*gets his car keys and wallet*

“Let’s go buy baby clothes,the crib,car seat, bottles,strollers,diapers,wipes,toys,and blankets!”

“Tae I’m not even a week old!”


“Ahhhh I’m going to be the best daddy ever!!”

*goes to every members dorms*

“Guys I’m going to be a daddy and you’re all going to be uncles!!!”

stuff I appreciate on “Yuri on Ice”
  • Yuri is a character that struggles with his weight, and he is a professional athlete. This isn’t a one time comment or information from an interview, it is an actual character trait and something as simple as showing what Yuri eats maintains this consistently.
  • Yuri had a bit of a crush on Yuko when they were children, but the fact they never got together doesn’t mean they are no longer friends; they care for each other, for each other’s families, root for each other and are always happy when the other is happy
  • on top of that Yuko is married to Takeshi, and Takeshi is a good friend of Yuri’s as well. The Nishigori marriage are easily Yuri’s closest friends in Japan and their daughters are fans of him too.
  • Yuri doesn’t get on Yurio’s level whenever Yurio is mean to him, the only time Yuri competes against Yurio is on the rink when they are skating cause they are both professional skaters. Yuri, an adult, does not fight a teenager but doesn’t let him win either.
  • Yuri’s friends support Yurio as well. Even if Yurio is still pissed at Viktor, Yurio does communicate with Yuko and her family and doesn’t treat them badly for being Yuri’s friends.
  • this may seem like a small thing but, the main pairing in this show is made out of two adults. Yes it may not seem like much but if this was any type of Yaoi, a literal child would wind up portrayed as the one having a romance with his coach.
  • Yuri’s problems are stated as being psychological. Mental and emotional issues affect your life and it is ok to portray that.
  • Yuri’s previous coach still talks to him and is proud of him, same as his ballet teacher. Just because you changed careers or are trying something new, that doesn’t mean that all the people you knew before are gone from your life.
  • Yurio is not used to loosing, but upon loosing to someone else that he looked down on he changed strategies and stepped up his game.
  • Yuri is not afraid to be selfish anymore. People praise selflessness, but that shouldn’t come in the way of not moving forward. Yes you can want someone else’s affection, you deserve to win at what you are working on, you deserve to feel important and to not let others tell you otherwise.
  • you can be an adult and still decide to do something new with your life
  • Yuri’s parents don’t know anything about his career besides “he got a good rank we guess”. I actually relate to this a lot cause no one in my family has the same career as me, not even distant cousins, so there’s only so much of what I do that they can actually understand.
  • that said, just because they don’t get it, this doesn’t mean they don’t support it. Sometimes all your parents know to do with what you like is tell you “sure go ahead” and that’s a form of encouragement. They found a dance teacher for Yuri and let him ice skate (which is probably not cheap) and they always watch his competitions.
  • this is an international competition. And we have people from at least 3 continents representing that. A character from Thailand? can’t remember seeing that elsewhere, a dude from Switzerland? Azerbaijan too? the Chinese boy is not a kung fu stereotype? and the American one is Latino?!?!? yes please
  • Yuri is one of those people who downplay themselves so much, that they can’t imagine other people thinking that they are amazing. But yes, you are amazing, someone thinks so, and it is ok to not fully believe that yourself at first, but don’t discourage others from looking up to you as they have their reasons for doing so.
Two Nights Stand Part 4

Summary: (Modern Au) After a bad breakup, your roommate insists that you need to a one night stand to end your dry spell. Following her advice, you have a bad one night stand with Bucky Barnes, but what happened when you are forced to spend time with him?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1617

Warnings: This is vaguely inspired by a movie of the same name. In the future, the series will be having smut so be warned. This chapther has talking about cheating.

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Credits to the gifs owners

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Do you want to play 20 questions?” He laughs while stealing your m&m’s. “How old are we? Sixteen?” He says playful, taking a sip of his beer “Come on, Bucky. We are stuck in here and we have nothing else to do. Is there any better way to get to know each other?”

“Fine, but I go first, princess. What do you do for a living?” You look at him, you didn’t know that he would ask serious questions. You were imagining he would ask fun ones, definitely related to sex ones.

 “I work for a law firm, it’s a really boring job but it pays the bills.” You answer smiling at him before you can make your own question he asks you again.  “And what would you like to do for living? You look like someone who would like to be a writer or a doctor.”

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