dancing with the stars: all stars

MBTI types as things in the sky

ENFJ: The rising sun on a summer morning.

ENFP: A constellation pointed out by friends star gazing.

ENTJ: A jet breaking the sound barrier.

ENTP: A super nova, releasing all of its star power.

ESFJ: A shooting star, holding on to a wish.

ESFP: A meteor shower passing over a summer camping party.

ESTJ: A satellite, precisely orbiting the earth.

ESTP: A distant planet waiting to be explored.

INFJ: The Northern Lights, dancing in the sky.

INFP: The Moon, both its illuminated side and its dark side.

INTJ: A cumulonimbus, majestically brewing from the storm inside.

INTP: A black hole, both mysterious and mesmerizing.

ISFJ: A rainbow after a spring shower.

ISFP: A colorful hot air balloon flying at dawn.

ISTJ: The International Space Station looking over an hurricane on planet earth.

ISTP: A parachute, deploying gracefully and falling freely.

i forgot to mention that one of the dance off songs is inexplicably “just the way you are” by bruno mars. unlike the others, the lyrics aren’t changed to be star wars-y at all. in fact it has nothing to do with star wars in the slightest except that han and lando are presumably singing it to each other and the creators wanted to throw in a tribute to their epic love

The Odyssey
Pauline (Nintendo)
The Odyssey

Here we go! Off the rails!

Did you know? Its time to raise our sails!

It’s freedom like you never knew!

Don’t need bags, or a pass!

Sail away- I’ll be there in a flash!

You could say my hat is off to you!

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon from this great, wide, wacky world!

Jump with me!

Grab coins with me!

Oh yeah!

It’s time to jump up in the air!

(Jump up in the air!)

Jump up, don’t be scared!

(Jump up, don’t be scared!)

Jump up and your cares will soar away!

And if you jump outside this world!

(Jump outside this world!)

Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ‘cause -

I’ll be your 1-up girl!

So lets all jump up super high!

(Jump up super high!)

High up in the sky!

(High up in the sky!)

There’s no power-up like dancing!

You know that you’re my super star!

(You’re my super star!)

No one else can take me this far!

I’m flipping the switch!

Get ready for this! Oh!

Let’s do the Odyssey!

Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see!

Odyssey! Odyssey!


Hey, everyone! 

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congratulations on the announcement of P5DSN! (´▽`*)

The Signs as Beautiful Things in the Universe
  • Aries: Two galaxies colliding together, the arms of them tangling up creating a cascade of stars in a bright disarray
  • Taurus: Stardust compressing together to form a new star after years of its clouds making forms you can only hope to identify as shapes
  • Gemini: A light hole and a black hole next to each other, eating and creating spacetime all at once until you cannot tell what is destruction and what is creation anymore
  • Cancer: A solar flare that launches beyond its star system, the threads of an alien sun tangling outer planets as it dances throughout the universe
  • Leo: A storm on a planet with such a radically different atmosphere, that the rain is shaded rainbow and the clouds eternally colored sunset, this hurricane having lasted for over a thousand years
  • Virgo: Sitting atop a rogue planet which does not have a solar system to call home, watching the most perfect view of the stars that has ever been before it finally reaches a star, experiencing the first sunrise in this planet's three-billion year history
  • Libra: Sitting atop a moon that orbits a planet made of diamond, so when the sun lines up, it shines brighter than even galaxies
  • Scorpio: The planets of a system with over a thousand satellites align, seeing one of the few pieces of perfect symmetry in the universe
  • Sagittarius: Sitting on a planet where the rain is made of glass, the gravity being light enough so it won't hurt you when it lands, the sunset reflecting off each of the slow-falling pieces into a cascade of colors
  • Capricorn: Planets that orbit a black hole perfectly, moving slower than the rest of the universe but also meaning they last longer, allowing them to flourish for near eternity
  • Aquarius: Watching a meteor that's been travelling for eons so large it picks up smaller satellites along the way, travelling in an endless vortex across a thousand alien night skies
  • Pisces: The center of a point in the universe where colors unimaginable surround you, the stars highlighting cosmic dust that makes you feel like you're not watching clouds, but celestial titans with no form