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Hi! Can I ask you for prompt 94?

Hi anon! Sorry for the delay. I hope you enjoy 😃

Sheldon held his hand out to his bride. They had just enjoyed a wonderful meal surrounded by family and friends under the stars, and now they were ready for their first dance as husband and wife. As they made their way to the makeshift dance floor, far away from the cliff overlooking the ocean where they had exchanged vows, Penny’s excited voice caught the attention of all the guests.

“Shooting star! Make a wish!”

All heads turned toward the burst of light traveling across the clear night sky. All, that is, except for one.

Sheldon rolled his eyes. “Look at them, Amy. It baffles me how these people make such a huge deal over something so foolish.” When she didn’t respond, he turned his head to her and caught her staring along with everyone else. “A shooting star is just a meteor; it can’t grant wishes. You don’t actually believe in this malarkey?”

Her eyes met his as the object sailed across the sky, out of sight, and the first notes of their song began playing. She wrapped her left arm around his waist and swayed to the music with him. “Didn’t you ever feel there was something magical about the mysteries of the universe?”

He twirled her around. “No.”

“Not even as a child?”

“My scientific curiosity prompted me to study the facts about the mysteries of the universe. Magic is nothing more than trickery and deception.”

“Perhaps, but it provides enjoyment and hope in a sometimes-confusing world.”

He snorted in derision then thought better of it. This was their wedding, afterall. Everything had gone according to plan. It was even better than he had imagined. The ceremony was beautiful, the woman in his arms was beautiful, and even the setting was beautiful. He wasn’t about to ruin their perfect day, so he urged her to continue.

“The first time I remember seeing a shooting star was when I was four years old. My father pointed it out when we were sitting on our porch drinking lemonade on a warm summer night, much like this one.” She paused as he twirled her again. “He told me to make a wish.”

“What did you wish for?”

Her cheeks flushed a deep red. “I wished for a pony because that’s what all the girls in daycare always talked about.”

“Really, Amy?”

“I know. It seems silly now, but I didn’t know what else to wish for.”

“What other wishes have you made over the years?”

“When my parents divorced two years later, I wished for them to get back together,” she said wistfully, resting her head on his chest. “For the next five years, that’s all I wished for every time I saw one. After that, I realized it wasn’t going to happen and came to terms with the situation.”

“Then you determined that wishing on a star was useless, and you never did it again?”

“No, I continued. It made me feel closer to my father, and I hadn’t given up hope that wishes could come true. I just began wishing for other things.”

“Such as?”

“Friends, a boyfriend, eventually a husband…” she lifted her head to gauge his reaction. He was studying her, as if seeing her for the first time, or maybe he was wondering what he had gotten himself into.

“What did you wish for tonight?” He asked.


He furrowed his brow. “Nothing?”

“I didn’t have to make a wish because now I have everything I’ve ever wanted. I have great friends, a job I love, and now I’m married to the love of my life.”

He pulled her closer and lowered his lips to hers. “I love you Amy Farrah Fowler-Cooper, quirks and all,” he whispered when they came up for air.

“I love you, too.” 

As they glided together, holding each other tight, Sheldon lifted his eyes to the sky. Though he didn’t believe in wishes or magic, he appreciated the fact that the stars had figuratively aligned, and he was here tonight with his perfect match. The fact that they had found each other and had arrived at this point was another mystery of the universe, one that he wouldn’t attempt to solve with scientific curiosity because the hows and whys were irrelevant.


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The Odyssey
Pauline (Nintendo)
The Odyssey

Here we go! Off the rails!

Did you know? Its time to raise our sails!

It’s freedom like you never knew!

Don’t need bags, or a pass!

Sail away- I’ll be there in a flash!

You could say my hat is off to you!

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon from this great, wide, wacky world!

Jump with me!

Grab coins with me!

Oh yeah!

It’s time to jump up in the air!

(Jump up in the air!)

Jump up, don’t be scared!

(Jump up, don’t be scared!)

Jump up and your cares will soar away!

And if you jump outside this world!

(Jump outside this world!)

Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ‘cause -

I’ll be your 1-up girl!

So lets all jump up super high!

(Jump up super high!)

High up in the sky!

(High up in the sky!)

There’s no power-up like dancing!

You know that you’re my super star!

(You’re my super star!)

No one else can take me this far!

I’m flipping the switch!

Get ready for this! Oh!

Let’s do the Odyssey!

Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see!

Odyssey! Odyssey!


congratulations on the announcement of P5DSN! (´▽`*)

The Signs as Beautiful Things in the Universe
  • Aries: Two galaxies colliding together, the arms of them tangling up creating a cascade of stars in a bright disarray
  • Taurus: Stardust compressing together to form a new star after years of its clouds making forms you can only hope to identify as shapes
  • Gemini: A light hole and a black hole next to each other, eating and creating spacetime all at once until you cannot tell what is destruction and what is creation anymore
  • Cancer: A solar flare that launches beyond its star system, the threads of an alien sun tangling outer planets as it dances throughout the universe
  • Leo: A storm on a planet with such a radically different atmosphere, that the rain is shaded rainbow and the clouds eternally colored sunset, this hurricane having lasted for over a thousand years
  • Virgo: Sitting atop a rogue planet which does not have a solar system to call home, watching the most perfect view of the stars that has ever been before it finally reaches a star, experiencing the first sunrise in this planet's three-billion year history
  • Libra: Sitting atop a moon that orbits a planet made of diamond, so when the sun lines up, it shines brighter than even galaxies
  • Scorpio: The planets of a system with over a thousand satellites align, seeing one of the few pieces of perfect symmetry in the universe
  • Sagittarius: Sitting on a planet where the rain is made of glass, the gravity being light enough so it won't hurt you when it lands, the sunset reflecting off each of the slow-falling pieces into a cascade of colors
  • Capricorn: Planets that orbit a black hole perfectly, moving slower than the rest of the universe but also meaning they last longer, allowing them to flourish for near eternity
  • Aquarius: Watching a meteor that's been travelling for eons so large it picks up smaller satellites along the way, travelling in an endless vortex across a thousand alien night skies
  • Pisces: The center of a point in the universe where colors unimaginable surround you, the stars highlighting cosmic dust that makes you feel like you're not watching clouds, but celestial titans with no form