This is definitely one of my favorite freestyles ever.


Rashad & Emma || I Lived

The only way you can know, you give it all you have…


Normani and Val Season 24 Week 10 Finale Night 1 - Freestyle

Final Predictions

Yes! I couldn’t finish the season without predicting the order placement of tonight as I always do. All of the final votes have been cast and we only have one set of scores left to add. Rashad and Normani will more than likely get a 40. David might get one or they might give him a 36. He’ll get no lower than a 36 though. This means that nothing will really change and what we have decided last night, will be the result. So let’s just get this prediction over with.

3rd place-David and Lindsay: So I will say this. I think David and Lindsay have a legit shot at actually getting second. But it’s safest and most logical to put him at 3rd. And David will be completely fine with that. I think every week since week 4, he’s been grateful to still be on. These two had a great season and really connected with the audience. 

2nd place- Normani and Val: As I said last night, the producers really stayed out of last night. Val gave Normani two less than stellar dances to perform last night. And while she did a good job, nothing was all that memorable. She also went second, between two very memorable freestyles and the judges were very conservative with their positive comments for her. I know people think that the Harmonizers are gonna make a huge difference. But the more I think about, the more I realize that they’re not gonna be that big of a difference maker.  Courtney from Pure really put things into perspective with a tweet doing some simple math and showing the power voters for 5H are really just a drop in the bucket. I won’t include the link to the tweet because most of you won’t be able to see it. Also, ABC’s website didn’t crash this time around. So while I think they may be able to hold off David, I highly doubt she can get the win. She would have been in a better place had her pro not completely dropped the ball on both of her dances.

Champions- Rashad and Emma: Those packages last night combined with the time they got with Erin, the praise, the scores, the order placement and just how amazing that freestyle was, was enough to make me almost (but not quite 100%) confident that Rashad is going to win this season. Emma has never won this show and Rashad has never won anything (his words, not mine) and the show made sure to make that clear to us. His phone line was even busy for me last night. And that never happens when I vote. So I say all of that to predict that Rashad and Emma will be the champions of Season 24.

Let me know your thoughts and I will be on here later tonight.

iamvalc: I’m so proud of you. I’m so impressed by you. I’m so grateful for you. It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing you blossom seeing you grow seeing you be graceful and grateful all at the same time. Love your drive. Love your talent, and I can’t wait to cheer you on for many many years to come. My Normanichka, you’re a star! Never forget it! ❤️ #teamvalmani #dwts #18008683410 #tillwedanceagain