dancing with the stairs

Who You Belong To

Draco Malfoy x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, oral sex, jealous Draco

Tags: @xx-thefandomssavedme-xx, @capsbuchanan, @justareader, @jarnesbrnes, @bovaria, @buckys-shield

Summary: Draco and you go to the ball but not together, but you do leave together.

A/N: Gryffindor reader because that’s how it needs to be to let this story work out.

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Poses Sims 4

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Get Together Expansion Pack

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Toddlers  NEW*

me: Natasha Pierre and the great comet of 1812 is a revolutionary show, and it’s truly like no other production that has graced Broadway. The set and the physical layout is remarkable, every audience member can feel immersed in the story around them. It’s so much different than watching a musical happen on a big stage, from an audience. The characters even interact with the people in the stage seating in certain parts of the show. That really highlights the true intention and meaning of live theatre- to make the audience feel. To evoke emotion in them, some way; To connect with them. this show achieves that perfectly only partly due to how it’s set up. 2nd, it takes Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and modernizes it in a way that doesn’t take away from the story or the beauty of the time period. This show uses electro-pop, synthetic sounds and it also showcases amazing voices and beautiful orchestrations. To mix two totally opposite music genres and make it work is such a hard thing to pull off, something no Broadway show has done, but they did it amazingly!! Also, Josh Groban and Denee Benton have the voices of angels. Really, everybody we hear sing in this musical has such a UNIQUE, beautiful and distinct voice. You wouldn’t get Gelsey Bell’s voice confused with Britain Ashford’s. You wouldn’t confuse Lucas Steele’s voice with Nick Choksi’s. They’re all so talented, unique, and like nothing you’ve heard before. That’s pretty special. Did I mention that the ensemble consists of people dancing, acting, singing, and PLAYING INSTRUMENTS?? Seriously, the ensemble members, just as talented and hardworking as the principals, play their own instruments while doing a very vocally demanding and physically demanding show (all those stairs, all those dance numbers..) Incredible. Also something about this show that’s different from many others is it’s diversity. Set in 19th century Russia, 2 remarkable african American stars (Denee Benton and Okieriete Onaodowan) play the title characters Natasha and Pierre. These characters relate in no way to stereotypes/ harmful stigmas around black people, which is so refreshing and SO MUCH BETTER than seeing POC just represented as thugs or bad/ nasty people. Natasha’s relationships throughout the show are all interracial, and still, none of these things bear stereotyping or any acknowledgement to the political side of things. There’s plenty of friendships, relationships, and families in this show that don’t have a barrier of race/ ethnicity, and I’m so glad to see that. The show also has some casual LGBT inclusion. ensemble members are paired with those of the same gender to dance with. The costumes in the ensemble anyways don’t follow strict rules of gender. Helene Bezukhov and Marya Dmitrievna canonically make out. The casualness of LGBT and POC representation makes it so much better, because it points out the fact that that’s the way that people are. Normalize it. Straight+ cis+ white isn’t the “default” or the “normal.” Anyways, there’s so much more I could talk about. between the music, the overall nature of the show, and the underlying themes it’s really just remarkable and I-

Taxi driver: We’re here

hey friends!! a lot of you ask me for tips on things all the time + this is just some really good advice i’ve learnt throughout my years of being a student shared with you:


  • study frequently so when exams/tests come by you only need to revise your shorter notes [you will thank yourself later]
  • i know it’s tedious but try to always do your homework [it’ll help you in the long run]
  • do your readings before class, this will help you understand better!!
  • use time wisely, for example study on the bus on the way to school [i really like doing this]
  • teach yourself material by giving lessons to soft toys or maybe using actual tools found in your household [i like using this method particularly for biology especially with water]
  • if you have to read to revise, read aloud
  • record yourself to be able to listen later when on the bus or something [i like doing this with poetry]
  • make sure to always get enough sleep, it’s not worth it losing sleep over studying! [also i find it better to wake up a little early to revise than sleep late]
  • incense works wonders if you’re trying to calm yourself down whilst studying
  • keep a hot beverage around when you’re studying + reward yourself by drinking a little bit of it when you want to
  • get rid of distractions while you’re studying, put your phone on flight mode or leave it to charge somewhere
  • if music doesn’t hinder your attention span, then listen to it whilst studying/doing homework [i suggest classical music/coffee shop noises/rain sounds] ~ [my spotify playlist // classical favourites // get ur studying on // flourishment]
  • watch videos on a particular topic before you cover it in class
  • if your syllabuses are available online, download them + print them out
  • have an organised desk, it helps you feel less stressed
  • use the pomodoro technique to study
  • make sure you have good lighting
  • work out past exam papers if they’re available to you, these are really good practice for your exam!
  • talk to your teachers during their office hours if you need to, that’s what they’re there for
  • if you’re too afraid to do the latter, send them an email when you need them!
  • have different files for every subject to keep you organised
  • don’t neglect any subject- just give them the time they need + prioritise
  • use a planner/bullet journal to help you plan your week

school stuff

  • smile at people, you have no idea how much it could brighten their day [plus your smile is great!!!]
  • always keep a water bottle handy
  • make your school lunch in the evening so you can sleep a bit more in the morning + not spend your money on school lunches
  • always take your headphones + charger to school [if they’re allowed]
  • keep some emergency money or something in your pencil case, you never know when you might need them!
  • if you menstruate make sure to keep a bag with stuff for when you’re menstruating [if not for you, maybe your friends may need something too]
  • take naps on the bus if the journey is long [make sure you don’t sleep + end up on the other side of the city/country]
  • if you have free lessons, utilise them! do your work at school if it can be done there so you are able to study/relax at home!
  • always take a book with you to school just in case you ever get bored
  • go to a guidance counselour if you need one [they can help with practically anything you may need!] 
  • go to private tutoring lessons if you need them/can afford them

personal life

  • take pictures, lots of them!!! not just for instagram or something, they’re actually a really great memory
  • don’t forget to visit your relatives every now and then
  • watch the news/read articles to help you stay in touch with the real world
  • don’t worry so much about social media honestly from experience, it’s trivial anyway. indulge yourself in the real world + spend time with family and friends!!
  • don’t compare yourself to others, you’re not them + they are not you!
  • try to get some exercise done, even if it’s just using the stairs instead of a lift or dancing around in your room
  • always keep yourself hydrated
  • remember to take a day off once a week, it’ll help you avoid burnout
  • eat fruits/nuts as a snack!! 

+ my masterposts

these are all practically all the tips i can remember!! i hope they help a lot of you out <3 good luck with school 

-helena xx

Seeing Red (Harry Hook X Reader)

A/N: This is my first imagine so I hoped you guys like it! Let me know what you think! (P.s - I feel like I got slightly too into this and might have got a little carried away)
Words 2896
Requested: Yes!

Prompt: #10
A: (whispering to B) I’m going to kill her. I’m going to rip her pretty little head off of her pretty little…
B: (whispering to A) Come on calm down. It’s not that bad. Calm down. Look it’s fine…C is leaving anyway
C: ( kisses D)
B: Well shit
A: (to B) hold my hoops I’m going in (takes out ear rings) LISTEN UP BITCHES!

You had never really realised how much you hated the word “Princess” until the VK’s arrived from the isle. Sure, before they came, the title had been thrown around to stop you from participating in the sports you wanted, and you had become accustomed to hearing the phrases ‘Princess’ don’t fight", ‘Princess’ don’t swear" or “Princess’ don’t take their anger out on other people” whenever you let the ladylike persona everybody expected from you slip. You weren’t like the rest of the kids in Auradon, your parents Tiana and Naveeen may have been King and Queen, but they had raised you to be down to earth, giving you the normal life you craved now you were at Auradon Prep. Everything you wanted, you used to have to work for. That’s how it was and that’s how you liked it, there was no way you were going to be the snotty spoilt stereotype of a princess. You were far too feisty to simply sit on a thrown , quietly ignoring all that was going on in the world, so your heart hurt when the only classes you were allowed to take at Auradon were Sewing and Embroidery, Royal Etiquette and a whole host of other obnoxiously regal subjects. It really wasn’t a surprise to anybody when you protested “peacefully” to take chemistry and fencing lessons like the rest of the kids. It was safe to say you had always disliked the word princess but you never realised it could be used as an insult until the children of the villains arrived.

“Have any of you guys seen Harry?” You asked, pulling a chair beside Uma and Gil in the cafeteria. You had become unlikely friends with the pirates since they got there, despite what the other AK’s thought about them.
“No, actually. We were about to ask you the same thing” Uma said, setting down her sandwich and turning towards you.
You gave her a puzzled look. The first mate was never far away from his Captain so it was alarming that none of you could place where the red cladded pirate had gone.
“Is it just me or has he been disappearing a lot lately?” You said, your mind drifting to recall the last time you actually saw Harry.
The two of you had a very strange relationship, it was apparent to everyone you were completely infatuated with each other and at times you almost acted like a couple, yet somehow nothing had happened. You weren’t together but you weren’t not. You weren’t dating, but you weren’t single.
“Maybe he’s not disappearing, maybe he’s just invisible!” Gil exclaimed, throwing down the hard boiled egg he was peeling.
Uma raised an eyebrow at him.
“What guys? I’m completely serious. He’s spending all that time with Mal, maybe he got her to do a spell and now he’s…”
He was jabbed in the ribs by Uma before he could finish.
“Wait, he’s spending time with Mal? Mal? I thought they hated each other.” You said, a very evident bitter tone in your voice.
Uma leaned forwards, slamming her hands on the table as she spoke.
“Precisely what I thought. Clearly he’s forgot about the whole shrimp incident” You shot her a sympathetic look. “But I wouldn’t worry about it Y/N, he was just getting homework answers the last time they were together”.
You relaxed and exhaled a breath you didn’t know you were holding. Harry wasn’t about to go running off into the sunset with the purple haired villain which suited you just fine.
“It’s not like I care too much anyway” you lied, which seemed to amuse both Gil and Uma. “I just wanted to ask him about… You know tonight”
“Tonight? What do you want to do tonight? If you’re finally going on a date you’ll have to re-schedule it Y/N! It’s Cortillion and we have to go! Ben made it a rule” Gil rambled before he eventually caught on, smiling to himself that he had figured it out. “Oh! I get it. You want to go to with him.”
“Hate to break it to you Y/N but I don’t think Harry would be seen dead at Cortillion” Uma said giggling slightly
“Yeah me neither, but I didn’t think he’d be seen dead with the daughter of Maleficent a minute ago, so maybe Hook’ll surprise us.”
“Well well well sweetheart” You felt two hands cover your eyes from behind you, two strong arms resting on your shoulders and a familiar accent interrupting your thought process “Who exactly am I supposed to be surprising?”
“Harry! So glad that you could join us” you said with a hint of sarcasm, grabbing his hand and pulling him in to sit beside you.
“Careful darling. It almost sounded like ye missed me” he said with a smirk, wrapping his arm around your waist. You swatted him away playfully.
“You wish” you replied, sticking your tongue out at him. Harry ignored you, placing his arm over your shoulder. Uma tutted.
“What did I miss?” He said.
“Well Y/N was just saying how much she wants to go to Cor…” Gil began
“THE WAFFLE HUT! Yeah, the waffle hut. I was just saying I how wanted to go to the waffle hut.” You interrupted before Gil could do any more damage.
If Harry had wanted to go to Cortilion with you he would have asked, clearly he didn’t want you to be his date you thought.
“Y/N? But you just said…”
“I just said nothing Gil” I hissed, kicking his shin under the table slightly.
“Ow!” He said making you roll your eyes “But your gluten intolerant Y/N, you can’t eat anything at the Waffle Hut anyway. Why would you want to go th…”
“Gil. Zip it’ said Uma, unamused.
“The Waffle Hut eh?” Asked Harry, chuckling slightly. You nodded your head in response, slightly too vigorously for what would have been considered a normal response, and shoved a couple of fries in your mouth to stop you from saying anything else stupid. “That’s a real shame sweetheart, 'cos I was just about to ask ye to Cortillion”. He winked at you. You nearly choked on your fries.
“You’ll actually come!” You said excitedly.
“I know how much those silly little dances mean to ye. So if it keeps the pretty pink princess happy, I’m in.” You, frowned at him, pretending to be offended but burst out into a huge grin.
“Harry Hook, I want to punch you in the face and kiss you at the same time” You ruffled his hair slightly and kissed his cheek.
“Geez!” Uma groaned. “You two are sickening”

“This is not what I had in mind”
You were stood by the punch table, sulking beside Uma, your arms crossed scowling at the couples slow dancing on the dance floor.
“This is exactly why I hate dances. Look Y/N, we can just leave. How about I go steal you those waffles you wanted”
“It’s not the waffles I want” I hissed glaring at Harry as he walked about the room.
It had started off so well. You collected you dress from Evie and forced Harry into an all black suit and shirt ensemble giggling at how much he looked like a prince. Less than impressed with the royalty comment, Harry refused to turn up without his hook, so you found yourself laughing at the boy for most of the night as he attempted to juggle all of your drinks single handedly. Everything was going perfectly, until Harry practically dropped you when Mal asked whether he would dance with her. You stood, with your mouth gaping open like a fish as Harry traced his hook along the outline of her face, until Uma and Gil had pull you away from the two of them.

“I’m going to kill her. I’m going to rip her pretty little head off of her pretty little…” You were crushing the plastic cup of punch in your hand, causing the liquid to spill everywhere.
“Come on calm down. It’s not that bad. Calm down. Look it’s fine…Harry’s is leaving anyway” Uma said, taking the cup from your hand.
She was right, Harry was weaving his way through the crowd back towards us, his usual cocky smirk on his face, his arms swinging beside him. You felt the knot of anxiousness in your stomach diminish. You were just over reacting. Then Harry came to a holt, a purple manicured hand on his shoulder, spinning him around. Before anybody could comprehend what was going on, Mal had pulled Harry towards her, locking lips, her hands working their way up to his hair.
“Well shit” Uma whispered
Suddenly, the room felt dizzyingly small, all the air knocked out of your lungs. It took all but a second for you to process what had happened. She kissed him, she fucking kissed him. The overwhelming feeling of betrayal and hurt was replaced with something much more dangerous. Hatred.
“Hold my hoops!” You growled quietly, pulling the pearl encrusted earrings from your ears and dumping them in Uma’s hand “I’m going in…”

Harry pulled away from Mal as quickly as he could, pushing her chest away from him with enough force to send her flying backwards.
“What the fuck did ye do that for?” He glanced nervously to the sidelines only to be met with your glare, a mixture of sadness and pure anger. He gulped. He had fucked up
Before anybody could restrain you, you marched passed Harry and Mal to the podium at the front of the dance floor, climbing the stairs to where the microphone was.
“Y/N look, listen to me…” Harry tried to pull you back, trying to hold onto your arm.
“Get your hands off me Hook” you spat.
“Y/N I…”
“It’s fine I get how it is” You tapped on the microphone a couple of times to check that it was working. “LISTEN UP BITCHES!” You screamed down the PA system.
“Oh this can’t be good” said Gil whilst being pulled by Uma to the front of podium where a small crowd had gathered.
“I just wanted to check where the fuck Prince Ben was when his supposed girlfriend decided to make out with my boyfriend!” You yelled. You saw the gasps and shocked faces in your ever growing audience and the horrified look from the Prince as you spoke. You refused to relent.
“Oh I’m sorry,” snapped Mal, parting the crowd of people and making her way towards you. “I didn’t realise you were a couple. How long have you been together again?”.
Her voice sounded sweet enough and to those watching the question appeared innocent, but the gleam of bitterness in her eyes said otherwise. She knew how the complicated relationship between you and Harry was. The little bitch.
“Well … Actually .. You see…” You stuttered not entirely sure how to explain yourself.
“Exactly! The villain plays the victim so well.” Mal cut in before you could finish. “Now run along little princess and play tea parties with your stuffed toys before I turn you into a toad”
“Mal, what are you saying? Why are you acting like this?” You heard Evie whisper to her, trying to get her to back down.
Princess, that stupid word again. It was as if it was synonymous for weak. You clenched your fists, that was the last straw.
“Princess?” You laughed coldly “No bitch, Queen”.
You started to square up to her, ignoring which ever random person was tugging on your arm to get you away. This is not how anybody expected Cortillion to go.
“Oh please, what are you going to do? Throw a tiara at me?”
“No but I certainly wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a nine inch heel to the face” You screamed, pulling the shoes from your feet before a figure grabbed you from behind.
You secretly hoped it was Harry and were slightly more than disappointed when Ben hauled you backwards and attempted to restrain you. Jay grabbed hold of Mal and by the way he scowled at her, it was pretty evident he was on your side too.

“I bet you’re just so smug aren’t you Y/N?”
“I literally have no idea what you mean!”
“The only reason I kissed Harry was because of you and Ben!”
“Ben?” You asked completely puzzled.
“Don’t think I don’t know. There’s something going on between you two”
Whatever situation the girl was insinuating was news to you. The moment the Prince’s name was muttered, Harry shoved his way threw to the podium, as angry as you had been a moment earlier. He glared at Ben who, unfortunately due to the circumstance, currently had his arms wrapped around you.
“Oh and the plot thickens” Gil whispered almost excitedly to Uma.
She hit the son of Gaston in the stomach, sending him a dirty look, and charged towards the podium too.

“What do ye think yeh doing with my girl there princey boy” he snarled, making his way slowly towards Ben, who was still holding me back, pointing his hook threateningly at his face. “Weren’t content enough with your whole bloody kingdom that you had to take the one thing that mattered the most to me?”
Your mouth dropped open. Was he talking about you? You began to panic when he rested the tip of the hook on Ben’s nose.
“Harry! Back off!” You yelled at the pirate, not too keen at watching your friend get hooked right in front of you.
“A pirate wasn’t good enough for ye was it eh? Had to get yourself a prince?”
“Harold - bloody - Hook! For godsake! I don’t give two shits about Ben!” You yelled before spinning your head around to speak to Ben, who for some unbeknownst reason still thought it was a good idea to be holding you. “No offence”
“None taken” he replied.
“Mal, I assure you nothing has ever happened between me and Ben.” You said before chuckling a little “In fact the only time we ever really speak is at events where are parents have to be civil.”
You saw the girl relax a little and appear somewhat guilty. “He loves you” You added.
Ben finally got the message and let you go, running towards Mal and hugging her and dragging her away from the crowd. She mouthed 'I’m sorry’ to you as she walked away, which made you roll your eyes. Typical. The crowd eventually began to dissipate, leaving you and the pirate to awkwardly stare at each other.

“You know you are so hot when yeh angry Y/N” said Harry taking a step towards you and attempting to wrap you into an embrace. You pushed him away.
“I’m not talking to you Harry”
“You still kissed her Harry! It doesn’t change anything.”
“Actually, sweetheart she kissed me”
“Don’t you sweetheart me Hook. You threatened the fucking King!” You snapped walking back up the staircase, attempting to leave the disaster of the dance.
“And you tried to attack a lady of the court princess, but ye don’t see me screaming at yeh!” He replied, running a couple of stairs a head of you and blocking your path.
“You’re screaming at me now Harry!”
“Because yeh not listening to me!” He put his hand to your face but you snatched it away.
“Because you’re being a dick!”
“No, you’re being a dick!” He took a step downwards so you were both stood on the same ledge.
“I am not! Clearly you’re the di…”
Before you could finish, Harry let go of his hook, placing both of his hands either side of your head, ignoring the clanging sound of metal as he pulled you towards him. He didn’t even pause for a split second, his mouth colliding with yours, leaving you no time to react. Suddenly he was kissing you like he was afraid to continue and afraid to stop all at the same time. His lips were surprisingly warm and soft, fierce yet powerful, but you were stunned, paralyzed almost. That’s when he pulled away.
“I’m sorry… I … I shouldn’t have done th..”
It was your turn to cut him off. You grabbed the front of his shirt and didn’t let go, your lips crashing together messily. All you could taste was Harry, spearmint and sea salt, as you moved your hands to his shoulders, then the back of his neck, then his hair. Neither knew who was breathing for who, his lips hot and strong against yours, his hands snaking around your waist. You eventually broke the kiss and you stood their, grinning at each other as you felt a weight lifted off both of your shoulders. Your forehead and noses were still touching, your hands flat against Harry’s chest, his hands gripping too tightly on your hips.
“I think I love you Y/N” he breathed.
“You think. Gee thanks” You joked, nuzzling your face into his neck.
“Yeh never know when to shut yeh mouth now do yeh?” Harry laughed quietly, moving your face away to look him in the eye..“I love yeh Y/N Y/L/N”
“I love you Harry Hook”. You kissed his cheek “But this still doesn’t change the fact that you’re a dick”

ain’t my fault || jeon jungkook


a club meant for immortals doesn’t bode well for humans.

human!reader, vampire!kook

ain’t my fault. 

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my future child: tell me a story 

me: i walked through the door with you, the air was cold, but something ‘bout it felt like home somehow and I left my scarf there at your sister’s house and you’ve still got it in your drawer even now. Oh, your sweet disposition and my wide-eyed gaze. We’re singing in the car, getting lost Upstate. Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place, and I can picture it after all these days and I know it’s long gone, and that magic’s not here no more, and I might be okay, but I’m not fine at all. cause there we are again on that little town street you almost ran the red 'cause you were looking over at me, wind in my hair, I was there, I remember it all too well. photo album on the counter, your cheeks were turning red. you used to be a little kid with glasses in a twin sized bed, and your mother’s telling stories about you on a tee ball team, you taught me 'bout your past, thinking your future was me and I know it’s long gone and there was nothing else I could do and I forget about you long enough to forget why I needed to…cause there we are again in the middle of the night, we’re dancing around the kitchen in the refrigerator light down the stairs, i was there, i remember it all too well, yeah. well, maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much, but maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. hey, you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest, i’m a crumpled up piece of paper lying here cause I remember it all, all, all… too well. time won’t fly, it’s like I’m paralyzed by it, i’d like to be my old self again, but I’m still trying to find it, after plaid shirt days and nights when you made me your own, now you mail back my things and I walk home alone…but you keep my old scarf from that very first week cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me, you can’t get rid of it 'cause you remember it all too well, yeah. 'cause there we are again, when I loved you so back before you lost the one real thing you’ve ever known it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well, wind in my hair, you were there, you remember it all, down the stairs, you were there, you remember it all, it was rare, I was there, i remember it all too well

어때? (How’s this?): Ch.1

Discription:  "You mean to tell me…that your nerdy childhood friend is the same hot girl from the party!?“ At school, you’re known as the nerdy girl with a High IQ and the person Taehyung hates the most.  But outside, you’re known as the hottest girl who attends every party that she hears and the person who Taehyung has the biggest and first crush on her. What happens when Taehyung finds out about both of your sides and maybe wants to change his fuckboy reputation?

Genre: Fuckboy!Taehyung

Word count: 2.3K

A/N: Not sure if it’s good? Tell me guys if you want more chapters of these :)

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The Gavinners feat. Herr Forehead

Did you know there was an official version of Guilty Love with lyrics? This was performed in a special event on 2012. It is supposedly sung by Klavier with a little help of Apollo. The lyrics were written by Shu Takumi btw!

Here’s the translation and romanization (sorry if I made a mistake! This took me a little~)

English translation:

I found you in a stunning dress, I held you
You put down your glass and looked me in the eyes
“Where should we go now? JUST YOU AND ME”
But I can’t… I’m on my way to court

Turn the wheel left at the corner and there it is.
Your honor!
SO! Let’s get drunk on the thrill that’s about to start
Courthouse show!
I was going to have a SALTY DOG with you
But now I’m thristy for a glass of GUILTY DOG
Where’s the truth? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind!

This evening, I held a guitar in one hand
And took your hand with mine
Now I’ll sing you a love ballad JUST SONG FOR YOU
But I can’t… I’m on my way to a crime scene

Go down the stairs to the dance floor, and there’s…
A crime scene investigation!
SO! The Evidence, testimony, and dead body
Look like they’ll start dancing!
Gazing up at the MILKY WAY with you
I’m praying for a GUILTY BREAK!
What is the truth? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind!

In the depths of darkness (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Reveal the truth behind the crime (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The journey to the next world is so far (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
And the shadow is wandering (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
I’ll search for the light, for the sake of your future

Even those tears look beautiful on you
The day we part will come eventually
Let’s do it over if we can JUST YOU AND ME
But I can’t… I’m on my way to court

Turn the wheel left at the corner and there it is.
Your honor!
SO! Let’s get drunk on the thrill that’s about to start
Courthouse show!
I was going to have a SALTY DOG with you
But now I’m thristy for a glass of GUILTY DOG
Where’s this love headed? To find your answer…
Go ask the wind…
…Or better yet, go ask Herr Forehead!

No one can predict it (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Which way the ruling will go (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The sins people commit (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Who will judge them? (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
In the depths of darkness (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
Reveal the truth behind the crime (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
The journey to the next world is so far (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
A shadow is wandering (LOVE LOVE GUILTY)
I’ll search for the light

Romanization: ((under the cut))

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After school, John Watson would always stop by the dance studio, even though it was out of his way. He’d climb the stairs and sit by the little balcony that overlooked the studio area, watching the afternoon ballet class. 

Girls in pink tutus and leotards sashayed and pranced across the floor, but John only had eyes for the single boy in the room, the one with the curly locks and the skin-tight black T-shirt that bounced every time he leaped. 

The boy whose skin looked so soft, pale as it was, and whose feet didn’t even touch the ground when he danced. The boy whose movements flowed into one another, twirling with his arms outstretched, his eyes screwed up with concentration, but the tiniest hint of a smile barely noticeable on his face.

The boy who made John’s heart flutter in his chest every time he turned briefly in his direction.

John would always try and work up the courage to talk to him after the class ended. He wanted to get to know this boy who made him feel so warm and melty inside. But every time, he decided he wouldn’t, for fear of embarrassing himself. He’d just continue to be the one who watched from afar, mesmerized by the silky hair and the movements that flowed like the breeze.

He wished that sometime, the boy would look up and notice him, just once.

But what John didn’t know was that he himself was being noticed. 

After class, Sherlock Holmes would immediately run to the door of the studio, still in his ballet clothing, and watch the blond boy walk away. He longed to say something to his secret admirer, maybe just send a nod or a wink up to the balcony during the class, but he was unbelievably shy, and couldn’t work up the courage.

The truth was, he loved dancing, but it was made hundreds time better every time he was able to glimpse the adorable, intrigued face of the boy on the balcony.

He loved dancing, but it was a bonus when his heart danced, too.
Maybe someday he’d be able to express that. 

But for now, it was just the dancer and the admirer, each not knowing that the other was there, each full of longing and the sort of warmth that could only be put there by love.


It’s not uncommon for rookie groups to run into each other often, due to the near constant cycles of promotions. Fate seems to have a lot in store for you and Kang Daniel of Wanna One.
for anon who requested idol!reader who meets Daniel backstage; he develops a crush.
You waited onstage nervously for the music of your group’s title track to begin playing. One of your members whispered ‘hwaiting!”, and the others in your group smiling in response.

“Five, four, three two one!” Your maknae kicked off the song, flashing her signature smile at the camera as the music started up, the pop music overwhelming you. You moved to the beat of the choreography, having danced that dance at least a thousand times in preparation for your promotions.

As the rapper of your group, you had the second verse, and you made sure to smile charmingly like your company had taught you as you popped out from behind your members as the choreography dictated. You smoothly went through the verse, making sure to hit each aspect of the choreography.

The final chorus began, and the usual confetti exploded as your main vocal hit her high note, the crowd cheering. Waiting offstage, you noticed Wanna One waiting by the stairs, dancing to the catchy song.

This was the second time that your promotions had crossed paths with Wanna One, and you two had debuted around the same time. One of your members, Ara, and Seongwoo had co-MC’d on Music Bank for a while, so you were at least acquaintances with their members.

As your song ended and your group hurried offstage, you made sure to bow to Wanna One, greeting them. You were the last one to leave, and you hurried to bow to each member, wanting to be polite.

“Nice stage!” One of the members, Kang Daniel, congratulated with a smile.

“Ah, thank you,” you exclaimed, bowing again, “Wanna One hwaiting!” You held up your fist, and the boys laughed, echoing your cheer.

After the show had ended, your group was herded out to your van to head back to the dorms. Just as you were about to leave, your manager paused, frowning.

“Where’s the cordi noona?” The unni who did your outfits was going on vacation soon, and so she was planning on going to your dorm with you to show you what outfits to wear and how to style them. Your company was a small one, and their only group was yours, CIEL, and so you didn’t have much money to spare.

“I guess she’s still back there,” Jisoo, another member, piped up.

“I can go back and look for her,” you offered, wanting to stretch your legs a bit before the ride back to the dorm.

“Ah, thanks (y/n),” your manager said with a smile, “if you get into any trouble, just call me and I’ll go, okay?”

“Got it!” You hurried out of the van back into the building, checking the various rooms for her. You jogged down the hall, pulling out your phone to text her.

“Oh? Skye-ssi?” You jolted at the sound of your stage name, turning around to see Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi standing outside of their dressing room.

You bowed quickly, greeting them.

“Skye-ssi, I really like your group’s song,” Daehwi said cheerfully with a smile.

“Ah, thank you,” you smiled, bowing again, “your comeback was amazing, as usual.”

“You’re really talented as a rapper,” Daniel smiled, making you blush slightly at the compliment.

“Thank you, thank you!” You bowed quickly, “good luck in your promotions!”

“You too!” Daniel called as you raced off, glancing in every room.

“Oh! Unni!” You finally found her, sitting on one of the benches, a huge pile of clothing bags next to her.

“(y/n)!” The cordi unni smiled, getting to her feet, “what happened to your manager? I thought he was going to help me with these outfits?”

You sighed,surveying the large pile of clothing, “no, I guess there was a miscommunication. It’s okay, I’m sure we can carry it.”

You struggled to lift more than half of the huge pile, trying to balance the slippery bags on top of each other. You kept dropping them, and when you went to pick one bag up, another would fall. You groaned in frustration, holding back the urge to kick one of the bags.

“Need a hand?” You peered over the pile of clothing bags to see Kang Daniel looking back at you, a slightly concerned look on his face.

“Yes,” you sighed, “our manager was supposed to help us with these outfits, but he didn’t quite get the message.”

“It’s fine, you’re just taking these out to your van?” Daniel asked, taking a few of the bags from both you and your cordi unni, significantly lightening the load.

“Yup!” The cordi unni chirped, before looking closer at Daniel, “woah, Kang Daniel?”

Daniel nodded, doing his best to bow with all the clothing in his arms.

“Wah, I’m meeting Mr. Nayana himself!”

“No, unni, that’s Lee Daehwi,” you whispered to the cordi unni. Next to you, Daniel suppressed a chuckle. “This is Mr. Center.”

“He’s still a celebrity!” The cordi unni smiled, bumping her shoulder into yours, “look at you, (y/n), making connections.”

“Oh!” Daniel looked down at you, looking surprised, “your name is (y/n)?”

“Yeah,” you smiled, “Skye is just a stage name.”

“To be honest, I thought you were foreign,” Daniel said sheepishly, “you know, your rap has English, and your pronunciation is good.”

“Oh, thank you!” You grinned as the three of you exited the building, heading towards your van.

As your unni opened the trunk of the van, piling the outfits in there, you turned to Daniel to thank him.

“No worries!” He replied, smiling easily, “it was no trouble, and I’m happy to help you out.”

You blushed a tiny bit as he patted you on the back before heading back inside, typing something into his phone.

The next time you saw Daniel, you were backstage with the other girls, crying. You’d managed to take home your first win, and the five of you were huddled into a group hug, your staff surrounding you fondly like proud parents.

As your group dispersed, other idol greeting and congratulating you as they headed to their dressing rooms, you caught sight of Kang Daniel.

“Congratulations,” he said with a smile, giving you a hi-five. “Your group deserved the win.”

“Thank you,” you beamed up at Daniel, eyes still a bit glassy from the tears you had shed earlier.

The other girls headed back to the dressing room and you moved to follow, stopped by Daniel reaching out and placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Daniel, what’s up?” You asked in confusion, looking up at the taller male. He smiled down at you, looking almost embarrassed as his cheeks took on a pale pink flush.

“I was wondering if you’d be willing to give me your phone number,” he said in a rare moment of shyness, holding his phone out, “I’ve really been wanting to ask for a while, but I always got too nervous. I really, really want to go on a date with you.”

You smiled widely, quickly punching your phone number and nickname into the new contact. Daniel accepted his phone with a grin, reaching out to hug you.

“Congrats again, (y/n),” he said earnestly, hugging you on the side.As Daniel walked away quickly to join his own group, an idea occurred to you.

“I haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet!” You yelled after him, giving Daniel a wink as he turned around, the look of surprise melting into a happy one, two front teeth sticking out a bit more as his eyes curved up.

That night, you were texted an e-ticket to a showing of Wonder Woman the next weekend.

For the Love of Dance

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Request by @i-wished-upon-a-star-one-night
I would love an prince adam x reader imagine where the reader was a dancer and she ends up getting turned into a music box (the ballerina on top) and has been in love with Adam since was little. She’s been his confidant for the entirety of the curse as well. One day, he realizes he loves her and poof! Human again! He connects the dots and races to find her and they confess to each other? Everyone else is like….wow…I called it. Why did it take so long?

Author’s Note: This is by far the longest thing I’ve written in one go. This is my first request so I can only hope I’ve done the idea justice. Hope you all enjoy! MY MASTERLIST

You had always loved to dance. Ever since you were little you’d skip and leap everywhere instead of walking. When you first arrived at the castle, when your mother was employed as a maid, you would sneak down to the ballroom when the rest of the castle was sleeping and dance around until your shoes wore down. You remember the night when he found you dancing like no one was watching. You had been too busy spinning round and around that you jumped almost four feet into the air when he called out to you. You had turned to see the Prince staring at you, bleary eyed, in his night clothes. You felt sheepish and couldn’t form any words to explain why you were there so you just stood for several moments in silence. He walked up to you hand outstretched.
“My name’s Adam.” He said and you stared at him in shock.
“You….. You’re not mad?” You asked cautiously.
“No. I was watching you for a while.”
“I should go.” You started to tip-toe away. He followed you with his eyes.
“Because you’re the prince and I’m just me.” You said, looking down at your feet. “I don’t want to get into trouble.”
“Mama always says to me that everyone is equal. You won’t get in trouble. I won’t tell. I’m not meant to be here either.” He smiled at you. You smiled back.
“Will you teach me to dance like you?” He asked. “You’re really good.”
You thought about it for a long time before you simply nodded your head and grabbed him by both arms as you began to teach him some simple steps. From then on, your friendship with the Prince only grew. Practically every night you’d sneak down to the ballroom to give him a lesson. You and he would spin around and giggle to your hearts content until your bodies couldn’t keep up with your thoughts. Some nights you wouldn’t even dance. Instead you would just stand outside on the balcony, a breeze drifting through the air, and talk about anything. What he learnt in his lessons with Cogsworth. What new role in the household you’d been assigned. He even taught you how to read by sneaking you up into the castle library, where you sat by the window studying by the moonlight. Other nights you and he would sneak outside and play games, trying ever so hard not laugh too loudly and risk your night time activities be discovered.
Though you spent most of your time with him during the nights for several hours before you physically couldn’t stay awake any longer, during the day you still found ways to spend time with one another. Whenever you had a break from your chores (as you were a maid in the making) you’d run up to join Adam in his lessons, where the tutor was thankful to have someone who actually wanted to learn. Whenever he had a break he would come and find you and sometimes help you with your chores but he mainly just chatted with you till he was called for again. Spending as much time together as you did, the staff couldn’t help but wonder whether there was something going on between the two of you, and if they ever asked you about it you would have said yes. It was hard not to love Adam, and eventually that’s what came to fruition. You loved him plain and simple, no matter what happened. The only thing about him that made you sad was that he didn’t reciprocate those feelings. The trails you two faced only got tougher. When the Queen died, Adam didn’t come down to the ballroom at night for a month. You still went down though, every night, hoping that he would come. On the night that he did, you didn’t dance. You didn’t play. You didn’t talk. He just merely cried and you simply just hugged him. As the years went on, Adam became more detached from everyone in the castle. During the day he didn’t socialize with the servants anymore and that included you. You couldn’t help but feel upset that he was distancing himself from his family, his true family, not his father. He still came every night though. To you in the ballroom. You talked less, you found, because as time went on you found that what he spoke of was stuck-up and selfish. Instead you danced together, you still teaching him steps so he could be the best dancer in all the kingdoms, second to only you.
Though you still danced every night together, you found that nights were no longer like before. When the King died, Adam took no time in spending money. He usually had a ball every week, which meant you were busy preparing for them. That in turn meant you were tired. Also balls took up nights, which meant you spent less time with Adam. Whilst he danced better than any of the ladies he invited to the balls (something you were very proud of) you were downstairs helping the staff with drinks and decorations. You couldn’t help but feel sad at the fact that though Adam and you still danced at nights, it was no longer together. He danced with the beautiful women and you danced around the servants halls with a tray full of beverages in your hands. You still loved him though. Inside at his core, he was just the same little boy you had fallen in love with. You were the only one who looked past the monster he had become.
Naturally when a beggar woman came knocking at the door interrupting Adam’s night of dancing, you knew it wouldn’t end well. You knew how precious dancing was and you only feared for the beggar, of what type of monster she would unleash from Adam. What you weren’t expecting was for the beggar woman to be an enchantress of extraordinary beauty. You stood fixed in your position at the side of the ballroom as the scene unfolded before you. You had felt every cry Adam made whilst his bones cracked and his body shifted to become the monster that everyone else thought he was. He ran from the room as soon as it was over, through the same doors his guests ran through mere moments ago. He had seen his shadow and he feared it. You remembered when the enchantress looked down at all of the servants present in the ballroom.
“You did this too.” She said glaring at you all. “You stood by like invisible objects.” You looked down knowing that she was right. You loved him and because you loved him you failed to see what he had become. You failed to stop it. You felt shame like no other when she declared her final spell for you all. You knew the Prince’s curse, and now you were to receive yours.
“You all did nothing. Stood by like nothing was happening. Now be turned into what you always were to him. Mere objects.”
You welcomed the punishment, the truth, and accepted the blackness that overcame you whilst everyone else screamed in panic.
You had always loved to dance so you found it extremely ironic that when you woke up for the first time after the night that changed it all, you had been transformed into a music box of sorts with a ballerina on top. You had your small plinth that you stood on that wound up and played beautiful music. You couldn’t believe what had happened. You awoke in the kitchen instead of the ballroom with the rest of the staff, your mother (now a feather duster like other maids) lying beside you. Amongst the chaos, Lumière (who was now a candelabra), managed to call for silence. Everyone obliged. They did a head count to find that no one was missing (it wasn’t until Mrs Potts went into the ballroom later that day, that the staff realized that the Maestro and his wife were still in the castle, transformed as well. It took several days to find the Madame who turned out was in a room in the east wing). Not only did the head count provide numbers, it also gave you an insight into what everyone now looked like. Mrs Potts and Chip were now a matching tea set. Cogsworth a clock. Chapeau a coat rack. The entire staff spent the majority of the morning trying to figure out how to move properly with their new bodies. The feather dusters found out it was easier to fly, Cogsworth, Lumière and Chapeau found that they could walk just slower than before, Mrs Potts found a trolley that moved by itself and Chip found that he could surf about on a saucer. His first attempt failed causing him to chip by his handle, making him have a literal chip to match his name. Lumière found he could start a fire with his hands, as did the chef but unlike Lumière, Chef couldn’t walk anywhere. Amongst the chaos, you managed to find a way out of the kitchens to get some peace and quiet. It took a while to figure out how to move in your new form. You were a ballerina, so you could move that easily enough. What you took a while to figure out was the plinth you were attached to. Eventually you found that your foot remained attached by a small metal string. You could move the stool like a small carriage when standing on it but when you went up stairs you had to pull the metal string as far as possible whilst you dismounted to carry it up the stairs. It was painful to go upstairs but you endured it.
When you escaped the kitchens you enjoyed the silence as brief as it was. You travelled just to go to the ballroom, to dance, to ignore the emptiness you felt. You barely made it to the stairs before you heard the faint yelp from upstairs. You knew who it was. Adam was all alone up there. You sighed, knowing that you couldn’t just leave him there, so you started to make the painful trek up the stairs, which now took ten times longer than before. That was probably a good thing. You used that time to think of what you would say to him. You were determined to heed the enchantress’ words. You wouldn’t let yourself be blinded by love, you’d see every flaw and not let him act like he did before. You didn’t want him to be as much of a beast on the inside as he now was on the outside.
As you approached where his bedroom was, you found it harder and harder to navigate through all the debris that covered the corridor, furniture that he’d broken in his rage creating large obstacles that you had to avoid. Portraits were torn, windows and mirrors smashed. As you approached the doors to his room you could hear loud thuds coming from inside the room. You prepared yourself for the worst when you pushed the door open (which took you several minutes to do as you were still learning how to use your new body). You had to dodge a chair almost immediately, as it was thrown directly at your head.
“Adam.” You said timidly. He didn’t hear you and continued ripping at his bed sheets with his new claws.
“Adam!” You practically yelled this time. He looked up searching for your face until his gaze fixed on your much smaller figure.
“Y/N?” He questioned. You waved in return. His face went from shock to rage once again. “Get out.” He growled at you, his attention once again focuses on the sheets. You were about to turn around but then you remembered what the enchantress had said and you spoke up.
“I’m not leaving until you stop destroying your room like a stroppy child.” You stated actually feeling good about speaking your mind. He looked up once more and clearly you had struck a nerve with him as he began to sob uncontrollably. It took a while but you eventually managed to climb up onto the bed where you went over and hugged him as best you could with your small frame.
You stayed with him for the rest of that day. He didn’t speak to you or to anyone until a week after the curse was set. You were on the bedside table, next to his bed when you heard him whisper to you, “Why me?” You scoffed at his question.
“If you actually used that brain of yours Adam, the answer should be blatantly obvious.” He didn’t think about it so he sat up and talked to you. You liked it. It wasn’t the usual pompous garbage that came out of his mouth, it was like he was nine again. Just like you remembered.
You spent most of your time with Adam for the first couple of months until the argument occurred.
“I can’t believe she did this to me Y/N!” He stated one day. “It’s not fair.”
Your blood (if you had any, you weren’t sure) boiled at his statement.
“Of course this is so unfair on you.” You said sarcastically.
“It is, isn’t it? Why I’m hideous! I can’t be seen by anyone, not one lady has come.” He said not noting your sarcasm.
“Are you serious?” You practically screamed at him. “It’s always about you isn’t it? Of all those nights we spent together after your mother died, not once did you actually care about me even though I did for you. Not once did you show kindness to anyone of the staff. You were cruel to the villages. You were so self-absorbed that only pretty or superficial people could be invited to your self-loving balls. And now you’re saying it’s not your fault. You are unbelievable.” You jumped down from the table and began to walk away from his bed.
“Wait Y/N!” You turned and looked at him dead in the eyes.
“You are not the only one suffering here Adam. You can still walk downstairs without feeling pain. You can still see every room in this castle even though you choose not to. You can still see the people who care about you. You still breathe. But Mrs Potts can’t see her husband, Chip his father. Cogsworth can barely make it up the stairs and the Maestro and Madame can’t even see each other, as they’re too big to leave their respective rooms.” You sighed and as you closed the door to his room you left him with “It’s not always about you. Grow up your highness.” You left him alone, your words ringing inside his head.
You didn’t speak to him for over a weak until he came downstairs from his room for the first time in months. He came into the kitchen and apologized to you first and then to everyone else for not thinking about their suffering. You smiled as he left the room knowing that the best friend you once knew was breaking through the beast.
For the next few years you found that you became Adam’s confidant. Whenever he needed to talk about something he’d come to you. He talked about how lonely this was, how guilty he felt for past actions. You listened to him and didn’t hesitate to tell him when he was being insensitive or spoilt. Thankfully they were occurring less and less, and you never repeated the argument again. You had shouted at each other but it was never as bad as before. Eventually after at least three years, you managed to get Adam to be less of a recluse in a place where everyone was already one. He talked to Lumière, managed to bond with Chip over sliding down stairs and even played chess with Cogsworth. You felt happy, seeing the man you love grow close to his true family once more. The staff were thankful for it. At the beginning of the curse, the castle felt gloomy and claustrophobic, but with Adam trying to once again grow close to them all the castle started to feel instantly brighter and warmer. It wasn’t perfect though. Although the staff were happy he was trying to fix what occurred between them, everyone was still hoping for someone to break the curse. It hung over everyone’s heads and Adam usually was the one who told you how he feared about the future of everyone, not just himself, if no one came along.
It was after the fifth anniversary of the casting of the curse when Adam asked if you’d dance. He took you down to the ballroom where Cadenza played a small aria and you spun around on your plinth; happy and carefree forgetting about the curse for a few brief moments. You once again made a ritual of meeting after dark in the castle. You usually went outside, where you’d just sit and stare at the snow glistening in the moonlight. Adam would talk about days before the curse and you’d join him in reminiscing. Unlike before, however, people saw. Objects don’t need sleep, so many staff members were awake to see you and Adam outside in the snow, you on his shoulder.
By the seventh year, Adam was a changed man. He still occasionally acted like prick, but you, Mrs Potts and the rest of the staff teased him mercilessly until he apologized for his selfish behaviour. Everyone was joyous that he had been wiped of his father’s image and all the staff loved spending time with him, like the one big family you were all meant to be. You all celebrated Christmas that year. The first time in seven years. There was little to give everyone but it didn’t bother anyone. Everybody was too happy to care. You all exchanged homemade gifts. You received a small tutu to go over your current china one from Garderobe, and a beautiful painted flower band from Mrs Potts and Plumette. Chip pitched in and gave you wide base so you could race him easier down the stairs. Adam gave you a book from the library. ‘The 12 Dancing Princesses’ instantly became your favourite story. Your present to Adam was a friendship bracelet made of string and cloth you found in one of the many spare rooms in the palace. It was a Noël you wouldn’t forget for a long time.
By the ninth year, although everyone was happy and Adam restored to his previous self, his un-beastly self, there was an overwhelming sadness that now took hold of everyone. The petals on the rose had begun to fall and the castle was crumbling into nothing. Each petal that fell made you more like the mechanical machine you had been turned into. You found it harder to move without making music play and you felt scared about what could become of you. You sat up with Adam in his room one night, when there were only about five petals left. You sat discussing the curse. Not once did he ask why him, he knew the answer just like he knew why all the staff were cursed too. You talked about how no one had come to save them. There had only been one visitor in the almost ten years since the curse was placed. An old-ish man seeking shelter from a storm. Adam had had a meal prepared for him and the man left the next day, warm and well. As you talked, you told yourself (like you did every time you saw him) how much you loved him and how proud you were that he’s changed for the good. You talked well into the night until Adam drifted off into sleep. From where you sat, on the fireplace mantle opposite his bed you uttered the four words you’d been wanting to say for the last fifteen or so years.
“I love you Adam.” You whispered as you walked back downstairs to the kitchens.
Adam awoke the next morning to find you absent from the room. He couldn’t help but feel upset at this. You were his best friend, someone who never gave up on him. He dressed and headed downstairs to get himself breakfast when he stopped at the bottom of the stairs when he heard music coming from the ballroom. He slowly creeped over and peeked into the room. The Maestro was absent, much to Adam’s surprise and then he saw you in the middle of the ballroom on your plinth. Your music filled the ballroom and he just stared at you as you danced gracefully around on your small platform, completely unaware of the world around you. He smiled as he remembered the first time he met you in that very same ballroom almost twenty years ago. He took one last look at you before heading to get his breakfast.
As he sat there in the dining room, he found himself thinking how beautiful you were. How smart you were. How gracefully you moved. His stomach fluttered. The longer he thought about you, the bigger this feeling grew until it hit him. He loved you. Quirks and all. He smiled to himself as he finished his porridge. He sat there smiling before he whispered in realization, “I love Y/N.”
No sooner did he say these words, he felt light almost as if he could fly. A bright yellow glow surrounded him as he felt his muscles loosen and his clothes get slightly baggier. He felt colder too until the light faded and his feet touched back on the ground. Unaware of what just occurred, Adam reached for his glass (which was full of water) so that he could get his bearings. Before he grabbed it, however, he jumped with shock at what was grabbing the glass. A hand. A human hand, not paw was reaching for the glass. His hand. He yelped with glee. He was human again. How? He didn’t have anyone who loved him that way. He only loved… Then it clicked. You loved him back. He couldn’t help be it be overjoyed at the fact you, his best friend, actually cared that much about him to love him. Before he could rush over to you in the ballroom, someone else rushed into the dining room.
“Adam!” He turned to see Mrs Potts, back to her human form looking at him with the upmost pride. He stared at her, mouth agape. They ran into each other, embracing in a tight hug. Moments later, practically the entire staff descended into the dining room. Maestro and Garderobe, didn’t let go of one another (as did Lumière and Plumette). The entirety of the castle staff all hugged one another, thrilled to be human again. Cogsworth congratulated Adam on breaking the curse and it was at that point that Adam realized that you were nowhere to be seen. Lumière approached Adam and asked the question everyone wanted the answer too.
“Who was it who freed us mon ami?”
Adam only smiled at him and headed straight for the ballroom, with everyone else following suit.
Sure enough you were still in the ballroom, still dancing with your eyes closed. Adam walked slowly over to you and said, “Will you teach me how to dance?” He tapped you on the shoulder, “You’re really good.” You stopped dancing and turned to face him. You screamed in shock.
“You’re….. You’re…. You’re yourself again.”
He smiled before gesturing to you.
“That means I’m….” You looked down at your hands to see flesh not china. You couldn’t believe it. Human again. What a nice feeling.
“But that means you love someone.”
He nods whilst looking directly at you.
“Me? but I’m just…”
“You’re just you.” He replied. “And that’s all I can ask for.” He leans into you and you lean in and press your lips against his. You hold each other tightly until you can’t breathe. As soon as you separate the cheering begins. You turn to see the rest of the staff clapping as they come over to you to congratulate you on helping save them all. Amongst the chaos, Mrs Potts makes Lumière and Cogsworth give her the money they owe her for losing the bet they made. Everyone was so happy that you couldn’t move from the amount of hugs you were receiving. You didn’t care though. As long as Adam was with you, you could do anything.
You had always loved to dance. What you didn’t know was that you loved it even more when you danced with him. That’s what you were doing now, dancing at a ball with your betrothed. Everyone from the local villages were invited, from all ranks, at not one person declined. It was strange for the villagers suddenly remembering about a prince and their loved ones who worked in his castle, but everyone was thrilled that they did. Mrs Potts and Chip were reunited with Mr Potts and the joy on their faces was something that made everyone feel as light as air. The same couldn’t be said for Cogsworth’s reunion with his wife, Colthide, as you walked past them you heard Cogsworth mumbling about he wanted to be a clock again. You burst out laughing as soon as you were out of their earshot. There was some slight resentment towards Adam when people remembered him, after all he had taxed them all mercilessly. Thankfully, most had forgiven him as he lowered them all completely and insisted on inviting the villagers to any balls that would be held hence forth.
As you looked around the ballroom you saw everyone’s faces painted with a large smile. You could see Lumière and Plumette dancing, very much like the lovers that they were. The Maestro and Madame were on the stage, singing and playing their hearts out, not looking away from one another whilst Froufrou sat on a cushion by their side. Cogsworth was actually smiling at his wife and the villagers were enjoying every moment in the grand ballroom. Chip was laughing with some of the other children from the village but he came up to you before-hand to ensure that you’d still be willing to slide down the stairs with him, just like you did whilst you were cursed. You hugged him tightly and told him you wouldn’t miss a single day. After taking in all the happiness from the rest of the ballroom, your attention finally was drawn to Adam. He was smiling at you, his eyes never leaving your face even when you twirled around him. As you stared back into his eyes you couldn’t help but think back to the beast, how it made you closer than ever before. You missed it slightly, but you were happier now, human once more. Adam must have seen the slight concern on your face because he asked you,
“What is it?” You smiled, glad that he thought about you now in the same way that you had for so long. You thought of the beast and couldn’t help but ask if you could get some part of him back.
“How would you feel about growing a beard?” You asked. He chuckled before doing a playful roar. You laughed at his gesture, secretly hoping that it meant yes.
That ball lasted well into the night; the majority of the villagers ended up staying in the castle, retiring to one of the many rooms in the castle. You and Adam, however, danced into the night and beyond. You danced even though you were the only ones left in the ballroom with you making your own music. You danced just like when you were younger.
Mrs Potts found you the next morning in the ballroom. You were both sound asleep in the middle of the floor, curled up around one another. She smiled and let you sleep, telling no one to disturb you. As she walked away she couldn’t help but feel giddy with happiness, knowing that you’d both keep on dancing like you had done, for the remainder of your life together. 

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