dancing with the heart


Make sure to read @stardustandrobotlionsfanfic that was inspired by this on AO3!! It’s lovely, I promise. <3

*COUGH*ask her to dance*COUGH*

If there’s anything I want more than a beach episode, it’s an episode where Team Voltron gets to relax and dance at a banquet or something after liberating a planet. Until then, I read all the fanfics where that happens instead. Please recommend some. Pfft. 

I need more of Allura in beautiful gowns. Maybe simultaneously kicking ass in one. I’d die. 


#bouncing together to the rhythm

Where do I even begin? Yugyeom dropped his jacket like he was fucking born for sexy dance. Bambam losing his shit in the back is me. Jaebum ran from a mile away because he instinctively knew what came next. Jaebum and Jackson dead ass sat on Yugyeom to stop him from humping the floor. Jackson calling for security is also also me. I still want an encore.

cr: @viriri1212


best surprise ever: a happy Mark popping on the screen throwing confetti 🎉🎁