dancing with stranger

it just hit me how much viktor actually loves yuuri?? like
-he remembered a drunk dancing japanese man for a year and waited for him to ‘call’ to him
-he danced with him, a complete stranger, and didn’t take advantage of him at all
-he gave up his entire career to get to yuuri
-he’s still letting yuuri make his own choices and isn’t forcing him into anything
-he’s always kind to yuuri and is sweet and caring
-he made that one kissing innuendo and just !!!!! yuuri pLs
-cried over yuuri because he was happy and frustrated that he was going to leave him
-the first time viktor cried in this series was because he thought yuuri was leaving him
dude just
wow viktor. you’re a legend.


If you haven’t watched the new music video for Sigma’s latest single yet, there’s a wealth of reasons to do so immediately. First of all, the London production/DJ duo imbibed Find Me with a spectacular amount of sweeping power and stunning beauty. Secondly, Find Me features singer songwriter Birdy whose emotive stirring voice is like dazzling fireworks in this heart rending explosion of symphonic drum and bass. And last but certainly not least, the music video for Find Me stars Millie Bobby Brown, the 12 year old actress many know and love as Eleven from Stranger Things. So yes, feast your eyes and ears on the pure rhapsody that is Find Me.

Dancing in the rain Pt.1 (Jonathan Byers fanfiction)

Hi, this is my first ever fanfic, so I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. Plus, English isn’t my first language and I have been learning it only for a short time, so there might be some words spelled incorrectly or some tenses might be wrong, but I hope it doesn’t bother anyone too much, I am trying my hardest to get anything right. Hope you enjoy!


Shit shit shit.
You step on the gas pedal a couple of times and try turning your key again and again, but it doesn’t work. The car won’t move or even make a single sound. You punch the steering wheel and kick your gas pedal. Your car has broke down again. You sigh loudly and slowly get out of the car. 

When your feet touch the ground they sink into the mud slightly. You let out a loud sigh and kick your front wheel. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you groan and look up at the sky. It’s kind of cloudy and it has been raining fort he past three days, so you wouldn’t be suprised if it would start raining any second now. The wind is blowing and the evening is cold. It was the perfect late-October weather. You would probably be enjoyng it, if you wouldn’t be stuck in the middle of the woods. You have no phone and there are no houses for at least a mile in the way you came from.  You looke towards the way you were driving and sigh one more time.

“I don’t really have any other choice,” you say while you take your backpack out of the car and lock the car. You start walking along the muddy road.



You have been walking for almost 10 minutes now when you see a little house in the distance. It looks kind of old and abandoned, but you keep getting closer.

“I don’t care if I get killed, I just need a fricking phone,” you think to yourself, but you are slightly scared. You have seen enought horror movies to know that getting into a house looking like that probably isn’t the best idea.
When you get slightly closer you see a kids bike parked outside and you feel slightly better. 

“Noone is going to murder me if a kid is in the next room, right,” you think to yourself while you step on the porch and knock on the door.

You can hear someone yell: “I’ll get it!” from the inside. A small boy, probably about 10 years old opens the door for you and he looks really suprised when he sees you.

“Hi? Who are you?” he asks while looking at you slightly confused.

“Hi, I’m y/n. My car broke down 10 minutes away from here and I just wanted to ask if I can use your phone,” you say and smile at him.

“Jonathan can fix a car,” the kid said loudly. “I bet he’d fix yours.”
You didn’t know who Jonathan was and the kid said it like you were supposed to know who he was. You were getting kind of frustrated. You just wanted to call you uncle already so he could pick you up and take you home. And this kid really wasn’t being helpful.

“Well that’s great, but the phone is really all I need, -”

“Will, who’s at the door!” you were interrupted by a teenager walking toward the door. He was probably about 16 or 17. “Amm, hi?” he said while looking at you with a confused look on his face.

“She wants you to fix her car!” the kid yelled exitedly.

“No, no. I just need to use the phone. See, my car broke down and I just need a phone to call someone to come and help me. You were the first house that I saw, so came here to ask for a phone. I just need to call my uncle and than I’ll leave you alone, I promise,” you were getting all flusterd and kind of shy all of a sudden and you didn’t know why. You felt really uncomfortable because all the attention was on you.

“Yeah, no problem, come in,” the older boy said. 

He moved out of the way while the kid has wonderd off. You steped into the house and looked around. On the right there was a little kithcen and something was cooking on the stove. Christmas lights were already hung up in the hallway and the house looked way nicer on the inside than it did on the outside. It felt really cosy and homely.  

You turned around to the older boy.
You gave him a smile and said:“Thank you, I really don’t want to be a bother.”
“No, don’t worry about it. The phone is on that wall,” he pointed to a wall on the left and a yellow phone on it. You smiled and went thoward the phone when, suddenly, there was a really loud thunder. After that you could just hear how the rain has started falling agresivly.

“Oh God, please no,” you mutterd under your breath.

“Don’t worry about it,” said the older boy, who was standing in the kitchen doorway and looking at you. “You can stay here until it stops raining.”

Midnight Masquerade - Part 2

Originally posted by jeongguk

Genre: Angst | Fluff | Vampire! AU

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader x BTS

Word count: 1,140

Warnings: Brief mentions of blood.

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Ah, I’m much more satisfied with this part than Part 1 :) Read until the end for a cliffhanger *evil laugh*)


He gestured his arm out to you, the smirk never leaving his face, as he asked, “May I have this dance, princess?”

You let the stranger lead you by the hand into a large, open area, where couples were slow dancing, gazing into each others’ eyes, seeming almost enamoured with each other. Glancing around at the huge hall, you observed the eerie beauty of everyone there, from how they held themselves, to the way they elegantly glided across, to their strangely pale, almost translucent skin.

Reaching the centre of the open area, you stopped, your attention focused back onto the silver-haired stranger, who was still holding onto your hand. He too, was strangely pale, yet also eerily beautiful from the sparkle that danced around in his chocolate brown eyes, to the way his fringe fell into his eyes every now and then. “Shall we dance?” He asked, one hand moving to rest on your waist, while the other hand guided your own to his shoulder. Taking his hand in yours, the two of you began to move your feet to the soft piano playing in the background, your eyes studying the mask covering his face. It was embroidered with the same intricate silver patterns on his tuxedo, and like yours, it covered everything but his eyes, lips and chin.

“You’re new. I’ve never seen you around before,” he mused, with a curious tone in his voice. “You’re not from around here, are you?”

“No…” You replied, doubtfully. “I just came along with my friend to this… ball. She didn’t want to go alone, and I was the only one who she really thought of taking along with her, seeing as she doesn’t exactly have a boyfriend…” you rambled, the stranger’s eyes lighting up with amusement and curiosity.

“Interesting…” One corner of his plump lips curled upwards in a mischievous smirk, as he tucked your hair behind your ear, leaning in and whispering, “You’re a pretty one. This should be interesting.” His voice dripped with seduction, causing you to shiver slightly. “Ah, but I didn’t introduce myself, did I? How rude of me. You can call me Jimin.”

You opened your mouth to respond, but as you stared into his eyes, the words almost seemed to get stuck in your throat.

“Didn’t your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?” An alluring voice came from behind the two of you, causing Jimin to sigh, almost in disappointment and annoyance at being interrupted. He rolled his eyes in dismay, his hand dropping from your waist, as he turned around to face the owner of the voice, one eyebrow raised in a perfect arch. Standing in front of you in an almost protective stance, he blocked your view of this new person, and you craned your neck in an attempt to see. Realising you weren’t going to be able to see anything this way, you gently pushed Jimin to the side, stepping forward to face the new person in front of you.

The stranger stood there, a devilish smile on his face. His hair was blonde, with a fringe that constantly fell into his eyes. Similar to Jimin, he was wearing a tuxedo with golden patterns swirling around the bottom of the jacket, paired with a black shirt. His piercing eyes shone through his gold embroidered mask, as he looked you up and down, the smirk never leaving his face. Jimin seemed to shoot daggers at the blonde stranger with his eyes, clearly annoyed by his sudden appearance. 

“What?” The blonde one inquired. “Do you mean to tell me you wanted to keep her all to yourself? Oh, Jimin.” He shook his head, a wry smile on his face. “Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase, sharing is caring?” The stranger held his hand out, palm facing upwards, beckoning to you. Jimin continued to silently stare at the stranger, his fists clenched in frustration. The blonde stranger chuckled darkly. “I’ll return her to you afterwards, I’m not exactly going to kidnap her… yet.” He said with a playful tone, winking as Jimin sighed, brushing his hair out of his eyes before finally replying, with a warning tone, “Okay fine. Just don’t get too carried away…" 

You simply stood there during the whole exchange between the two, your head spinning as you tried to comprehend what was going on. You weren’t usually the passive type, but something about their eyes, maybe it was that sparkle, caused to become frozen in place, your mind focused only on them. A shiver ran down your spine, as you wondered what exactly you had gotten yourself into.


You stood by a long table which seemed to stretch out for miles. It was piled with foods of every kind, every single type of fruit you could think of, along with many, many types of dishes from starters to main courses to desserts. You sipped at a cup of tea, cringing slightly at the bitter, metallic taste. The mysterious, seductive front that the blonde stranger, who you learned was named Taehyung, had up beforehand, was long replaced by his actual childish personality, grinning away as you casually talked. In the short time that you had spent with Taehyung, you had since relaxed, no longer feeling as tense and anxious as you had before. All thought about finding Mina had since left your mind, as you felt yourself drawn to Taehyung, not once taking your eyes off him.

“You know, I like you.” Taehyung sipped at his tea, grinning when he looked back up at you. “You’re much more fun than the… others.” You giggled, feeling almost like you were in a sort of trance, and so you didn’t question what he meant by the word others, simply assuming he was referring to the other women elegantly gliding past the two of you. 

You were so enamoured by this man you had just met, that you didn’t notice the table beside you being cleared, instead a large coffin-like case being placed on top. You didn’t notice as people began to gather around the table, their eyes lighting up in pure hunger and thirst as they sat down by the table.

It wasn’t until Taehyung himself turned around to glance at the case, his smile turning downwards in a worried frown, as almost as if he realised what was happening, that you followed his gaze and finally realised.

You clamped your hand to your mouth in an attempt to stop yourself from screaming, as you saw your best friend sprawled across, the blood seemingly drained from her face, her lifeless eyes wide open, staring up into nothingness. Blood was dripping from a deep bite wound in her neck, her cream coloured dress stained with red. Tears began to spill from your eyes, rolling down your face in quick succession, as it dawned on you; your best friend, your only friend, was well and truly dead.

Dancing in the Rain Pt.2 (Jonathan Byers fanfiction)

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‘’Please, just come and pick me up.’’

‘’It’s not save going out in a storm like this, y/n, especially into the woods.  I’ll pick you up the second the storm dies down a bit. The Byers are nice people, they will let you stay there for a while. Say hello to Joyce from me. Bye now,’’ said Uncle Todd and hung up.

‘’Fuck,’’ you cursed under your breath.

‘’Is everything okay?’’ asked the older boy who stuck his head out of the kitchen.

‘’My uncle Todd said that it isn’t save going out in this storm,’’ you paoused for a bit. You didn’t feel comfortable asking people you didn’t know too well for favors. ‘’Is it okay if I stay here for a while?’’ you asked slowly. You could feel you cheeks turning red.

‘’Yeah, no problem,’’ said the boy.

‘’Thank you so much,’’ you said and give him a smile. ‘’I’m y/n by the way,’’ you said awkwardly.

‘’I’m Jonathan,’’ said the boy. 

Then, for a few seconds the both of you just stood awkwardly across from each other while looking at you feet.

‘’I’m making dinner for me and Will,’’ said Jonathan. He looked happy that he finally found something to say to end the awkward silence. ‘’You want to eat with us?’’

‘’Thank you, that would be great.’’ 

The both of you went into the kitchen. You set down at the kitchen table and looked up at Jonathan who went back to the stove.

Will was sitting at the table and drawing. You sat beside him and asked: ‘’What are you drawing?’’

‘’The  demogorgon,’’ he explained excitedly. ‘’He’s a demon prince. He’s like the greatest villain in Dungeons and Dragons history,’’ he said and looked at you with a big smile.

‘’You like Dungeneons and Dragons?’’ you asked with a smile on you face. You thought it was really cute how exited he got over this game.

‘’YEAH! It’s only THE BEST GAME EVER!’’ he said and jumped off of his chair.

‘’Calm down, Wil,’’ said Jonathen. You could hear the slight laugh in his voice.

Will looked at Jonathan with a fake-angry look and set back on his chair. 

‘’My cousin Sarah likes D&D. She has been trying to teach me how to play, but I just can’t get the hang of it,’’ you said. Sarah has been trying to teach you since the day you came to Hawkins. But you didn’t really care for it and never listened to her.

‘’I can teach you!’’ said Will and took his crayon back in his hand.

‘’I don’t think she wants that,’’ said Jonathan while placing a plate of baked potatoes in the middle of the table.

‘’What do you know! It’s not like you actually know any girls,’’ said Will and stuck out his tongue toward Jonathan.

Jonathan’s cheeks turned bright red in a second. He opened his mouth to say something but he closed it again.

‘’Just shut up, Will, okay,’’ said Jonathan quietly and turned away from the table.

Will looked at you and made a funny face. You laughed quietly even though you could feel the second-hand embarrassment from Jonathan.

Jonathan placed all of the food on the table and you guys started eating. Will was talking all the time while you and Jonathan were mostly quiet. Than the phone rang and Will ran to answer it. He started talking about X-Man on the phone so the call was probably for him.

‘’Soo,’’ you said not wanting to sit in uncomfortable silence. ‘’You go to high school here?’’ you asked. It was the best thing you were able to come up with in such a short time.

‘’Yup. I’m a junior,’’ (((ok so don’t kill me if he isn’t a junior but I have no idea how American high schools work))) said Jonathan. ‘’Do you go to Hawkins high? I have never seen you there. Or anywhere in Hawkins actually,’’ he said and looked at you.

‘’Yeah, I’m not from around here,’’ you said and looked down at your plate. You didn’t really want to talk about why you ended up in Hawkins. ‘’I will be staying here at my uncles house for a while. I’m actually from Indianapolis,’’ you said.

‘’Oh, a big-city girl,’’ said Jonathan and you could see a small smile grow on his face. Suddenly he looked way more comfortable around you. ‘’Who is your uncle?’’

‘’Todd Walker. He’s a vet. He actually told me to say hello to your family,’’ you said awkwardly. You had a feeling Jonathan won’t know who your uncle was.

‘’Oh, Todd,’’ Jonathan said. ‘’Yeah, we always take our dog to him. He’s a cool dude.’’

‘’Yeah, if ‘cool’ means boring and overprotective to you’’ you rolled your eyes. ‘’He doesn’t allow me to go anywhere by myself. ‘You never know who is waiting around the corner in the dark. You are a pretty girl, someone might want to hurt you. You should find yourself a boyfriend to protect you’ he always says to me. Everything in that sentence is against my morals,’’ you said pretending to be him using a really deep voice.

Jonathan laughed. You looked at him in shock. But then you realized how silly you must of have sounded. So you started laughing to.

‘’Thank you for everything,’’ you said for what feels like the fourth time already.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of Jonathan’s car. It was parked outside of uncle Todd’s house. Talking Heads were quietly playing. It was a couple of hours after your dinner at the Byers house. After dinner you helped Jonathan clean the table. After that Will, Jonathan and you sat on the couch for a while watching Jaws. Will said it was one of his favorite movies and Jonathan haven’t seen it yet. And because you liked it too, Will and you made Jonathan watch it too. After the movie was over the storm has ended. It was still raining but not as hard as it was earlier. So Jonathan said he’ll drive you home and he will look at your car tomorrow. He told you that he was quite good with cars and it was probably just the battery causing the problem. 

‘’It’s not a problem at all. Will and I enjoyed your company. We are usually alone so it was nice to have you around,’’ Jonathan said while playing with the keychain hanging from the keys in the engine. 

‘’Well, I had fun too,’’ you smiled at him and open the passenger door. 

‘’I’ll call you tomorrow after I fix you car, okay?’’ he said, leaning onto the passenger seat so he could see you while you were standing next to the car.

‘’Yeah, that would be great,’’ you said. ‘’Good night, Jonathan,’’ you said while closing the car door.

‘’Good night, Y/N,’’ he said and smiled at you.

Damn, that smile. 

“It was kind of obvious you aren’t from this time period. Look at those clothes.”

“Don’t get mad, but I may have lost our target.”

“I worked so hard for this. So much so that I’m not going to listen to your doubts.”

“Those are some awkward dance moves, stranger.”

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to stop me.”

“We can all admit that we had it coming.”


Interview - Millie Bobby Brow talked about Maddie Ziegler 😄💕