dancing warrior

Dating Tom Holland would include..

..longs walks with Tessa.

..marathons of your favorite movie series.

..Tom reading to you on rainy days while cuddling under seven blankets. (hot chocolate and fire not included)

..stealing his shirts.. and hats… and jackets.. basically all his clothes

..him secretly loving it.

..visiting marvel sets and becoming the ‘Avengers’ otp.

..billions of snap stories and insta pics featuring each other.

..calling him your hero.

..him calling you his little warrior.

..DANCE PARTIES. (ft. Tess, Paddy and occasionally Sam)

..going for coffee with Harry.

..his family adoring you.

..him being jealous of Tessa’s love for you.

..you being jealous of his fangirls.

..him reassuring you that you’re his one and only.

..sneaking kisses. Every 20 seconds.

..him never judging you for the blog you used to have devoted entirely to his existence. (”NO TOM DON’T LOOK AT THAT!!” “Aww! You used to write those little fan stories about me?” *you dying* “Oh and what’s this? You needed medical attention because I give you breathing problems?” *you’re dead*

..holding hands wherever you go.

..him feeling like he isn’t the best role to play something as big as Spiderman.

..you setting up a hashtag and live stream so he can see all his fans and what he’s doing for them. Also reassuring him in another way. ;)

..you being a singer and are asked to sing for one of his movie’s soundtracks.

..jam sessions or lessons with guitars.

..being the cutest couple ever cuz Tom Holland would treat his girl RIGHT.


OMG! My beautiful JaeJae. Smile everytime and moves like wind. All so happy except Daehyun who seems concentrated 😆 ❤❤ Love them 😍


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