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That video of the guy with his kids interrupting his interview but instead

General Organa : *discussing war and important issues to council via space Skype*

Toddler Ben : * dances in, wielding a toy saber* R2 rolls in behind him

Han : frantically bursts in, attempting to wrangle his unruly toddler and oblivious droid

170521 - Funsoo

Today’s bias is D.O!

And the other members want to make sure you know that he’s a fun person.

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He knows how to laugh whole-heartedly.

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And play with finger hands.

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D.O: “…Woo!”

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D.O: “OOOooo…oooOOO!!!”

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D.O: “Ook, aa ooden a caap wit maa maaut.”
(Look I’m holding a cup with my mouth.)

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D.O: “I can dance with toys.”

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D.O: “And with the members.”

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D.O: “And by myself.”

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D.O: “And in a penguin costume.”

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He also plays with water bottles.

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Kai: “You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.”

D.O: “…!”

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Prompt: Emma finds Regina asleep inside of Baby's Lucy's crib where Lucy is sitting and says "Mommy sleeping"

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Emma frowns in confusion as she walks into her living room only to find chaos. Pillows have been thrown everywhere. There’s crayons and paper scattered across the floor. The table is covered in various books, toys and snacks, all of which leads Emma to know one thing - Lucy’s been having one of her demanding days. 

“Regina? Lucy-Lou?” Emma calls out as she wanders through the house before heading up the stairs. 

She smiles as she hears her daughter singing to herself loving how content and happy Lucy can be. She just hopes she hasn’t been too much of a handful today.

Emma pushes the door open and smiles softly. Lucy is sat up in her bed hugging and dancing with her toy hippo whilst Regina lays on the edge of the bed, sleeping soundly. 

“Mama,” Lucy greets joyfully before raising a finger to her lips, “Mommy sleeping.” 

“I can see that munchkin,” Emma replies moving to pick up her daughter, “Why is she sleeping?” 

Lucy shrugs pointing to Regina’s rounded tummy, “I blame little sister.” 

Emma chuckles, getting a glimpse of a future of “It wasn’t me” before ruffling Lucy’s curls, “It’s the jellybean huh? Not the cheeky munchkin?” 

Lucy beams at her, “No munchkin. Angel.” 

Emma nods, “Of course you are.” 

She kneels down running her fingers through Regina’s silky dark locks until brown eyes flutter open. Emma smiles at her. “Hey, fun day?” 

Regina smiles tiredly before sitting up with a wince. She stretches out her arms before rubbing her neck, “Between the baby and Lucy it’s been exhausting.” 

Emma nods rubbing Regina’s bump, “Baby acrobatics?” 

Regina nods resting her head on Emma’s shoulder, “And Lucy gymnastics,” she sighs contently as she feels her baby kick and watches Lucy trying to cartwheel across the living room, “Exhausting but completely worth it.” 


I come back with sketches yaaaaaaaay!

1.Murder Toy Chica

2.Bendy Doodle

3.Commission on DA (Circus Funtime Freddy)

4.Commission on DA (Wreddy Harper)

5.Baby x Funtime Foxy (it’s just Art Trade,I don’t ship it)

6.PINKIE (again Photoshop CS5)


1934 - Party On The Roof - Part 1 by clotho98

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />College women party on the roof of the Boston YWCA, in 1934.  Naturally, this required one stuffed cat, two sock monkeys, a horse statue, and several jugs of wine.
Gemmy Dancing Hamsters

An anon asked me to do a post about dancing hamsters. 

So I found this great playlist on youtube which has lots of videos of the different dancing hamsters. They are so fun to watch and there are so many different versions. 

Playlist here

Here are some of the ones I like the best

SLEEPY SIMON “Mr. Sandman" 

QUEENIE "Dancing Queen" 

WITCH "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

DAPPER DAN “Puttin On The Ritz”

CHICK “Chicken Dance”

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'cos it's my birthday 😏, can you write me something super fluffy because I love allllll the fluff plssss

“Aaron, I’m not in the mood,” Robert sighed at his husband, the effects of a long day having taken their toll. He’d been in meetings in Manchester all morning, and then Nicola had sent him on a wild goose chase that afternoon, looking for a new client out Birmingham way who apparently didn’t even exist, and he was knackered.

He just wanted to curl up in bed, and read a book, and forget that the whole day had ever happened. Robert watched as Aaron raised an eyebrow, turning to root in his wardrobe for something.

“What are you doing?” he sighed again, hugging his knees to his chest. Aaron was in a good mood that evening, and while normally, he’d relish in Aaron’s happy demeanour and bright smile, but he just felt absolutely horrendous that evening.

“I’m cheering you up, of course.” Aaron grinned, producing the teddy bear Robert had won at the theme park, nearly two years ago now, the gigantic stuffed toy looking ridiculous in his gruff husband’s hands.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “Pity I’m not five,” he grumbled.

Aaron threw himself down on their bed, thrusting the teddy bear at Robert. “How can you still be grumpy when you’ve got Mr Bear looking at ya?” he grinned.

“Mr Bear?”

“Leo named him,” Aaron shrugged, pushing the teddy bear against Robert’s chest, the material soft against his skin. He put on a ridiculous deep voice, doing what Robert assumed was supposed to be an imitation of a cartoon bear. “Robert, turn that frown upside down.”

Robert couldn’t hold back a snort. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” he said, trying to rearrange himself into a serious facial expression again, his mouth barely keeping to a frown as he watched his husband waggle the teddy bear in front of him, Aaron pulling faces.

“An idiot that you love!” Aaron said, still putting on the silly voice, moving the teddy bear’s arms about, as though he was trying to make the toy dance.

“I do love you.” Robert said quietly, reaching for the teddy bear. It felt ridiculous, having such an attachment to the toy when he was thirty two years old, but it reminded him of those new, exciting first days of their relationship. 

“Feel a bit better now?” Aaron nudged, pressing his cheek to Robert’s still raised up knees. 

Robert nodded. “I just had a crap day, that’s all.”

“Well, that’s why you have me, innit?” Aaron said, kicking off his shoes and curling himself around Robert, the teddy bear squished between them. “Fancy a takeaway or something tonight?” 

Robert breathed in Aaron’s familiar scent, the odd combination of Robert’s shower gel and the cheap Lynx spray Aaron always used, as though he was still fifteen years old.

“Yeah,” he murmured, too comfortable now he was wrapped up in his husband’s arms. “Can we just stay here for a bit first?”

Aaron nodded, pressing his lips to Robert’s in a sloppy kiss. “Love you, Mr Dingle. Even if you are more of a grump then I am, sometimes.” 

Robert rolled his eyes. “Yeah, alright.”

Aaron grinned, shoving the teddy bear into Robert’s armpit, half lying on top of Robert now. “Mr Bear loves you too, ya grumpy git.”

Turn ons according to your Mars sign:

Aries- showing passion of any kind, the color red, sexy lingerie and underwear, leather, strong scents, whispering in ear, someone who is hard to get, free to be dominant, and smoldering looks.

Taurus- massages especially with massage oil, candles or anything that sets the mood, chocolate, silk sheets, sensual scents, muscles or voluptuous body, and overall slow and pleasing touch. 

Gemini- dirty talk, sexting, phone sex, soft porn or erotica, role-play, filming, Karma Sutra, three-way, and long conversations.

Cancer- cuddling, making out, feeling safe, nice breasts or chest, having chest touched, beautiful eyes, plenty of eye-contact, oral sex, having water in the background like a running shower or fountain, privacy, and mood lighting. 

Leo- role-play, doing it in public like on the beach, the backyard, a photo booth, changing room, or just the bedroom with the windows open and the sun shinning in, warm weather, dominatrix, toys, dancing, or strip tease.

Virgo- nibbling, porn, sexting, phone sex, doing it in the kitchen or bathroom, whispering in the ear, orgies, role-play, and light touching and kisses.

Libra- a romantic setting, edible lotion or whip cream, strawberries or other fruit, plenty of sweet talk and compliments, might like to be spanked and squeezed, and they can be attracted to anything that seems “forbidden”.

Scorpio- leather, bondage, massages, power plays, safe pain, sexy underwear and lingerie, erotica, complete bareness, and passion.

Sagittarius- being in an exotic atmosphere or with an exotic person, freedom to explore and experiment, wants to connect mentally, doesn’t mind someone who teases a bit, likes confidence, and wants someone who can relax with them after.

Capricorn- music, massages, an attractive scent, someone who knows what they are doing physically, submission and punishment dynamics, someone who is frequently willing, someone with style can get them going, they also can be attracted to someone with a “lady/gentleman in the streets but a freak in the bed” type of attitude, an earthy personality is attractive to them too. They can have a love/hate relationship with tickling.

Aquarius- fetishes, toys, drugs, some sort of mood whether it be romantic, exotic, or comfortable (they also like to switch up the mood a lot), being experimental, and doing it in crazy places.

Pisces- eye contact, foot massages, cuddling, romance, music, compliments, confessions of attraction, breathing into their ear, and making out.

Mars with the highest libido: Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and Scorpio.

Mars with the lowest libido: Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Aquarius.



↳- Sequel                                      
✖- Smut                                         
△- TW: Self Harm                          
▲- TW: Suicide                              
☀ - Threesome                              
★- Punk AU
⊙- Highschool/Basement AU
◉- Killjoy AU          

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