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Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for a remix of sure to be gargantuan new Major Lazer hit Cold Water since the track surfaced late last week. The song’s obviously going to be one of the biggest anthems of summer and fall, and its sheer power has only been amplified by the two guest vocalists on the song, Bieber and long time IHM darling, Danish pop star . German producer Koni offers up the first new revision of Cold Water to grace IHM, except this isn’t just any ol’ remix. This is practically a complete remake, a cover that involves Lea Beiley and Nick de la Hoyde on vocals as well as J. Roosevelt and EZY Lima on co-production. Cold Water takes on a lightness in this chill house rework. This cold water is warm and gooey, weightless and wistful, summery and breezy. A laid back rap verse adds to the mellow charm of this fabulously unique experience. Koni’s creative version of Cold Water is a free download, here.

Satin swooning Escape comes from CADE’s fresh EP Care, out today. The Los Angeles based artist easily convinces me to escape with him with his sensual grooving song. Delicately bouncing deep house constitutes the rich foundation for this opulent dance track, but CADE tops it off with some future vibing R&B, resulting in a luscious sleek yet lively percolating affair. Stream CADE’s Care EP on Soundcloud and purchase from various outlets, here.


160723 Baidu Nuomi Music Festival - Be Mine
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