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Science Partners (Peter Parker x Reader) - Part 4

A/N: It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Eve and that means it is a perfect time to release part 4 of Science Partners!!! Tomorrow, your’s truly, will be heading off to the theater to see Tom Holland kill it as Peter Parker!! Thank you all so much for the love you’ve been giving the series!! Your support and love is the reason I keep writing!! Enjoy!! xx

Warnings: things get rather… hot and heavy ;), blushy Peter ofc, cute as heck 


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The rest of the night was absolutely perfect. Ned was a surprisingly good dancer and led you deftly across the dance floor to Careless Whisper. Peter watched from the edge of the dance floor with a large grin on his face. He let out a belly laugh as Ned dipped you in front of him, you flashing a wink Peter’s way. After you danced with Ned, When a Man Loves a Woman began to play. You couldn’t think of a better song for such a lovely, cheesy moment. 

Peter walked up to you, his face flushed red and a nervous half-smile on his face. Nervous yourself, you slid your hands up Peter’s chest and rested them behind Peter’s neck, your arms resting on his shoulders. His hands rested on your waist and you could almost hear his heart hammering in his chest. Your heartbeat wasn’t any slower. The two of you swayed to the beat and his eyes never strayed from yours.

You were stunning. You were magnificent. You were gorgeous. You were Peter’s. He was so overwhelmed with happiness that he didn’t know what to think. He couldn’t look away from you. Your (Y/E/C) eyes danced in the multi-colored lights. Your whole being took his breath away. How did he think that denying his feelings for you would help anything? It almost ruined everything. He was just so relieved to have you back. 

You never wanted Percy Sledge to stop singing. You wanted to dance with Peter forever, with his eyes on yours and him holding you close. 

“Alright, kiddos!! Let’s speed the beat up with some Liam Paaaaaaayne!” the DJ shouted, playing Strip That Down. Students flooded the dance floor, grinding on each other and you were sure someone dabbed. You and Peter were pushed from the dance floor by the sea of bodies. The two of you watched Coach Wilson attempt to separate gyrating teens but eventually get up, causing you both to laugh. 

Peter slipped his hand into yours, holding your hand tight. You looked up at him and gave him a sweet smile. He smiled down at you and felt his head rush with joy. He felt as if you two were the only two people in the world and he loved it. That is, until Ned walked up besides you. He watched Ned lean down and whisper something in your ear, giving Peter a playful glance. What was he doing now? Peter noticed a smirk spread across your face as you nodded and looked back up at Peter through your eyelashes. He felt his face grow increasingly hot and his hands began to go clammy. 

Peter didn’t know that Ned had basically told you to “go get it, girl.” Glancing out into the mass of students dancing to the pop song, you figured you might as well join them. With a confidence you didn’t know you had, you grabbed Peter’s tie and led him out onto the dance floor, swaying your hips to the beat. 

Peter, his face beet red, glanced back at Ned with wide, excited eyes. Ned just gave him a thumbs up and laughed at his friend. 

You led Peter into the crowd and when the two of you were a good ways in, you backed yourself up into him, still swaying your hips. His hands instantly went to your waist and his grip was tight. You glanced around the dance floor and mimicked what the other girls were doing. Peter gradually got into it and the pair of you danced to the next three songs like this. Your heart raced and your stomach fluttered with forbidden urges but in that moment, you didn’t care. 

You, Peter, and Ned left the dance at around 11:30 and started walking into the night. You were between Ned and Peter but Peter held your hand tightly. The pressure was warm and comforting. Once again, his jacket was draped over your bare shoulders. 

“So, uh,” Peter began nervously, breaking the peaceful silence, “Ned is coming over, would you want to?”

You could see Ned’s shoulders bouncing with silent laughter and Peter’s grip on your hand became tighter. “I’d love to, I just don’t have anything to change into,” you replied, thankful he couldn’t see the intense shade of red your cheeks had turned. 

“You could wear something of mine.” Peter spoke quickly and his voice sounded high with nerves.

“Okay, cool.” You all walked the rest of the way to Peter’s apartment in silence. You carefully climbed the steps, your feet aching in your heels. When you got inside, your heels were the first thing to go. 

The first thing you noticed was that May wasn’t home. Your heart flipped and butterflies fluttered in your tummy. Ned was here, why were you acting like this? You all went into Peter’s room where Ned already had a change of clothes for himself. He went into Peter’s bathroom first to change, leaving you and Peter alone.

“Tonight was fun,” Peter said, swallowing hard. 

You nodded in agreement and asked, “So, about those clothes?”

“Oh, right.” Peter rummaged through his dresser and pulled out a pair of gray sweatpants and a Captain America t-shirt. 

“Oh, he’s my favorite!” you exclaimed when you saw the shirt. You didn’t notice but Peter grimaced at that. “Um, would you mind helping me with the zipper?” Peter stared at you, unblinking. Were you going to undress in front of him? “Peter? I can’t reach it.” Peter nodded and you turned your back to him. With shaking fingers, Peter pinched the zipper between his fingers and began pulling it down. He slowly revealed your skin to him and it took all of his willpower to not gingerly trace circles on your bare skin. He noticed that you weren’t wearing a bra and his breath hitched. 

Gently, he dragged his fingers down your arm and leaned into you, pressing his lips against your sensitive neck. You tilted your head to give him better access. Your eyes fluttered close and your hand that was holding up your dress almost slipped. His lips moved smoothly across your skin and you felt his teeth graze the nape of your neck. You thought you could feel something hard pressing into the small of your back…

“Alright, who’s next?” Ned exclaimed, stepping into Peter’s room. Peter quickly stumbled away from you and you bolted past Ned into the bathroom. Ned looked his friend up and down and cocked an eyebrow at him. Peter quickly began undressing, tossing his dress clothes into a pile of other clothes. “So, should I leave?” Ned smirked at the flustered Peter.

“No, dude, no. I just..”

“Pete, this is your night. It’s your guys’ moment. May won’t be home all night…”

Peter let out an exasperated sigh as he struggled to get his sweater on. “I can’t Ned. I.. I’ve never done this before!”

“I’m sure she hasn’t either! Look, dude, you both clearly want to. So just… go for it!”

“What are you guys talking about?” you said, leaning against Peter’s door way. Peter’s shoulders relaxed but his stomach did flips as he turned to look at you. His sweatpants fit you exactly as he imagined and you looked absolutely adorable in his t-shirt. If only there was a different superhero logo on it…

“I was just letting Peter know that I was heading out,” Ned said, making his way quickly to the door. “Ate too many of those mini muffins… (Y/N),” he stopped in front of you and bowed, “thank you for the wonderful dance.” 

You giggled at your friend and curtsied. “Of course, Ned. See you later, dude,” you replied with a smile. Ned nodded and left Peter’s apartment. You two were alone. Peter sat down on the edge of his bed and shyly looked up at you. “So,” he said, his voice cracking a little, “what do you want to do?”

You tugged your lip between your teeth and looked over at Peter through your eyelashes. Mustering up as much courage as you could, you said in a hushed tone, “You.”

Peter snapped his gaze up to meet yours. He couldn’t believe what you had just said. His hands gripped the edge of his bed until his knuckles turned white. You had slowly begun to walk towards him. You leaned down and pushed your lips against his. His eyes instantly fluttered close and he reached his hands up to your waist, pulling you down onto his lap. His grip involuntarily tightened as you began to grind your hips down into his. 

You bit at Peter’s lip, eliciting a moan from him. You slid your hands under his sweater and he pulled away just long enough for you to pull it off. You had seen Peter shirtless before but this was different. Your insides trembled as you ran your hands along the warm skin of his bare chest. 

Peter attacked your neck with his lips. He ran his hands up and down your back under your shirt. With vigor, he sucked and nipped purple marks into your flesh. Trying to bite it back, you let a moan escape your lips. His touch was so warm and it sent electric chills through your body. As if you were weightless, Peter flipped the pair of you so that he hovered over you. His hips were already between your legs and his dark eyes bore into yours. His stare gave you a thrill. 

He began to pull up the hem of your shirt but hesitated. “Do you want this?” he asked in almost a whisper. 

“Yes,” you replied almost instantly. Peter smiled down at you and you smiled back. A little awkwardly, Peter removed your shirt. He ran his hands, barely touching your skin, from your waist up your stomach and to your breasts. A warm feeling began to build in your stomach as Peter smashed his lips against your’s again. 

“Oh, almost forgot,” he mumbled, pulling away from you. An involuntary whimper left your lips as he pulled away and you went bright red. Peter smirked at you as he reached into the drawer of his night stand. He pulled out a small, square packet and set it on top of the night stand. Peter returned his attention to you, running his fingers through your hair. “You’re breathtaking,” he breathed. You smiled broadly and pulled him back down towards you.

It wasn’t the fireworks and magic that you had expected but losing yourself to Peter was definitely an experience you wouldn’t forget. He racked your body with pleasure, even through all of the giggle breaks that had to be taken. More than once your head was bumped against the wall but it was the little things like that that made the moment perfect. 

Afterwards, the two of you laid on Peter’s bed, the moonlight peeking through the window. Peter lay on his back, still shirtless, and you lay with your head on his chest, now back in Peter’s clothes. One strong arm was wrapped around you while the other rested behind his head. Your hand lay gingerly on Peter’s abdomen. The sound of his steady heart beat and the gentle rise and fall of his chest was putting you to sleep. You let out a yawn and your eyes fluttered shut.

Peter looked down at you and smiled softly. The moonlight shone silver against your features. You were like a goddess. Softly, he whispered, “I.. I love you, (Y/N).” The words tasted like honey on his lips. 

“I love you too, Peter,” you replied, your voice sleepy. Peter turned on his side and wrapped both arms around you, hugging you to his chest. You had already begun to snore softly. Peter kissed the top of your head and let his eyes also flutter close.

A/N: Whoo!! She’s long but I love her!!!! I hope you all liked it!!!!! Do you guys want more???? Do you want to see Peter in other situations???? Let me know! Send in requests!! xx

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Do you know of any good hidge fics?

oh BOY you have come to the right place. here’s some gud guds

Smells Like Team Spirit - garrison trio fic, super hunk-centric, hints of hidge. STELLAR characterization of hunk and super interesting side characters, the slowly developing friendship b/w lance n hunk and pidge is really sweet to watch. hasn’t updated in a long time and last update ended on a bit of a cliffhanger tho. i’m still holding out for an update :”) i wont give up on this one its too good

Splanky - HIDGE GROUP CHAT REQUIRED READING LOL… all we do is yell about it tbh. it’s a modern swing dance au, finished, 18 chapters. slowburn hunkpidge but not to the point it’s annoying lol, dance scenes that are Really Well Described to the point it got me into swing, shay and pidge are roommates and actual friends and i luv their relationship, side klance and shalluratt, hunk and shay dated but shay isnt portrayed as a bad guy and still has healthy friendships w hunk and pidge, Dancing Is The Vertical Expression of A Horizontal Desire: The Series

 (( mom @ladymac111​ wrote it and she could probably describe it a lot better but TRUST ME IT’S REALLY REALLY GOOD. ladymac writes a ton of hidge (sfw and not) my other fav is T4 because chronically ill!hunk and yall know how mod rover lives for disabled and chronically ill characters ))

Exceptions - my fav mf fic of all time… cfpepperz is my idol… mostly friendship, hunk n pidge shenanigans that gets serious sometimes, ongoing, COMES WITH ART!!!!, chapters feel like they could legitimately be episodes of the show. pepperz just has this WAY w them i would literally die for her pidge… neurodivergent pidge, Hunk’s Hug Bank, more dancing, cool original alien species, Careless Whisper memes, hints of side shallura and klance

‘Til We’re Old And Stinky - pidge can’t cook for shit: the oneshot, basically. i love it i love shenanigans like this

A Dream From Far Away - i couldnt describe it right, best group chat could come up with is “ basically this atmospheric psychic scene between pidge and hunk just like … clinging onto each other so they’re not alone after the wormhole thing “ … it’s a super pretty and eerie oneshot and i love it. it evokes so much Feeling that i cant describe its just super pretty imagery and thats the best i can put together

you have pretty eyes, he wrote. - only good coffeeshop au on the got dam planet. side shayllura and klance, hunk writes notes on pidge’s coffee cups, i would take a bullet for hunk

Keith Kogane’s Guide To Extracurricular College Planning - ok this one is klance centric and i usually dont rec klance centric stuff bc im desperate for hidge content where the hidge is actually the center but… this one’s got REALLY good side hidge trust me. kickball game scene cleared my skin and watered my crops

Troubleshooting - another cute oneshot bc boy i love them. hunk codes and pidge tries to fix it

Debriefing - set right after tears of the balmera. hunk and pidge discuss events of the week and pidge tries to prevent hunk from starting to crush on a boy that doesn’t exist. sometimes i forget this one exists and then i find it and reread it and get excited again

Drafted Confession - i got oneshots for days my guy. pidge is too chicken to send an email and allura can’t figure out who she keeps bringing home drunk from college parties

there’s more out there but you gotta dig thru the tag, if i remember any other gud ones i will update. the tag’s less than 200 fics so it’s not that hard to look through rip

- mod rover


“Careless Whisper” by George Michael | Choreography by Yanis Marshall

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

WHAM. I feel so unsure As I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor As the music dies, something in your eyes Calls to mind the silver screen And all its sad good-byes I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know your not a fool Should've known better than to cheat a friend And waste the chance that I've been given So I'm never gonna dance again The way I danced with you Time can never mend The careless whispers of a good friend To the heart and mind Ignorance is kind There's no comfort in the truth Pain is all you'll find I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know your not a fool I should've known better than to cheat a friend And waste the chance that I've been given So I'm never gonna dance again The way I danced with you Never without your love Tonight the music seems so loud I wish that we could lose this crowd Maybe it's better this way We'd hurt each other with the things we'd want to say We could have been so good together We could have lived this dance forever But no one's gonna dance with me Please stay And I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know your not a fool Should've known better than to cheat a friend And waste the chance that I've been given So I'm never gonna dance again The way I danced with you Now that you're gone (Now that you're gone) What I did's so wrong, so wrong That you had to leave me alone

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Speaking of band aus, what about a marching band one? I wonder they would fare out (hopefully better than I am rn)?

Asking these mother fuckers to march anywhere in time with other people is a bad idea.

Suga plays the alto sax, and he has to physically hold himself back from breaking out into Careless Whisper and dancing. He also has to carry around a pack of reeds everywhere he goes because he’s a fuckin’ mess and always ends up cracking them one way or another. But he’s also learned how to continue playing even with shitty reeds if he really needs to.

Bokuto plays the sousaphone and he’s surprisingly good at it. He’s the one that they have do outrageous dancing and running because he’s got boundless energy and everyone loves watching him. He’s great at riling up the fans.

Matsukawa and Hanamaki play the trombone. For the most part, they are pretty obedient in the line of marching. They do enjoy fucking with the people marching in front of them though by banging their slides against the backs of their necks. (Because they’re shitheads.) And then when people get mad at them, they do that annoying, “Wah, wah waaaaaahhhhh” sound with their instruments.

Oikawa plays the piccolo because it’s as shrill as he is. He used to play the flute but switched over when he decided he wasn’t getting enough attention. He now spends his time trying his hardest to burst everyone’s eardrums with notes breaking the sound barrier and reaching aliens in space. He has an annoying prance to his march that the conductor can’t seem to train out of him.

Iwaizumi plays the snare drum. Favorite movie is Drumline. Is better than everyone and knows it. Doesn’t brag though because he’s the best person to ever exist. Can do all those really cool tricks and is literally a one man band. Super sexy, enthralls everyone that sees him.

Akaashi plays the French Horn. He’s also really good at it. Only ever breaks pace when he catches sight of Bokuto doing anything at all. Tries to sneak through the band and stand with him. Gets caught every time and forced to return to his position.

Kenma plays the clarinet. Is constantly falling behind and needs to be prodded forward by the others in his section. Hates marching. Wants to sit. Plays too softly. How did he ever even make it onto the field? Has a hard time remembering the music. Why, oh why, did he ever think it was a good idea to join the band?

Kuroo plays the bari sax. Is pretty good at it but has attention problems because oh my god Kenma is trying to sit down in the middle of the field, fuck, someone stop him. He takes his job as leader of the sax section very seriously, tries to organize practice dates outside of band practice. Is constantly competing with Bokuto as band members with heavy instruments. (Even though Bokuto’s is much heavier.) Does curls with his saxophone in between songs.

Daichi plays trumpet. Very good. Hits high notes with enthusiasm. Takes band very seriously. Has got the CHOPS, man. ROCKS THE FLIGHT OF THE BUMBLEBEE LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER. Scores every trumpet solo no problem. Gives them away occasionally because, “Favoritism isn’t fair, Sensei.” The other trumpets cower in the shadow of his greatness. Gets distracted by the cute alto saxophone player that breaks out in dance and then gets scolded by the conductor. Swears that he’ll offer to carry his case this time for sure.

Asahi plays the oboe. Trips often. Is scared of the alto sax player that laughs maniacally every time he stumbles. Once tripped and took out half his section. Is scarred for life. Spends hours and hours of his free time practicing marching across his backyard.

Nishinoya plays the cymbals and is VERY enthusiastic about his job. Gets really into it. Swings them around like nobody’s business. Has a huge gay crush on the oboe player that lives next door. Likes to watch him practice from his balcony.

Kiyoko plays the tenor saxophone. Marches near Suga. Is the designated Suga wrangler. Is incredible, though admittedly would do better in the jazz band because she got a lot o’ soul. Rarely has to carry her own saxophone case with so many admirers offering to do it for her.

Including the adorable flute player, Yachi. Even though she doesn’t have the muscle mass for it, she offers to carry Kiyoko’s case because she’s absolutely infatuated. Kiyoko casually hands her case off to the cornet player, Terushima, and offers Yachi her hand to carry instead.

Marching Band AU gives me life. But no. They’re not faring well. So you’re not alone.

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Imagine Being Checked Out By Soulless Sam

Imagine Sam Catching You and Dean Singing Along To Don’t Stop Believing Together In the Impala

imagine Castiel Nervously Asking If He Can Kiss You On New Years

Imagine Dean Teaching You How to Fix the Impala

Imagine Daring Sam and Dean To Pick Up Girls With Creepy Pick Up Lines

Imagine Getting Into A Fight With Dean and He Drives Off

Imagine Being With Sam At Stanford When He Gets A Call From Dean

Imagine Watching Dean Beat Up Baby

Imagine Dean Helping You Study For A History Test

Imagine Castiel Trying to Help You With Your Homework and Not Understanding It

Imagine Getting into A Fight With Sam and Him Kissing You To End the Argument

Imagine Castiel Trying to Teach Your Kid To Brush Their Teeth

Imagine Babysitting Your Niece With Cas

Imagine Getting Sam A Dog

Imagine Telling Team Free Will Your First Sexual Experience Was With A Girl

Imagine Trying To Cut Sam’s Hair

Imagine Telling Sam You Cheated On Him

Imagine Sam Watching You Work Out

Imagine Being Hired to Kill Dean After He Falls In Love With You

Imagine Castiel Taking You to A Bookstore

Imagine Having A Breakdown and Sam Comforting You

Imagine Being Dean’s Wing Woman

Imagine Pretending To See Lucifer So Sam Doesn’t Feel So Crazy

Imagine Dean Teaching Your Daughter This

Imagine Being Dean’s Daughter and Getting Mad At Him Because He Was Never There For You

Imagine Coming Back As A Ghost and Dean Doesn’t Want To Say Goodbye

Imagine Castiel Popping Away Because You Had A Fight

Imagine Making Valentine’s Day Cookies For Team Free Will But You Accidentally Used Salt Instead of Sugar

Imagine Planning A Hot Date for You and Cas, But Sam and Dean Interrupt

Imagine Having To Explain To the Archangels Why You Don’t Like Valentine’s Day, Only to Have Them Say They’ll Be Your Valentine

Imagine The Boys Refusing to Leave You Alone on Valentine’s Day

Imagine Sam Telling You He Is In Love With You

Imagine Having To Wake Sam Up From A Nightmare

Imagine Waking Up Next To Dean With No Recollection of the Previous Night

Imagine Sam Teaching You How To Drive In the Impala

Imagine Getting Drunk With TFW

Imagine Slow Dancing With Dean

Imagine Pretending to Have A Sword Fight With Dean Behind Sam’s Back

Imagine Praying to the Angels When You’re Bored and Telling Them Corny Jokes

Imagine Sam and Dean Giving Their Reluctant Approval of You and Cas

Imagine Sam Trying to Embarrass Dean In Front of You

Imagine Being ‘Just Friends’ With Dean

Imagine You and Cas Trying to Prank Gabriel

Imagine Finding A Dog On A Hunt and Trying to Sneak It Into the Bunker Past Sam and Dean

Imagine Sam Watching Friends With TFW

Imagine Making Dean Smile

Imagine Dean Realizing That Letting You Go Was A Mistake

Imagine Being In A Fight With Sam and Accidentally Calling Him Sammy

Imagine Adam, Lucifer and Michael Getting Out of the Cage, and You and Adam Have To Teach the Two Angels How To Act Human

Imagine Being Expelled From School And Having To Tell Your Brothers, Sam and Dean

Imagine The Boys Take Turns Every Day to Wake you Up For School

Imagine TFW Helping You Run Lines

Imagine Sam and Dean Find You After You’ve Been Kidnapped By A Demon and They Save You

Imagine Sitting Outside the Door While Sam Detoxes From Demon Blood

Imagine Catching Sam and Dean Digging Up A Grave and Arresting Them

Imagine Dancing With Dean As He Sings Careless Whisper by George Michael to You

Imagine Babysitting Sam and Jess’s Son With Your Boyfriend, Dean

Imagine Telling Your Kids the Winchester Story

Imagine Watching A Very Potter Musical With TFW

Imagine Dying On A Hunt, Only to Wake Up To Your Family In Heaven

Imagine Cas Healing You After A Bad Hunt

Imagine Trying to Flirt With Cas But He Just Doesn’t Get It

Imagine Going LARPing With Charlie and the Boys

Imagine Telling Dean He Needs A New Vocabulary

Imagine Dean Comes Home Late…

Imagine Falling In Love With Dean

Imagine Getting Sun Burned and Cas Doesn’t Like that You’re In Pain

Imagine Cas Popping In On You While You Are Changing

Imagine Castiel Catching His 4 Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Dean Catching His 13 Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Crowley Catching His Daughter Cussing

Imagine Sam Catching His Seventeen Year Old Daughter Cussing

Imagine Braiding Sam’s Hair

Imagine Dean Trying To Teach You How To Be Sexy

Imagine Being In Love With Dean But Leaving Him When He Tells You What He Does

Imagine Babysitting Young Sam and Dean

Imagine Meeting Teen!Sam and Falling For Him

Imagine Playing A Drinking Game With TFW And Going A Little Crazy

Imagine Being Partnered With Teen!Dean For An English Project

Imagine Trying to Read With Dean Looking Over Your Shoulder

Imagine Dean Being Your First Kiss and When You Tell Him He Sneaks In As Many Kisses As He Can

Imagine Being Late to A Job Interview Only to Meet Your Extremely Hot Boss

Imagine Fighting With Dean Over the Dirty Dishes

Imagine Getting Into Trouble With Your Dad and Asking Your Dad For A No Questions Asked

Imagine You and Sam Find a Stray Dog and Sneak It Into the Bunker, Only for Cas To Accidentally Spill the Secret to Dean

Imagine TFW Being Worried About You Possibly Losing Your Soul, So They Ask Cas to Check

Imagine Eating Cereal With Cas

Imagine Your Big Brother Sam Homeschooling You

Imagine Your Son Trying to Make A Joke, But Cas Doesn’t Seem to Get It

Imagine Sam Proposing to You

Imagine Bela Hitting On You in Front of the Boys

Imagine Being Scared During A Storm and Cas Comforting You

Imagine Cooking With Cas

Imagine Training With Sam and Dean and Totally Kicking Their Asses

Imagine Taking Dean to A Concert

Imagine Listening to Hopelessly Devoted to You in the Impala After A Break Up With A Member of TFW and One of the Boys Finds You

Imagine Dean Teasing You ABout Your Crush On Cas

Imagine Going to A Bee Farm with Cas

Request A One Shot or Gif Imagine