dancing taylor swift

Taylor Swift, spinning her way through the eras

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when Barcelona starts playing

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and you’re sort of feeling it

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and then the chorus starts

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and the melody got you like

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then ed tells you to get up up on the dance floor

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and suddenly you’re drinking sangria and spinning around in the mediterranean 

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Voltron Characters as Weird Things My Friends Have Done.
  • Lance: got super drunk and started club dancing to taylor swift's 'our song'
  • Keith: whipped out a knife in the middle of a conversation to help someone open something with no warning or explanation. no one knows where the knife came from or where it went after that.
  • Pidge: said they were going to bed at midnight and then stayed up till 4 am looking at kermit memes when they had an 8 am class.
  • Hunk: made most of his very close friends by walking around the dorm asking people who wanted to help him bake a pie from scratch.
  • Shiro: drank so much water that he had to be cut off. is the first one to get cut off that night and isn't even drinking.
  • Allura: threw a bag of candy at a drunk friend while shouting "bitch eat my conversation hearts!"
  • Coran: brought a recorder on a road trip in case he got bored