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Each tattoo is a story - Batmom x Batfamily

Good idea. I wrote it in the very short free time I had available today, hope it’s still ok, and that you guys will  like it

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It’s Tim, who wondered about it first. 

You guys were all coming home from a (rare and peaceful) day at the beach, when he noticed it. And curiosity got the best of him.  

Of course, you’ve always had a lot of tattoos even before you became his mother. It was so normal for him, so part of…You, that he never even wondered once what they meant.

Until that day.

Until he noticed a small symbol on your ankle, surrounded by bigger designs that attracted all the attention. And it surprised him so much, that he just had to ask you. He resisted the urge to ask you right away, thinking it was none of his business but…it was too much now. He couldn’t stop himself. And as all the family is helping Alfred putting away their beach stuff, Tim cracks. 

You noticed him staring at you for a while now, so you were expecting a somewhat personal question (which never bothered you, why would you have secrets for your own family ?). But nothing really prepared you for what he was about to ask : 

-Mom…Why do you have Superman’s symbol tattooed on your ankle ? 

Bruce freezes. Your other boys are suddenly very attentive, and Alfred…Oh bless Alfred, he couldn’t help but smile because he thought that the way Bruce tensed up each time the word “Superman” was uttered was just the cutest (they all knew by now, that you and Clark used to date). 

Your husband turns toward you and, his brow furrowing, asks : 

-…You have a Superman symbol tattooed on your ankle ? I never noticed…

-You should have had, you often kiss it when we…

-OH PLEASE MOTHER ! No details about anything regarding your intimacy with father please. Just tell us why you have a Superman tattoo…Please. 

You chuckle a bit at your youngest son’s comment, but your gaze doesn’t leave Bruce’s, and you smile at him…it’s not a mocking smile, far from it, and he relaxes. You’re not going to tease him about Clark once again (ever since he discovered you had a thing with him, one of your favorite past time was to make comments about it, just to provoke a reaction in him…and oh a reaction it provoked each time alright…a very nice and pleasurable reaction you might say). 

But you’re in no mood to tease him on the subject, especially since you had such a pleasant day and you just don’t want to ruin it by making him grumpy (even though he never stays grumpy very long once you manage to get some time just you and him). Besides, you can see it kinda disturbs him that he never noticed this particular tattoos…He thought he knew your body by heart ! And yes, he did kiss your ankles more than once so…why did he never notice it ? If you could read his mind you’d tell him that maybe, he was always a bit too busy to actually pay attention to that minuscule tattoo. 

To be honest, you’re quite surprised Tim saw it…Bruce was right. That boy really was the most observant and smartest you’ve ever met. You were pretty sure that he even surpassed his father in that area and…the fact he noticed that tattoo while Bruce had your ankles right in his face more than once proves it (oh the number of time your ankles ended up on his shoulders, and he turned his face to kiss it as he pumped into you…well, come to think of it, maybe that’s why he never noticed indeed, you guys were always quite busy when your ankles were close to his face…). 

You smile at your sons and you say : 

-It’s just because Clark has been an important part of my life, and still is. He’s one of my best friend. Just friend dear, don’t make that face. 

They can’t help it, they can’t help but snickering at their father’s reaction, this little “jealous face” he always make, where his nose and mouth crease. 

But, what you just said about this tattoo makes Tim think and he asks :

-Do all your tattoos mean something ? 

You give him an enigmatic smile and nod. And you just know they’re going to ask you what they all mean. 


And that’s how you all end up in the main living room at the manor, with you in a sport bra and shorts, explaining what every piece of art means on your body. 

The bat’s meaning on your collar bone is obvious. You don’t even have to talk about it. So are the four little bird following it. 

The huge piece you have on your back, that seems abstract…actually isn’t. It’s the blueprints of your birth place, The Narrows, one of Gotham’s poorest and most dangerous neighborhood. You got it tattooed when you turned 18, it was your first tattoo, and you got it in honor of your parents who were murdered, and of your brothers who unfortunately hung out with the wrong people and got killed in a drug bust…You also got it tattooed to remember where you’re coming from. So that no matter where you’d go, you’d always know that the Narrows were printed into you. That it was just part of you. 

Your arms were bare, when Bruce first met you, and Dick even remembers that he saw you with tattooed less arms too…And yes. Yes it makes sense because…Your arms are dedicated to your sons. 

The little circus on your bicep is for Dick, when the official adoption papers were signed. Below the circus is written a date, the day Dick Grayson officially became your son, and next to the date are little symbols that do not seem to make any sense…That is until you explain that, when Dick arrived home, a lost little 8 years old boy, he was just so shy. And to communicate with him, you’d draw things. Like, yourself smiling and hugging him…and slowly but surely, he warmed up to you. Hugging you for real, calling you “mom”…but when you still communicated only through drawings, he drew things for you and…you got them tattooed on your skin. 

Those symbols meant something, and just showed how bad at art Dick used to be. They was a heart that looked like an apple. A house or…maybe a gift ? There was a stick figure…dancing ? And the face of a character smiling. 

Dick tried his hardest not to cry at the thought that you got tattooed on your skin those silly drawings he made for you…and the memories of how amazing you’ve always been to him were almost too much. 

On your forearms, there was a tire less car and…oh that was about Jason for sure. It was an aston martin (one of Bruce’s favorite car…you couldn’t really get the bat mobile tattooed) and it missed all its tires. Below that, there was a silhouette of a boy wearing a hoodie, with a comic bubble that read : “Haha gotta run faster old man”. Bruce wasn’t amused (but deep down, he thought it was extremely cute). 

The two tombstones on your other bicep didn’t need any explanation either…and the little arrows below them that pointed to a two bright star design didn’t either. Every thing was symbolizing Jason’s and Damian’s death, and the stars were them coming back to you. 

You had a small coffee cup on your wrist. For Tim of course. Next to the coffee cup was written “X 9324″ and your family couldn’t help but laugh at your accurate portrayal of the number of coffee cups your son drunk. There was also a little computer, and a “sleep is for the weak”. 

You had a lot of arabic things written on your arms too and Damian almost teared up when he realized they were things he  told you that you loved…Things he told you that came straight from his heart. 

You had each of them drawn as Robins. Dick being the biggest one, blue. Then Jason, red. Tim, yellow. And finally, Damian, green. 

Above your elbow was a drawing of Damian and Tim drawn Chibi style, and they were fighting. Above was a very exasperated Dick, and a “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” Jason and they all burst out laughing when they realized that those little characters on your arm, it was indeed definitely them. How did they never notice ? They were just so used to your tattoos…

And oh there was so many tattoos on your arms related to them…A staff, Dick’s two stick, a gun in a “stop” sign, their symbols, their date of birth, their favorite food (Jason got excited to see you tattooed some chicken drumsticks on you, he thought it was hilarious) etc etc…your arms were a canvas in honor of your children, and oh how touched they were by all of that. 

Your legs had massive pieces on them. One leg was…just wonderful. A sort of abstract depiction of your relationship with Bruce. From the day you met at a charity event you organized (one to give easier access to books to poor population in Gotham) which was represented by books flying off at the start of your thigh, to your wedding, represented by a lot of colors (your super friend’s costume colors) and two rings, to when you adopted your children (four colorful dots tattooed with the aquarelle technique…one blue, one red, one yellow and one green). Everything was there. Even the way you were so sickeningly in love with each other, there was definitely your silhouette and his kissing…Gross. 

Bruce’s heart beat wildly as he realizes you had an entire leg tattooed just for him…That it symbolized your life with him…And he never even wondered what all those things meant ! 

On your other legs you your favorite places in Gotham drawn. One of the park. The rooftops. The docks. It was just a lot of wonderful pieces about your favorite city in the World (though not many understood why you loved that place so much), and there, lost in the middle of all of it, was that superman tattoo…You told them it was one of your first one. You didn’t really expect to have that many tattoos. 

Alfred full on cried when he saw that you had a “butler” drawn on your ribs, but hey, why wouldn’t you ? Alfred was such an important part of your life…You also had other things on your collar bone that didn’t have the bats and the birds, related to Alfred : a few tea cups, and a “sassy, butler is sassy” that made everyone laugh. The other side of your ribs were still bear, so was your stomach and belly in general, and you told them that, once another important event would occur, you’d draw something there too. 

All of your tattoos had meanings. All of them. And you had too many to explain everything to them but…Now they knew. 

They already knew how important they were in your life, but now even more than ever. You had your skin permanently changed with reminders of them…

Many hugs were exchanged, many laughs too as some of your tattoos were just based on very funny memories (like for example, you had a “R.I.P Sledges” with a broken red sledge representing all the sledges you broke with your sons over the many winters you all had together), and almost tears too, as some memories were painful, or just made them have happy tears. 


You spend the entire day talking about your tattoos. And finally, you told them about everything and…satisfied their curiosity. 

After kissing your cheek lovingly, your sons’ follow Alfred in the kitchen for their snacks ritual of the day (tea and crumpets…for real) and you’re left alone with your Bruce. 

He comes closer to you and asks : 

- What about the one you have…you know…between your thigh, right before your…

-I know which one you’re talking about Bruce, and this one ? It’s just a meaningless cute one. 

You can see he doesn’t believe you, and as he narrows his eyes at you you just smile and can’t resist to laugh. 

-Meaningless cute one uh ? 

You nod, but you damn well know he won’t let go off this. And you also know what his technique to make you talk is…When the first tickle wave hit you, you are able to hold your laugh in but…Oh it’s always impossible. He knows all your sweetest spot. He knows where to touch you to make you beg for him to stop tickling you. 

-I won’t stop until you tell me what’s that tattoo means ! 


And it stops. But he’s ready to start again if you don’t actually comply…You look at him and you say : 

-It’s about my first time. 

-Your first time ? 

-Oh please, you know what I mean. The placement is pretty obvious really. 

-I just wanted to hear you say it and…Wait, why is it a manta ray ? 

You slyly smile at him and manage to slip away from his grasp, and can’t help but laugh loudly and run away when you hear him say : 

-Don’t tell me your first was Aquaman !?



Hope you liked it. Wrote this during my pause at work, so like in 5 minutes so if it feels rushed I’m very sorry. Hope it’s still fine. 

Opinion: Not liking UB-Burst because of an unrelated horror movie coincidentally becoming popular at around the same time as the scheduled announcement is silly, and not the whimsical kind of silly inherent to a dancing candy stick figure with a removable floating jawbreaker head that can nonlethally explode into fireworks.


Welcome to the Midnight Garbage Dump! [#1]

I was going through some of my 3DS folders and found some old gifs that either never got finished or were saved at an early point in a gif’s development before the final product got posted! 

So. As a special treat, here’s some of my junk gifs I had laying around. <3

1. Un-colored Asriel Dreemur gif?! Its actually very clean looking even without the rainbow background.. lol
2. Un-colored Muffet gif?! I don’t even remember saving the lineart before I colored it… weird..
3. A /really/ old Crobat animation where I was practicing fluttering and movement.. Its still pretty good, honestly. :3
4. … Uh. My Fiance’s mom was over and she challenged me to animate something right then in there, and when I asked her what to animate, she said a zombie. P: So I drew up 4 or so frames of animation and made it move right before her eyes in like 3 minutes flat.. Needless to say, she was impressed. xD
5. Scribble sketch of Monster Kid’s running cycle :3
6. It’s … a faceless frisk dancing? I honestly dunno why this came to be, or why I never finished it.. though the movement seems robotic and gross, so that might be why I bailed on it.
7. Sans /shakin’/ it! I guess I saved his animation before I paired him with Papyrus for the big dance party gif set I posted a while back… xD wtf
8. I drew a bean doing a weird butt bounce and thought it looked more like a rabbit bounding away.. So I drew on the feets, tail, ears and derpy face. It was just a practice piece, but its still cool.
9. This badass beastie is a concept design of a legendary Pokemon I have been designing for a long /long/ time… I started his design work almost like.. 3 years ago, and at some point I wanted to animate him shambling.. So.. It’s like a few frames of the beginning of a shamble, but I never finished it.
10. DANCING STICK FIGURE. -drops mic-

LDN 988 and Friends : Stars are forming in dark, dusty molecular cloud LDN 988. Seen near picture center some 2,000 light-years distant, LDN 988 and other nearby dark nebulae were cataloged by Beverly T. Lynds in 1962 using Palomar Observatory Sky Survey plates. Narrowband and near-infrared explorations of the dark nebula reveal energetic shocks and outflows light-years across associated with dozens of newborn stars. But in this sharp optical telescopic view, the irregular outlines of LDN 988 and friends look like dancing stick figures eclipsing the rich starfields of the constellation Cygnus. From dark sky sites the region can be identified by eye alone. It’s part of the Great Rift of dark nebulae along the plane of the Milky Way galaxy known as the Northern Coalsack. via NASA


Someone has probably already done it but I decoded the message from TFP and it says


which is an obvious reference to “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”
I researched it (on wikipedia like a professional) and found this:

The little dancing figures are a main part of the mystery, which seem to be driving Mr. Hilton Cubitt’s young wife Elsie Patrick to distraction. He married her about 1 year ago, and until recently, everything was well. She is American, and before the wedding, she asked her husband-to-be to promise her never to ask about her past, as she had had some “very disagreeable associations” in her life, although she said that there was nothing that she was personally ashamed of. Mr. Cubitt swore the promise and, being an honourable English gentleman, insists on living by it.

The story follows with Elsie getting disturbing coded letters but she never told her husband what was going on. These messages were written by Slaney, who was Elsie’s former fiancé from Chicago. She had originally fled his clutches because he was a dangerous criminal. Slaney came to England to woo her back. Elsie’s husband was killed by Slaney and Elsie shot herself but recovered from her injuries.

I’m not sure what they want to tell us but it has something to do with Mary and her death, maybe foreshadowing what actually happend in The Six Thatchers


This little guy appeared on my tumblr with the instructions that he would sync to any song.

So I decided to put him through his paces…

…with some TV Theme Songs.

(Credit to the animator who put this here, and the tumblr that first posted it, and of course the creators of the songs. )

for alrightpotter, who won best overall in my awards

James searched her eyes desperately, the erratic rhythm of his heartbeat filling him with a thunderstorm of anxiety, a steady rain of too soons saturating every thought.

Her breath caught in her throat the moment the question escaped his lips. It sounded more like a declaration than a request, an incoherent afterthought much unlike the meticulously planned scenarios she used to whisper about with her friends in the early hours of the morning.

It took her several moments to process the trembling, frozen smile plastered across his face that contrasted so severely with the steady confidence of his voice. She was focused more on the messily painted wooden box in his quivering, blue-stained hands than the glittering ring that glowed within. Dainty clouds floated along the perimeter of the box.

It symbolized a piece of artwork they created together in 6th year. James lounged with his back against one of the couches in the common room a day before they were scheduled to leave for Christmas break, twirling his wand absentmindedly between his fingers. He watched in an atypical silent reverence as Lily lay flat on her stomach, carefully adding another layer to a watercolor landscape featuring a winding river reflecting the azure hues of the sky above. It was a gift for her mother that she had been working on tirelessly for several days.

After adding a few finishing touches, she sat up with a sigh, wiping her damp hands on the seat of her pants, intending to let the canvas sit and dry. However, James moved closer to it with his wand outstretched, a sly calculating grin spreading across his face. Horrified, Lily moved in front of it protectively, wary of his intentions. He reassured her that he in fact was not about to make a crude addition to the artwork- that was Sirius’s arena. “Trust me?” he said in a deep, soothing voice, and a dangerous blush prickled at Lily’s cheeks.

She slumped away from her painting, defeated. “…Alright, Potter,” she muttered, still watching his hand apprehensively. James smirked again, withdrawing from the depths of his robe a piece of torn, crumpled paper (originally intended to be notes for History of Magic, it seemed to be covered in a full out argument in Remus and James’s scrawly, illegible handwriting, and two dancing stick figures that looked suspiciously like James and Lily contributed by Sirius).

After studying the paper and moving his lips wordlessly, James proceeded to enchant the painting so that tiny clouds wandered across the sky. Lily’s eyes widened in awe. With every minute that passed, her painted sky deepened in color until it became a rich ebony, and a full moon bloomed in the center and cast its shimmering light over the river, followed by a speckling of silver stars. The moon slowly faded as a pale sun rose in the horizon, covering the landscape in a faint lavender hue.

…Lily ended up forgetting to pack away the painting to give to her mother, due to certain pleasant distractions that followed.

“Alright, Potter,” Lily finally whispered in response to James’s question, resurfacing from her memories of that day. “Alright.”