dancing squares

Texan Keith

• had to learn line and square dancing as a gym requirement in elementary + the first year of intermediate school

• can only remember the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe”

• taught lance how to dance the choreography to “Cotten-Eyed Joe” because lance asked him to immediately after lance found out

• says “bless your heart” at every possible situation

• is it sincere? is he wishing you’d suffer? no one knows

• says “all y'all”

• is simultaneously annoyed when other people say “all y'all” because “all you all” makes no gosh darn sense. filthy hypocrite

• saw the outside of NASA 1 (one) time through a car window

• can’t say the word “Texas” without a Texan accent. it’s just. it’s not possible when you’ve lived here so long

• keith, seeing northerners make fun of the southern dialect: don’t y'all know we don’t talk like that? i ain’t never heard a single person talk like you folks think we do,


Lovesquare week Day 3 Secrets I didn’t really know what to draw for secrets so instead I doodled some of the love square in different AU’s sorry it’s like 3 am and I’m studying for my last two finals so these are really messy. From left to right it’s @frogopera‘s witch au, @caprette‘s scary Sabine AU, @starrycove breakdance AU and @edendaphne Bonnie & Clyde AU.

Miraculous Ladybug - Love Square Week Day Two: Bonding

What better way to bond than try some dancing? Of course, I did this while talking to a few people and thinking about how I need to work on Secret Santa stuff, BUUUT here it is and I’ve caught up so I’ll give myself a little more time for Day Three. See you with Secrets with MariChat.

The November 1950 issue of “Sets in Order” the ‘Magazine of Western Square Dancing’, featuring cover art by Chuck Jones. Chuck and his wife, Dorothy, along with several other members of his unit and their wives spent a great deal of time square dancing, traveling around the Southwest for dance tournaments. Chuck Jones contributed many cover illustrations over the years to this magazine. 

There’s a long-standing tradition of Americans taking a silly bit of Irish culture and pretending it’s theirs just because one of their ancestors died in the potato famine. But what they never realize is that that kind appropriation can cut both ways. Colin Farrell, the most Irish of Irish actors, can attest to that, because he spent a brief spell of his early life introducing the Emerald Isle to the joy of line dancing.

Line dancing, ironically the most square of all dances, actually traces its origin all the way back to European country dancing, but you can’t look at Farrell in his sleeveless studded vest and black choker and think that he’s taking line dancing back for the motherland. As a 19-year-old aspiring actor, Farrell basically had the choice between being a waiter and, strangely, a line dancer – which paid a lot better. So until his big Irish break about two years later (which, fantastically, was in a movie called Falling For A Dancer) he earned a really good living touring nightclubs across Ireland and clutching his belt to some good ol’ country and western music. And, much to Farrell’s regret, someone got it on tape. Bless their heart.

6 Surprising Talents Celebrities Are Hiding From The World

tag urself thing bc i can’t draw


-can be whiny

-will fite u for good book

-hidden sass + smartass

-cries during every movie ever

-doesn’t know what they’re doing

-most insecure and clingy

-tries to be cool but fails

-very aesthetic


-purest angel


-cold 24/7

-internal screaming

-someone help him


-very good with weapons

-gives the best hugs

texas man


-F I T E   M E

-extreme anger issues

-will try and punch through brick wall


-likes sporks

-probably has piercings

-won the asshole of the year award


-M E M E S

-worships mickey mouse

-actually very understanding of everything

-needs a hug but hides it


-can’t cook

-cartoon maniac



-sexy and knows it


-doesn’t deserve heartbreak

-very smol in reality

-probably likes square dancing


-internally wants to fite

-not polite

dairy queen

-overworked dad friend

-muscle milk

-doesn’t understand technology


-can be scary

-but gives really good hugs

-stays away from emos

-isn’t appreciated enough


-C A R S

-ball of hatred

-likes lemons

-very rarely shows nice side

-easily irritated

-he’ll fite anything

-actually very smart but no one acknowledges it

-bumps into furniture and then yells at it


Once they’d all had way too much to drink, it was fairly easy for the other girls to convince Ryleigh to ignore her neighbour’s complaints about making noise and take the party outside.

Wandering about the small town in the pajamas at somewhere past midnight was strangely liberating and they ended up kicking off their slippers and socks, rolling up their pants and jumping into the fountain in the middle of the town square to dance in the water.